Solange Sets The Record Straight About ‘That’ Interview

Published: Thursday 28th Aug 2008 by Sam
After the mini-storm that brewed following Solange’s appearance on Fox News yesterday, the singer explained the situation in her latest video blog. Peep the clip below:

I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. That said, there is obviously a lesson to be learnt here on her part.

Your thoughts?

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  1. tia August 28, 2008

    i think that she only owes one person an apology,the woman that was interviewing her…..other then that,she had every right to say what she said cuz jay-z problems dont have s*** to do with her,but hell fox news aint s*** and never was ….hell they never will be…she just gotta learn to control her attitude a bit cuz we all know shes a fire cracker and theres nothing wrong with that, she just has to learn a bit of control thats all….still got love for the solo star.

  2. Anonymous August 28, 2008


  3. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    Im a solange fan and I always will be !!!
    solange was more than right to say what she said !!! the life of solanges brother in law is completely irrelivant and tottally unprofessional it has nothing to do with her or her album !!!
    people are just jellas because solange is hot and its all these black gorilla girls who are jellas as hell becuas solange is light skinned and much hotter than them !!!

  4. Anonymous August 28, 2008


  5. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    she still came off as a b****….. no need to act like that in front of millions of people be professional they were! her whole attitude sucked in the interview, your a knowls deal with it, you will never be as big as b so they will always ask the question grow up ma for real!

  6. ND August 28, 2008

    U lot are carrying on like she was racist or sumthing.. she was being real to the full specification of the situation! A situation we don’t know in full to judge!

    When u interview her, talk about her.. she’s only there to promote herself!

  7. AaronMichael August 28, 2008

    The funny thing is…the point I made in the other post is still relevant. She wasted time to address nonsense during what was supposed to be promotion for her album. That’s exactly why the only publicity she’s getting now is about her behavior. I hear the album is expected to sell 10K first week. LOL…she should learn to use her media time more wisely.

  8. Shae Mechelle August 28, 2008

    damage done, only provided an explanation b/c of the way the fans reacted, and i think the interviewer is the ONLY person who deserves an apology.

    Here’s an idea, next time say “Cut, Hold up..” Let the cameras turn off and say what you have 2 say…

    side note: is it just me or does she come off uneducated, she isn’t that good at speaking and she might need an intro to communication class. IMO

  9. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    She needs to tighten up on the media training cause she came off as a straight up b. Nobody likes somebody who is stuck up. Trust me the only way you are in this music game is because of your sister. Suck it up mama or don’t get into the music business. I wasn’t buying her album anyway.

  10. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    I thought she said didn’t want to talk about her brother-in-law. Why is she telling us he got a fat check for selling the 40/40 club? She is a self-absorbed, rude little girl.

  11. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    She needs to apologize to the anchorwoman.. Thats one of the reasons why I don’t like her.. HER DAMN ATTITUDE..

  12. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    That entire family is f***** in the head.

  13. Miss Pearl August 28, 2008

    You stans tickle me. If she’s so “appalled” at being associated with Beyonce, why is she using Beyonce to appear on the CBS morning show to hawk her cd in the post above this one?????

    Either you don’t want Beyonce’ mentioned, or you want to use her to get on shows that otherwise wouldn’t be interested in S*** you have to say!

  14. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    ^^^^good point bout Beyonce

    IMO, in general, there’s plenty of hatas out there who try to bring us down in each of our lives….. in the lusic industry, there’s even mo hatas

    solange need to learn dat there’s always gonn be ppl tryna bring her ass down… n she should fight back, buh not in front of da damn camera…. she has every right to say wat she said, buh not in front of the camera where ppl can see her rudeness no matter wat da context.

    SAM…. u right on this… solange def has a lesson to learn from this episode!!

  15. Anonymous August 28, 2008


  16. knox August 29, 2008

    Pleez listen 2 ol’ girl tryna talk bout democratic convention and thankin her fans and s***,that vid was just made so she can apologize…she has that ‘S*** I F***** UP’ look on her face…lol!

  17. phiona August 29, 2008

    LMFAO. what an idiot. with her fake new “quirky” image. you should go to her website. it reads like a 13-year-old girl’s diary. i don’t believe the brat!

  18. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    ok she explained it. i felt she shouldnt have to, though.

  19. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    Sit down clown, what an asshole….a slow talking asshole.

  20. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    That whole situation could have been avoided had she had the professional wisdom to handle it off camera. Had someone asked her something on-air that was not related to her new record she could have nicely avoided it with no comment or the like and kept it movin’. She handled it wrong and the only person it affected was her… She indeed has lessons to learn and she needs to learn quickly or she might find herself at other people’s concerts watching instead of performing at her her own. No one likes ghetto-tude.

  21. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    lol … she Decided !

  22. LadyK1984 August 29, 2008

    If she doesn’t care then why did she have to go and blog herself to prove anything. She’s a fake. She knows she looked stupid. Her pride is hurt that’s why she had to make this blog.

  23. LadyK1984 August 29, 2008

    oh and i don’t understand she didn’t talk about her family on the news yet she puttin the buiness out there here. I’m confused. I guess reporters need to p*** her dumb a** off all the time so we can get all the juicy details.

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