Leona Lewis – ‘Spirit’: Will You Be Picking It Up?

Published: Tuesday 8th Apr 2008 by Sam
Leona Lewis - 'Spirit' Following the record-breaking success Leona Lewis has enjoyed here in the UK, the singing sensation releases the US version of her debut LP ‘Spirit’ Stateside today.
US folks, will you be picking up the album? My European visitors, what do you think of the record? Is Leona’s current US success deserved? Drop your views in the comments section…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ben April 8, 2008

    I think its deserved, but she is not more than a one-hit-wonder like the other 20 girls are singing nice pop-songs at the moment.

  2. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    she has reasonable vocal ability, but she just doesn’t have the sense of musicality to pull off the kind of mariah/whitney style album that shes trying to pull off. the rest of the songs are nothing too amazing, don’t be fooled. just buy an old school mariah carey cd if u want to hear the standard that she attempts to achieve.
    sorry fans but im a professional singer, and you know i have a point :/

  3. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    I agree. I got tired of her album after 2 hours. The new Mariah album rocks though. I’ve lsitened to it 2 times by now, and can’t get enough.

  4. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    i think that leonas sucess is deserved as shes a great singer with nice vocals, also shes very humble and beatiuful, shes come very far from just appearing on x factor.

    i think her spirit Album was a nice effort i believe it done so well in the uk becuase shes uk’s homegrown mariah carey and whitney houston

    i can see where the comparasions to these singers come from , but they are in legend status and leona isnt there yet and when they were in the prime in their 20’s they was killing it everywhere. i think her next album will n very instumental as i feel spirit was very much simons and clives dream il b nice to see what her 2nd album serves up

    But overall leona is gd and im sure she’ll grow to be better n her live performances are great


  5. jonnyhco April 8, 2008

    i have had her cd since november and it’s just ok.i would not s[end 12 dollars on it.but mariah’s album is hot.it is amazing and one of her bet yet.and she is a better singer than most girls but its more than that.britney has sold almost 100 million albums but she is notthe best singer.so just because leona can hit a high note does not mean go and get the album.and mariah has proven herself over and over and over again.she is a legend and will go down in history

  6. Lola April 8, 2008

    Her cd is out today and I plan on buying it! I appreciate anyone that can “really” sing, and I listened to her album for a week, and liked it. It’s only $10 this week-so wth?!

  7. TJ April 8, 2008

    She is such a rare talent which goes much underappreciated by most of us US people. I’m picking it up because I love her voice, songs, and personality.

  8. Anonymous April 8, 2008


  9. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    no doubt she deseves it she worked hard for it. however i dont think the record spirit deserves this hype.hopefully the next record will show some radio and club friendly songs.

  10. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    ITA with what y’all are saying. She is #1 on iTunes right now and I think her number 1 single and multiple US appearances (ESP. OPRAH) will drive her to the penthouse of the BB200.

    However, I don’t think the album is great. It has TOO MANY slow songs and not enough uptempo songs. Bleeding Love is an AMAZING song and a great first single. However, none of the others songs are equally strong follow-ups. I’m interested in seeing what she chooses as her next US singles. She may be choosing Better in Time (produced by American J.R. Rotem), but it is not a great song IMO. Not strong enough. Furthermore, today’s CHR is not about slow ballads. Uptempo ballads like WBT and DFAU and BGDC work fine, but not these cheesy Leona ones.

    Her American tracks were disappointing. They don’t add to the album and will definitely not appeal to Americans anymore than her original material. I thought with a producer like Akon (and MadScientists) she would get better American tracks, but she f-ed up.

  11. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    Ms. Lewis is truly talented, but in however the tracks don’t move other than bleeding love.I truly wish her the best to a long lived career.

  12. Jan April 8, 2008

    She’s got a brilliant voice and is superb live.

    The album’s not as immediate as many modern albums which are inevitably recorded with a desperate need for Urban radio support.

    However it repays repeated listening and rewards patience. The individual songs begin to emerge and grow and you realise that this is a major talent for the future, just beginning on her journey.

    Some really beautiful songs well matched by her musicality and clear tone.

  13. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    she is a amazing singer and the songs are nice. but a good singer doesnt make good songs and i think overall its very overated as an album

  14. vmars08 April 8, 2008

    I’ll definitely be picking it up. Leona is really talented & her album is pretty solid, even more so now with the new tracks imo. Mariah’s album … is much better, but Leona is only on her debut & I’m really happy she was able to reach #1 here in the US.

  15. Ryan April 8, 2008

    I downloaded the whole thing last fall (I live in new york city)
    the album isnt that great, and out of the new songs the only one I am into is “Forgive Me,” but i do know that lots of my American friends LOVE her! I am sure it will be huge here as well…

  16. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    Yes yes…shes a gud singer blah blah blah…yes she can hit a few notes but the girls voice can get a bit irritating…is it jus me or does she have that same sheepish way of singin on every single track?…the album is gud…if ure the type who uses sleeping pills…buy the album and it will save u a lifetime of prescriptions.

  17. Anonymous April 9, 2008

    LMAO at the comment above. Her voice is powerful but annoyin at the same time. But with Mariahs voice one whistle note away from complete collapse, Leona may just be the replacement. Her stuff needs to be more edgier though.

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