R.I.P ‘E=MC²’: April 2008 – September 2008

Published: Thursday 28th Aug 2008 by Sam
R.I.P 'E=MC²': April 2008 - September 2008 Yes, the post’s title may seem somewhat OTT, yet it’s warranted all the same. Despite none of Mariah Carey’s ‘E=MC²’ singles performing well – aside from ‘Touch My Body’ (which I still maintain only charted so high because of the hype from her ‘Mimi’ LP), ‘I’m That Chick’ has been chosen as the album’s 4th single and will be going for radio adds on September 2nd.
I have no idea who has been choosing the singles from this album, I do know, however, that very little thought seems to have been put into such decisions. I mean, despite the LP being mediocre at best, you still have awesome cuts such as ‘Migrate’ and ‘For The Record’ literally just sitting there unreleased. With the syrupy ‘Bye Bye’ failing to make an impact on the chart and the better ‘Loving U Long Time’ surprisingly tanking (peaked at #56 on the Hot 100), I doubt there is any hope for this rubbish, yet catchy (weird combo I know lol) cut. SMH…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nothing But Love August 28, 2008

    The album is DONE!!!!!

    she should have released these songs in this order… Im that chick, I stay in love AND THEN…. Cruise crontrol.. i dont even think TMB should have been released cuz that song is weak!! i know it got to #1 but still…

  2. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    Another flop in the making. Sit your ass down Mooriah!

  3. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    HELLO!!!…Side Effects, anyone???

  4. Glicious August 28, 2008


    i knew this would happen lol…i dunno if this is 100 percent true because randy jackson and l.a. reid were just talking about it on the radio but who knows…


    If its L.A. Reid picking the singles…someone get him out of Def Jam please!!! LOL!

    That chick is bouncy and fun but it’s not single material!!!!!


    WHY MARIAH 🙁 I still love you though lol

  5. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    LOL, at “sit your ass down Mooriah”

    It does kinda seem like a flop album, cuz I don’t see “I’ll Be Lovin’ You Long Time” reaching the Top 20 of the Hot 100.

    I really like the song, and I thought it would have done decenlt but it’s kinda like too late now, to me anyways.

    I was really surprised as well how “Bye Bye,” didn’t atleast go Top 10. Cuz it had such a broad appeal. Thought I do think it wasn’t the best song.

  6. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    Not a big fan of the album period/in general.

  7. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    The album was good in my opinion and had a LOT of potential considering it had the best first week sales of her entire career, but let’s be real…the main reason why it’s not performing well is because Mariah has BARELY promoted it! Homegirl is off on a 3 month honeymoon apparently and is just having fun with Nick instead of working. Granted she deserves all the great things in her personal life right now but DAMN girl get your booty out there and PROMOTE your work.

  8. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    I think she should have picked different songs to be singles. for example songs like “Side Effects” or “for The Record” I really dont think that “I’m That chick is single material. Im really surprised E=mc2 didnt do so well i thought it was a pretty solid album. Oh well i still love the album.

  9. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    what the hell is she doing! release migrate! or even side effects, o.o.c, for the record….

  10. Richard August 28, 2008

    I hate LA Reid. He’s picking all of the singles and they are all tanking! They should have released Migrate when she wanted to!

  11. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    While I’m not a Mariah lamb, I’m not a hater either. To me, the cd itself is just okay, kinda like Charmbracelet. Some decent cuts but not nearly as good as the Emancipation of Mimi. I think it was wrong to even title this cd E=MC2 because it implies that it will be better than the Emanicipation. It’s not even close. Like Sam said, Touch My Body did well because of the hype from Emancipation, otherwise it would’ve done nothing. And like someone else said, L.A. Reid is F***in up yet again. He did the same thing with Janet. It’s pretty unfortunate cuz both of them deserve much better.

  12. Steve August 28, 2008

    Def Jam seriously need to replace L.A Reid… I mean, did he even listen to the album?

