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Published: Tuesday 3rd Jun 2008 by Sam
Leona Covers BlenderSinging sensation Leona Lewis appears on the July cover for Blender Magazine. Aside from the cover’s tag-line (‘Look out Mariah, Leona is Pop’s Next Megastar’), the magazine features this interesting quote from the UK born star:

“I don’t wear little miniskirts and low-cut tops. If you want to show your bits off, it’s up to you. When I was 18, I had a few glasses of Alcopop — they’re bubblegummy drinks with a bit of alcohol — and it was gross. I’ve tasted champagne, which is gross. And I tasted wine, which I don’t like.”

Hmm. Kudos to her for sticking to her guns if this is legit, but I’m wondering if this ‘wholesome’ image is a label construct. It’s funny they mention Mariah on the cover, as, for some reason, I can so see Leona having her ‘Mariah circa 1997 (‘Butterfly)’ break-free moment a few years down the line (sexed up image and the full works). I guess time will tell.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous June 3, 2008


  2. ND June 3, 2008

    I like that photo, she looks a little more edgy & street!

  3. Anonymous June 3, 2008

    She really seems to bore me but she is talented nonetheless the Mimi mentions seems a like a label decision to her gain fans in the U.S. IMO I feel they should let her talent do the talking .

  4. jonnyhco June 3, 2008

    i cant stand her now.i use to love her but she so overexposed in the USA.i could walk in a store and put a cover over all of the magazine’s with her face on them.she can sing but you gtta have more than that

  5. Anonymous June 3, 2008

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  6. Anonymous June 3, 2008

    u’r so true

    I really see leona having her break-free in a couple of years from now

    all the fans will look like-oh shes doing a mariah and alot of people will turn their head like they did to Mariah

    its just so sad because leona is so talented and sony(the evils) do the same to her like they did to mariah

  7. Anonymous June 3, 2008

    I kinda like Leona.. I’m getting tired of “Bleeding Love”.. Time to come out with another single..

  8. Anonymous June 3, 2008

    She looks waaaaay older than 23, and who cares whether you drink or not. That’s your preference.

  9. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    I’m not suprised she is in a pose like that, Leona Lewis is such a fake and a fraud who remembers that photo of her in that gold boobtube and belly button ring.

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