New Song: Nelly – ‘Long Night (ft. Usher)’

Published: Wednesday 9th Jul 2008 by Sam
Nelly - 'Long Night (ft. Usher)'Nelly’s forthcoming LP ‘Brass Knuckles’ is set to feature a number of collaborations, including cuts with girlfriend Ashanti, T.I, Chuck D, Ciara, Fergie as well as a host of others. The St. Louis rapper also teams with Usher on ‘Long Night’, which was produced by the latter’s brother JLack. Uninspired and lacking on most fronts, the mid-tempo track kinda left a salty taste in mouth. With Nelly’s last few singles not exactly setting the charts alight, a lot is riding is on the success of this album. For his sake, here’s hoping the record boasts better tracks.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Son of Baldwin July 9, 2008

    That’s a song? I thought it was the distress call of a New Guinean Ring-Tailed Swallow.


  2. Anonymous July 9, 2008


  3. Anonymous July 9, 2008

    he better release a video for his song with ashanti or his career is over.

  4. DJ Triumph July 9, 2008

    i didn’t like the song also.

  5. Anonymous July 9, 2008

    I like Nelly but this song is terrible!

  6. Anonymous July 9, 2008


  7. Anonymous July 10, 2008

    Nelly has used tricks to sell CDs since he first came out. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that but when people are not feeling his stuff he should learn the kind of music people want to hear. He shot a video for Body On Me already but I never liked the track. He should take a lot of steps back and try to be fresh. Because right now he is wack. Any dude talking about “You stepped on the J’s” is stupid because only women can relate to expensive shoes. What woman or man can relate to a song about a guy’s sneakers get stepped on…even if they are $400 a pair?

    This track with Usher is wack and really exploits his lack of what is current!

  8. Anonymous July 10, 2008

    didn’t they just release jays. it’s bubbling under on billboard; #1 on 106 and on the trl countdown. be patient

  9. Anonymous July 10, 2008

    to that comment bout shoes…to us guys jordan are the pinaccle…stepped on my j’z is a tight song, but not impressive by any means…this song is nice, got a chill feel…what do u want nelly to do, soulja it out or something…current isn’t very good, get silly with it or something…not trying to be disrespectful…but all nelly needs to do is go hard on a track…i bet the people hatin here are also the same people who hate on ll cool j’s recent tracks…guess we are gonna have to wait for the album to drop to know if it his career continues…i hope it does, cuz soulja boy and that get silly kid aren’t cuttin it…

  10. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Nelly is s***!

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