Beyonce, Tina & Solange Appear On The Early Show

Published: Thursday 28th Aug 2008 by Sam

The Knowles ladies (Beyonce, Tina & Solange) stopped by The Early Show today to promote Solange’s ‘Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams’ LP. A pretty interesting watch, I must say. Peep the performance of ‘I Decided’ below too:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    ok now this is stupid!!!
    there using beyonce in order to promote solange and her sol-angel crap.
    the interview yesturday was a setup just to bost her sells
    I wouldnt be surprise if the album hits the top 5
    this is bull crap matthew knows what hes doing
    and kelly & michelle girls your better run with you money

  2. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    The performance was ok but I still don’t like her.

  3. ND August 28, 2008

    Loved it but….

    She needs to polish the vocals are good as the choreography!

  4. Nick August 28, 2008

    i luvd it, she was live & sounded jst fine, lets see riri perform live wth no bass 2 drown out her voice….

  5. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    So…she doesn’t want to be tied with her sister yet she has said sister promoting her?
    Ok Solo.

  6. DJ Triumph August 28, 2008

    great interview thanks sam.

  7. Anonymous August 28, 2008

    Urrrm, what was so great about THAT performance? I though it was something special. although i have (and like) the album she’s starting to get on my reserve nerve!

    Oh, as for the Rhianna comment…. now very boring!

  8. knox August 29, 2008

    Best Performance of I decided thus far…she may b cuming back 2 my good side afta that lil stunt she pulled y-day!
    Shud say its good 2 c Bey…it had been a minute,but she is still borin as hell…lol,bu8t love her anyway!

  9. elebee4ever August 29, 2008

    i think that Solange don’t need the help of her sister Beyoncè!however i think that Beyonce is so kind and i think that she’s the best!however i love Solange’s music!i hope that Solange will have a great career like her sister!

  10. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    Solange is a hypocrite. I Decided also has too many background vocal parts. Solange barely sang but she can’t sing anyways though.

  11. sober August 29, 2008

    I agree with the first poster. It is becoming increasingly obvious that they only support their own. It is sad that Kelly thinks she is family because she practically grew up with them but I dont see the Clan supporting any of kelly’s gigs or talking strongly for her when she is being dogged by the media. However, Kelly is always loyal and has nothing but high praise for the DC lead singer and family in her interviews but I rarely see that truly being reciprocated. They don’t talk about her, it’s all about them. Kelly needs to wise up and get with the business.

  12. splat August 30, 2008

    she started off fine, but now i no what the definition of no energy on stage and in vocals really is, without camera panning i wud have been even more bored

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