New Song: Rihanna – ‘Disturbia’

Published: Thursday 29th May 2008 by Sam
Rihanna - 'Disturbia' ‘Disturbia’ is the next single to be lifted from Rihanna’s forthcoming ‘Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded’ re-release (due June 17th). At the risk of being labelled a ‘hater’, the Synth-Pop cut continues the mediocre tone set by its predecessor ‘Take A Bow’, offering little in the way of substance or originality. With much better tracks such as ‘Breakin’ Dishes’ and ‘Push Up On Me’ sitting unreleased on the album’s original track-list, it’s hard to understand why neither was released instead of this rubbish. Seeing as nearly everything her promo team she touches these days turns to gold, it wouldn’t surprise me if this one shoots to the top of the charts. SMH…

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    Ofcourse sam cant post one thing about rihanna without hating or calling s*** rubish…. SMDH !

  2. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    ^^ Maybe cos it is s***?

  3. Riri Brown May 29, 2008

    I’d don’t like it either

    sounds like a water down verion of all her other s***

  4. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    ITS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    hot ass mess what can say! i can barely understand what singing. complete pop trash.

  6. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    she needs to take a f****** holiday, annoying b****. it annoys me that the s*** she puts out sells and janet is slept on. the world is crazy

  7. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    this is pure wack

  8. Soufian May 29, 2008

    S*** i really don’t want it, i wanna give other artists a chance but i really love this song.

  9. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    i dont kno y ppl dont like it ..i do i think its sumthing she never done be4 so i love it

  10. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    i love it dont see nothing wrong wit it ….and doe same it hating dere is one thing she is rite about they should of already release breakin dishes cuz thats a real hit rite dere

  11. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    Sam when will you learn? People these days can care less about substance or talent. They just want some mindless crap with a nice beat! Rihanna doesn’t even have the charisma to make this appealing.

  12. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    Umm..Sam, you are a Rhinanna hater. But i really have to agree that this song is awful. Not only is it AWFUL, but she does have waaaay better songs on her original track listing. That Candy song is the hotness. why do they have to release this trash??

  13. Luke May 29, 2008

    Why Can’t she release “GGGB”, “Q Existing”, “Sell Me Candy” or “Rehab”, those are HOT?!

  14. BFloyd May 29, 2008

    Rihanna can’t sing…and that bothers me. I don’t mean she “can’t sing,” like some artists that often catch flack for their vocal shortcomings (Ciara, Ashanti). No, I mean this chick really can’t sing. I don’t even think she could hold her own in a high school choir. That’s not me trying to talk sh*t, it’s just the truth. By no means do I think everyone needs to be a Whitney or Mariah to be a relevant artist. Case in point, Janet has far from powerhouse vocals, but she’s released some of my favorite ballads just because her voice really complements the nature of her recordings; making her vocals seem more vulnerable and honest than lackluster. Rihanna just flat out can’t sing, and I don’t believe she’s a strong enough performer to make up for that.

    That being said, love her swag. Love a bunch of her songs, (shutup and drive is still my s***), but I’m sorta over it. She doesn’t challenge herself vocally at all, and if it weren’t for the slight risks she takes in terms of genre experimentation, and overall image, I would have dropped her a long time ago. She’s fun, but her rising success isn’t a good look for the creditability of modern pop music, IMO.

  15. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    i actually like this song
    it sounds good
    but its true that her #1 “hits” are s***
    the good ones like we ride never get any attention

  16. jonnyhco May 29, 2008

    i cant stand rihanna.POSER

  17. Sophiane May 29, 2008

    I looove it!!

  18. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    you ask hit or miss. has rihanna ever release a miss?

  19. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    At first I didn’t like it.. but after a few listens I have to say I love it! LOL

  20. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    bfloyd….rihanna can sing.. i agree she is deff not a powerhouse but she can sing. The thing tho is that her voice is very diffrent from other and can be very nassly at times ( hence why she DOES need some vocal lessons) but the girls voice does hold plenty of potential …this is coming from a voice trainer myself.

    BTW, this song is pretty good ….SAM your wrong for callin this trash.

  21. Anonymous May 31, 2008

    Nice song 🙂 its like a bubble gum :))

  22. Remedy May 31, 2008

    I dont think Sam is a “Rihanna hater” because he is entitled to his opinion and If he was I dont think he would post things about her on HIS blog. But anyway I do agree with Sam, she should released Breaking Dishes but this song is ok its better than Take a Bow to me.


  23. butler_84 May 31, 2008


  24. Anonymous June 2, 2008

    This song is brilliant, i dont what your all talkin bout. Take a bow i agree was rubbish, slow, borin and vein and i have no clue why that is #1 everywhere, but this hit is something different and special. Yes she may not be able to sing and other artists are more likely to shine over her in talent but “Disturbia” really has a catchy vibe to it and this is the only song she has ever co-written soo you gotta give it to her, for bein however young she is shes doin pretty good. and the songs wouldnt sell if they werent good. Personallyi also agree that some unreleased track of original GGGB shouldve been released like “Rehab” or “Sell Me Candy”

  25. Anonymous June 9, 2008


  26. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    I would agree that “Breaking Dishes” makes a better single than “Shut Up and Drive” “Hate That I Love You”, But the theme of the song “Disturbia” is pretty good and i think if she makes a good video not like the one for “take a bow” which was pretty bad she can make it even better than it already is…

  27. nilza January 23, 2010

    hello rihanna. i love you so much
    i am mozambican, and many mozambicans love your musics
    i am first to love and know your musics
    i know when start up to finish
    kiss for you
    continue like that

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