That Grape Juice To Interview D. Woods

Published: Friday 17th Oct 2008 by Sam
That Grape Juice To Interview D. Woods With all the drama surrounding Bad Boy collective Danity Kane, I’m sure many of you want to know what exactly led to the ousting of core members D. Woods and Aubrey O’ Day, as well as what their future holds.
So, with that, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that That Grape Juice Juice will be interviewing D. Woods at the top of next week. She has stated that she will be setting the record straight on everything.
Please drop any questions you have for her in the comments section below. As usual, only legit questions will be considered. Thanks guys!

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  1. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    Danity Kane should change name into “Three” … because only 3 of them can sing, and they are left in group

  2. Megan October 17, 2008

    question for D. Woods:
    If you were asked back to Danity Kane, would you go back?


    What do you still plan to be in the music industry after leaving Danity Kane?

  3. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    Will you now pursue The Girls Club full-time?

  4. atownmex03 October 17, 2008

    Is Welcome To The Doll House over with?

  5. guadalupe October 17, 2008

    I’d really like to know if the whole reality show aspect of the band was taken too far and if it was something to do with the final outcome.
    Also if she feels like she was set-up to get viewers for the show or the opposite, to get interest in her solo project.

  6. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    A short and straight forward question:

    Is Danity Kane still together?

  7. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    Sorry, another few questions I had in mind.

    – Why aren't the singles being pushed or promoted properly?

    – Why not leave Diddy & Bad Boy and go to another record label and management that could probably market you guys even better?

  8. Das October 17, 2008

    Do you feel any animosity towards the other remianing memebers for not fighting for you to stay in the group?

  9. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    Did You hear about the overall outcome of the finale? If So, do you have any feelings about what was said?

  10. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    so whats going to be the nest single off of Wellcome To the Dollhouse?

  11. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    Hi D.Woods, hope you enjoyed the rendition of "Happy Birthday" sung to you by new comer A'von Semaj at Six Flags Over Georgia & sorry to hear the unfortunate news of you departing Danity Kane. With that said, what's your thoughts of the remaining members carrying on as a trio?

  12. WrecklessLove October 17, 2008

    As a proud and loyal Danity Kane fan, I have to ask you. Was your heart ever 100% into Making the Band and Danity Kane. And if it was, how can u guys NOT at least try to work it out?

  13. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    why couldnt this be resolved before ever airing on the show? i know you guys were competing against each other in the beginging but why did it ended up like this? why dawn comments she made about her own band mate “Aubrey” on nation wide radio station with such animosity and envy? Why couldn’t this be avoided? Why the group choose to play as high school kids and not talk it out with each other before going on air with the secrets?…p.s theres no Danity Kane because i will no longer support them without D.Woods and Aubrey its pointless

  14. fresh October 17, 2008

    1.Why don’t you and the other four ladies sit down and have a conversation weather it be on a phone or in person and just talk about issues without the egos and cameras there?

    2.Why don’t you guys leave Bad boy as a group you guys could be so much bigger with someone who can not just believe in but put that effort forth as far as promotion cause you guys a poorly promoted?

    3.If u guys where 2 stay together would you be interested in hiring as your manager cause I could be the type of manager that Aubrey was describing @ the finally?

  15. fresh October 17, 2008

    1.Why don’t you and the other four ladies sit down and have a conversation weather it be on a phone or in person and just talk about issues without the egos and cameras there?

    2.Why don’t you guys leave Bad boy as a group you guys could be so much bigger with someone who can not just believe in but put that effort forth as far as promotion cause you guys a poorly promoted?

    3.If u guys where 2 stay together would you be interested in hiring as your manager cause I could be the type of manager that Aubrey was describing @ the finale?

    sorry had to edit my post

  16. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    D. Woods, since you and Aubrey happen to be close friends, why not the both of you become a pop duo? I’m sure the both of you could outshine DK.

