Nas – ‘Be A N*gger Too’ Video’

The video to accompany the controversial cut ‘Be A N*gger Too’ from Nas’ forthcoming untitled LP (due July 15th) premiered today. Directed by Rik Cordero, the vid most certainly gets you thinking. Whether one agrees or not with Nas’ stance, there’s no denying he’s not holding back with this project at all.

What do you think of the vid?

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  1. jer. June 9, 2008

    i f****** love this song

  2. perlas June 9, 2008

    ok so its ok for emminem to say the word because he dresses in baggy clothes and raps. but if for example “Jesse McCartney” said the word, he’d get shot or jumped. I dont buy the b*******. thats how i take it. im white and i grew up in the projects and all my friends were black. If one of them said the word their mommma would slap em so hard they’d have a mark for a month, so i didnt grew up around the word and i never said it. I learned the tru meaning of the word so even tho i hear everyone saying it in school and im used to it, i dont say it, even tho sometimes its about to slip out, i dont say it. I know someone whos white who says the word in each sentence and nobody says nothing(all his friends are black) so it dont matter. but i know someone else who said the word whos white and got cussed out by a black person. all im saying is dont get mad if someone of another race says N**** because yall say it so much that ppl get used to it. its just like the word B****. even tho its an insult, ppl use it so much that i start using it witout even noticing. ugh it gets me mad. But for real tho. I really think the word means something else now. it has a new meaning now. yall could agrew with me as much as you want but the word aint the same. and if someone else tries to get mad a someone because they say N**** im punch em upside the head. now i understand if someoen says N***** and means it as a insult to a black person but if they say it in another way dont get mad. the songs hot tho, theres just somethings that are kind contraditory.

  3. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    Nas is a trip..

  4. South June 9, 2008

    personally for me i could care less who says it anymore, because its meaningless now. its so diluted that whats to get upset for. the one thing that i hate is when a white person starts a conversation with me and then they tell me the word means ignorant and then say they’re ignorant and therefore a n*****. that is the one thing that i hate.

    but i like the intro he should make a movie.

  5. Anonymous June 10, 2008

    I really think this is ridiculous. As an educated African American, I despise the n word and I don’t think anyone should do it. The words you use show others who you are and how you feel about yourself. I’m no n*, and I don’t know any so I don’t use it. It gets me sick when rappers/others, especially African American, try to act like intellectuals when it comes to that word. People won’t see an intelligent man making a commentary on race, they’ll see another image of a stereotypical dumb n* who uses a derogatory term to define himself. People died so we didn’t have to be called boy and n*. Racist society taught us to hate ourselves, and we’re still doing it with this garbage. They say, we don’t have to worry about them rising up from poverty etc, they keep themselves down. What other ethnic group refers to themselves with racist stereotypes? Maybe he should go to school or something and actually meet an black person who actually fought so they could sit on a bus or get served at a lunch counter, instead of trying to act like he knows something while simultaneously bragging about Aston Martins.

  6. Anonymous June 11, 2008

    Nah, Nas is the n***** because he is using these words to get more money. All respect for you is gone. You think those words don’t still hurt today? Maybe study some of Tupac’s old songs and try to encourage people to hold their heads up instead of degrading us further. I’ve had more black people call me n***** and chase me than white people every have, and why should that be? It’s all due to respect or lack thereof!

  7. BmoreLuvThing June 11, 2008

    i love this song. and how you gonna say go listen to Pac? He said the N word COUNTLESS number of times, and yet he is still sean as one of the greatest rappers of all time. listen to Nas’ song. it is GENIUS!!

  8. Anonymous June 11, 2008

    You all need to look PAST the N word! No matter if you agree with his use of it, he is still trying to get a message across…try and look for that!

  9. Flows June 15, 2008

    All you dudes which didn’t take the time to actually look at and understand the message in Nas’ video is nothin but a bunch a n****** (how ironic).

    This song is so f***** hot. I can’t wait til the album drops.

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