Beyonce Adds Another London Date To ‘I Am…’ Tour

Published: Tuesday 16th Dec 2008 by Sam
Beyonce Adds Another London Date To 'I Am...' Tour

For those of you still trying to get tickets to Beyonce’s London stop on her hotly anticipated ‘I Am…’ tour, you will be pleased to know that ol’ Bouncy has added another date to the mix in the nation’s capital – May 26th 2009, at The 02 Arena. Tickets are on sale now!

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The added date comes on the heels of Beyonce’s recent appearance on the X-Factor, when 18 million people watched her duet with Alexandra Burke on ‘Listen’ – a duet which many believe sealed Burke’s subsequent victory. What’s more, Beyonce’s ‘Listen’ is also enjoying a resurgence on the UK charts as a result – the track is currently sitting at #6 on the iTunes chart, which is a major indicator of where she’ll end up on Sunday’s final tally. A win/win for all no doubt.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    so what.
    Why make a whole psot about this sam?
    im sorry but shes not doin it 4 me like she used 2.

  2. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    britney add more 6 DATE TO LONDON

  3. RJ December 16, 2008

    18 MILLION???
    wrong facts mate
    it was actually between 12 – 14.8…

    oh and maybe britney doesnt have that certain “something” in your eyes – but she sells a hell of a lot more records than beyonce – and theres a reason for that… beyonce takes herself too seriously and thinks strives to be an icon, its not going to happen
    Britney represents the 21st century, she is an icon of pop culture , like it or not, atleast she causes debate instead of borrowing bits and pieces from others, unoriginal

  4. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    ^^u idiot – # of records sold does not mean better artist

    paris hilton sold thousands of records too – looks like an idiot like u s the only one who’s going to buy paris’s coming album – paris and britney are a joke – completely talent-less artists

    can’t wait to see u in concert!!

  5. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    ma friends and i can hardly wait 4 beyonce’s concert

    LOVE U B

  6. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    good for bee and stop calling her bouncy thats not her name

  7. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    trust me thats so annoying

  8. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    go beyonce… i am luvin her new CD

    absolutely fantastic work.. go girl

  9. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    beyonce is so fake… but whatever
    Im probably going on her tour

  10. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    ^LOL! as i said b4 (Simon Cowel making a standing ovation 4 Bee)…. even haters love her! LOL!

  11. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    LOL @10:52 Beyonce so fake! but w/e im orib going on her tour LMFAO!

  12. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    i love beyonce

    it wld be so cool if solange also performs with her

  13. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    This is a kiss ass post for sure. She’s totally lost the little umph she had…no one’s checking for her anymore and people are over her dry persona.

  14. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    beyonce is da bomb faw real

  15. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    Why the f*** are you haters even here?! If you hate off her…all good, but don’t fucken let the rest of us who love her know. God!

    Here’s to hoping B adds a date to come down to Notts!

    Oh and I heard Alexandra Burke’s going to be her supporting act…

  16. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    BRITNEY IS WACK!! WHoEVer pays money to see her LIVE is a LOSER!! Didn’t you watch those horrid TV performances. Damn lip “sanga”. She needs to learn how to sing a live tune.


    80MIL this year alone HATE ON THAT!!! Oh Where was Brit Brit on the forbes list!!!

  17. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    Brit take a -62% decline in sales (192k) this week. She will not be platinum in 2 weeks or 3 weeks….like Beyonce did…

  18. Anonymous December 17, 2008

    @7:51 pm Britney doesn’t have to work another day in her life. She gets almost 1 mil a month for doing nothing. NOTHING. No she is not the same Britney that she was years ago but Beyonce is not the only performer who is rich. And there are many performers/athletes/entertainers who are not on the Forbes list, but are also RICH. Please stop being silly. Worry about your own money.

  19. Anonymous December 17, 2008

    yaaaayy, more concert dates, oh i cant wait

  20. Anonymous December 17, 2008

    7:16 that goes both ways you idiot. The rest of us who don’t care for her or her music don’t need to hear the ass kissers comments. Keep that s*** to yourself if that’s the case.

  21. Anonymous December 17, 2008

    OH please u haters, Beyonce doesnt strive to be an icon she IS AN ICON. and a DIVA at that whilst being the most humble of artists/ I like Britney 2 why all the comparisons ???? they totally diff artist from totally different spectrums. Both are credible. HOWEVER I wouldnt pay to see BRIT lip sync her way all through the concert. Beyonce is a show stopper and can sing LIVE and can DANCE whilst singing. Thats who I am seing, CANT WAIT

  22. Anonymous December 17, 2008

    12:25 what fucken a*** kissing comments you twat. Re-read what the f*** I said.

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