Beyonce’s Singles Pushed Back

Published: Thursday 25th Sep 2008 by Sam
Beyonce's Singles Pushed BackWord has it Beyonce’s much anticipated new singles ‘If I Were A Boy’ and ‘Single Ladies’ -originally set to debut October 7th – has been pushed back a week. The reason being cited is that delay is due to Beyonce and/or her label wanting to accommodate the release of Michelle Williams’ new album ‘Unexpected’, which is slated to hit stores on October 7th.
Ms. Knowles singles, both of which have had their accompanying videos shot already, will now premiere on October 14th.

Granted this is can been seen as commendable move on Beyonce’s part, I can’t help but feel regardless of Beyonce’s release, the label need to be doing a whole lot more with Michelle’s project. I mean, come on now; it’s little just over a week until the album drops and…well…yeah…SMH…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    why would she even release a single around Michelle’s album date. How rude is that. Let Michelle get her shine on…this heffa want it all

  2. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    Beyonce doesnt care about Michelle.
    She is a b****!

    Michelle & Kelly needs more support from their (knowels) label

  3. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    Can’t wait any longer!!!

  4. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    omg i been coutnin down the days and then it gets pushed back….they still should release the singles

  5. shawneebear September 25, 2008

    That’s pure b.s. And besides on here, I never see Michelle.

  6. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    umm lets see…she’s pushing back the release of her singles in order for her former bandmate to get some shine, and yet she’s being selfish???…umm thats new LOL

  7. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    michelle is still releasin that sorry excuse of an album. oh dear….
    whether beyonce releases her album around the same time or not michelle is still going too flop lol who cares about the dark skinned gorillas outta DC anyway !
    americans dont support them only europe do. americans dont have any versatility they only like light skinned female artists the only way black girls can have a US hit is if they have a super amazing voice – which kelly and michelle do not have !!! hence no hits in the US LOL…….

  8. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    michelle is still releasin that sorry excuse of an album. oh dear….
    whether beyonce releases her album around the same time or not michelle is still going too flop lol who cares about the dark skinned gorillas outta DC anyway !
    americans dont support them only europe do. americans dont have any versatility they only like light skinned female artists the only way black girls can have a US hit is if they have a super amazing voice – which kelly and michelle do not have !!! hence no hits in the US LOL…….

  9. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    michelle is still releasin that sorry excuse of an album. oh dear….
    whether beyonce releases her album around the same time or not michelle is still going too flop lol who cares about the dark skinned gorillas outta DC anyway !
    americans dont support them only europe do. americans dont have any versatility they only like light skinned female artists the only way black girls can have a US hit is if they have a super amazing voice – which kelly and michelle do not have !!! hence no hits in the US LOL…….

  10. CiCi September 25, 2008

    im sorry, but beyonce is being too nice to me cuz michelle is a grown ass woman and she needs to handle her own business. she needs to go ahead on and cut that ambelical cord and let them do them. i mean i know they her girls, but damn..does she always have to be captain save-a-ho when it comes to these two? BUT I DIGRESS……wish them all the best of luck.

  11. mrsjones September 25, 2008

    oh ya’ll shut the hell up michelle’s album was supposed to originally come out this damn month, so honestly her album is getting in the way of bey releasing her music, she didn’t try to snatch those dates from her. get your facts straight before you judge

  12. rihanna sucks September 25, 2008

    What more do you want??? They have booked this girl on every morning show… damn near every talk show & video show. Intimate performance dates set up (she can't do large OR medium sized venues). Who's fault is it no endorsers want her? Who's fault is it not too many folks feeling her music? Oh I know! It's the record label's fault! And of course Beyoncé's.

  13. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    I cant wait for Michelle and Kelly to drop MatThew.. i mean do you think he going to let them work with the big name producers and writers..Beyonce could have released her s*** when Solange cd came out or around that time..