  17. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    dont u think that ur label dindt make the promotion as it should be,cause WDH : your last album was great and there were potential hits like sucka for love, striptease,light out,ecstasy or bad girl dat u didnt perform yet whereas the single is already out and u performed damged so many times ???
    Is there any tensions with dawn cause in mtv’s backstage pass we saw you (dk) in rehearsal and dawn came to show u the choregraphy and u even not looked at her…???
    didnt u feel sad when you looked at the budget put on cassie’s official girl video whereas bad girl is a chip but well inspired video ???
    Would u like to make a band with aubrey ???
    DONT U THINK that because of the fact that diddy fired u…dk will lost a lot of fans and potential clients ???
    Are u ready to become a solo artist cause we know with your realtions and your talent u can make an impact on the industry???

  18. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    Here is my question….

    You stated to Puff that you was unhappy with the DK situation for sometime now, why did you wait till the last minute to bring it to his attention?

    You mentioned to Dawn that you was “proud of her that Diddy decided that she was special enough to move on with her as a solo artist.” What was the purpose of that? Why couldn’t you all sit at that table and work our your problems as ladies and woman?

  19. Jay October 17, 2008

    Sam you HAVE to ask her this, many fans like myself always suspected this..

    Do you have any issues with any girls in the group, in particular Dawn. The two of you don’t speak very often and there have been moments where you seemed annoyed with her.. Almost like Aundrea and Aubrey..

    And what is up with them two?

  20. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    It seems to me that you actually wanted to leave the group. Diddy went back and said he didn’t mean to put that on you and it wasn’t meant for you (only Aubrey), but you still got up and left. Why? Is it that without Aubrey you didn’t want to be in the group anymore?

  21. devon October 17, 2008

    my question to d.woods is with all the things that danity kane has accomplished and most important there fans, does she think that danity kane would ever become one again agleast for the fans that have supported them sence day one because i no personally i caint see another danity kane but dawn, d.woods, shannon, aundrea, and aubry so thats my question can dk work it out for the fans

  22. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    How did you feel about Aubrey’s image? You have to admit she was out there. She commented on how she likes to video tape her romantic encounters and then watch them. She poses half n*** on magazines. Did you ever feel she took it too far?

  23. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How has your experience with Danity Kane shaped your career goals?

  24. Travis October 17, 2008

    How do you feel about all the fans out there who want you guys to work it out and stick together?

    Will you ever consider going back to Danity Kane?

    Going into the meeting with Diddy, after the boys left, did you expect anything weird was about to happen?

  25. King October 17, 2008

    Please ask her if she thinks Diddy had or has too much pride to apolize for coming out the mouth sometimes.

  26. King October 17, 2008

    Does she think that Diddy had or has too much pride for coming out the mouth in anger and if so does she think think might of been a little diffrent if he wasnt so harsh on the words?

  27. Ralphie October 17, 2008

    “Do you believe in the future of Danity Kane, as a brand, with or without Bad Boy or current management team?” – Ralph


  28. PrettyBlack143 October 17, 2008


  29. PrettyBlack143 October 17, 2008


  30. Anonymous October 18, 2008

    Do you think P. Diddy used the meeting has an opportunity to kick you and Aubrey out of the group? He was always threatening Aubrey that he would kick her out of the group. Before the incident, I thought the group and P. Diddy were going resolve the animosity between the group members by having a discussion. Do you think P. Diddy was trying to make a good band or a good reality show? He creates many reality shows that feature him. Sometimes I feel like he spends more time creating reality shows than promoting his artists. Do you think the remaining group members in Danity Kane want you to rejoin the group?

  31. Anonymous October 18, 2008

    HEY D.WOODS DO u think Diddy was a being stubborn and not understanding the points alburey and you were trying to get across on the episode to last? and do u think diddy was contridicted himself when u said G.O.D. put the band together for a reason and he said dnt bring him into yall mess when hes the one thru out the years always says himself GOD this GOD that? thank you…DO u think Diddys a lair bc he the rumor about dawn working with him was denied before by this spokesperson then on the epsiode to last he came out and said he had dawn come and work on a demo with him trying to make the issue and him not seem as bad

    -SAM from NEW JERSEY

  32. Anonymous October 18, 2008

    just get her to try and speak on her thoughts of the rest of the girls and obviously if shes going back to DK and what the deal is with that!

