Rihanna Tops Billboard Hot 100

Published: Friday 16th May 2008 by Sam
Rihanna Tops Billboard Hot 100 Rihanna’s latest single has rocketed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making history in the process. Check out the report via Billboard:

The song’s bump is the second-best leap to No. 1 in Hot 100 history, trailing only Maroon 5’s 64-1 jump with “Makes Me Wonder” last May. Coincidentally, Rihanna is featured on the band’s “If I Never See Your Face Again” which will debut tomorrow at No. 57. With the lofty digital take, Rihanna now owns two of the top three opening week download tallies in chart history. Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body” set the mark with 286,000 last month, surpassing the 277,000 moved by Rihanna’s “Umbrella” when it debuted in the June 9, 2007 issue. “Take a Bow” is one of four new songs on an expanded CD/DVD edition of Rihanna’s “Good Girl Gone Bad” album, due June 17 via Def Jam.

Call me a hater or whatever, but that is some garbage right there. Simple as. It’s very disheartening to see an artist put out any old rubbish (and ‘Take A Bow’ is rubbish IMO), and hit the top if the charts. In all fairness to Rihanna, even the best artists have had wack songs perform very well; but it’s getting a little worrying when the top spot seems to be occupied by whoever’s ‘shove (insert artist name) down your throat…till you like it’ promo team did the best job. SMH…

Does ‘Take A Bow’ deserve to be #1?

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  1. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    This is when you know that the music industry is going DOWN!

  2. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    No.. it doesn’t deserve to be number one. The music industry has gone waaaay down.

  3. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    hecka no, the song is lame, the video is whack and i hate rihanna new look go back to sos days. she defintely change in a bad way. go back to sos day. i mean her album have better song then take a bow.. eww

  4. jonnyhco May 16, 2008

    yeah she does sell singles but not albums.where are the next mariah’s and madonna’s.people are gonna forget her and her music 20 years down the road.and rihanna is rubbish.this is the only song i like from her

  5. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    lol @the haters,

    beyonce went number 1 with check on it, and deja vu went to number 4. beyonce puts out rubbish like get me bodied, freakum dress, upgrade u, and kitty kat, and they were on the charts. IT IS CALLED ARTIST BIASNESS, u can hear take a bow on MAINSTREAM RADIO, who gives a rat’s ass bout urban radio? leave that fuh ciara, keyshia, etc. rihanna is her OWN lane.

    although i do think take a bow is average, wat the label did was allow the song to get RADIOPLAY ON MAINSTREAM RADIO, then release it to itunes. THAT IS WAT CAUSED THE JUMP TO NUMBER 1.


  6. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    congrats rihanna, not only for gettin to number 1 and become the first female to do so by digital sales, but for finally MAKIN IT. rihrih got so many haters who motivated to her success.

    i do agree with sam that the best artists like usher (love in this club), beyonce (check up on me), mariah (touch my body) which are crap songs gettin to number one. so why cant rihanna do the same?

  7. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    She probably downloaded the songs her self.

  8. Phabian May 16, 2008

    I think the Billboard people show favoritism…just like the DJ’s on the radio shows, they play who they wanna hear…But Rihanna she is alright. I hope she is working on some new material because if she’s working on material and it is bad…Umbrella will be her first and last Mega-Hit!!
    But I love her though

  9. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    if u guys go on youtube, u will see the number of video covers the song has. the song is played on MAINSTREAM RADIO, that is where rihanna’s audience is.

    best artists put out garbage also, so i dont blame rihanna fuh gettin number one at all.

    chris brown’s FOREVER debuted at number 9 on the chart solely based on ITUNES. so why is rihanna being crucified and others are not?

  10. Anonymous May 16, 2008


  11. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    i must say that i do love that song
    but at the same time
    it doesnt deserve number one
    what’s going on with music these days
    everyone is making music with the hottest producers and latest artist just to still remain in the music industry and not basically paying attention to the type of music or image that they are delivering out there
    its all about fashion and hot commodity
    back in the days people used to wait a year or so before making another good album and being able to have their own input in their album
    now its about singles even though they just had a new album
    then its about repacking their cd/dvd
    what was wrong with the album that was released earlier
    these people are losing it and causing us to be more lacking than ever in a taste and value for good music

  12. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    the video is whack
    who burns a guys clothes on the table
    hell no i would throw that guys clothes outside
    and the song and the video
    doesnt even tell a good story

  13. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    When I made the comment in the previous post about never hearing her on urban radio, I was making the same point you are. As I read it again, I wasn’t very clear. What I was trying to say was that being a Mainstream artist is what is selling her singles and that’s why is she is doing so well. I think some people underestimate Rihanna’s popularity but she is becoming a huge star in a crossover market.

