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Published: Tuesday 9th Dec 2008 by Sam

Hot on the promotional trail for her latest effort ‘Human’, Brandy filmed an episode of The Tyra Banks Show which aired yesterday. The interview has yet to hit the ‘net, however her performances of ‘Right Here (Departed)’ and ‘Long Distance’ can be seen above (RH) and below (LD):

Wow! That has to be the best performance I’ve seen to date of ‘Right Here’. From the ad libs and runs, her swagger, everything was on-point. after seeing this, I hope she leaves the band at home for future performances of the song, as the original arrangement/backing track trumps the band version. Her rendition of ‘Long Distance’ was great too.

‘Human’ is on stores today!….

What do you think of the performances?

Will you be buying ‘Human’?

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  1. Anonymous December 9, 2008

    My girl Brandy is back!!!!! To all the haters who sai she was done n washed up, start gagging.

    Brandy is back, she can sing better then some of these fake gimmicky artist out there, and she damn well can act better then alot of these wanna be singer/Actress out there.

    Brandy did the dang here.

    Album I will be buying.

    Don sleep on this album like yall did the other 1.

    Brandy is back!!!!! Its BRANDY B****!!!!!

  2. Anonymous December 9, 2008



  3. Anonymous December 9, 2008


  4. Anonymous December 9, 2008

    Will not be buying the CD! Brandy just isn't my type of R&B anymore. I did buy 'Afrodisiac,' in 2004 tho. I won't even illegally DL this entire album!

    Good luck with sales Brandy (It won't sell-SORRY)

  5. antertain December 9, 2008

    Wow Right Here (Departed) is defo the best she's sung it since hearing it in that key. GREAT vocals.

    Long Distance is about a man on the CD but on TV i glad she refers the song to her daughter.

    She's at the peak & the stage fright is long gone.
    Brandy's not playin about this time around

  6. Anonymous December 9, 2008

    No matter how you try you are always going to have HATERS. If your going to hate why bother commenting. You don’t know if its going to sell or not so just shut the f*** up. Anyway, Brandy did the damn thing. So glad she got her convidence back. Long Distance and that falsetto for Right Here were amazing. The album is great. I bought 7 copies, and 1 on itunes. Go get it, its Hot!!

  7. Anonymous December 9, 2008

    I love her and love her VOICE! It gives me goosebumps how into her songs she is.

  8. Anonymous December 9, 2008

    It won’t sell, AND U KNO IT!

  9. Anonymous December 9, 2008

    I just got her CD today and I am so freaking happy I did! It is so good! so so so good! I just dont know why I love it so really speaks to me..I am going through some hard times with my friendships and relationships and its just an album that speaks to how you feel! Her voice is great and every song is literally really good! Afrodisiac was my favorite album for the longest time as I still play it and I think HUMAN trumps it..great job Brandy! Thank you for Great Music!

    Best album I’ve owned in a really long time.

  10. Anonymous December 9, 2008

    Bought the album.. well, bought 7 of them! All I can say is WOW!!! Regardless of what this sales.. it is the best album I have bought in 2008

  11. Anonymous December 9, 2008

    The album may not sell as good as Beyonce or Lil wayne…but Brandy is no Beyonce …Shes on a whole other level..she puts out timeless and classic music and i know i bought mine the day it came out..she had my money the 1st day she dropped Right Here…i can bet you this though..Human will sell more then Afrodisiac brandys doin the damn thing this time around

  12. Anonymous December 9, 2008

    I dont what people mean by it won’t sell. Selling 1 copy is selling. It doesn’t matter if she goes platinum or gold. Because this album really is something special.

  13. mq1986 December 9, 2008

    I bought a couple CDs. One for me, another as a Christmas gift for a friend. I really like it; well-done, Brandy.

  14. Miguel December 9, 2008

    Yes, I’ve already bought the album and I’m so satisfied. Brandy + Human = Musical Perfection! Brandy looked so pretty on The Tyra Show and she sounded really good in her two performances. Look for her on more shows soon.

  15. Anonymous December 10, 2008

    What a woman, so real so timeless, gotta love you some Bran-Bran.

  16. Anonymous December 10, 2008

    I purchased the album and I love it. It may indeed be the best album of 08. Brandy has been doing her thing now since 1995. WOW! That's over a decade. I'll admit I thought she was falling off at one point but she is truely back now and better than ever. She marks the return of the R&B Divas. Next up: MONICA,Keyshia Cole,KELLY ROWLAND,J Hud,and possibly some new blood for 09. I CAN'T WAIT!!

  17. Anonymous December 10, 2008


  18. Anonymous December 12, 2008

    Brandy rocked!!!! i got the cd and its hot !!

  19. Mellie Mel December 12, 2008

    Aww man!!! I totally LOVE THIS WOMAN!! Can’t NOBODY tell me she is not a singer and as real as they come! I’m sitting here about to cry watching that “Long Distance” performance! It would seriously make my LIFE to see her perform live(something she doesnt do often!)! I knew I was going to get her album (no doubt about it) but a CD is not in the budget right now; but since seeing this…I’m headed to get the album RIGHT NOW! I LOVES YOU BRANDY!!!! Keep making music for me! LOL

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