  33. Anonymous October 18, 2008

    I think miss d woods and miss aubrey are just women with opinions and no man should tell them how to behave..they should go on with their careers and take advantage of this momment instead of just being afraid of their boss and stay in a job because they dont want to hurt the bosses or other employees a family you love everyone no matter what they do..just because a son is gay a parent does not love that child even if they want to not show aint like their boss Mr. D has no flaws of his own the only thing he has is more money..and in this world its sad but its true..DWOODS has a true talent and so those the other four girls..DONT JUDGE.

  34. Anonymous October 18, 2008

    why the hell is dawn everywhere now???

  35. Anonymous October 18, 2008

    Please ask her this, please: If the oppurtunity to get the group back together came up, would you get back with Danity Kane?

  36. Anonymous October 18, 2008

    Hey Sam a question I would like you to ask her is: Why don’t she and the other girls leave bad boy and go to a differnent label that will market them better?

    I think the main reason that they don’t trust each other is because they are not making any money. You saw in the finale that dawn kept saying “I have nothing to go to”…that’s where most of their distrust comes from because they are not making money within the group so other members are doing different things to make money. Bills don’t pay themselves!!!!

    Also I attend school at North Carolina Central University and in my hip hop in context class a very well known producer named 9th Wonder helps teach the class. He stated to us last smester that any artist that’s signed to bad boy will never be as big or bigger than diddy. THIS CAME OUT OF DIDDY’S MOUTH HIMSELF!!!! I mean look at all the groups and artists that’s been with diddy. They are basically nobody’s now…Slim from 112 had to leave bad boy to get his career started as well as young jezzy. They knew diddy games and how he is so they had to get out.

    Danity Kane get out while you can!!!!! I know another label will pick you guys up because you all have a fan base and you sell!!! Both of your albums came in at number 1….you all are so much better than diddy and bad boy….GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!!!!

  37. Anonymous October 18, 2008

    I would like to know why D.Woods will not be straight with Aubrey
    about her behavior? I felt that her
    image was awful before she was fired. I saw the magazine cover
    and I would not like my daughter
    to be influenced by that.

  38. Anonymous October 18, 2008

    I am a DK fan and I noticed there seem to be tension between Dwoods and Dawn and I feel like Dwoods was only using DK as a platform to get exposure so she can shed light on the Girls Club. Please look at the youtube video of Dwoods’ Bday party in Atlanta in July. She put the Girls Club in the forefront then had the nerve to invite Dawn, Aundrea and Shannon on stage as if they were background singers. Also why does she and Aubrey feel the need to keep expressing that they are best friends? I could tell they were cliqued up and caused division in the group.

  39. Anonymous October 18, 2008

    Sam, I don’t know if you would consider this a legit question,but it’s an honest one;and I would really appreciate it if you would ask D.Woods this: “You seem like a very classy lady. Why were you so close to Aubrey who on many ocassions did not carry herself like a classy lady? What exactly did the two of you have in common?”
    And if she pulls the ‘I don’t judge people card’ reiterate what the man with the dreads (sorry,I don’t know his name)said to Aubrey about ACOUNTABILITY;you know,after she made that poor excuse for a speech. If you really care about someone you let them know when they’re messing up,and Aubrey was messing up. Why didn’t D.Woods reel that heffa in?
    At a point I no longer saw Aubrey as a legitimate artist with legitimate talent. I saw her as a lost little girl who was obviously starved for attention. Some say,’you’re only as good as the company you keep’ or ‘one bad apple spoils the bunch’. D.Woods,hanging out with Aubrey was not a good look. In the future please be a little more selective as to who you make your BFF.

  40. dnc October 18, 2008

    I would like to say to D. Woods that I know she will be successful in whatever she chooses to do. I don’t even know if it would be a smart move for her to go back to Danity Kane because if there was a trust issue before, it will definately be one now. That meetingpt a lot on the table and even showed Diddy for who he is (if they didn’t know before). It think if those girls are forced to get back together (rather if for the fans or contract reasons) they will eventually end up fighting. It’s hard to be around a backstabber or a snake when you suspect thatthey are but when it goes down and you really find out that they are its darn near impossible

    i just want to advise her not to talk greasy about anyone of the DK members past or present. Be classy and professional about it because honestly no onehas said anything greasy about her (at least not to the media)…YET

    She will know when it’s time to put on the boxing gloves.

