New Jennifer Hudson Photo Shoot

Published: Wednesday 13th Aug 2008 by Sam
New Jennifer Hudson Photo ShootJennifer Hudson glams it up in this latest photo shoot by shot Derek Blanks. Awesome shoot. Jennifer’s self-titled debut hits stores September 30th via J Records.
New Jennifer Hudson Photo Shoot New Jennifer Hudson Photo Shoot New Jennifer Hudson Photo Shoot
New Jennifer Hudson Photo Shoot New Jennifer Hudson Photo Shoot New Jennifer Hudson Photo Shoot
New Jennifer Hudson Photo ShootNew Jennifer Hudson Photo Shoot

What do you think of the pic?

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  1. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    photoshop is one hell of a software

  2. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    I see everyone going with the short hair. I guess Rihanna make that s*** trendy now

  3. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    She looks fab! I don’t know about Rihanna making it trendy though. Kelis rocked the asymmetrical (sp?) cut first….or should I say brought it back out of retirement 🙂

  4. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    alrighty now ms hudson

  5. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    She look very beutiful !

  6. GROWDAFUCKUP August 13, 2008

    Actually, this shot mimicks a photo that her mom took as a teenager. Trust me, short hair is NOT synonymous with Rihanna, Kelis, or anyone else. Some of you need to grow the f*ck up and realize that these little “entertainers” are not doing ANYTHING new.

    Here’s Jennifer’s mom @ 19:

  7. JAZZII August 13, 2008


  8. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    what do I think of the pics ???

    how about…

    man in a wig ?

  9. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    completely agree with the first poster… photoshop is truely AMAZING. reminds me of the dove evolution commercial haha

  10. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    I feel like I’m at the hair salon looking in the book of “ebony” hairstyles.

  11. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    9 photos and in only 1 does Jhud have her mouth closed.

  12. MzJGaines August 13, 2008

    The photos are hawt

  13. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    Lol at the comment above. That's true… She does always have her mouth open! She's still a bad chick though. 🙂 I really like the 7th photo from the top & the black and white photo.

  14. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    go Jennifer.. she’s gorgeous!

  15. Talulazoeapple August 13, 2008

    I love it. I guess J-Hud has a new generation of HATERS on here. Oh, well.

  16. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    She looks great..

  17. iRvy_iRv August 13, 2008


  18. Rashaan August 13, 2008

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM the HATERS are OUT! Time to break out the handcuffs I mean DAM leave this DIVA alone! She looks goregous! I mean the photoshop comments are out of line. Anyway Jennifer is looking great. It is certainly her time to shine.

  19. daz August 13, 2008

    these pis r great

  20. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag. August 13, 2008

    eoowwww, scratch.. you catty lil b*tches! J-HUD is looking SUPER FAB and none of you can take it.. go look in the mirror before passing judgement. Then slap your momma’s for creating such horrid messes before passing judgment. Jennifer, SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!

  21. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    you know fans of a certain someone and other haters have to be bitter. Get em Jhud!!

  22. Scooterdee August 13, 2008

    ya know, I think Jennifer Hudson is very pretty and I dont see why they feel the need to photoshop her. EVERYONE IS PHOTOSHOPPED! That real u**** aurora is what most people fell in love with her in the first place but this look: is too much and may cause her album to flop. Because the video was horrible. IMO

  23. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    do not care for this b****.
    why keep posting about her 4?

  24. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    F**king HOT! GORGEOUS! Go J-Hud! Go J-Hud Go! Sidenote to haters as least she ain’t being photoshopped to look like a white person. She black and she proud.

  25. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    And whoever said Rhianna is setting a new trend for haircut…what a joke. Are you serious? Rhianna ain’t doing nothing that has not already been done before and that is the truth. Some of you really need to take yall heads out Rhianna’s a** and keep it real.

  26. ND August 13, 2008

    I only like the last two pictures… All the rest look dry.

  27. ND August 13, 2008

    p.s. I wonder which artist she got the concept from.. in the last photo!!!

  28. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    Jennifer looks amazing. Why must we tear down, we should celebrate and encourage one another. We are too opinionated!!!

  29. D.B. August 13, 2008

    The last pic reminds me of Beyonce’s Armani pics.

  30. Tre-Fillet August 13, 2008

    Let’s be real. Almost EVERYONE is photoshopped. There are just some things make-up can’t take care of. Now if you’re talking about her being photoshopped because of her size, then you’re tripping. She might be thick, but the girl isn’t huge. You’d actually be surprised what the proper body angle in a photograph will do.

    I think the pictures are hot. I think the one with the short hair that’s remnant of her mother(?) is fantastic. Now when the hell is that album coming out?

  31. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    i like the first and the 3th picture that’s the greatest

  32. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    She is fat as hell!!!!
    get out of my way! Fat ass!!

  33. T August 13, 2008


  34. daz August 14, 2008

    If It was not for make up … but n e ways pics still lookes good no love lost lol

  35. Anonymous August 14, 2008


  36. Candy August 14, 2008

    She’d so hot…representing for the “fluffy girls”…Jamaican style…fluffy to the world…Jennifer…you go girl….

  37. Anonymous August 14, 2008

    She has come a long way from her day on A.I.

  38. Anonymous August 14, 2008

    Haterades are in the place!!! Go Jhud!!Pretty and fluffy!!!

  39. Anonymous August 15, 2008

    I like the pictures, but I wish she would smile more — she has such a gorgeous smile.

  40. Soufian August 15, 2008

    stunning pics

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