    Single choices for E-MC2 shud have been:

    1) Migrate
    2) For The Record
    3) Touch My Body/O.C.C (Double A-Side)
    4) I Stay In Love
    5) Bye Bye

  13. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    IDJ must be getting desperate. There was no hope for this album rebounding after they released I’ll B Floppin’ Long Time as a single.

  14. Anonymous August 28, 2008



  15. Yinka August 28, 2008

    OMG wtf is Migrate just sitting on the album!!That is one Banger that would have definately put her at the bloody top AGAIN (and im not even a fan of MC) …Some1 needs to get fired…but reading an earlier post…JD?? NAH more like L.A Reid mate!!

    Looool at “i’ll be floppin’ Long time”…that was a good one!

  16. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    This might be the worst song she’s done IMO.

  17. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    "That Chick" is not a single material, they should have gone with "Migrate" "I Stay In Love" "Side Effects" or "For The Record" the album is pretty good, just the lack of singles pick. just wrap the album up already and go back to record another album. LA Reid needs to stop picking singles when he failed janet & usher.

  18. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    the album should have start out like this…

    1. Migrate Feat. T-Pain
    2. I Stay In Love
    3. Side Effects/Cruise Control (Double A-Side)
    4. Touch My Body
    5. For The Record

  19. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    LA reid needs to stop picking singles. he messed up janet, now MARIAH!

  20. Billie . August 28, 2008

    same has somthinmg agianst mariah
    point blank.
    yu dont like the song ? oh well
    i love the song & have no problem hearing it on the radio 100x a day
    &' yes the album went platnuim w. NO PROMOTION
    & she bearly even promoted ill be loving you long time. soo what , shes still has the most album sales of 08 out of the female artist. likee c'mon yuve been hating on her since FORVERR & Mariah is a legend regardless. its soo hard when every body i s DOWLOADIN her damn music & everyoneelses music. how yu gonna down her buh steady postin her s*** ?

  21. steve August 28, 2008

    Could it be Mariah choosing these "easy to sing" songs as singles because she cant perform the stronger songs live?

    There's been a lot of hype around Mariah losing her voice & becoming a studio-only-artist?

    Maybe she doesn't want add fuel to the fire & rely on lip-syncing for her live promos so she's picking poorer songs that she knows she can nail live.

    Surely L.A Reid isnt as incompetent as he seems? I Thought Reid was gonna get the sack after the way Janet's discipline singles were handled?

    What i dont get is why dont artists just let the fans vote for forthcoming singles? Or give me L.A Reids job?

  22. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    am so happy!i have prayin for this song to be released as a single for ever…this was originally the first single chosen by la reid and the label..but mariah fought for touch my body and got away with it..this song is a smash in america and it will kill the charts in europe
    am also hopin for is stay in love,side effects,migrate to be released as singles

    i ll be loving u long time is mariah’s worst song ever recorded…and i was furious when it was released
    bye bye was a great song but sumthin went wrong

  23. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    i cant wait for that say when La reid’s ass will be out of the job
    i dont like that man…he breaks down talents and def jam artists cant sell albums bcoz of him…every project he handles bombs!
    and he is handling amerie’s new project…its a bad move for amerie and still he makes money while artists gets dropped

  24. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag. August 28, 2008

    umm.. I like “I’m That Chick” and feel that with the right promos, it can help relaunch the album. I mean, it’s catchy, it’s breezy for the summer and it has great remix potential. I hope she can peel Nick off of her ass long enough to go on a promo tour for the track and to jump back in the studio to lay down a few more tracks for a possible re-release, one of them to include a remix of “chick” of course. It has potential to pour life back into the album. Let’s not give up hope so soon. Besides, the VMAs are right around the corner. Mariah could have a last minute chance to perform it on the show. They just need to invest a great deal in the video and promote the hell out of it. thats all…

  25. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    That chick is a GREAT SONG! i can believe its the 4th single…it should have been like this.
    1. Touch My Body
    2. I’ll be Loving U Long Time
    3. That Chick
    4. Migrate
    5. For the Record

  26. Nick August 28, 2008

    I TOTALLY AGREE WTH THE PERSON AHEAD OF ME! I think I’ll b loving u long time is a GREAT SONG, actually, probably my favorite, besides the LOVE STORY song, I thnk its a good cd, I jst thnk people dnt support people like Mariah/Usher anymore, b/c they sayin they gettin “old” BUT man, they still got it goin on (2 me) …..

