Kanye: "I Am The End All, Be All Of Music"

Published: Tuesday 17th Feb 2009 by Sam
Kanye: 'I Am The End All, Be All Of Music'
Peep Kanye West on the cover of the latest issue of Details Magazine. As ever with Kanye, the article had many an interesting quote:
Kanye on his music career: 

“There’s nothing more to be said about music. I’m the f–king end-all, be-all of music. I know what I’m doing. I did ‘808s’ in three weeks. I got it. It’s on cruise control … Man, we talked about music for God knows how long! Now let’s talk about how my f–king sweater didn’t come back right from Korea. That’s what’s interesting me.”

Kanye on his image: 

“I had a style that was over-the-top, overly expressive, and it forced me to just lay back and be a little cooler. One of the problems with being a bubbling source of creativity — it’s like I’m bubbling in a laboratory, and if you don’t put a cap on it, at one point it will, like, break the glass. If I can hone that … then I have, like, nuclear power, like a superhero, like Cyclops when he puts his glasses on.”

Kanye on the woman he wants to marry: 

“What I feel like — ’cause I wanna be married, of course—I feel like the type of girl I would be with is a fellow superhero. So we get that ‘already flying and now we’re just flying together’ thing.”

Kanye on the word ‘Gay’: 

“Titles are very important. I like to embody titles, y’know, or words that have negative connotations, and explain why that’s good. Take the word gay — like, in hip-hop, that’s a negative thing, right? But in the past two, three years, all the gay people I’ve encountered have been, like, really, really, extremely dope. Y’know, I haven’t, like, gone to a gay bar, nor do I ever plan to. But where I would talk to a gay person — the conversation would be mostly around, like, art or design — it’d be really dope. From a design standpoint, kids’ll say, ‘Dude, those pants are gay.’ But if it’s, like, good, good, good fashion-level, design-level stuff, where it’s on a higher level than the average commercial design stuff, it’s, like, gay people that do that. I think that should be said as a compliment. Like, ‘Dude, that’s so good it’s almost … gay.’”

As with most things Kanye has to say, there’s mix-mash of ego, self-indulgence, wackiness and above all – truth.
Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    UGH, This F***** makes me sick…go sit down…YOU AIN’T ALL THAT!!!

  2. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    Lets refrain from that word ^^^^ besides I know F*ggots that are WAY better than Kanye and humble bout it…

  3. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    Imma be honest I think Kanye has a fruity side to him and he knows it. Which is why he acknowlegding the word “gay”. Many folks associate him (and probably John Legend too) dressed a certain way as fruity. I get he loves fashion but he takes fashion to a new level which is borderline ridiculous or fruity.

  4. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    WOW they really photoshoped his eyes. Now we all know that those aren’t his color eyes. I guess KAnye. I think it has gotten worse since his moms passed. So sad, SMH!!! Pray for him.

  5. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    Where exactly is the truth? He wasn’t exactly quoting scripture so how can one identify anything that Kanye says with truth? Kanye preaches his own gospel. This is how he feels about himself,his music,his style,the word “gay” etc. These are his opinions and perceptions and that’s fine;but it’s not truth. Please stop letting these misguided celebrities influence you.

  6. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    I don’t appreciate him saying “gay” term is a compliment cause it’s not to me. i’m proud to be homosexual cause really “gay” means you’re happy! When people say something is “gay” when they really mean it to be stupid or dumb it’s insulting to me cause they’re saying homosexuals or as you say “gay” people are dumb and stupid. Kanye just needs to come out the closet like everybody else is doing.

  7. Jonathan February 17, 2009

    It ceases to amaze me how untastefully arrogant he can be. Like its just disgusting. And i was the biggest Kanye west fan in the world…he just over does it, seriously. Like he really thinks he jesus! Ok your music is GREAT Kanye it really is, but your not the only person who makes great music. Goddamnit makes me sick to see people who r so NOT humble! Beyonce is great and you dont see her saying “Yea Rihanna and Ciera still cant compare, im on top of this, blah blah blah”…hes really ridiculous.

  8. Anonymous February 17, 2009



  9. Anonymous February 17, 2009

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  10. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    He should realize he is just an entertainer. This whole ego thing with him is stupid because it makes his closed-mindedness transparent.

  11. Anonymous February 18, 2009

    I’m beginning to think Kanye West says these things just to get a rise out of people. The best thing we can do for him is ignore his desperate tactics and keep him lifted in prayer. The music industry seems to have a way of making people,well,stupid. I’m sorry there’s no other way to say it. Kanye still has alot to learn. I believe he will. You don’t go through the things he’s gone through to remain the same. A change will come. I just hope it comes soon because I for one am exasperated by Kanye’s superficial self proclamations. He’s just a man. He’s not the “Be all and End all” of anything.

  12. Anonymous February 18, 2009

    Though it’s clear that Kanye West is not humble; I appreciate that he wears his arrogance on his sleeve. At least we know what to expect from Kanye. We know he’s a self-absorbed glory hog. At least he doesn’t put up a front. There are many celebrities who try to pass themselves off as humble, but clearly don’t know the meaning of the word. Beyonce is the furthest thing from humble. She just knows better than to be a b!*@# on national television. She’s maintained a well-crafted ‘image’,but it’s just an image. She’s slipped up many times in many interviews and allowed her true colors to show. She got it honest though,her parents are just as ego driven as she is. Kanye may be over the top,but at least he’s not fake. Like him or not,he is who he is. I do appreciate that about him.

  13. Anonymous February 18, 2009

    He looks so miserable. His recent magazine covers have been rather depressing. You can see such sadness in his eyes. I do think Kanye is putting up a bit of a front. He lost his mother for crying out loud. You don’t just get over that. Clearly he’s is still in alot of pain.

  14. Anonymous February 18, 2009

    I love K, but over some time he just seems to be getting big on hisself. He’s smelling his own s…t K, are you smoking something?

  15. Anonymous February 18, 2009

    f****** weirdo. if his momma was still here she’d slap his dumb ass some sense. cause these past few months he hasn’t been making any. he needs this humble pie i got over here baking. that b**** almost done too…

  16. Anonymous February 20, 2009


  17. Anonymous February 21, 2009

    i agree with most of the comments above. kanye is absolutely whack! his music is really lame and he is nowhere near as popular as he thinks.

    kanye “up himself” west really needs to realise he is successful because of the industry and not his talent. his songs are full of gimmicks and he’s capitalising by appealing to kids (e.g. “stronger” was so aimed at little kids).

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