Solange Performs ‘Sandcastle Disco’ On Letterman

Published: Tuesday 26th Aug 2008 by Sam

With Solange’s new LP ‘Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams’ out in stores this week, Ms. Knowles stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman last night to perform current single ‘Sandcastle Disco’. Some of the ‘interesting’ choreography aside, it was a pretty good performance.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Nick August 26, 2008

    I waited up 2 see ths performance-I gta say @ 1st the lil hump move made me nervous, BUT GIRL SHE WORKED THT PERFORMANCE !! IM sorry, I luv her Bjork'esque style & she got a lil Beyonce on me last nite, OK SOLANGE u better WORK GIRL !!! I AM gettin 2 cds & ordering it on ITUNES !!! LUV this girl/

  2. ND August 26, 2008


    I just dont understand why only one backing singer was singing!!!

  3. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    ehhh i was expectin her to do the moves from the video but watever – it was ok i guess – the vocals couldve been better and def the dance moves – i still like the song tho

  4. Soufian August 26, 2008

    i liked it 😀

  5. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    Nope. I didn’t see it. I’m sure I didn’t miss anything too interesting..

  6. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    didnt see it weird dance moves.. but glad she is on you her promo blitz as should all in the music world camp.. kelly, michelle, leave like she did.. i see her doing some damage..

  7. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    because its solange dancing the dance nmoves are “interesting” however if it would have been rihanna there would have been a long spree of negative comments about how awful the dancing was….NUFF SAID !!!

  8. tia August 26, 2008

    lol at interesting choreography,yeah some of it wasnt needed for that type of song….BUT if it was boring we wouldnt have anything to talk about,so she had to add some flava up in that performance….Gotta love solo

    cop tha album today!

  9. Anonymous August 26, 2008


  10. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    I can see Sasha in this performance. but I can’t help but feel it was lacking the energy and fierce vocals that Beyonce would have done.

  11. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    she learning from her sis and coping real legends like tina turner and diana ross. Shameful!

  12. Anonymous August 26, 2008


  13. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    shut the f***! shes gona have some resemblance! the only why u are comparing her to bee is because u knooow they are related! so there will be no genuine comments on this post but mine!

    shes making her own mark!

  14. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    i did like it but i noticed beyonces moves she got from tina at the end lol…

    pink stockings/tights… really?

  15. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    good song, good vocal, good energy. but the dancing.. lmao.

  16. knox August 26, 2008

    Wateva she did in this performance she shud stop!!!Becoz that perfomance screamed BEYONCE,wit her babblin on about hw different they r.but absoluteyl love the song…stockings were a lil over the top…lol!

  17. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    ur right if that was not Beyonce sister no one would bring it up… But because she is they have to compare.. Me personally I like the song but dance moves got to go.. Sorry Sol – u aint got ur wings yet

  18. MzJGaines August 26, 2008

    I have her cd and I;, loving it . . . Go Solange!!!!!

  19. Anonymous August 27, 2008

    weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why are you girls up her ass. she cant sing or dance and shes trying too hard. im over it

  20. Anonymous August 27, 2008

    weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why are you girls up her ass. she cant sing or dance and shes trying too hard. im over it

  21. deonte’ k August 27, 2008


  22. Anonymous August 27, 2008

    ah i want to be positive about this project…so i wont comment

  23. Nika August 27, 2008

    FIRST OF ALL – It is NOT Beyonce’s move. It is Tina Tuners move that she and HER background ladies preforms while singing PROUD MARY!

    Beyonce didn’t start ANY dance moves. Thank you very much!

  24. Nika August 27, 2008

    Oh, BTW – LOVED the preformance. Love her and gonna buy the album. No bootleg for me.

  25. 1st August 27, 2008

    No disrespect. But! Im rely starting two dig this b****!

  26. Anonymous August 27, 2008

    Love the preformance, shes pretty good
    I like her song called Tony
    Decent CD

  27. Anonymous August 27, 2008

    I have not heard one song that i have liked. I am sorry, maybe the youngins will like this bull, but not me. I think that Sam is extremely biased, and that is fine and all, but I will NOT be buying or downloading her mess. Her voice needs work, and her dan ce moves are ridiculous.

  28. mzjai August 27, 2008

    sad ,that you people who are anonymous are comparing her to beyonce. as, you can see she is her own unqiue person she is trying no to be in beyonces shadow. Of, course she needs work on her voice but the performance was great to say the least.

  29. daz August 30, 2008

    i do not like song but she she was good

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