New Song: Chris Brown – ‘Forever’

Chris Brown - 'Forever' R&B star Chris Brown is set to re-release his successful sophomore effort ‘Exclusive’ in June, and has lined up ‘Forever’ as the lead single. Produced by Polow Da Don, the track sees the teen singer venture into a, somewhat, different musical direction than we’re used to hearing from him; with the song sounding more Hip-Hop/Euro-Pop than his commercial R&B mainstay. Put simply, I’m not really feeling this one. While I expected more from ‘Exclusive’, the album does boast cuts that are better than this, so I’m kinda puzzled at the logic behind repackaging it.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Anonymous April 7, 2008


  2. candice April 7, 2008

    miss!!! generic…

  3. Anonymous April 7, 2008

    Chris is truly talentless. He has the most nasally voice. He can’t sing…his songs are all a result of studio fuckery. Listen to him live; he sucks terribly.

  4. lola April 7, 2008

    Unfortunately, he can do no wrong in my eyes

  5. Brendon & Ryan April 7, 2008

    He’s too good.

  6. Anonymous April 7, 2008

    comment #3
    stole da words right outta ma mouth

  7. Anonymous April 7, 2008

    i actually really like it. i think it’ll be a cross-over hit for him.

  8. Ryan April 7, 2008

    The first thing that I really liked from him.

  9. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    i dont like it !!

  10. tia April 8, 2008

    i like chris but i should smack tha dog s*** outta him for this garbage,i’m sorry brutha but how many r&b acts do you see doing a EURO POP record and getting away with it….male mind you…i mean females can do it all day but this s*** is not the bizzness and definitley not for a brotha lol

  11. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    its about time the likes of him and cassie’s fame was over…whats the pint of being a singer if you cant sing im confused how his looks got him this far

  12. Anonymous April 8, 2008


  13. toons April 8, 2008

    i love it! he’s crossing over and creating a new sound. this sounds like some euro s***, hot. what r&b male is doing this right now, or ever? whatch others follow suit. he’s very innovative. this will blow up on the charts.

    he’s reaching another market that wouldn’t necessarily listen to him. he’s thinking outside the box and doesn’t just want to be catergorized as r&b. let him do that and don’t hate on your boy.

  14. Anonymous April 9, 2008

    It don’t matta wat chris sing he sound good wit it and he is always do his best. So it really dont matta if his song is wack.

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