  14. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    All of ya’ll need to shut the f*** up. Eveyone of you are hatin’, yes, I said. There is a difference between giving an opinion and hating, but 90% who just the “opinion” cover ARE hating. Ya’ll are all following suit with what Sam is saying.

    It ain’t about who deserves the number-one spot. Kat DeLuna deserves to be on the charts, but she’s not. People ain’t lookin’ for her. Kelly Rowland deserves to be on the chart, but she’s not. Ain’t NOBODY checkin’ for her ass. Even Teyanna Taylor deserves to be on the chart, but… well, you know. Anyway, ‘Take a Bow’ is number-one because it’s HOT! People are downloading and requesting the song because they like it. People hatin’ on Love In this Club. F*** them because LITC is the hottest song Usher has released so far.

    Rihanna DOES deserve this, though. She’s worked hard to get where she is. It’s took her three years and she is finally getting recognized. Rihanna CAN sing, Rihanna DOES have talented.

    I mean, you realize she just made history right? Rihanna is going to be here for a while. A legend that will always be remembered? I doubt it. But, she will be around for a long while.

  15. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    The music industry is no longer about music it is about business. Michelle Williams said so and she would know. Rhianna and her people have obviously studied the business and she is fortunate that she has “the look” that mainstream audiences like so she is profiting from it.
    Yes she is making history in terms of record/singles sales but it remains to be seen if she will make history in terms of her music.

  16. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    Personally i think it’s an ok song but it does not deserve to be at number 1. I was shocked when i checked the billboard and saw that song was number 1 i don’t even think it deserves to be in the top 10.

  17. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    It’s not fair to say the industry is going down because of something like this, or to say that a song shouldn’t be #1 without radio support. Thing is, RADIO is wack, we have known that for years. Of course it should still matter, but there is nothing wrong with a song’s strong digital sales getting it a top spot. Digital sales are just that – SALES. They show that someone actually WANTED to hear the song, rather than just a radio programmer.

    as for the song itself, I didn’t like it at first, but it has actually grown on me a good deal. Would not be my personal pic for a #1 song, but it isn’t bad.

  18. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    It’s that damn iTunes, I tell ya.
    For the record, I don’t like Rihanna. I will NEVER support her. I purchased her first album and I still terrible about it. The reason why I wont support her, is because she can’t sing. point blank. Ciara isn’t a great singer either, but at least that girl can dance.

  19. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    JUST WHEN I STARTED TO THINK DIS SITE STOP HATIN ON PPL!!!! i must say dat she deserve ever she gets cuz if i was to damn work as hard a dat girl works (three whole album in three years) s*** recording those album would of been to much some singers but den home girl didnt only record album she did tours every year she was all over the world she never had a long ass vacation and das y she is on top of her game she did wa she had to do and did it well…i must say when she first came out she wasnt the best but damn u gatta remeber she was the new kid on the block ya her song where wack bac den but she has grown ALOT from den just listen to album now its a HIT THERE not a song on there that u CUD HATE she listen to all her haters and she got betta SHE EVEN MUST OF GOT SUM SINGING LESSION CUZ DAMN SHE IS SOUND WAY!!!!!!!!! BETTA DEN SHE USE 2 U GATTA GIVE RESPECT WHERE RESPECT IS NEEDED AND TO TELL U THE TRUTH I DIDNT LIKE THIS SONG MYSELF TO MUCH IT WAS A GROWER AND WA PROMO DID U SEE HER GET FOR DIS DAMN SONG SO STOP SAYIN SHE MUST HAVE A GUD TEAM B******* I BET SHE AINT THE ONLY ONE DEY WORK WIT THER E ARE SUM SINGER OUT THERE THAT IF DEY WORK AS HARD AS SHE DID DEY WOULD BE WHERE SHE IS TO DAY AND LAST TIME I CHECK NO ONE MAKES U BUY A SONG (KEY WORD “BUY” MEANING UR ASS GATTA PAY FOR IT )SO THAT HAS MEAN PPL LOVED THE SONG AND WANT TO PAY FOR IT ….. AND U KNO WHY MOST OF U’LL HATE ON THESE SINGERS IS BECUZ THEY HAD ONE BAD PERFORMANCE OR ONE BAD SHOW OR SUMONE TOLD U THAT THEY CANT SING WHICH IS WACK U CANT HATE ON SUM FOR MESSING UP THE B**** IS HUMAN S*** U’LL ACTIN LIKE BEY,MARIAH,CIARA,JANET OR EVEN MARY OR KEASHIA AINT NEVER SOUND BAD ONCE OR TWICE IN DERE LIFE CUZ THERE HUMAN AND THESE ARE ALL GOOD SINGERS AND U DONT THINK IF SHE COULDNT SING SHE WOULDNT BE MAKIN ALL DIS DAMN MONEY.. u dont thin sumone would of den come with prof that she cant sing and give it to the world so that dey wouldnt waste there money on s*** and stop talkin she dont sell album get it RITE SHE DO SELL MILLIONS OF ALBUMS JUST NOT IN THE STATE CHECK THE RECORDS HOME GIRL HAS ALL READY SOLD CLOSE TO 10 MILLIONS ALBUM WORLD WIDE fyi….that is the 3 album all together she das just or even betta den ciara,chris brown (yes i said it )and half of these other new singers .and the raido thing only and ass wouldnt kno that rihanna is a crossover but to tell the truth i dont think she has alot of BLACK fans cuz most of dese den the world she cant sing i really think if think she cant just go to one of her show or watch more den one on youtube …

