Lil’ Kim Looking…(Again)

Published: Wednesday 16th Jul 2008 by Sam
Lil' Kim Looking...(Again)Our good friends over at Concrete Loop were sent this pic of Lil’ Kim leaving a hotel yesterday on the way to Black Ties nighclub.

Kim, Kim, Kim…

It seems nowadays she’s either looking on-point (See: 2008 BET Awards)…well…like this.

What do you think of the pic?

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  1. AaronMichael July 16, 2008

    Whoa…awhile back I remember someone calling her lil’ Kimchee…I agree. She actually used to look good. Such a shame.

  2. mi mi July 16, 2008

    she has to have had some work done on her body because she never had hips like that before

  3. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    She has always looked weird to me…

  4. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    Kim Kim Kim…. : ( You really just let yourself go. Why did you get Plastic Surgery from jump start, It only made you look worst!

  5. Rashaan July 16, 2008

    Kim was a beautiful girl before all of this! She has gone insane with all of the surgery and has crossed Michael Jackson territory! This is UNSAT! She did look decent at the BET Awards but who can take her rapping seriously with he looking like this. That is why I have always favored Foxy over the Beehive LOL!

  6. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    I blame Tupac for calling her ugly on that dis song about Biggie. Man he really screwed with her confidence. But to the picture…ugh! Man I miss Pac!

  7. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    WTF?!!!! Self hatred is a b****!!! And this is what happens when you take it too far. What a damn shame.

  8. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    Lil’ Kim give Beyonce her Freak’em Dress back!

  9. ND July 17, 2008


  10. Anonymous July 17, 2008

    i dont know y she dont sit down and were some clothes

  11. L606 July 17, 2008

    Maybe it’s just me..but it’s like, she’s trying to look like Beyonce.
    Not that she does, but i can see she tryin! It looks like it! HORRIFIC!

  12. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    I think she looks a hot mess.She always has.The only thing i have noticed about her is those horrible outfits I see on her at events,out and about,whatever.I’m very unfamiliar with her music,since everybody ever talks about her outrageous scandals.

    And how is she,30-something?put on some real clothes,and go back to the recording studios.

  13. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    Lord have mercy. Kim, honey, you look a hot, steaming, boiling, deep fried MESS!

    Ms. Ladee

  14. daz July 19, 2008

    she always looking getto and on the bet awards lol but everthing jah

  15. Anonymous July 19, 2008

    lil kim lil kim!girl you from brooklyn not jupiter,so why you dressed like a space momma?
    stop the surgery already your music can be fly if you spend some time on it again,as much as you do at the surgeons office-tisk-tisk

  16. Critic July 20, 2008

    Black women have a god-given uniqueness about them. When they start effen with plastic surgery the destroy that uniqueness and talent. They start to look like old Jewish women. It’s a shame that you messed up your external natural look to look like something you’re not. You should have consulted with Michael Jackson and Vivica Fox before you made this most horrible decision.

  17. Critic July 20, 2008

    You may have tried to change your face but the ghetto inside of you shows when you dress!

  18. Anonymous July 20, 2008

    Her body is thick but she should have never started f****** with her face but i bet she still can ride a good one

  19. tracee July 20, 2008

    please please please some body fix this girl quick she is b*** ugly now today this moment.

  20. G_Scott July 22, 2008

    kim looks a hot mess. shes now addicted to that plastic and once you start you just cant stop ( like pringles ) i dont understand, she was beautiful just the way god made her, and you can tell she bleached her skin… smh….

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