    My only request from me to her is to keep her fans updated. Whiever manages her personal site and her myspace don’t do a good job at keeping fans updated on what she is doing

  41. MJ October 18, 2008

    D. Woods,

    Diddy said that he would like to work with you in the future. Would you take him up on that offer?

    Also, how do you feel about Dawn Richard’s comments about “the reality of Danity Kane” and Aubrey O’Day’s comments about the group not having a clear connection with the Bad Boy label?

    If the possibility came up, would you re-join Danity Kane if asked?

  42. Anonymous October 18, 2008

    How has Danity Kane felt about management this era?
    Do you feel Aubrey’s image caused her dismissal?
    What is the middle road that you and Aubrey are looking for to get back in Danity Kane?
    If you were still in DK, what would the third single been…if one was planned?

  43. Anonymous October 19, 2008

    All differences resolved, if Danity Kane where to take their brand to another label/new management would you be onboard?

    What brought about the end of DK Diddy or emotions within the group (ie trust, commitment, friendship ect)?

    How long has it been since you where happy in DK and what was your last memory of enjoying moments with everyone of the girls (specific with moments with each one)?

  44. Anonymous October 19, 2008

    Why dont you get good promotion like PCD, And why havent gone overseas, AND THIS ONE is this why Bad Girl flopped because it hasnt any sense to make another Hit because you dont get a long?

  45. Anonymous October 19, 2008

    DURING THE LAST episode we could see that dawn didn’t really care of the fact that u and aubrey was fired by diddy, she told sway “we are strong womens”,she seemed to be happy… after u left the group diddy covoked her,shannon and aundrea ,when diddy asked her some questions about the future of the group she was laughing…what do u think about that ???did u notice it???

    What about the “Swaggav Like Us” remix???What about Girls Club???

  46. Stacey October 19, 2008

    If all five girls of Danity Kane go to a different label (like Jive) do you think that you’ll be more sucessful?

    If you and Aubrey don’t go back to Danity Kane would you still support them?

    Do you think they should go on as three or find new girls?

  47. Lexy October 19, 2008

    Do you REALLY, deep down think there could be a chance of you all getting back together? Or have you moved on from Danity Kane?

    Do you feel that the issues you all had with each other can be resolved? For the fans at least

  48. lexy October 19, 2008

    Was the “Swagga Like Us” song you made with The Girls club, a diss 2 any of the girls?

    Do you feel there was any1 to blame 4 the breakup? Becuz i’m so tired of hearing ppl blame Dawn when i feel like she was the least of the problem

  49. mack October 19, 2008


    Puff continually alluded to a beef between Aundrea and Aubrey (which possibly involved D.Woods) as being the crux of the problems within the group. What is their beef? What happened? Why did they fall out and stop talking?

  50. mack October 19, 2008


    Is D.Woods aware of the division the DK split has caused between the fans? Many fans are blaming Dawn. Any message to the fans to stop hatin on one another?

    p.s thanks for the opportunity to ask questions


  51. mack October 19, 2008


    MTV continued to film DAY26 (in Europe)before and after DK’s meeting with Puff which means that the next season of Making The Band was already being filmed long before the live finale. Despite the fact that the next season was only announced on the live finale… is this entire split an orchestrated ratings grabber?

  52. mack October 19, 2008


    Since day 1 D.Woods always presented herself as using the band to further her other aspirations (acting/her writing team – girls club) and that her full heart was never really in it. Why did she even audition for Danity Kane if she had no intention of dedicating herself entirely to it?

  53. mack October 19, 2008


    Does D think it was fair the way that she an Aubrey would dominate every single interview that DK did? The only time we ever got to hear from the other girls was when Aubrey was doing Broadway and even then D was hard pushed to pass the microphone to the other girls (see the Beatstock interviews)


  54. mack October 19, 2008


    If D.Woods is hesitant to say whether she is in the group or not despite the fact that she did in fact leave, isn’t it then obvious that she’s about to embark on another season of MTB? If she wasnt in the group she would just come out and say it.

  55. mack October 19, 2008


    In a recent interview which took place AFTER she left the group D.Woods stated that DK would be going overseas soon. Is there any truth to that now?

  56. mack October 19, 2008


    Do Danity Kane get paid for doing Making The Band? Do they at least get per diem?

