Leona, Rihanna & Pussycat Dolls Perform At Royal Variety Show

Published: Thursday 18th Dec 2008 by Sam
The Royal Variety Performance show aired here in the UK last night on ITV1. Filmed last week, the show featured live showings from the likes of Leona Lewis, Rihanna and the Pussycat Dolls. Check out their performances below:
Leona – Run

Rihanna – Take A Bow

Pussycat Dolls – Medley

Leona nailed it! I really have not seen the hype surrounding the song, which is currently #1 on the UK chart until now. Awesome performance.

It may come as a surprise to some, but Rihanna’s sheep-like bleating wasn’t half as annoying as usual. Dare I say, she actually turned in a solid showing.

Pussycat Dolls served up more of the same. Take from that what you will.

What do you think of the performances?

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  1. Nothing ButLove December 18, 2008

    Rihanna sounded soooo good her vocals are improving with every prformance.

  2. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    sam i was waiting for you to take a jibe at rihanna again, but im glad you haven’t because she is getting better with every performance. she sounded really good, i’ve always thought that, but she’s better now. leona was amazing, stunning song and sang it really well. pussycat dolls, well ermm same old same old, nicole leading, the others jus dancing around n laughing lol, gets abit samey samey

  3. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    Stop! Rihanna was just standing and somewhat walking and when she does this she is OK and the song was safe and boring. She had too many hit and misses in this song in which she could not carry a tune no where. But if you liked it than good for you but it was safe and boring as usual. The only thing Rihanna does is add them ugly faces and if you listen when she was trying to be cute with the laugh she almost lost it there. D-

    Leona is a old Mariah mixed in with Beyonce so you know that’s a excellent combination and as usual she does wonderful live.

    Pussycats are just Pussycats

  4. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    I love Leona, wow ….

    Rihanna was Rihanna. Fancy dress and hair, sub-par vocals and boring performance.

    I mean Leona stood in one spot but her voice was so evoking that she cud do just that.

  5. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    leona is the best x factor winner no disreoect to alex coz she was gr8 and defintely deserved to win but leona is in a different league. rihanna was so boring i didnt even watch the whole performance.
    its really about time the pussyclart dolls sat down i can’t stand nicole ugh!

  6. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    I really wanted to hear an improvement in Rihanna’s voice, but I didn’t. It sucked…her notes were off key and the rearrangement of the notes were worse than the original version. I only hope she didn’t perform after Leona, who sounded fab-u-lous! I didn’t even watch the Pussycat Dolls.

  7. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    rihanna’s vocals are getting better by the day, each performance she is getting better. yeah she ain’t as good as leona mariah beyonce, but she can sing so leave the gal alone

  8. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    ^^^Talent is talent. You can learn to ride a bike, you can learn to drive a car, you can even learn to control a strong voice that you may be blessed with. But to think a voice can be created out of nowhere is silly at best. Rihanna is pretty, probably a nice girl we one got to know her, but she is a below average singer at best. It is good to know that a few of you have forgiving ears, so now I’m confident I can be a popstar too.

  9. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    meant to type ***if we got to know her***

  10. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    rihanna was borin as ALWAYS, beyonce plz report to the stage and save the night as you always do

  11. mq1986 December 18, 2008

    “Run” is a cover of the single by Snow Patrol, right?

  12. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    Rihanna is f****** boring. The moment that girl gets the ability to hit a note beyond one that you can get by pressing the keypad on your phone – maybe then I’ll be interested. Talentless bint.

    I don’t get why you hate on PCD.
    DK are over. They were, and always have been, second rate. Get that into your head Sam, you biased idiot.

  13. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    All this Rih Rih hate makes her star shine brighter and brighter. Keep it up. She may not be a powerhouse (neither is Britney, Madonna, Dianna Ross) but she has IT! Even Sam is coming around. She can’t be denied.

    Oh and I’ve seen both PCD and Danity Kane live (i think the same tour actually) and Danity Kane slays them. Slays them hard! LOL

  14. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    So much Rihanna-bashing.

    She has a distinctive voice, she’s gorgeous…

    If everyone sang like Mariah and Leona, music would be so boring. And there’d nobody with an achievable voice for karaoke!

  15. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    why do they even bother giving the other pussycat dools microphones?

