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Published: Tuesday 12th Aug 2008 by Sam

The UK’s premier girl group the Sugababes are back with brand new single ‘Girls’. A spin on the Ernie K. Doe classic of the same name, this version will serve as the first release from the ladies as yet untitled new LP. Granted the stellar nature of their last album ‘Change’, I must say I’m a little underwhelmed by this – though it does appear to have grower potential. Here’s hoping the their other new material hits the mark.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    I hate this

  2. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    What a load of RUBBISH!
    A definate MISS!

  3. Lupe August 12, 2008

    I dont mind the song but its def not 1st single material and indicates to me that the album has been rushed for a near xmas release and quick buck.

  4. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    man i LOOOOOVE this song
    its catchy since the first time u hear it
    way way better than ABOUT YOU NOW i still hate that song

  5. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    this sucks.. and yeh i think they’ve rushed this album so bad, they only released their last single ‘denial’ from their last album a few months back. disaster.

  6. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    do not like it.

  7. Treecie August 12, 2008

    ANOTHER miss!!

    Change was a horrible album with only 4 good songs, and now they release tis? I miss Mutya.

  8. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    ^^^^ I agree, I didn’t like the Change Album, I thought it was their worse infact, compared to their previous albums.
    I don’t like this song, I just hope the album is better then expected because I am a fan of them

  9. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    I used to really like them but this song is baaad. They rushed it. Hope their other songs are better.

  10. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    I’m not impressed..

  11. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    going from ‘about you now’ as their lead single from their previous album.. which was truly brilliant.. to a cheap, rushed cover for a lead single for their new album.. what downgrade.

  12. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    wow…so dissapointed with this, sugababes are going slowly down in my estimations..was expecting more from the first single..lets hope the album is better! no doubt the single will do ok cause its the sugababes and they usually have godd promo but lets wait and see

    on another note…girlicious album is hot..anyone in canada go and buy NOW

  13. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    i love the babes!!! i need to hear it in hq though! i dont think it sounds crap tho lol!

  14. ash August 12, 2008

    I completly disagree with some comments regarding change. As the title “strangly” suggest “change” was a “change” from previous material. A “change ” for the better imo. Wasn’t It there most successful album? The album deffo reflects some happyer vibes within the group.

    Now to this song!!! WTF. I love sugababes they are my number one group but I can’t support this tack!!! The vocals are good and as usual keisha nails it at the end but lyrics ewww song ewww first single off the new album Ewwswwwwwwww I wouldn’t have been happy if this was ever a b side!
    About you now was killa I just expected more. All there first singles off new albums have been number one (i think) . This will not follow the same success. 🙁

    Damn what a waste!!! I’m gonna go listen to denial now!

  15. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    Change was TOP notch! This new single is definitely sad but I know there will be better

  16. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    i liked every album prior to Change better. … ” change ‘ was good but i didnt like it as much as their other albums

  17. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    i like this song … not A LOT but i like it …. it’ll grow on me. I like the content and idea of the song. The beat is also very well composed.

  18. Jay August 13, 2008

    What a load of s***. The only reason they have covered this song is because the original was featured in the Boots commericial in the UK. And everyone loved the song when it was in the commericial. Crafty B******, they need to be shot dead. VIVA LA MUTYA!

  19. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    this is not the first single

  20. Kira August 13, 2008

    its not bad but i like there last album not really change just certain soongs but this is not really something everyone would like 2 dance 2 and with mutya gone they have 2 work harder cuz i believe mutya vioce was the best n made the songs unforget able like there song 2 lost in u

  21. BRSNBL August 13, 2008

    i like it very much but maybe its coz i think my dancefloor will be full of girls loving it, i thought i wud hate it coz i cant stand the advert with the original song… hit hit hit

  22. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    Another #1 hit for sure!!!

  23. Mylan / SugaNET click here August 14, 2008

    I love this song! Amazing

  24. SMILE August 14, 2008

    Its the song from Boots adverts here in the uk, hearing it in full is not as good

  25. Anonymous August 15, 2008

    I have always been a avid fan of the sugababes, and have loved all their albums to date. I liked “change” a lot, and I thought that Amelle’s vocals provided a new and more upbeat sound for the girls.
    I was expecting a lot better from the first single from their sixth studio album, and I have to agree since it hasn’t been a year since “Change” dropped, this next album might be a rushed attempt and a plea for more top 10 hits, but if this single is anything to go by, many people will still like to think that Girls Aloud are the UK’s top girl group, despite sugababes success and their deserved efforts. Let’s hope the tracks from the album are a bit better!!

  26. Anonymous August 16, 2008

    Hey SUGABABES!What does it mean?Your other hits e.g. Push the button,Denial, Too lost in you,Caught in moment,Shape or stronger were GREAT.But now? You´re getting bad.You have changed.Your new song girls are HORRIBLE!!It can be bonus track not new single!Keisha said that it´s amazing i said it´s horrible. Girls aloud are getting better and i think, that they´re NOW better than Sugababes.Sugababes aren´t the same.:((

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