Rowland Confirms She’s Working On 3rd LP

Published: Tuesday 8th Apr 2008 by Sam
Rowland Confirms She's Working On 3rd LP In an interview with UK newspaper The Daily Record, R&B star Kelly Rowland confirmed that she has indeed begun work on her third solo album. That Grape Juice first reported on Kelly’s plans to head back to the studio last month. Here’s what the ‘Like This’ singer had to say of the new project:


A: I’m going back into the studio as I’ve just started the third album.


A: I want to work with That’s the only person I have in my head right now.


It’s great to know Kelly is moving on to the next album. I’m hopeful that lessons have been learnt, both on her part and on the part of the label with the sadly underrated ‘Ms. Kelly’ project.

While I know what my own personal hopes and expectations are for her next record, I’m pretty interested to hear yours. Fans, non-fans etc, what are your ‘wants’ for Kelly’s next album? Producers to work with? Musical direction? etc..

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    Wil I am
    Scott storch

  2. Wendell April 8, 2008

    Truth-be-told my only hope for this next project is that its not under Music World Entertainment.

    Let’s face the facts. Kelly doesn’t have the greatest voice in the world – she is usually flat – she is a mediocre lazy singer at best. She unfortunately isn’t as talented performing and vocally as Beyonce and her sound isn’t as special as Michelle.

    I just don’t see a successful solo career here. I see her being sort of like Tamia albeit with less talent. She’s beautiful, she can sing and she can dance but something is missing and its that “IT FACTOR” that Beyonce has, that Rihanna seems to have etc.

    I think she would have a great career in acting. THis is one place where Beyonce could learn from her because she is far more natural and ocmfortable on screen than Beyonce.

    As for music and direction on this album, I’m not sure that it will matter to be honest. She’s tried everything from alternative r&b, to r&b soul and none of it is memorable. I don’t know.

  3. mike April 8, 2008

    Stay focused on R&B, and work with the Neptunes, Danja, Will.I.Am and some other producers for the slower tracks. I think this would be great!

  4. mike April 8, 2008

    I forgot one thing, the slower tracks should be more Soul

  5. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    LMAO…oh just let go alreadykelly u done fell off

  6. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    God bless you Kelly…

  7. Kenni V April 8, 2008

    I totally agree with what Wendell said…although i do think that Kelly would probably sell more if she did more sexual and seductive songs and kinda turned into a s*** for a moment to boost herself up….She has so much potential to me, I jus dont know where its goin…(as well as Mya)….she needs to call up Adina Howard, Monifa, Janet and get them to make her a freak album and get Ms. Khia to drop summa her nasty lyrics on it too…it would be HOTT

  8. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    ITA with Wendall. Kelly lacks the X-FACTOR and that is all that matters in today’s music industry. It doesn’t matter if you can sing these days. Any producer can make you sound good. It’s all about celebrity/press. Like Erykah said, go B*** NAKED WITH GLITTER AND A BEEPER. I mean, there is nothing wrong with being s***, but being b*** naked isn’t about the music.

    I think Kelly could try to find success in the club scene working with producers such as Powlow da Don and Bloodyshy & Avant. HOWEVER, Bey is doing a dance album, so everyone will say Kelly is copying her.

  9. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    I hope she works with Scott Storch again 😀

  10. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    i want that kelly work with will i am stargate t pain freemasons scoot storch and one big title of timbaland and with his talent the album will be wonderful with more dance tracks

  11. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    why do all u people do is hate. kelly cam really sing, mechelle cant sing so who ever sais that no michelle sounds a mess. beyonce dont even write her own songs so shes a star because of other people.Yo hater just cant take that she can sing, dance, act, and she wrote most of Ms. Kelly. so let her do what she do. she knows what she needs to do with this album more upbeat songs. when like this came out everyone went crazy so she can do it.

  12. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    The most well recieved tracks from Kelly have to be “Like This”, “Comeback” and the Freemasons Remix of “Work”. So I think she should work with Polow Da Don, Scott Storch and the Freemasons.

    Timbaland and Danja are my favourite team, but I don’t think theres much they could do for Kelly.

