Cherish Member Neosha Gets Married

Published: Thursday 29th May 2008 by Sam
Cherish Member Neosha Gets MarriesAfter six years of dating, Cherish member Neosha King tied the knot with boyfriend Jason Lawrence early this month. The small, intimate beach ceremony was held on Cocoa Beach, Florida.
Essence magazine were on hand to cover the couple’s big day. As well as photographing, the mag interviewed the pair:

Neosha On Jason: “Jason and I both had come out of bad relationships,” explained Neosha, “and we met when he visited his childhood friend, who was also my sister Farrah’s then boyfriend. From the beginning, there was something special between us.”

Jason On Neosha: “When I saw her walk down the aisle it hit me that we were getting married,” says Jason, a design engineer. “We’d been in love for so long and on one accord that it always felt like we were married. She was so beautiful it simply reaffirmed that she was The One for me.”

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Neosha with Bridesmaids
Neosha With Grandparents
Neosha & Jason

I actually had no idea that Neosha was engaged or anything. In any case, congratulations to both her and Jason.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    congrats beuatiful bride.

  2. Shenard May 29, 2008

    What a beautiful wedding.
    You go Morehouse Man.
    Peace and everlasting Love.

  3. ND May 29, 2008


    Now please work otherwise your album will suffer!!

  4. Deep truth June 2, 2019

    Wait he dated both of the sisters neosha and farrah king. Wow ? ☕ that’s nasty but congratulations anyway hope your sister farrah don’t mind you marrying her husband.

  5. Deep truth June 2, 2019

    I meant to say marrying her ex boyfriend ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕

  6. Deep truth June 2, 2019

    So y’all share everything boyfriends ?husbands? clothes? shoes? and sneakers? I ain’t hating i tell the f****** truth thats why my name is deep truth cause im brutally honest he probably still bagging his ex gurl farrah while he is married to yo dum ass. Honestly neosha that’s a ho move i aint congratulating that s*** and he probably still bagging yo sister farrah raw balls deep with no condom.

  7. Deep truth June 2, 2019

    Never knew that the b**** (neosha king) was married she looks like big bird off of seasame street damn ho mess around and mess around and mess around and Fuuck yo boyfriend farrah

  8. Deep truth June 2, 2019

    Its the deep truth website now sorry neosha king and her husband…. Wait how come yo husband got mo hair then you is that i lace front you got on neosha king didnt know you was a ho and you was my girl. Farrah is prettier then you and you look like big bird farrah if i was you i would of did B.H.A you know what that means that means beat her ass.

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