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Published: Saturday 4th Oct 2008 by Sam
Brandy UpdateCheck out the official album cover for Brandy’s much anticipated comeback LP ‘Human’, which has been pushed back according to some, yet still on course for a November 11th release according to others.

Anyway, Ms. Norwood stopped by the Angie Martinez show on New York’s Hot 97 radio station this week; discussing everything from the tragic car accident she was involved in, her brother Ray J’s relationship with Kim Kardashian (and ‘The Tape’), her first ‘marriage’ and much more. A great listen, I must say. Peep parts 1 and 2 below:

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  1. Anonymous October 4, 2008

    That’s crazy how you say the album is pushed back when you post the clips of her confirming it’s not…There is no pushbacks…

  2. LADY G October 4, 2008

    beautiful album cover. Go Brandy

  3. October 4, 2008

    Woo! I can’t wait!!

  4. Anonymous October 4, 2008

    How selfless of her to shoulder the responsibility for what happened between her and her ex-husband. That was really mature and grown.

    [quote=Brandy]I would be really upset if that was just some random chick that he just decided to go buckwild with[/quote]

    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Kim just a "random chick" for Ray J?? I mean why does Brandy pretend, that Kim and Ray J were all "Will&Jada" like when in fact they weren't even serious with their relationship.

    I know, she's his sister and wants to defend him but c'mon…they weren't that serious and Brandy's all downplaying that "Tape-mess". It was a cheap move on Ray J's and Kim's part.

    And seriously, if u REALLY don't want a tape to come out, then it won't come out coz there are certainly ways to keep it under wraps!!

  5. Antertain October 4, 2008

    Bran, Bran has grown soo much and her mentality is so mature and much more humble than ever before.

    Her album cover looks hot and i believe its a new chapter of a real character that finally knows she belongs where she is..

    Journeys of fault can really delvelope mind and body and Bran is showing that…

    I look 4ward 2the album

  6. tia October 4, 2008

    Umm yes ray-j and kim were in a serious relationship for a couple of years…if the girl sat there and said what it was then thats what it was, i think out of all of us brandy would know the most (after ray-j of course) so you can get on about that…furthermore they brought up her brothers issues in her interview and she handeled it very well if its that serious hit up ray-j dont jump on brandy

    anyway yeah that was a great listen…and i really wish they would of had her sing something more then that lil tidbit,sent chills up my spine i swear. I cant wait for the album..and i think what her daughter said to her is sooo cute,its the same stuff we try to get our kids out here to understand everyday and yet heres a 6 yr old pointing it out to the adult this time around…too cute

    Go b-rocka

  7. Nick October 4, 2008

    I CAN WRITE A BOOK RITE NOW, BUT I WILL KEEP IT SIMPLE !! — BRANDY IS AMAZING, always have & ALWAYS WILL LOVE HER !!!! cnt wait 4 the album, shes jst awesum/

  8. Anonymous October 4, 2008

    Nice cover but I still won’t buy it.

  9. Anonymous October 4, 2008

    “hahah Kim is a cool girl she just got alil thieving problem” lol Brandy has always had such a good sense of humor…..

    Brandy is great been a big fan of hers since she came out People soooooooo slept on her Afrodisiac album cause its really good and very personal and the beats are ridiculous if you haven’t heard it go give it a play…

    Brandy is a very Humble nice artist she is a true artist and I love her can’t wait for the album

  10. Anonymous October 5, 2008

    that cover is alright…why her eyes look like they going in 2 different directions? hmmm, they need to fix that cause ill be just walking by that one on the rack. good or bad album cover…just not interested in brandy or her music but i wish her luck with the album…..

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