Brandy Previews ‘Baby Mama’ Video Featuring Chance The Rapper

Published: Tuesday 28th Apr 2020 by Sam

Brandy is back!

The vocal bible is set to serve new music from her revered pulpit. For, this Friday brings with it the release of comeback jam ‘Baby Mama’ featuring Chance The Rapper.

Hotly anticipated, the track is the first offering from B-Rocka’s seventh studio album, which is due later this year.

The set is the GRAMMY winner’s first in six years.

With ‘Mama’ and its accompanying video just days away from its May 1st arrival, Brandy and director Derek Blanks both have unleashed a sneak peek.

Check it out below…

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Super excited about @brandy new project! She is amazingly talented!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Stay tuned! Also got to work with @chancetherapper 🙌🏾 #dblanks

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Roll on Friday!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Interac April 28, 2020

    I’m excited.

  2. Sweetnothings78 April 28, 2020

    That voice of hers is soooooooo beautiful!

  3. Haterz Gon‘ Hate April 28, 2020

    Brandy about the serve more than these chicken heads can eat ? BRING IT ?

  4. Yolanda April 28, 2020

    But we crucified Fantasia for her Baby Mama song.

    • Tone April 28, 2020

      But you haven’t even heard it yet clown. Stfu!!!

    • Interac April 28, 2020

      Let’s wait and hear what it’s about.

    • Bam April 28, 2020

      Only whites crucified her.

      • G-bby April 28, 2020

        We did too. It was so bad that Fantasia no longer acknowledges it. Releasing a song titled Baby Mama in 2020 is a risk but we don’t know what the song is about. Video looks nice and the beat sounds dope.

      • Yolanda April 28, 2020

        We crucified her and held up Angelina Jolie, who was Brad Pitt’s baby mama before they got married (and I still don’t think they really got married). Just like we crucified Fantasia over her long nails with artwork but praised Cardi.

      • Bam April 29, 2020

        @G-bby I don’t recall, where I’m from the song was played heavily and radio defended the song against criticism because it was a song of support.

  5. Kevon April 28, 2020

    Yes baby mama that’s what 90 percent of woman wants to be these days … they have no pride and shame …go baby mama’s

  6. Dc April 28, 2020

    Y’all won’t support so

  7. Gworl Bye April 28, 2020

    Vocal bible LMAO, I have to laugh out loud every time ???‍♂️

    • truthteller April 28, 2020

      Yes, it is laughable. Nobody who is credible refers to her that way. It is something her fans came up with.

      • Interac April 28, 2020

        Credible world renowned vocalists refer to her as such.

    • Zion April 28, 2020

      Brandys more of a Sunday service pamphlet

  8. Pat April 28, 2020

    Music needs u right now mama

  9. BYIFSIW April 28, 2020

    The title alone is cause for concern. I personally haven’t cared for most music she’s released after Afrodisiac. So here’s hoping that it’s a good one. Freedom was a hot mess!

  10. Kim,Keisha&Pam April 28, 2020

    This song is lackluster. It leaked a week ago. Go back to the drawing board Bran.

    • trey April 28, 2020

      B**** stfu

    • G-bby April 28, 2020

      I knew I’d find the seething Monica stan in here.

  11. iAmJamesAl April 28, 2020

    It’s been 8 years since Two Eleven, not 6!

    • Soooo Tru April 28, 2020

      I was saying same thing. 8! Fall 2012 TwoEleven dropped!

  12. DC3 FOREVER April 28, 2020

    Can’t wait for the album!