  57. mack October 19, 2008


    Looking back now, do you think the whole ‘Ebony and Ivory’ thing was pretentious and alienating of the other girls.

  58. Tyler October 20, 2008

    I got a question

    Diddy is self-destructive and hasn’t broken any real artists in over a decade? Aren’t you better off?

  59. Nicole October 20, 2008

    What really happened with you and Aubrey as far as leaving, because it all happened so quick and next thing I know 2 of my favorite memebers of Danity Kane or not in it anymore?

    Is there a possibilty that you guys will be Danity Kane again, because like Shannon said, there is no Danity Kane with out the 5 of you

  60. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    since dawn n d woods was the only black girls, was their relationship different from the others??

  61. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    1. Do you think Aubrey personality changed with success. Do she become different?

  62. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    What’s up D.Woods, i just wanna say that i am PISSED about what’s going on with Danity Kane. I mean after all that time of people saying they wont last. it finally happened.i am a HUGE Danity Kane fan when i say that i mean i love Danity Kane, all five of you and for different reasons all of ya’ll brought something different to the table. but yeah I have 2 questions. My first question is was there really more drama behind the scenes then everyone really knew about . I mean with Puff, the girls, and THE GUYS. My second question is where you and the girls ever mad about Puff making another group. and what did you and the girls think about him making another group. ( please keep it a 100 with me) Oh 1 more question did you and the girls ever really like each other. EVER

  63. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    Would you and Aubrey form a duo-group?
    Comment: There is DK without you two. I don’t even know the other 3 girls name.

  64. Jay October 20, 2008

    Many fans feel that you quit versus being let go by Diddy. What’s your take on how the entire situation went down? Where you let go, or did you decide to leave even after Diddy backtracked?

  65. Anonymous October 20, 2008



  66. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    Going by what we saw during the finale, there seems to be some tension between you and Aundrea. Is there any truth to this? You didn’t hug her when you left the meeting with Diddy and your mixtape track “Swagga Like Us” seems to be pointed at her. What is REALLY going on with You, Aubrey, and Aundrea?

  67. Antertain October 20, 2008

    Question D.Woods?

    Do u feel the direction of the group was restricted due to commitments on Making The Band in terms of International promotion???

  68. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    Heard your Ed Lover interview where you mentioned your special relationships with Aubrey, Shannon and Aundrea. What was your special relationship with Dawn?

    Your embrace with Dawn in the meeting looked emotional but was followed by “I’m proud of you and I’m glad he saw something in you to want to move forward with you..”. What was the meaing behind this remark?

    I remember watching the MTB3 S2, when the new girls introduced themselves to the remaining 3 from season 1. You and Dawn seemed close but since making the band it was as if you never seem to like each other. What happened?

  69. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    During the meeting Aubrey mentioned past issues with trust. Was the blog on Dawns website the catalyst for this and the divide in the group?

    Would you work with Diddy again?

    If No do you think signing with Badboy is short term exposure but long term career s******?

  70. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    Will you keep in contact with the other ladies?

  71. Suga Brown October 20, 2008

    D.Woods i’d know u can’t speak for other members but i’d like to know if you FEEL like your natural popularity amongst the fans made you a target within the group due to ego’s of wanting to feel more popular individually?

  72. Capricorn October 20, 2008

    With the success of two No.1 albums on the billboards why has the group just churned out 4music videos.
    With the dance and unified Talent of the group i think DK should be a mega movement worldwide.

    Hold Me Down, Ooh Ahh, Sucka 4 Love and Poetry would've been Vids loved in US & Europe as well as ones already released..

    With the ultra hard work you've put in the group i think it's worth you workin it out but Puff has to do more work into promoting ya'll without it being through MTB francise because DK is a brand beyond that now.

  73. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    Was this a shock to you and will you be going solo?

  74. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    have you ever felt overwhelmed by how supportive fans can be? what is the most memorable thing a fan has ever done?

  75. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    What are your plans post danity kane?

  76. outluvv October 20, 2008


    diddy is a asshole, u ever hear this before?

  77. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    did u really get rubish money from diddy

  78. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    were the check s***

  79. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    If you were to continue your career with DK would you try to persuade Diddy to let Aubrey come back?