  16. the-coolestperiod December 18, 2008

    Leona’s performance was beautiful. Robyn’s performance was the usual (souped up set, pointless costumes, those scrunched up faces and the god awful hairpiece she’s been wearing the past 3 months).By the way, those runs were terrible and she was OFF KEY! Singing to slow for the music, then singing too fast for the music. SMH She has a long way to go. I wish Def Jam would pull the plug already. It’s a wrap. SMH

    And don’t even get me started on Nicole and Co. Why and how are they still around? They should all just get gigs as backup dancers. No more albums should be recorded. That goes for Rihanna too.

  17. Anonymous December 19, 2008

    leona is awesome~

    rihanna~i can see her improvement.

    PCD~they started to lose their mind…stop doing medly..pls…not a look at all.

  18. Anonymous December 19, 2008

    Thank you! I agree that Rihanna’s not the best singer in the world, but she does get better every time. No, she’ll probably never be Beyonce, and in my opinion, she doesn’t need to. What ya’ll call “boring” performances aren’t always that way, it just doesn’t include tossing of weave and gyrating of asses. Beyonce’s a great singer and performer, and Rihanna is good in her own right. Done.

  19. Anonymous December 19, 2008

    I think most people welcome diversity in the music biz, but “different” is not an excuse exalt the talentless. I see a trend amongst Rihanna stans who seem to compare their dislike of Beyonce to their fondness of Rihanna. So do you dislike Beyonce so much that you like Rihanna because she’s the opposite or are you just rooting for the underdog? Ri is not improving vocally…fashion- yes, moving on stage- yes, vocals- no. Either you have the gift to sing or you don’t. Simple.

  20. Meanshots22 December 19, 2008

    I’m sorry but if u have to wait for your idol to improve on her vocals then she’s not much of a singer. Last time I checked, u were supposed to know how to sing b4 u get a record deal.this let’s me know that ne body can make it

  21. the-coolestperiod December 19, 2008

    I agree with the two people who commented above me ^^^^. Rihanna stans LOVE to make excuses for her s***** ass live performances, then bring Bee into it. Bee has NOTHING to do with Rihanna's dreadful voice or her stiff ass performances. She was like that when Jay signed her 3 years ago and I haven't seen any improvements. Just a makeover (recycled fashion & recycled hairstyle). You never read any good reviews of her shows. They just focus on what she was wearing and whether or not Chris was on stage with her. We'll see how long her career lasts. She can't live off of GGGB forever, folks. I would like to know where all these righteous Rihanna "fans" were a few years ago when nobody gave a damn about Pon De Replay or any of that other lame s*** she was putting out. Hmmm. . . it sure does make you think.

  22. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    Sam do you know TAKE THAT? ARE YOU REALLY BRITISH? WTF! They were there!!!!!!!! Stop promoting Leona B****! She is awful, her voice f*** my ears and her time is over. She needs to say goodbye to US market! She is ugly and my younger brother is afraid of her.

  23. Anonymous December 25, 2008

    Sorry but Rihanna is out of key and her voice is annoying to me .

  24. Anonymous December 25, 2008

    – Leona was boring but at least she’s a better performer than Mariah.

    – Rihanna/Take a Bow is my Damn Song!!! She did a great job on the vocal arrangement on this and this biyatch is beautiful and she knows it. Make it do what it do Chris.

    – Uhhh…. Pussycat Dolls…. Why are these b****** even relevant? Sorry, had to go there.

  25. Jen July 7, 2010

    The reason why rihanna is big: “Unfaithful’ and ‘Umbrella’
    She can’t sing, dress, perform too well without being skanky and she doesn’t write songs. She was very lucky with those 2 songs. And she was lucky meeting Jay z. and lucky to have Neyo and Chris giving her songs and dueting with her.

    Jay z can’t sing either and hes with B so he knows what a great singer is. Makes me wonder if she did anything in that room with him to convince him. Cause theirs other girls as hot as her. Why ri?

    I don’t want to seem like im totally hate on her. But I think she was lucky and I think she needs to go away for a yr and relax and practice her vocals and come up with something more inspired and really put thought into it. Thats genuine . I mean right after the Chris incident she had a whole new album about it like 4-6 months.Thats way too soon. Not even enough time to heal…Seems like its all about the money and fame. First thing she did was appear in underwear in a kanye video.

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