Ciara Preps ‘Fantasy Ride’

Published: Thursday 10th Apr 2008 by Sam
Ciara Preps 'Fantasy Ride' R&B star Ciara invited MTV to Hotlanta’s Silent Studio to preview her third studio LP, which has a working title of ‘Fantasy Ride’. The album will be presented by lead single ‘High Price’ – featuring rapper Ludaris. Word has it that the song has a Crunk vibe.
While I’m looking forward to Ciara’s new record, I’m kinda hopeful she keeps the Crunk to a minimum. Yes, I know it’s the sound she’s recognised for, but I think she may be better off channeling her efforts into something else. While her last album spawned stellar slow jams such as ‘Promise’ and ‘So Hard’, it’s Crunk offering were terrible IMO – i.e the tuneless, hook-less ‘That’s Right’. Anyway, Ciara has gone on record to confirm that a summer release has been penciled in for the record; so, I’m assuming we should be hearing something very soon.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    Ci is gonna be fine, music is BORING right now. And if she wants to do another crunk record so what if it ain’t broke don’t fix it….

  2. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    U right, her latest crunk music wasn’t that good, it sounded much better on the Goodies album. And Promise deserved to be the first single off the Evolution, it was an awesome ballad!
    Fantasy Ride is an album i’m lookin forward to

  3. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    I read the actual MTV article and she said nothing about the song having a crunk vibe to it. Poor comprehension dude.

    She didn’t even talk about the vibe of the songs she just gave the titles.

  4. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    ciara knows exactly what she’s doin…she know what made her FAMOUS AND A HIT…and that was CRUNK MUSIC…of course she gone have slow jams and songs that showcase her voice…but i think this album is gonna be one of her best..because the way they promotin the album already is gettin alot hype

  5. Robert Jones, Jr. April 10, 2008

    The music industry is so different these days. Artists release albums in such quick succession, none of the albums move a large amount of units, no lasting hits are produced from the album, the quality of the production is lacking in creativity and originality. It’s really not a good time to be a music fan.

  6. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    Ciara was good when she released Goodies. Her second LP sucked pretty much except for Promise. The name of this third LP sounds retarded. I can’t believe believe say Britney can’t sing, but think Ciara can. Ciara has the worst voice…it’s like this tissue paper crap.

  7. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    goodies was great. evolution was different. i think she was too focused on trying to prove something. at the end fo the day there will always be haters she has to cater to the fans.

    she only had one crunk song on goodies and one on evolution and i suspect the same for this album. being consistent. i think hopefully it will be an evolved crunk song not the typical stuff. i agree i hated TR from the time i heard it.

    but overall i’m not worried ci always comes correct so i’m just looking forward to it.

    i agree the title sounds corny but as for the britney comparison, i’ll just assume you’re one of those people puff call b*tch asses and leave it alone because the fact that you would bring that up alone scream desparation.

  8. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    I’m not hatin but i think i prefer Cassie to Ciara…at least her voice…it’s obvious Ciara is a super dancer n Cassie won’t never be like her lool though i’ve heard Cassie’s new single Official Girl n i’m in luv wit it…i hope ciara brings something like Goodies again…

  9. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    50 U ar eone lucky dog, i just licked my screen

  10. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    good some new music for the car

  11. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    cassie is the absolute least talented of all the women releasing records in the past 20 years. absolute. she has nothing. no voice, can’t perform, no personality..nothing

    ciara on her worse day bodies cassie 100%

  12. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    “i agree the title sounds corny but as for the britney comparison, i’ll just assume you’re one of those people puff call b*tch asses and leave it alone because the fact that you would bring that up alone scream desparation.”

    B****, first learn to speak. Second, this site in inundated with comparisons to Britney, so I’m not bringing something up randomly. You are a lame ass…

  13. Nisha April 10, 2008

    Did someone just say that they liked Cassie better?! LMAO..Cassie has NOTHING going for her. You would think she might make up for her non-existent singing voice with some dancing but NOPE. Ciara is a very good entertainer and though she may not have the best voice, it’s a million times better than cassies any day.