  14. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    I cant wait for Kelly do drop Matthew…
    Kelly Rowland would be perfect for Bad Boy records

  15. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag. September 25, 2008

    ^^ kelly would be awesome for Bad Boy production wise, but they would do just as Bad in promos….

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I can't believe someone compared Michelle's skin complexion to that of a dark guerilla.. You know your mom "The silverback" would not approve of such nasty language coming out of that horse mouth u got so calm your face and your racial uglyness because it's not appreciated. Yes, I got the point you were trying to make but it was still madd ugly.

    And yes, Beyonce will overshadow both Kelly & Michelle as long as they are both under the Knowles mgmt. they need to do like Janet and sever ties..

  16. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    I don’t think it has anything to do with Michelle. What effect does two singles from one artist have on an album from a different artist? Answer, NOTHING! Whoever is gonna buy Michelle’s cd is not gonna let Beyonce’s song, that isn’t on sale, stop them. IMO, it’s because they don’t want Beyonce to compete with Britney for radio spins that day. Grant it Britney won’t be played on the urban stations, but Beyonce will have to compete with her at the Top 40 and Pop stations.

  17. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    ^ I totally agree!!!!

  18. Anonymous September 25, 2008

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  19. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    Guess she was reading what some people said on the internet about her being selfish and greedy. But, anyway i plan on getting Michelle’s album when it comes out. Don’t really care too much for Beyonce. Now that Solange’s album is out, they got her doing so much promotion. Last night, I had seen a L’oreal commercial with Solange and Beyonce and they were using Solange’s song for the commercial. I just think that Michelle needs new management. She is partly to blame because she shouldn’t have to put up with that crap.

  20. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    @ 8:17 – You make a good point because Britney Spears has a HUGE fan base. Beyonce is a really good artist with a solid fan base but when you compare Britney Spears to Beyonce, Beyonce is gonna lose.

  21. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    ^^^^^ I agree..

  22. The King Of Cool September 25, 2008

    They sure haven’t done much promo for Michelle’s new CD. I’ll be honest in that I didn’t even know she had a new one coming out that soon.

  23. La’Wayne September 25, 2008

    Yeah they sure havent done anything for michelle and it upsets me because the album it fire..i have not once saw it on BETorMTV…thats wrong. The label and doin their job. thats f***** up…Good luck michelle. im still buyin it

  24. Young One September 25, 2008

    Man Damn, STOP CRYING!!! Michelle's singles came out in APRIL! APRIL PEOPLE & it still hasnt made any progress! Her album was suppose to drop in AUGUST PEOPLE!!! I dont understand, can someone please explain to me WHERE OH WHERE is this Beyonce's fault??? After her tour it was a KNOWN FACT that she was gonna have a new album by FALL of 2008! That was before we knew anything about Michelle's new album & this Brand new Rihannaesque Fefe Dobsonish Image that she sprung on us out of Nowhere! Lets stop being fake about it out of pity and point out the facts about this whole Michelle situation.

  25. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    I really don’t understand why people say Beyonce is being selfish. Beyonce has always supposed to drop her album in November. Michelle’s album was supposed to have been out in AUGUST!!!! If you ask me, Beyonce is being too generous. I have never heard about Kelly or Michelle getting pushed back for her, but yet this is the second time she has been pushed back for THEM.

    And on another note, I don’t know why people feel that Beyonce has to try and take shine away from Kelly and Michelle. She is a superstar, so why would she have to take what little shine they have?