    • Soooo Tru April 28, 2020

      Love your name! 4eva eva…w/a sprinkle of orig DC4 here n there lol

  13. Nippian April 28, 2020

    Brandy and this hobo-chic hippie wanna be Erykah Badu fashions is a complete NO. Girlfriend is out of shape and wearing moo-moo’s. Brandy peaked at 23 years old. She lost all of her commercial appeal when she carried on that fake marriage so she could have a baby. She lost all of her fans after Full Moon which was a stellar album way ahead of its time. Brandy has never put out a bad album to be honest (I really can listen to all of her old albums and jam), but she lost the masses literally 2 decades ago. People stopped caring about her music. Which is sad because she is one of the most gifted vocalists the 90s gave us. Lets just be honest no one is checking for a Brandy record. She took entirely too long to bring this project to fruition. She needs to stick to acting. Firing her mother as her manager also saw her career nosedive. Say what you want about Sonja Norwood but that heffa kept Brandy a fat check in the bank. If Sonja was still in charge Brandy would have been singing on a Disney soundtrack and rebooted Moesha (which she really needs to do). That duet she was nominated for a Grammy was good with Daniel Caesar why it didn’t have a video just seems DUMB and LAZY. They should have performed on Wendy, SNL, and Late Nite talk shows to promote it. Very lazy marketing. I personally think Brandy let herself get fat because her daughter is real fat. The best thing you can do for fat people is not be one of them!

    • Ky D April 28, 2020

      You must REALLY be bothered and pressed to write a full blown essay on this woman who more than likely would care less about what you say to say. A woman who I’m 100% lives better than you financially. Return to sender, bitter one. I am no Brandy stan nor fan, but you have too much time on your hands.

      • Nippian April 29, 2020

        I’m sorry if what I said struck a nerve with you. I stand on everything I said. Brandy is not relevant in these streets. Which is sad because she is legendary and all of her albums slapped. I like her music but I am being realistic. She keeps trying to get her spot back but no one is checking for her. Just like Janet Jackson will never have a comeback. Brandy needs to just release music her fans will love and quit chasing that dream. She is 40 she peaked 17 years ago.

        G-bby you are wrong Sonja never pressured Brandy to lie about a marriage Brandy did it on the advice of others around her. Sonja like any mother wanted her daughter to get married and do things the right way. She chose to lie about it. She would have been better off having a shotgun wedding. She had the nerve to sing about a divorce on the opening track of Afrodisiac still lying saying she was married until her child’s father called into a radio show and said not only were they not married they were not even together. Dude had a whole girlfriend and he and Brandy hooked up after the studio one night. That was it. Brandy’s good girl image much like Whitney’s never fit who she truly was. Brandy was pregnant by Wanya in 1996 (underage with a grown man) and her mother made her abort it like she should have. When Brandy said her and Aaliyah had talks and had things in common people knew nothing about this is what she was talking about. She almost put it in her Behind The Music but changed her mind at the last minute. Aaliyah as we all know was pregnant by R. at one point. What I am saying about Brandy is being realistic. She stayed gone too long and really didn’t know how to recreate herself. Ashanti has a better chance of making it back on top than Brandy does. Brandy is a LEGEND and I can never take that form her. She was rocking braids and changed the narrative in terms of what a brown girl could accomplish—the movies–the record sold– the tv show..she was the IT teen girl of the 90’s long before Britney came along. Whitney co-signed Brandy and her career took TF off! So never will I bash Brandy but at this point she needs to stop trying to comeback and just make music. She let 8 important years go by where she could have been visible and recreating herself in these streets. She is over 40 and washed up.

      • PinotNoir April 29, 2020

        Why do some compare critics’ $ to artists’ they critique? We are voicing our opinions, not saying we’re richer than artist x, y, z.

    • G-bby April 28, 2020

      Let’s not forget, Sonja was the reason Brandy lied about her marriage in the first place. No one’s buying music these days. Everyone’s flopping or underperforming with the exception a a few. She still has fans who will support her regardless.

    • PinotNoir April 29, 2020

      I think she lost curb appeal when voicing doubt over her relevance in a post-Bey world on Afrodisiac’s “Should I Go”. Or just karma for being condescending to Britney on TV. ?

    • PinotNoir April 29, 2020

      Omg. Never knew about underage abortions and one-shot baby daddy calling her a liar. Just remember her awkward apology to the public on Tyra. ? What do you think could shine her star again, Nippian? (Aside from shoe polish, that is)

  14. AJ April 28, 2020

    It looks like a rehash of Put It Down

  15. NextB April 28, 2020

    It’s about time! I’m so impatient

  16. Ropeburn April 28, 2020

    Just the title alone leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I doubt I’ll be checkin for this new album.

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