  13. Kenni V April 8, 2008

    If any of you know about the group Missez…when i first heard them i thought that the lead singer sounded a bit like Kelly..and at one point i thought it was her….that would be a good sound for her…listen to Missez – Love Song

  14. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    its all about the people thats backing you..period..her last cd was a good cd over all, but 3 tracks stood out..she always lookin for up and coming, new producer…they can only bring so much to the table..polo did a track and to me he is “up and comin” i dont think we heard his best work yet..but getting people aboard on a project , where u lacking as an artist ..isnt going to cut it..and no record label will fully support you…Scott (when the last time he had a hit)..Tank (love him but where is his track record)…its the people producers ..I LOVEEE KELLY ..every artist have areas where they can improve but label are responible for making the flaws seem flawless..

  15. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    Kelly needs to MAN-UP!!! Point blank. The girl needs to stop being so damn passive and go for hers. Nobody else is going to make things happen for her;not her label,not her management,not her publicity team (if she even has one). NOBODY. Kelly is a veteran in this business she has been doing this for OVER TEN YEARS and her “people” still market her as though she’s some newby who just stepped out the gate;and she ALLOWS them to do that. Kelly acts like she is scared to climb out from under the Knowles thumb. What are they going to do? Drop her from the label?Disown her? Cut her off financially? Tell her she’s not like a daughter to them anymore? She should count her blessings if any of that were to happen. Maybe then she would be forced to take charge of her career. Then she would have to take responsibility for her shortcomings and she wouldn’t be able to blame the fans when her albums flop. WAKE UP!!! the only person who can make moves for you is YOU! She needs to stop being such a punk and start kicking people in the mouth for what she wants. If she enjoys being Beyonce’s lap-dog, a second-rate singer and a laughing stock, then she should continue doing things the way she has been. But,if she wants to be a respectable artist that people actually take seriously she needs to tell her label to kiss her mediumous-gludious and BOUNCE.

  16. WayneDaStar April 8, 2008

    I would like for her to just take what she has learned from this album era, and throw it all into the next. Give Beyonce a run for her money. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Find a niche that works and stick to it.

  17. Micki April 8, 2008

    I hope she adds more of her own talents, experience and that special ingrediant we call swagger into this next album. I have said this before, I believe she has the capability of being top solo artist if she will invest in building her own image and talent.

  18. Philly April 8, 2008

    Rich Harrison. He’s come up with crazy stuff before so a real crazy loopy sound would do great.

  19. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    I think Kelly sounds best on mid-tempos and slow songs, such as LOVE, STILL IN LOVE WITH MY EX,and BAD HABIT, which all had potential to be great singles. “Like This” wasn’t the greatest choice for a first single (it just seemed like a really lazy song, and was only chosen as a single based on the fact that Polow Da Don produced it.) With that said, she needs to work with someone who can produce a good ballad/mid-tempo, but make it a sure hit. I think Timbaland can definitely pull off a s*** midtempo that could be a hit record. If she is going to go with club/dance songs, she needs to work with Danja, or the Freemasons, because their remixes sound great. She also needs to come with great videos. Either way, I love Kelly and I will be getting her album the day it comes out!!!

  20. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    Kelly is immensely talented and I would love to hear her do a remake of a big song. Something on the line of Melissa Morgan, Gladys Knight or Aretha. I think that would be huge for her, because her voice is awesome. That would definintely put the spotlight back on her. Also she should do more acting, I loved in Freddy vs Jason.

  21. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    Kelly needs to find her hustle. It seems like she is content playing with whatever cards she’s been dealt. This will be her third album. She can’t allow ANYONE to sleep on it this time around. Kelly has always been a very sweet girl who obviously cares more about others than herself. That is an admirable quality but unfortunately in this business it is a detrimental quality. I’m sure there are people in Kelly’s life who mistake her meekness for weakness. If Kelly wants this album to establish who she is outside of Destiny’s Child. If she wants this to be the album that forces the world to not only accept but respect her as a solo artist;then she’s going to have to become an ARTIST. Kelly’s going to have to bring it this time around. NO inhibitions, NO Ms. Nice girl, NO holds barred,and definately no sitting back while someone else decides how your album is going to be promoted. Learn from your mistakes Kelly. Please learn.

  22. Brandon April 8, 2008

    She´d better release a proper single of one of her Ms. Kelly CD. There are so many single´s on it, they should at least try 2 release at least on slow song….

    Who´s 2 say that she wouldn´t have the same fate with her 3rd album, she should know her strenght and weaknesses.

    FIY she can sing!

  23. Stephen April 8, 2008

    I interned at Columbia Records this summer and worked with Kelly for about a month leading up to the Ms Kelly release.