  26. this onw September 25, 2008

    yeah… its the britney thing. no, its directly beyonces fault but its her managements aswell (daddy). if daddt is managing you, then he will do everything in his power to make sure you get the best. he doesn’t really care about your ex-groupmates, buthe remembers that during promotion for the group, they insisted they were sisters and all that and it would look suspicious if none of them were succesful at all after the split ( that you initiated cos u want your baby girl to do it alone). so what you do is give them a little success- not a lot of success, so that your baby can shine more so. how come they could promote solanges album (its really not all that)? its a family afair and kelly and michelle need to stop acting dumb and take care of themselves. they needs to change their management and make sure they are getting the best and highest exposure.
    if they give ‘chelle some interviews, but don’t release the album soon, then there was no point to it… alot of interviews, performances, magazines, etc is what makes an effective campaign, but hype is lost if the album keeps getting pushed back- why did it get pushed so wayyy back?
    the fact that beyonces singles have only been pushed back a damn week tells me that she knows britney will whoop her ass on the charts, cos britneys like that. even when britney had personal issues, she still managed to hit no.2 on the bill board charts, so, yeah.
    if it was really abotu michelle then beyonce would do her album early next year. anyway, her and matthew have this thing going on but i really dont know how kelly and micheelle put up with this girl hurting their feelings all the time. its like they are so scared of offending at all, but they are grown women and need to leave that management for their sake of their careers, or they are just asking for what they get.

  27. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    the only people to blame is the label they ,and matthew but because the money comes from them I say its the labels falt, shoulda been promoting michelle. truth is they dont give a damn about michelle and Kelly and I’m thinking that they have to be contracted which is the reason michelle and kelly put up with this s***.

  28. melissa September 25, 2008

    All these comments because 2 singles are bing pushed back? Get a life. I wonder if Kelly was releasing 2 singles when Michelle album was released would she get as much flack, if any like Beyoce is getting.

  29. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    You people are so retarded. Yes Britney has a big fan base but so does Bey. She don’t have to push no damn album back because of her both Britneys last 2 albums flopped. and I don’t care what this album might do the last 2 flopped. Bey is a huge artist and if she pushing back her album supposedly because of Britney why in 06 did she release her album right around the same time X-Tina, Fergie , Nelly Firtado and all those other big female artist dropped . Shouldn’t she have been scared off all that competetion. Lol at the naysayers whatever it takes to make yall feel better.

  30. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    what does britney single and beyonce’s singles got to do with anything……….NOTHING bey was never going to compete w/ britney to begin w/ because they never were releasing the singles the same day so that argument is useless

    plus britneys last albums FLOPPED! so if she had such a strong fanbase they would hav brought her album regardless

    as for michelle if anything michelle is gettin in the way of bey michelles album was suppose 2 b released last month and bey had to move her song another week for her! she was doin her a favor. its not beyonce’s fault no one cares about michelle and even if bey kept her release date BEYONCE releasing a single isnt gonna stop the 3,000 ppl who attended on buyin michelle’s album from gettin it

  31. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    ^^ Britney’s last two albums did not flop. Before you start running of at the mouth, you need to get your facts straight. Face it, Beyonce has lost her appeal. Even though i do not have a Britney Spears album, Beyonce would get her b*** kicked if she tries to go against Britney Spears. It’s not hating, it is the truth!

  32. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    STUPESSSS B*******!

  33. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    ^^ at beyonce getting her b*** kicked by britney

  34. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    ^^Please, and you don’t think the train wreck that is B. Spears has lost her appeal? Britney’s last album did flop. Why do you think she’s coming out with another album so soon? Furthermore, Britney’s single is supposed to be released tomorrow, so how is Beyonce afraid of the competition if her singles are being released October 7 or 14?

  35. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    Okay you people need to relax, there are so many possibilities.. I’m not sure if Beyonce would really get her b*** whooped if she has done well, whereas, Britney’s last CD flopped and fell off the charts fast.

  36. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    Well, Beyonce’s last album didn’t do well. The only single that had any major airplay was “Irreplaceable” that she LIED about writing.

  37. Kelly Rowland September 25, 2008

    ^^She did write on the song, she did not write the whole song.

    If Ne-Yo ain’t trippin’, why the hell are you?

    Leave my Bee alone!!!