  14. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    Cassie’s voice on that song official girl is heavily synchronized. They are using electronic devices to make is sound better and you can hear it clearly. However, Cassie takes great pictures she should try modeling full time and give up singing.

    Ci-ci always brings the heat. I liked her last album and she did evolve from her first album. I am suspecting she will continue to grow and anticipate the next album to be released

  15. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    i think the evolution was loads better than goodies. get in, fit in and like a boy were 2 of my fav songs for a long time! so hard and my love were far better ballads than the ones on goodies. i found myself was also beautiful. only track i didnt like was CRUSH

  16. Anonymous April 11, 2008


    Ciara needs to get her ass in the studio with Danja, Timbaland, The Neptunes and Polow Da Don to bring out some of that hot ish Britney and Danity Kane been puttin out. That’s the direction for her to be headed in right now.

  17. DEEZEE April 11, 2008

    I personally think that it wouldb be best for Ciara to stick with what she knows! She knows she can’t sing, so why would she produce an album full of ballads? She is known as the princess of Crunk so why wouldn’t she still do crunk. Evolution wasn’t even mediocre, the only songs that were on the cd that were worth listening to were the ones that she released, so if you downloaded a couple of songs on limewire youwere not missing anything! Promise was a perfect song, but still her voice ws horrible on it!

  18. Kez April 11, 2008

    Goodies was good ..
    Evolution , i didnt cop it .. Sampled it and it all sounded the same i.e kick , snare and clap lus few synths ere n there .. Nuthin new .

    Crunk is aite but it aint for errbody . We need sumthin fresh ..
    So she better work at it ..

  19. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    SOME PEOPle are talkin out they asses. first of danja and polow and timb are on he album

    second her first album was full of ballads and mid tempos. goodies was the only crunk song so how is she known from crunk. promise was aballad and it was #1.

    not only is whoever wrong you’re just talking out ya ass with lies

  20. Anonymous April 11, 2008

    what is with this blogger always talkin about and artist needs to change this and that about their songs.. im sorry
    but an artist becomes and artist because of the way they work.
    people recognize artists by their work . they each have their own style personal style, thats them. why should they change because ur bored of it, please. they gain their fans from the beggining because of what they’ve got to offer, and u want them change their style and to lose fans because, u dont wanna hear crunk!!!
    Get Over YOURSELF
    what and ass.

  21. Anonymous April 16, 2008

    I’m tired of people sayin who can sing & who cant. First off, have some common sense people, if she couldn’t sing, would they even have a career? The fans & the media would rip her to shreds if Ciara couldn’t sing. So what if Ciara’s voice is not a power house like Beyonce’s or Mariah Carey’s. Ciara’s voice is soft, mellow & unique & its nice just to sit back & listen to her music, even the crunk records. And “Promise” was sort of like ballad & “So Hard” was a ballad and she sounded great on those records, “Promise” was my favorite song of all time.

    I’m a real big fan of Ciara, but i do have to admit that this album is kind of fast release as oppose to how fast The Evolution was released, but maybe it’s just me. O well, i hope that her new single “High Price” is hot song! But knowin Ciara, it probably will be.

  22. Anonymous April 16, 2008

    I agree, Ciara can sing. Her voice is somewhat like Janet Jackson’s was in her hay day. She’s very talented & i hope that her new album will be a smash, even bigger than Goodies & The Evolution.

  23. Isabelle February 14, 2009

    This album is gonna flop big time. I bet Flo Rida’s ROOTS is gonna sell more copies because Right Round is #1 on iTunes and is recieving massive airplay. Ciara can’t sing and doesn’t know what type of music everybody wants to here on the radio and have as a ringtone anymore…….

  24. xxiefbnvlq April 24, 2010

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