Brandy Signs With Epic

Published: Thursday 10th Apr 2008 by Sam
Brandy Signs With Epic Following months of speculation, AOL Black Voices have confirmed that R&B star Brandy has indeed signed with Epic Records, with plans to release a new album by the year’s end. The singer, 28, will no doubt be hoping that her new beginning over at Epic will allow for her to leave recent troubles in the past.
It’s been almost four years since the songstress severed ties with longtime label Atlantic, following the release and subsequent poor performance of her highly underrated (IMO) ‘Afrodisiac’ LP. I’m definitely amped to see what she serves up this go round. {Source}

Any thoughts?

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  1. ND April 10, 2008

    Yeah man, loving her music right now!!!!!

  2. lola April 10, 2008

    It was highly underrated and underpromoted IMO too!!!

  3. tia April 10, 2008

    i will always be a fan of b-rocka….f*** anybody who doubts her…..and afrodisiac was da s***.she looks sooo pretty in that photo

  4. k April 10, 2008

    Wow, great news, can’t wait for the album, her last album was fire, why it did not sell is beyond me.

  5. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    YES BRANDY!!!!

  6. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    Afrodisiac was amazing! It was one of Timbaland’s “pet projects,” but it never worked out for some reason. It’s one of my personal favs. Brandy is my favorite artist, but I don’t see her making a comeback. She’s been gone for wayyyy too long. No one in the younger generation knows her. Also, she’s gone too urban. She needs to “pop-ify” her music again.

  7. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    I have really disagree with the person who said she can’t make a comeback!! B*******. Usher been gone way too long and he’s back on grind!!! Brandy is really going to shine this time around. She really has alot to sing about this time around. So much pain,joy,struggle. Brandy is going to hit us with something hard, that we least are going to expect. I loved Afrodisiac, and Full Moon, it’s time for people to wake up and stop sleeping on real talent. All of her album are 10’s.

  8. T April 10, 2008

    i love me some brandy, each cd has been a banger so i’m know she’s goin bring fire, i happy for her and CAN’T WAIT!!

  9. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    yall are like 9 months late…..she been signed under Epic
    this deal didnt happen yesterday
    they just been keepin it under wraps
    ( she was suppose resurface under J records….but there is still a underline tie to Epic and J records……….mmmm but yall didnt hear that from me)

    She has ne wrecords that are written by ” the Clutch” that are crazy
    ive heard them
    they are nutts

  10. one soulful negro. April 11, 2008

    i am so ready for a new brandy album it is not even funny. brandy is slept on and i am itching to see what direction she takes with this new lp. GREAT NEWS!

  11. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    “I have really disagree with the person who said she can’t make a comeback!! B*******. Usher been gone way too long and he’s back on grind!!!”

    That made me LOL. Sorry, but Usher is coming back from a hit, while Brandy is coming back from s*** (SALES-WISE). Brandy should have released Afrodisiac the year following Full Moon cuz FM wasn’t great commercially compared to her previous efforts. She waits way too long in between albums.

  12. Anonymous April 16, 2008

    I think Brandy will make a comeback. I’ve been waiting almost 4 years for her to comb back.

  13. Mateo April 16, 2008

    I’ll be a Brandy fan forever, even if she doesn’t ever release anymore music. Brandy’s biggest dreams have already come true in her life and that’s what’s important.

  14. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    Best Female RnB singer i think
    go brandy !

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