  38. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    “blackout” didnt flop. it went platinum with only 1 sucessful single. it wasn’t as big as the rest of her albums but i dont call goin platinum a flop under NO circumstances.

    da beyonce/michelle thing is pointless. if anything releasing her singles tha same day as the album prob. couldve helped in a weird way lol. B couldve plugged michelles album while she was doin promo 4 tha singles i guess??
    but anywho if b did release the singles on da 7th it wouldnt’ve hurt. but since michelle and the fans have been waiting soooooo long i guess b felt like it was the right thing 2 do. imo

  39. km September 25, 2008

    Most of Michelle’s REAL fans got tha cd imported when it came out in hong kong in august. or was that just me. lol
    but i’ll buy it again on tha 7th just 2 give a lil extra support.

  40. km September 25, 2008

    Most of Michelle’s REAL fans got the cd imported when it came out in hong kong in august. or was that just me. lol.
    but i’ll buy it again on the 7th just 2 give a lil extra support.

  41. Anonymous September 25, 2008


  42. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    Don’t know why she’s pushing back a thing. The label stop giving a damn about Michelle’s album when they released the first single earlier this year. It’s way too late to say “We’re sorry for f*ckin up yo s*** Michelle”.

  43. fernie September 25, 2008

    when did britney’s album FLOP!!!
    she was at a bad point of her life
    no promotion
    and she only released 3 singles

    while beyonce released 40 singles did 25 music videos in one album!!!

    i feel so sorry for michelle and kelly,
    michelle aint getting no promo
    solange hasnt even sold what kelly sold first week with ms.kelly and they stop kelly’s promotion right after it was released while sloange gets all this promo

  44. Anonymous September 25, 2008






  45. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    Fernie shut up please what the hell does a supposedly bad time in her life have to do with her flopping. That bad press normally helps not hurt them. And regardless of the facts she still FLOPPED with her 3 singles. And sweetie Beyonce only had 3 singles also released off the original album which was De Ja Vu, Ring The Alarm, and Irreplaceable and the only official singles off the RE-RELEASE that was put out as singles were Upgrade You and Beautiful Liar none of those other videos or songs were put out there as singles so please be quiet you damn hater stanning for some damn crazy @ss Britney. Bey has a huge fan base as well as Britney and that’s why people like you still hating on her 10 years later.

  46. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    Britney Spears

    ZERO Promo.
    Bad image, being ripped apart constantly in the media everyday. Thus loosing her appeal and her personal life over shadowing her music.
    Bombing at the Vmas.

    All this and she still managed to debut at #2 ( would have been #1 if Billboard didn’t change the rules the last minute) , go 3 times plat worldwide and have a successful single and have all 3 singles go to #1 on the dance chart. Plz oh plz tell me how that is a flop!? PPl who promote their asses off cant even sell over 100k the first week. Only Britney could have been able to pull that off give the circumstances . LOL @ some of you ppl calling Blackout a flop when the facts are staring at you right in the face.

  47. Anonymous September 25, 2008


  48. Anonymous September 25, 2008


  49. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    1st off I agree with CiCi…

    But on this Beyonce & Britney issue…

    Let's be real people. Britney's so-called "fan-base" are pretty much little white girls and some women. Aint nobody else checkin for Britney Spears. She aint gettin no play in the hood or urban communities. Britney only appeals to that type of audience, while Beyonce appeals to a more broader audience. Neither one of them have really anything to worry about, but Beyonce def. has the upper-hand here if there was some type of competition going on, BUT THERE ISNT.

  50. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    i believe that britney and beyonce are TWO DIFFERENT ARTIST. I must say that britney did lose much of her appeal. look at blackout sale, the main reason why people bought her album was because they wanted to see her get back on her feet. look at it from a business standpoint, britney has lost a fair share of her fan base. people are not as interested in her music as they once were. finally please refrain from bringing up britney’s name. THIS IS A BEYONCE POST!!

