Michelle Williams Performs On The Early Show

Published: Wednesday 13th Aug 2008 by Sam
Michelle Williams stopped by The Early Show yesterday to offer the first live television performance of current single ‘We Break The Dawn’. Check out the performance below:

Great performance! Michelle really did her thing; vocally she was on-point and the band were a great addition too.

Click here read our recent interview with Michelle

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous August 13, 2008



  2. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    that performance was brillaint! go michelle!

  3. LaFrancina August 13, 2008

    Great song Michelle!! I love how you added “I want to dance with some body” That was great! I wish all the best for you! God bless.

  4. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    Did the host say the album hits stores today?
    wasn’t it pushed back to september 29th?
    please Answers?????????????

  5. Son of Baldwin August 13, 2008

    OMG. She sang the S*** out of that song. Go, Michelle!

  6. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    Noo Noo when the girl say a mistakes after the video she’s say that We break the dawn is in stores now and The album is in stores in october !!
    you want more performance like that !with more in some various show like this you can easely have more and more and more success cuz ” Dance with some body ” is THE touch and everybody can’t stay sitting when you singing that WITH we break the dawn ! MORE MORE MORE!!!

  7. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    there were some great vocal moments, but i think she could’ve been a little more energetic.

    ps: is that the same guy from the mtv taping?

  8. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    hot peformance, !!!
    but if this was rihanna who had given that pefromance sam would have said…

    rihanna gave an average, lifeless peformance with very little stage presence !!!

    but michelle told sam she uses this site !
    so I suppose he has to constantly lick her a*** now !

  9. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    News flash. Rihanna does give boring ass performances, especially when most her songs are so beat driven. Sorry to tell u

    “but if this was rihanna who had given that pefromance sam would have said…

    rihanna gave an average, lifeless peformance with very little stage presence !!!

  10. matty!!! August 13, 2008



    woot woot love her, so amazing 😀

    love the note she hit when singing the “i wanna dance with somebody” breakdown!!!

    on a side note…i love rihanna as much as the next person, but u totally cannot compare her to michelle…michelle can actually sing…end of argument lol

  11. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    luv u michelle.

    one more thing.

    do u guys know that the record is in store in asia.
    i just bought it on 11th.

    if u wanna buy it…
    u can try to buy it on hmv.com.hk or hmv.co.jp.

  12. me August 13, 2008

    the vocals were okay, just okay to me. but she was energetic and i like the song. she should have worn pants

  13. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    Her vocals and performance were okay..

  14. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    She has an unique voice! One thing i can say, Michelle can sing.

  15. AaronMichael August 13, 2008

    It was koo…I wasn’t blown away but wasn’t annoyed either. I don’t understand why Rihanna’s name came up in this post as if she is the standard that everyone else needs to be juged by.

    Michelle’s energy was good especially since it was early in the morning.

  16. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    Hott!!!! Love Michelle! She has always been one of my favorite DC3 member!!

  17. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    Michelle definetly proved that she is in this game and ready for total domination…I believe in you michelle and I know that only the best is yet to come for you…Loved the performance and we, as fans, would like to see more performances of you like this…continue to show these b****** that u r definetly not to be slept on cause when they wake up the music world could completely be yours…Get ’em Michelle!!!!

  18. Anonymous August 13, 2008


  19. Kid-K August 13, 2008

    @11:02 Anonymous

    I agree, I like Rihanna but its not like There is any Standard set fot Rihanna like it is for your Mariah’s, Mary J’s, Beyonce’s, Alicia’s, X-Tina’s!

    When it comes to Rihanna, its more about FASHION! Her songs are catchy but no one ever really say anything about or try to mold ne artist to be somewhat like her.

  20. Kid-K August 13, 2008

    BTW Cool performance Michelle LOL!

  21. ND August 13, 2008

    The album is out on i-tunes NOW!!!!!
    And on other on-line stores such as HMV…

    I’m getting CD online now star and im still gonna buy it again when it comes out in UK on CD!

    Good vocal control, cos i recognise that a hard song to sing without backing singers. I didnt even hear no support on the chorus til the last two.

    But Michelle… I love you, im a big fan (and im writing like this cos i know you read this blog). I didnt like the clothing at all. The hair also looked better on ‘Loose Women’.

    Either way, Mich has my support cos I believe she’s a great artist inspirational artist. And we need more blogs cos your last one gave me too much joke!!

  22. Bry D’z August 13, 2008

    KudOhs. She is rocking it at 8 in the morning..

  23. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    This was just making “okay” and you rag on Rihanna for her vocal abilities… That’s how we know your just a hater when it comes to Rihanna. Put everyone on the same playing field and I don’t think this performance was anything worth writing about.

  24. SG3 August 14, 2008

    I agree, Sam absolutely hates on Rihanna for no legitimate reason; however, Michelle and Rihanna’s vocals should never be compared. I mean Michelle is clearly a better vocalist then Rihanna. Not hating on Rihanna, but it is what is. Michelle, that girl can sang!…Rihanna, not so much, but she can sing. That “a” and “i” makes all the difference in the world. LOL (What can I say I raised in a sanctified church).

  25. Anonymous August 16, 2008

    well ithink she killed it as usual and her hair was killin too i like it better then on loose women!!!! and im copin the album 2 matter of fact!!!! oh and solange too !!! there both hot they doin they thing and provin to the world the they can shine on there own!!!!

  26. LADY G August 16, 2008

    WOW That’s all i can say. Michelle that was it! Fantastic, excellent and beutifull. I Love ur persona and spirit. If no one adores u, I DO. your album coming october 11th 2008 will make sales upon sales bcos u servea living God that is watching over you…. Well done and God Bless. Luv, Adesuwa

  27. Nick August 17, 2008

    LOVED IT ! ..

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