  27. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    There was too much hype behind this album. Everyone was expecting another Emancipation of MiMi album. Hopefully the next single will do better…

  28. Frederick August 28, 2008

    Jeez… where’s O.O.C? Migrate? Those two are probably the ones Mimi could have trusted to impact pop radio with real results.

    and besides I really wanted those instrumentals =(

  29. Mark August 28, 2008

    Good God! That Chick is the worst track on the album,

    I have two words for Mariah – SIDE & EFFECTS

  30. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    i cant believe that after lovin u long time flop they take another huge risk by releasing im that chick. lovin u long time shud hav charted higher imo, but altho i personaly love the song i did feel it was the wrong single choice. it should have been –

    touch my body
    migrate (to keep the hype for the album strong)
    i stay in love (a classic mariah ballad reminiscent of we belong together)
    im that chick or side effects (US?)
    im that chick or lovin u long time (europe?)
    then close the album with bye bye, possibly double with for the record?
    the thing is u need to get the good variety of songs in there, thats where she will fail as lovin u long time and im that chick are a similar tempo and similar style of song.
    she rele should have gone for a safe option in migrate or i stay in love for her next single, but i guess those tracks will never see the light of day now. tho i love side effects and for the record i think they are have less mass market appeal and single potential, theyre better off as the stand out album tracks… but theres my rant over with!

  31. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    Migrate should have been released!

  32. TJ August 28, 2008

    “Side Effects” or “Migrate” should be the next (and last single). She don’t need to be wasting her time and money promoting poor material that just isn’t reliable material. What she need to do is release one of those, do the tour, and sit down with Nick for the next 3 or 4 years being happy and trying to find herself musically. E=MC2 just wasn’t her (to me). She need to sit down, concentrate, and think about what direction she needs to go in for her next album. (Do more records like My All and other great hits that appeal to the MASSES…not just the URBAN market)

  33. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    I couldn’t agree more; whoever has been choosing her singles hasn’t listened to her album. I actually really like it although I think she’s crazy.

  34. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    this is how she should of released her songs…….

    1.Touch my body
    2.Im that chick
    3.Side effects
    5.I’ll be loving you long time

    If she were to have released the songs in this order, the album would have been a much bigger hit than it was !!!!

  35. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    why isn’t she releasing “i stay in love”? that song is excellent.

  36. Nothing But Love August 28, 2008

    Can everyone shut up about Migrate because that song is WACK!!! it sounds like shes trying too hard to be down..

  37. jakeph August 28, 2008

    This album has so much potential but they are releasing the weakest songs in it!!
    I believe that migrate should have been released first! It's a great banging song! very fresh & very new for mariah!! Besides, the fans are clamoring for it!!!
    followed by Stay in love, Cruise Control, Touch my body, then bye bye…

  38. pvt.heaven August 28, 2008

    im keeping my fingers crossed that they will not release “I’m that Chick”
    It’s catchy yes! but it’s not single material!
    Believe me it’s gonna be another flop if they would!

  39. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    How about all the MC FANS or LAMBS whatever you call them, Go to her official website or myspace and all reuest migrate or whichever song to show the label what fans want??!! haha regardless if she doesn’t achieve anymore success with the album she will come out with a new one and it will probably sell good. In addition to the E=MCs album titled she explained yes that its suppose to be the emancipation to the 2nd power but also said its just a fun record nothin too serious or ground breaking so its exactly what it is.

  40. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    IMO I like IBLYL it would've be a big hit here in the U.S. if the market liked R&B music. Mostly the U.S. Market feeds off of international pop sound (Forever chris brown, Disturbia rihanna, Damage DK, Closer Ne-Yo,etc) Don't get me wrong love those songs too but lets be real The music scene here in the U.S. isn't what it was back then and probably won't be again. But artist such as A. Keys and some others prove that you can still achieve big things while staying true to the music you love to make. Im sure MC will achieve more success in the future.

