Alesha Dixon Performs ‘The Boy Does Nothing’ On Strictly Come Dancing

Published: Monday 20th Oct 2008 by Sam

UK vixen Alesha Dixon performed her ‘comeback’ single ‘The Boy Does Nothing’ this past Saturday on Strictly Come Dancing – the very show that re-launched her career this time last year. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by Alesha’s showing; vocally she was on-point, while still managing to work the stage (as the song’s high-octane sound calls for). Great performance.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. craig price October 20, 2008

    that was brilliant! aleshia is back on fire!!!! best performance on thaT show for a long time! just hope she does well!!! in future!!

  2. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    She was boooooooooooooo booooooooooooo boooooooring!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lewis October 20, 2008

    This song is absolute crap I really don’t know why you are posting about her on your website. Britney.. Beyonce.. Rihanna.. Alesha Dixon!?! No. Just no.

  4. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    Dayum- those haters.
    Personally i think alesha is great and desrves a break- she has a great personality and is very outgoing and she works amazingly hard. She’s had a rough time what with being cheated on by that idiot Harvey and and being dropped by her label.
    Alesha can probably outsing and outdance the haters.

  5. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    looked hot and awesome song !
    hope it does well in the charts
    she deserves it

  6. Lewis October 20, 2008

    I agree she has been through a rough time yes but she isn’t the first one in life to have gone through a rough patch and she won’t be the last – this shouldn’t be an excuse to buy her lame records, in my opinion. The boy ‘may do nothing’, but you do nothing for me either Alesha.

  7. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    I like her…not much but some…but this song isn’t just the best song out here really…i miss Jamelia…lool

  8. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    very nice performance. i’m starting to like the song.

  9. Anonymous October 21, 2008

    I said before that she reminds of Beyonce, but it this was beyonce’s song, she would have tore this performance up.

    The song is nice, but the performance was not top notch.

    Not hate, just the truth

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