Kelly Rowland’s ‘Nike’ Commercial

Published: Thursday 28th Aug 2008 by Sam

R&B star Kelly Rowland really is doing her thing over here in Europe. Peep her new commercial for Nike’s Human Race – the world’s biggest one-day running event – which takes place in many cities across the world simultaneously on August 31st. Rowland will also be performing at the Paris event.

Watches again: She was getting it!

What do you think of the commercial?

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  1. Wendell August 28, 2008

    Boring! I wish she would find new management or get off the stage.

  2. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    she looks hot. i like, do it ma!

  3. JAZZII August 28, 2008


  4. ND August 28, 2008

    HOTT!! But….

    I wish she had the FIRE to do that while singing effectively!!!!

    And I love my DC-3 but sometimes she pisses me off… example:
    DiVa Deluxe Edition….

    I saw the Deluxe (minus all the original tracks, BUT WHERE WAS THE DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!) Instead I heard her moan and cry over man (or shud i say Roy)… BRING BACK THE FIRE TRACKS…… I COULD NOT BELIEVE COMEBACK WAS NOT ON THE CD AFTER THEY MADE A VIDEO….

    She needs a whole to strategy…

    Either way i’ll still support but dont mean im happy!

  5. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    hottt i locve the ad and she looked fierce
    oh and haters you best believe that kelly gets paid mad money from nike she designed sneakers on behalf on the brand and i,m sure it wasn,t free so hate it or love she is making money.

  6. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    wack add

  7. jayyy August 28, 2008

    wendell shut up, it was hot.. and btw it is just a commercial you idiot. As for the post above me, it is a GOOD add. Kelly is doing her thing and becoming the biggest group member from dc3 in europe. more power to kelly.

  8. Nick August 28, 2008

    HOT commercial, BUT KELLY NEEDS NEW MANAGEMENT, tht cd was tooooo good 2 go out the way it did/WORK KELLY!!!

  9. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    She looks good but she needs to step up her game. She needs to get new management and come back with a hott album.

    I like the commercial and I’m glad she is doing other things. Too bad the US isn’t feelin’ her the way they are in Europe..

  10. tia August 28, 2008

    can people comment on the commercial and leave it at that damn….even the ones who didnt like it kept it simple we dont need to talk about her managment and her last album blah blah blah lol

    anyway it was a cute lil commercial and she looked great!

  11. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    Tia who????? SHUT UR MOUTH

  12. AaronMichael August 28, 2008

    I really thought that commerical was pointless. I mean you’re promoting a running event and you’re not even running. Someone please tell me what the point was?

  13. Anonymous August 28, 2008


  14. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    Kelly Rowland wont be running with you was the best news i had heard. What an annoying idiot!

  15. melissa August 28, 2008

    That’s hot!

  16. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    incredibly sexyyyyy!!!

  17. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    Kelly KILLED IT!!!! The Haters here need to fall back hard. Only a “special” person would not get that commercial.

    Kelly R. owned it!!! Can’t wait for the comeback.

  18. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    this add was fuckn HOT
    i cant hate

  19. Stephy August 28, 2008

    I liked it! But there is one thing I don’t like about this post….these comments.

    Why is it that every blog I go to the there are people who comment just to be negative. If you don’t like the person being discussed or the topic DON’T COMMENT. Because in all due respect, stans will come after you!

    I agreee with one poster, she is probably the most successful member of DC in Europe. You think she is flopping go over there and go to the UK she get attention like she never got in the USA for sure. Nicely done Kelly.

  20. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    Why the f*** people can only comment when they have something nice to say

    How in the hell you gonna tell me that I cant have an opinion UNLESS it’s positive

    GET THE F*** outta her with that BS

    EVERYBODY does not have to like KELLY or any other artist

    I think that Kelly did a good job as far as the commerical, but her career is OVER here in the US

  21. Anonymous August 28, 2008


  22. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    aww please comment on the commercial and leave her career the heck alone. and sorry to dissapoint you her career is not over in the us i think it,s smart that she,s in europe making money while she leaves the spotlight over here for michelle and solange .
    her show will probably begin airing in january in the us and her children,s book will probably be up for sale in the us in dec so in d mean time she,s allowed to get her european shine, it doesn,t hurt that she,s dating a hott formula 1 race car driver over there so …kelly do your thing

  23. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    i want 2 marry u

  24. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    I like Kelly but this commercial was pointless. I’m not madd at her at all because she’s still making that paper whether it’s in the U.S. or in Europe.

  25. booyall August 29, 2008

    All ya’ll negative people can go to hell! Kelly was gettin it in this commercial. I’m glad she’s doing her thing in europe. Ya’ll negative people need some s** in your life, and maybe your out look on things would be better!

  26. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    haha! I was laughin at her when she was on the golf cart. Really funny but I know it was all fun on the set.

    The Middle eastern beat is very european… I bet she’s probably doing well over there! Best of luck to Ms Kelly

  27. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    I love YOu Kelly BEst Commerical Haters Sit DOwn I Love YOu KElly F*** WHat THese Hatting Folks Say!!!! Ima Buy Yo Album In the Us!!!!

  28. Anonymous August 31, 2008

    marketing failure!! shoot the person for such terrible promotion…does she have a brain? I like her…. but damn she should not have even let them shoot that s***.

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