Nelly Defends ‘Tip Drill’ Video

Published: Tuesday 26th Aug 2008 by Sam
Rapper Nelly has been doing the promotional rounds for his latest effort ‘Brass Knuckles’ as of late, more recently stopping by Sirius 40 Radio with Renada Romain. Romain insisted on journeying back to the St. Louis native’s controversial “adult” video – ‘Tip Drill’. To say Nelly was heated would be a little bit of an understatement. Peep the footage below:

In all fairness to Nelly, the video was an age ago. I mean, come on now…people need to let it go already IMO…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    The video was ages ago, yet the best response to it that Nelly can come up with is to shift the focus on to the interviewer without addressing *his* role in it? Come on Nelly. How weak is that? Man up.

  2. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    i love how after all this time he’s still defending that video. he wouldn’t have had to if he didn’t make the shyt in the first place.

  3. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    Hell, I don’t even remember the video. Wow, is it that big of a deal?

  4. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    lol credit card swipe!!! ChingChing 😀

  5. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    He knew when he did that video what he was up against. My thing is don’t make something that you don’t want to talk about.

  6. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    She need to leave Nelly alone and shut her lameass, no style self up! I agree with what he’s saying. Sometimes America focus on the wrong s***! People have made worse videos and the swiping of the card was the young lady’s idea. What was meant to be something funny was blown out of proportion. Get it together people! Because of how shallow Americans are this man did not get a donor for his sister. That’s the $hit y’all need to think about. One luv!


  7. Anonymous August 26, 2008



  8. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    Gimme a damn break. Leave him alone with the damn Tip Drill. THe video was freaky as hell and I loved it. I am not a h**, nor a stripper, but them biotches had skills. I would love to learn these moves to show my gentlemen “callers”! LOL. But seriously, If you don’t like it, don’t watch and stop your children from watching it as well. He’s not portraying me.

  9. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    i agree. i aint no stripper nor h**, but i learned some new moves for my man by watchin that video! it’s ok to be a freak, but only to YOUR MAN! I’m from the STL so whats up nelly, why dont u throw a free concert here too!

  10. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    Nelly is known for videos like this, i dont have a problem with it, its like a porno, why the hell would she bother arguing about it? its not even in the calabre of a regular pop video, so maybe she should chill out about it and appreciate that she had a video rather than bein akward.
    i mean yes to a point its degrading to women, but so is a lot of rap and hip hop, but i dont give a s***! i like hip hop and i like nelly!

    argh how akwarddd!

  11. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    had an interview not video i mean whoops*!

  12. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    That host needs to go back to school and perfect her craft ’cause she was so wrong for cutting off Nelly every time he tried to defend himself. SHE was the reason the argument escalated. But I agree, the video was ages ago so Nelly shouldn’t be so uptight.

  13. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    For the last comment get over urself sweetie! He wasn’t degrading me. Women degrade themselves by putting themselves in that position. If u want to blame someone holla at the females in the video. As someone mentioned before, if u felt offended just don’t watch it. The video came on late at night. He won’t be the first nor will he be the last artist to do a video like or similar to that. But u are focusing on the wrong thing and its because of people like urself why this young man’s sister died due to the failure of her getting the help she needed to fight her sickness. Get it right people stop focusing on the wrong s***!


  14. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    i think on a certain level, on hindsight, nelly ould not have done that video. but he has to defend it no matter how he feels or for the sake of his careers’ uphold.
    The issues are bigger than nelly or any rappers videos. rappers stick to the same videos and music because people keep buying them and making them richer in the process. This then tells me that it is therefore a concern of society as to why we are buying this music and therefore supporting the rappers that we despise. why are the women potrying them selves like this in a video? why did they think it was okay? these are the issues.
    as far a rappers go.. they are in the business of selling music… that is their business, if we did not like the music then this rappers would not have money from here to hong kong. get over the tip drill stuff… and try and make it better if you believe there is a problem.
    I also sympathise with nellys sisters situation. no one wanted to hear him on cancer, he was doing somthing positive and trying to get treatment for his sister, but did peopl wnt to help? no. isn’t this also a problem? maybe a bigger one than stippers?

  15. Anonymous August 27, 2008

    ma holla to dis chick MONA.. u must be outta yo mind thinkin cos of ppl like maself, Nelly’s sister died… wat an ignorant comment!!

    buh on da otha shtuff u said girl… TRUE DAT!! I agree witchu ‘Mona’ dat tis da responsibility of them cheap ass b****** to put themselves out theya 4 sale. Howeva, there’s no doubt dat some responsibility falls on these rappas like Nelly as well.

    ma only beef as a black woman is the fact dat Nelly said “yes” to making dat video again… dis gat nothin to do wit da cheap ass b******.. dis reply is all bout him… n dats disrespectful….. like i said b4… put Ashanti up in them hooka clothes n let a bunch of guys smack dat ass n see haa nelly feels!!
    we might disagrre ma sista.. buh we as ppl stand as one n will always stand as one.
    as far as da radio host… i dont think she shoulda brought up dat topic on dis occasion when Nelly is tryna talk bout leukimia cancer… i think dat was inappropriate of haa to ask him dat.
    ma heart goes out to nelly’s sista.. may she RIP
    there’s always 2 sides of da coin… juss like chamillionare has pledges nat to disrespect women in his videos no mo.. rappers like nelly need to start givin us women respect in their videos.. we ain’t juss a piece of ‘sexual’ meat……. n faw all da good thangs nelly n otha rappas doin like fightin cancer n wat nat… keep up da good work.. i am proud of yall faw doin dat good work!!
    faw all u hatas out theya.. n i know there’s plenty of yall…. bring it on… i ain’t goin nowheya!! holla

  16. Michael August 27, 2008

    To Mona: If you’re going to speak on American shallowness, then you need to be informed. The women of Spelman college only wanted Nelly to speak at a forum on misogyny in hip-hop. They never rescinded the offer for him to hold a bone marrow drive, they only wanted him to speak up — something many rappers don’t do. As for ‘focusing on the wrong s***,’ what’s wrong with Black women speaking out against the stereotypes hurled against them? You speak like a person of privilege who doesn’t have to concern herself with such problems. That’s your luck, not everyone else’s. They had every right to speak up.

  17. Anonymous August 27, 2008

    Children, Children. Nelly seems to have grown some since that video. He put out what his label and the video production probably wanted to produce for the song. Now, did anyone force any of those women in the video to participate let alone degrade themselves. No. come on now think. They made the video! They participated and acted derogatory and what not. The video couldnt have NOT been what it was if they didnt have the women to act in the way that they did. Did we not learn anything from Karrine S? Has Nelly produced anything like that since then?….ok so you answered yourselves right?

  18. Anonymous August 27, 2008

    I agree with Michael! And Nelly is a hasbeen. NEXT!

  19. Anonymous August 27, 2008

    michael – u da man!!!! i’m with u 100%

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