  51. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    i dont know who said beyonce appeal to other ppl she doesnt appeal to me at all i prefer britney and people that say britney only has white audience needs to stop being stereotyping that u is truly false you do not know anything about the music industry

  52. Fernie September 25, 2008

    first of all i aint hating on beyonce dumb b****.
    I have her 2 albums and 3 dvds but you calling britney a flop makes no sense at all…
    it’s funny cause you pick on her when she was at a bad time of her life and gimme more did not flop it did really well better than upgrade u, listen etc.
    im a huge beyonce fan but i cant deny that she uses image and promo but i aint saying she aint talented cause the girl has the balls to sing
    she was amazing at the experiance tour i went too!!
    but quit hating on britney.
    by the way kelly seriously needs to leave matthew as well as michelle before its to late

  53. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    i agree fernie matthew is a hot ass mess

  54. Anonymous September 25, 2008

    Beyonce HAD to push the singles back because they are wack!

  55. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    Britney’s fanbase comes in all colors, not just white. Im a black women and I LOVE Britney. And little gurls aren’t checkin for Britney, they stay with their Miley Cyrus’s and Ashley Tisdales. Britney’s music doesn’t even appeal to little girls. And your also forgetting that the Gay community LOVES Britney to death. When it comes to worlwide, Britney has made a bigger impact on people , that u cant deny. You’re in denial if you do.

  56. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    I agree that Britney only appeals to the white folks lol. I mean come on, is her videos gonna ever play on BET?? umm NOT! And me and my girls always go to the gay clubs and they are NOT checkin for britney boo! lol trust. Maybe the WHITE gay clubs, but not the black ones that I go to. Aint no black man gonna have no britney spears cd! lol and if you think so, you’re in denial hun. But I mean there are more white folks in america than black ones so Britney fans should be glad. lol

  57. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    ^Um BET will never play Britney b/c shes not an R&B or Hip-hop artist. My God, I thought that was obvious?. Just b/c she doesnt get airplay on BET doesnst mean black ppl dont like her. Crawl out of the rock you have been living under and realize you dont have to be white to like Britney. Oh and there are PLENTY of Black gay man AND STRAIGHT who love Britney. Just b/c YOU haven't met any, doesn't mean they dont exsist. Stop being so damn ignorant.

  58. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    ^^^LOL ok sweetie. God Bless you.

  59. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    She’s only pushing back the singles so she won’t get anymore backlash. I see through the b*******. I still think it’s rude of her to even wait this long to finally change the date since Michelle’s new album release date was announced weeks ago. Her father, the manager, and I’m sure Beyonce herself was aware of the album date in advance. I guarantee you this wouldn’t have happened if it were Solange. Matthew got her an Armani endorsement deal and we all know show she got it. It’s been obvious for years he only cares about his daughters.

    People use the excuse that no one is checking for Michelle or Kelly. It’s his job as manager to promote them coisistenly and make sure people check for them. He does it for his kids. Matthew had Solange everywhere months before her release date so why can’t he do the same for Michelle and Kelly? The answer’s obvious. Michelle and Kelly are way too loyal to them. It’s pathetic that they get treated like this, because they don’t owe the Knowles anything. They could have left the group like the others. They need to get a backbone and leave, because it’s been obvious and will continue to be obvious who Matthew only looks out for.

  60. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    well if Britney does have an urban fan base it’s not many I can gurantee you that and those who say otherwise are the ones in denial. And her album flopped so stop lying trying to tell peolpe otherwise. It sold 500,000 couples not in no miilions range and that’s a fact abd if Beys album so wack why her album sell over 3 million in the US and 7 million worldwide she been out as long as Britney abd can still sell so why didn’t Britney.

  61. Anonymous September 26, 2008


  62. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    Does this really surprise anyone?

  63. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    OMG! They just played Britney’s song on Hot 97. So much for her not appealing to a black audience huh!? ROTFLMAO OWNED!