  80. KC October 20, 2008

    What up D. Woods. Here is my question:


  81. Anonymous October 20, 2008


    1. can you see yourself rejoininq tha qroup ?
    2. have yu talked 2 tha remaininq since tha meetinq ?
    3. have anyone frm Bad Boy contacted yu ?
    4. do yu & aubrey still talk and hanq out ?
    5. what will happen 2 tha upcominq projects that yu all were workinq on. such az tha
    clothinq line, 3rd album, comic book, Peta Ad, Bad Boy hoilday album and yu all new years event at tha parmount studio

  82. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    Please ask this question:
    Since Aubrey and Dwoods both have been doing stuff outside of Danity Kane for a while that caused them to miss shows and meetings, why was it a problem when they heard the rumor about Dawn getting a solo deal which has not been confirmed? Also why didn’t they address this rumor with Dawn directly instead of putting her on blast at the meeting in front of Diddy? And how the head did Aubrey and Aundrea go from being best friends and crying on MTB3 to barely speaking? I am pleading with whomever is conducting this interview to do the proper research and look at the interactions between the girls past and present. If you look at the videos on the internet from performances to candids to the MTB shows themselves you can see the tension in the group and I noticed that whenever Dwoods took a picture beside Dawn she would never put her arm around her but at the same event if a fan or another member was standing next to Dwoods she would have her arm around them. I think all this blaming Dawn stuff is a bunch of b*******, if you look at the behind the scenes stuff on the tour and during performances this summer, Aubrey and Dwoods had a seperate dressing room from the other 3 girls. Somebody need to call them on this and stop tiptoeing around it

  83. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    it was a problem for dawn gettign a solo did.. not a problem for her doing outside stuff.. my question is.. are u and aubrey friends still ? do u talk since the break up? are u still the best of friends?

  84. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    How much of a part do you feel Dawn played with getting Aubrey and yourself kicked out of the group? I say 100% her shocked face looked rehearsed and phoney

  85. Julius!! October 20, 2008

    Was kicking you and Aubrey for real or just made for TV?

    Do you and Aubrey keep in touch?

    Why didn’t you and Aundrea hug during the first part of the finale?

    Do you think Diddy will kick Aundrea and/or Shannon out of the group?

    Do you think Danity Kane lost a lot of fans because of Diddy’s decision?

    Do you think Bad Boy Entertainment/Atlantic Records promoted Ride 4 You and Bad Girl enough?

    Do you think Danity Kane will flop with the remaining three members?

    Do you think jealousy was amongst Dawn and Aubrey, sort of like Q stated of the finale?

    Could you possibly be the reason why Aundrea and Aubrey became distant BBF’s?

  86. JULIUS!! October 20, 2008

    one more question!

    Do you think Dawn was/is jealous beacause of Ivory & Ebony aka D.BREEZY aka D. Woods & Aubrey, and Shanndrea aka Sugar & Spice aka Shannon and Aundrea?

    D. you and Breezy are so tight and deserve to be in the group just as the other three do, but i guess Diddy couldn't/wouldn't deal with the Dynamic Duo. Hope everything goes well after your final chapter with Danity Kane… and hope to be seeing you on TV or hearing you on the radio. DO YA THANG AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!

  87. Anonymous October 20, 2008

    Okay, so I have heard you are in a NEW girl group already called The Girls Club, tell us more about this….

    Thats me question!!!


  88. magnificentmeka October 20, 2008


    Do you think that if you weren’t always with Aubrey that you would still be in Danity Kane?

    Now that you are no longer in Danity Kane are you planning a solo career?

    Are their any regrets dealing with the group that you wish you could change?

  89. Anonymous October 21, 2008

    What in the hell was diddy reason for puting u out of the group i don’t understand

  90. Anonymous October 21, 2008

    Now since he done take u and arbury out of the 3 remaining only my girl dawn can sing now u tell me how the hell they gonna make money and sale records now no one could ever replace yall

  91. RocCo.Giovanni October 21, 2008

    its rocco.giovanni again…
    –in the meeting, when diddy turned to d woods and said she didn’t seem like she was happy and she commented back that she didn’t think anybody had been happy for a long time, what did that refer to?