  41. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    Well, “I’m That Chick” was maybe the first song that we heard from the album, when Mariah performed it live along with “Migrate”. I liked it from the first time I heard it… It’s very catchy and it has a potential just like “Touch My Body” did. So we don’t really know what would happen…

    “Migrate” too… Maybe it would be released as a single too after all… We don’t know yet… And “Side Effects”, “I Stay In Love”… We’ll see… 🙂

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  42. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    Damn Sam stop acting like a woman you were like this with Janet, hey you got a good site but they don’t need your opinion nor do the labels care, your free to have it but damn your real hard on Mariah lately dunno what’s up with you but chill the album was good not the fire that Emancipation was but hey it’s hard to top a hit album loads of celebs have felt that, Justin, Beyonce yeah even Mariah after Butterfly wasn’t that fire but OK, I personally think Migrate will be released last like she did with get your number on Emancipation personally I ain’t feeling i’m that chick but hey it’s her album so whatever but the album was good though, would have liked to see Side Effects (anyone who’s been in a adusive or bad relationship can relate to), Crusie Control (which you slaughtered for her using a Jamaican accent which i loved and i’m Jamaican so who are you to critise)for the record, love story (which i think is about her and Nick) yeah there are come better choices but hey let her do her think, it’s her music and voice

  43. m.i.K.E. August 29, 2008

    YES !!!!!!!
    i wanted I’m That Chick and Migrate to be the 4th and 5th single
    i’m so glad she didn’t release one of the ballads

    plus I’m That Chick was to be the 1st single, but they ended up chosing Touch My Body

  44. Tootie August 29, 2008

    I think that record label didn’t know what to do with both Mariah and Janet. Neither one were properly promoted.

  45. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    damn bring down MIGRATE

  46. fliznoyd August 29, 2008

    Migrate should have been the next single. The melody is hot!! La Reid can Not pick singles!

  47. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    i’m a big mariah fan but i have 2 say that i’m that chick is a stupid choice for the 4th single. e=mc2 album sales are already WAY lower than the emancipation of mimi and it seems as if e=mc2 won’t even go double platinum, whereas ‘mimi’ went 6x platinum. e=mc2 would sale alot more if the right singles would be released.

  48. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    “I’m That Chick” is only going for adds as Urban AC, which is what “Fly Like a Bird” did a couple years ago. It doesn’t mean that “I’m That Chick” will be the new single on all formats!

    Also, it would be hard to call E=MC2 a flop since it is, the last time I checked, the second best selling album of the year behind Lil’ Wayne’s.

    I think that they will re-issue the album. Migrate and I Stay in Love should be the next singles.

  49. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    I want I Stay In Love and For The Record to be the next single!!! How do we contact mariah???

  50. Vitor from Brazil August 31, 2008

    I don’t know what is happenning…. I love Migrate, Thanx 4 nothin’ and Side Effects….

  51. Vitor August 31, 2008

    Singles should be:

    1. Touch my body
    2. For the record
    3. Side effects
    4. I Stay in Love
    5. Thanx 4 nothin’
    6. Migrate

  52. Anonymous September 1, 2008

    My God. I’ll Be Lovin U Long Time is a success in United Kingdom’s radios and televisions. Go Mimi.

    Stop hatting b******!!!!

  53. Anonymous September 6, 2008

    Def Jam has failed the talent they employ. Janet’s album was put on the back burner after the first sindle “Feedback” and now L.A. Reid is flushing MiMi’s career down the toilet. He obviously doesn’t know what the PEOPLE want to listen to on the radio. He is picking the worse songs on the album as singles. Who knows? Maybe there is a reason behind is madness and something is in the works to launch her back to #1. Remember, part of the reason she left Sony is because she didn’t feel they were promoting her material as much as they should have. Oh, and I agree, if she’d tell Nick to get out of her ass, she could promote the album more. “Bye Bye” should have been a #1 hit, but she was too busy frolicking on the beach with her new husband.

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