  20. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    then your opinion doesnt matter.
    her first album and third are completely different

    she can sing. point blank.

  21. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    damn you had alot to say !!! i like the song and video and i dont think im the only person who thinks that cuz just go on youtube video is being watched by millions

  22. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    Rihanna can sing, she’s beautiful, and she’s exotic. Rihanna’s ppl get singles that will sell no matter what. but as far as everyone hating i don’t get it.
    because ppl are obviously buying the single and listening to it that’s why it’s successful.
    and oh yeah if you were to state your opinion like “i don’t like the song i don’t think it should be number one because…” but no everyone is hating going in depth about how they hate the girl she’s this and that HATING.Hating.hating.

  23. Robert May 16, 2008

    I mean, I like the song, but it’s not the best song on the hot 100 right now. Granted, I don’t think any song in our Hot 100 should be #1 right now, but that’s just me.

    I can’t hate on RiRi, her grind, and the label’s grind, they put it out, and 266,000 people bought it. That’s the way it is.

    I sort of think our Hot 100 is becoming similar to the way the old British charts seemed to have worked to me, which was singles sales vaulted a song to #1 (See, Touch My Body, Love In Dis Club, Makes Me Wonder), and then radio caught up later and the song fell. Just a thought.

  24. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    Dang yall Rihanna stans be attacking everybody! lol. I hope she stands up for yall the way yall do for her. Take a bow is a boring song so I can kinda see people’s views on why it shouldn’t be number one. The song is lame(I blame Ne-Yo) and the video is lame point blank, so no I dont think it should be number one either, but it is oh well. Now if she would’ve brought out a different song that would’ve been better. She just milking all yall fans to make yall buy her stuff. And everybody who state their opinions are not Rihanna haters. I been thought the music industry was going down wayyy before Rihanna came out its like talent doesn’t matter no more anybody can get in and be successful.

  25. D May 16, 2008

    “Take a Bow” is a great, well written song and will stand the test of time unlike most of the microwaved garbage that many self-proclaimed singer/writers are putting out.
    Despite what you think of Rihanna this is a good song and she sounds Okay too.

  26. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    if these so call good singers do music ppl want then they will buy it. Take a bow just release less than 2 weeks ago with no promotion yet it was # 1 on itunes in less than 24 hrs. I guess ppl like her music. don’t hate the player hate the game, lots of the so call singers are 2 f****** lazy they need to take a page out of rihanna & beyonce book work your ass off always be on the grind. in her short time in the game, Rihanna tour more countries more than 90 % of these So call singers. how can you hate on someone who work her ass of . the game is not affirmative action you get what you put in.

  27. Anonymous May 16, 2008

    for all you idiots a song position on billboard is determine by digital sales & airplay take a bow was #1 on i tunes in less than 24 hrs + it was # 7 on mediabase chart for radio play no other song come close for that week. Rihanna is marketed to 40 radio they’re more top 40 stations in north America than urban. on you tube the video got over half million hits the 1st day it leak. as jay z said men & omen lie numbers don’t

  28. Gabb May 17, 2008

    The video might had done something about the charts. and her looks too. The song isn’t that great but it’s pretty decent enough to be a single. whatdya think?

  29. Nope May 17, 2008

    nope. the song’s okay. just aint all that.

  30. Anonymous May 17, 2008

    Couldn’t agree more with you Sam.

    Rihanna is just another singer who was fortunate enough to make it big. Her voice is anything but spectacular. I much prefered her back in the SOS days.

  31. Anonymous May 19, 2008

    This is a GREAT SONG!!!!!! I don’t know what you guys are hearing? I will pray for you to not be tone deaf anymore

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