  92. Anonymous October 21, 2008

    Do you think that you would ever start a new group with Aubrey? And if so, what would you name it?

  93. Anonymous October 21, 2008

    Do you wanna start a solo career or are you done with music?

  94. Anonymous October 21, 2008

    question: how do you feel cassie is treated within bad boy records, better or worse than danity kane

  95. Anonymous October 21, 2008

    do u blame Dawn for the groups split?

    do u truly not have a “problem” with Dawn?.( u kno since u claim to have such a “special relationship” with each girl? cause things look otherwise.

    I remember watching the MTB3 S2, when the new girls introduced themselves to the remaining 3 from season 1. You and Dawn seemed close but since making the band it was as if you never seem to like each other. What happened?

    Is there any tensions with dawn cause in mtv’s backstage pass we saw you (dk) in rehearsal and dawn came to show u the
    choregraphy and u even not looked at her…???

    Your embrace with Dawn in the meeting looked emotional but was followed by “I’m proud of you and I’m glad he saw something in you to want to move forward with you..”. What was the meaing behind this remark?

  96. Mark October 21, 2008

    Is Danity Kane over with?

    How did you take it when Diddy kicked you out of the group? YOu handled it very well and clsssy, but what were you thinking deep down inside?

    Tell her that Mark Dent loves her(D.Woods) and Kelly Rowland lol

    And, ask her how did she feel when she was in Danity Kane standing nxt to SIZE 1 (EWW) girls and her being a little bit thicker them the rest. And just to let you know you were THE BEST in Danity Kane and you had a banggin body!!!

  97. Anonymous October 21, 2008

    With Reality TV a lot if left on the cutting room floor….just had to thrtow that out there!

    Anyways, with the Dawn goign “solo” situation, at the meeting did diddy confirm that he wasn’t moving fowards with Dawn? It seemed like he said she was recording demos for his album,. but he never confirmed that he wasn’t trying to give Dawn a solo opportunity.

    And I heard during the Christina Aguilera tour, you guiys weren’t properly paid and after the tour, your management changed leaving the group in disarray. What exactly happened after the Back To Basics tour because it seems like management and the label didn;’t handle that situation correctly. They ceased promoting DK’s debut album and left you guys to fend for yourselves…at least it seems liek that to me.

  98. jazzy October 21, 2008

    IF Diddy asked you to come back to DK would you?
    Andd by the way my bes friend totally loves you so if u were to answer this question she would goooo balistics!!!!! LOL u are one of my favs too!!!! i hope u are really sucsussful and make diddy eat his words!!!!!!!!!!

  99. M.J. October 21, 2008

    D. Woods,

    Lately, Dawn Richard has received a lot of backlash since yours and O’Day’s departure, with Richard being the source of the blame. Do you agree with this backlash?

    Also, in a recent interview, Richard admits that she knew of Combs’ plan to dismiss O’Day from the group prior to the taping of the infamous episode. Do you agree with her keeping such a large secret?

  100. Anonymous October 21, 2008

    Were you happy or unhappy with how things were being run at bad boy considering you had two number one albums but promotion & video seemed like they were on a small budget?

    Do you feel if the other girls had stood up for you to Diddy on that day you might be still be a group?
    Or did it showed the divisions within the group?

  101. Anonymous October 21, 2008

    Before the recent making the band season came out Dawn put out statements on her Mysace that you and Aubrey were out of the group & yet now you are why did'nt you confront her about that?
    at the same time she put solo material out.

  102. RocCo.Giovanni October 21, 2008

    its RocCo.Giovanni…

    –when Puff confronted aundrea about wanting to leave the group, she said it had to do with her dream of singing and being apart of danity kane and the girls she was counting on to keep her dream alive didn’t have the same dream, it kinda made question her loyalty to the situation in a way. i took it she was referring to the modeling d woods and aubrey had done and the broadway stint and then the situation went left and it got to dawn working wit puff outside of danity kane…
    why was thia auch an issue if it was still in-house?
    it still ws for bad boy, it still promoted the group and the label…
    when aubrey said diddy should have communicated with the group as to what was going down with him and dawn, was her outside activies communicated wit the label and the grooup and management? were d’s ventures communicated?