  64. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    britney has sold over 88 million albums waaaay more than beyonce
    and stupid b**** im black and i like britney you dont have to be white u dumb f***

  65. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    I AM BLACK FROM THE CARIBBEAN (TRINIDAD) AND I LOVE B. SPEARS AND BEST BELIEVE HON I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE. THERE ARE MANY. She has never flopped mayb compared to her standards b4 she did but in reality she never did. ANd maybe u want to venture out of urban and black gossip sites and see that there is a whole other world. Check ONTD where queen britney reigns.

    Lay off of beyonce someone else’s career is not her responsibility.

  66. rihanna sucks September 27, 2008

    Look @ these simple b1tches! LOL! Fukk it Bey! Release that $h1t & let 'em complain & CONTINUE to compare you to has-beens & never-weres 😀

    LOL!!! Take dat… take dat… take dat…

  67. Anonymous September 27, 2008


    You know that Michelle's album dropping on that date has absolutely nothing to do with Bey's singles. Hater's will grasp at any chance to throw shade at this woman. Get a f****** life!

    I, for one, am still puzzled. I was all set to buy Michelle's album on August 12. But to no avail. DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID….AUGUST…three months away from November when Beyonce's album was set to drop. So again, remind me of how Beyonce's sabotaging Michelle & Kelly's career?

    I'll be glad for the day when Kelly & Michelle leave. I hope they get the props the deserve, because it's going to make ya'll look REALLY f****** stupid if they don't.

  68. Anonymous September 27, 2008

    Beyawnce is wack!! I don’t know why people be hyping her up.. all she does is scream on her songs..

  69. Silvan September 28, 2008

    You would have thought they’d check the release schedule before announcing the 2 new singles. Wait, aren’t they both managed by the same company?

    We Are Pop Slags – Are You?

  70. Anonymous September 28, 2008

    I used to be a Beyonce fan until her 2nd album. The second album was WHACK!, I’m looking forwards to Britneys album, Ciara’s album, and Brandy’s album. I’m thinking about getting Michelle’s album.

  71. Anonymous September 28, 2008

    I feel like thats a nice thing for Beyonce’ to push back her album. Cause the only time you see Michelle…well damn you never see her. And plus if both album were released on the same day..yall already know whos cd would be in everyones cd player….its starts with a B and ends with an eyonce’


  72. Anonymous September 29, 2008

    Question what does Beyonce screaming on her songs have to do with anything… If you don't like the screaming, then don't listen to the song!!!!… Now here's my opinion, why are all of you making a big deal out of something that half of us already knew wasn't going to work in the first place… I mean, Michelle's first single "We Break The Dawn" really didn't do so well & that was released back in April… APRIL!!! I really wasn't feeling the song & heard a few tracks from the album & further accessed that the album was not worth buying. I can understand having one Dance/Pop/R&B song on the album, but to have that be the whole album, just doesn't work for me. I know someone will still buy Michelle's album & that's all that counts. But me, I will not be buying.

    On another note, everything that Beyonce does is criticized by her HATERS… If she releases a single or an album a week or two, the same day, weeks after one of her bandmates do the same, the public is going to think it's selfish of her. I do agree that it was known back in 2007 that Beyonce would be coming out with an album in the November of 2008 whereas details of Michelle's album weren't released until January of 2008. Back then they said that her album would be released in the WINTER of 2008, then it was pushed up to July 2008, then to August, then to September & now October… Beyonce's album release, no matter what, stayed scheduled for a November 2008 release. So tell me how again is she being selfish by letting Michelle's material be released first?

  73. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    brit is a has been. b is a hog… michelle is supreme. UNEXPECTED 10.7.08 tada

  74. Pop Music November 27, 2009

    Beyonce can sing. And has a solid fan base. But Britney’s has a monster of Fan Base, Most likely Beyonce will flunk. Plus it has alway been “IMAGE” OR “MATERIAL”.
    and Britney is waaaay more popular. People Always see Beyonce on the streets and take pictures. But if it were Britney….im mean come on now…IF you have seen Briitneys “BRITNEY FOR THE RECORD”….it speaks for itself.
    I love Beyonce but Britney is a tabloid queen.

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