    I knew from the start that the album wouldn’t do well. How did I know? Because SHE didn’t believe in it. Matthew Knowles ignored her for a long time and Columbia aided in mismanaging that project for a long time.

    The problem with Ms Kelly was that they chose the wrong songs to promote. “Like This” was a fun joint, but it was too low for her range. “Work” is a great song, but Columbia decided against releasing it in the US and chose “Daylight” instead, which I thought was a terrible idea.

    Kelly was amazing to work with- very honest, kind, and had a huge sense of humor about herself and her image. She has a huge heart and after working with her I truly wish her all the best and I know I will be supporting her for a long time.

    I hope for her sake that Matthew and Columbia do a better job matching her up with producers- they need to realize that she is NOT Beyonce and she needs to stick to ballads that are in her range. Let’s face it- “Love” was a HOT song and with a little tweaking it could have been a huge success.

  24. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    Kelly Rowland is a phenomenal talent. She is also beautiful inside and out. I for one prefer her voice over Beyonce’s and Michelle’s. It’s so colorful and clear,as well as playful yet powerful. I simply enjoy listening to her. I hope she doesn’t give up,and I hope she doesn’t listen to any of the nay-sayers. Especially those who are idiotic enough to say she can’t sing or her voice is mediocre. Hardly!

  25. Danny April 8, 2008

    My only want is that i WANT her to fire her damn management!! A-SAP!

  26. Anonymous April 8, 2008

    Stargate (Irreplaceble & Dont stop the music)!!!

  27. BUTLER_84 April 8, 2008


  28. Sunshyne April 9, 2008 cant get his own album off the shelves……

  29. Amber April 9, 2008

    Some of y’all act like she can’t sing, have y’all heard Love Again!?

    Kelly has a pleasent clear voice, but it’s obvious the she doesn’t
    have the same support system as ….. bad singles choices, bad timing can best describe her career it’s sad…but things need to change b4 she makes a 3rd album…

    I really hope she works with:
    Alicia Keys
    The Neptunes
    Linda Perry

  30. Gabriel April 9, 2008

    All the tracks from her Album did bore me off except with the ballads one. The remixes though are ear candy. She should have to switch path from rnb to a dance artist. I know this would make her unoriginal but I believe this would do for her. She has a talent and I love how she sings fast. But she won’t gonna beat Beyonce if ever she’ll gonna take the risks of switching and neither Michelle will. She’s even better than Michelle and more sexier than her. Her videos are second great to Beyonce’s, so her new songs would be a chart-topper but would neven be on no. 1.

    P.S. Cosmetics is her Best Friend. She couldnt be recognized without it.

  31. Anonymous April 9, 2008

    Kelly has a powerful voice.. I would like to see her do a remake of a Whitney H. song.

    I would like to see her develop her personal style. Her last video was better she showed more personality but I dont believe she needs to get naked to sell music. I would love to have seen a s*** dance sequence somewhere in this new video instead of the ass shot..

    When she is acting s*** don’t smile turn the eyes dirty… She looked to innocent in my opinion. Kelly can pull out from Bey’s shadow if she believed in herself and stop trying so hard.. Kelly if you are reading please dig in the past and look for old artist that you like. Do some research on music and maybe you can capture a style that you like or mix two together and make your own. Find your voice..

  32. Anonymous April 9, 2008

    the only problem she has is promotion

    Kelly wake up ur amazing-copy the strategy of beyonce or mariah and release a major album

    and move ur ais and promote

  33. jamesiepoo April 9, 2008

    I definitely feel like she should go towards club jams.
    She wasn’t popular here in the states, but I keep on hearing the remixed version of ‘Work’ by Freemason. They def like to play that at the gay clubs in West Hollywood.

    I definitely think she should go in that direction with her sound. Something a little pop, electro/house, mixed with hard beats.

  34. Anonymous April 10, 2008

    i am more happy i live in africa in ivory coast and i am a bifg fan of kelly rowland i hope that this third album will be the consecration for her . i want the collaboration such as will i am danja t pain akon and the big polow da don and the featuring with the artist like eve , T-I, fergie ; alicia keys and usher

  35. dexter April 14, 2008

    awesome !!
    i love it !!!!!!
    but i would find it even cooler, if these stars had a backstage channel like this one here:

    check it out this is just the bomb !!!

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