  103. Anonymous October 22, 2008

    The idea of Dawn doing a solo album seems to be less self motivated than the side projects D and Aubrey did. Their projects were very individual (broadway, acting, complex, girls club and acting) so why was the focus on if it was communicated or not.?

    It seems as if both you and Aubrey were making moves for your future after DK so Dawn going solo would have been you get out so why the big scene?

  104. Anonymous October 22, 2008

    Noticed none of the girls (not even Aubrey) are on your top friends on myspace. Does this reflect the current state of your relationship with the members? If not how do you see your relationships panning out over time DK or no DK?

    We all have our idea of who brings what to the group but I like to know what you think each of your roles/strengths are and how they have changed since a 2 years ago.

  105. Anonymous October 22, 2008

    recognize the pattern of behavior. This guy is a true hustler in every sense of the word but have you assessed his history with groups signed to his label in the past? it appears that when you are no longer totally dependent on him and he can not control your income or your destiny he blocks you. he doesn quite black ball you cause he wants you to gravel. If you are strong you will continue on your chosen path without burning bridges and you will be just fine…i.e, mary J, faith evan. don’t be jodeci or 112.

  106. THAT October 22, 2008

    Would u rather be solo or in Danity Kane?
    Did u feel outshadowed by dawn or any other members of the group?

  107. Anonymous October 22, 2008

    On the Wendy WIlliams interview with Dawn, there is a song that you made, and during the song it sounds like you are coming for someone, in particular Dawn. Do you hate Dawn? Are you mad at her? Do you think she snitched on how you felt to Diddy or something? What is the issue? Is this song even going out towards any member of DK???

  108. Anonymous October 24, 2008

    Hey D

    First of all, we love you and Aubrella here in the uk, why do you think Diddy or Badboy/Atlantic never promotoed your music over here?
    What would it take for you to rejoin?
    Who and will you keep in touch with from the group?
    A possible insight on what happened with Aubrea?
    Oh and is Dawn a man?

  109. Anonymous October 24, 2008

    I feel like Dwoods was only using DK as a platform to get exposure so she can shed light on the Girls Club.

  110. VoCallyGifTed19 October 27, 2008

    I’m not sure if you’ve already interviewed her on not but if not, ask her if she knows if it is true that Shannon quit the group this past weekend.

  111. storme November 20, 2008

    Sam can ya just tell Dawn i LOVE her! she was always ma fave in DK n im mad pressed Diddy be acting like a dyamn ass!! but anyway my questionssss:

    1. what is the REAL reason for the demise of the group as its been clear for sometime now that there’s been a divison between the DK members and you said in the meeting that you didn’t think any of you had been happy for sometime?

    2. what’s the deal with you and Dawn? originally you seeemed so close and now there appears ta be some (not very well) hidden animosity between the two IMO best singers of the group. what happened?

    3. Diddy always seemed to keep you in the bkground and Dawn (then Aundrea) in the forgeound. Is this observation correct and if so what impact did it have on you all as a group and on your ‘friendships’?

    4. What made you gravitate to Aubry (cause you are so above her league its like wearing odd shoes – one from primark (wayyyyyyy cheap UK store – Aubry) and one from jimmy Choo (D.Woods) ?

    5. What is in store for you now, in terms of solo work and future ventures?

    6. Do you think the way Diddy handle the group impacted your relations with each other, and in what way?

    7.How did you feel at the time when it all went down? What was going through your head and was any of it a shock to you?

    8. In hindsight how do you feel about the situation, any regrets? would you go back to DK?

    9. Is the hype surrounding the band and the axeing of you and Aubry justified or do you think it’s been blown out of proportion?

    10. Are you and Aubry still BFF’s? was your friendship really substantial or was it only solid in the confinements of the band?

    11. (Not a question a request!) PLEASE GO SOLO AND HIT THE UK!!! LOVE YA D.WOODS!!!

    please excuse the essay but in the UK we nah know wagwarn so me just askin D.Woods errryting us fans over here wana known and get the answers straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak!) lol

    Storme (D.Woods No.1 fan) UK

  112. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    *** Darn that really should say “Sam can ya just tell D.WOODS i LOVE her! she was always ma fave in DK” (tho i do love Dawn!) ***

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