Teairra Mari Performs ‘Hunt 4 U’ On Fox

Published: Tuesday 17th Feb 2009 by Sam

R&B singer Teairra Mari has finally hit the televised promo trail for her new single ‘Hunt 4 U’ – performing on Fox’s Morning Show yesterday. With the host, a little unfairly, labelling her the next Beyonce, Ms. Marie was going to need to deliver one hell of a performance to make this anything other than sub-par. Unfortunately, she didn’t. From the throwback/ancient mics (with the wires), to the strained vocals, to the lack of anything going on on-stage, everything about this came across distinctly ‘amateur’. For what it’s worth, she looked stunning.
I’ve said it many a time, Teairra – who arrived on the scene at the same time and on the same label as a certain Ms. Fenty – is very talented and is deserving of success. However, it’s evident both she and her team need to step it up (how long has her video been out and his is her first TV showing? SMH). It’s a tough time to be trying to establish oneself in the industry at the moment, that extra ‘something’ is essential in making an impact.
What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Vincenzo February 17, 2009

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  2. hopeful February 17, 2009

    I was embarrassed while watching this!

  3. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    yeah…this came across as REAL amateur….like it was last minute….girl come on. Nice voice, but bad delivery…….

  4. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    YEA(CRICKETS)…. nothing really was with this real amateur/high school talent showish…. Letoya label learned now Warner will learn April 7th is Ciara’s day sorry ladies!

  5. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    so ciara’s single is doing much better than this b*tches and her singles been officially out for 2 weeks.

    how come you don’t call it a “epic fail”

    exactly hater

  6. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    The performance was horrible point blank. Great singer better than Rhianna put together, but for a vocalist like her it was bad. Sorry.

    I love Ciara but I don’t think I’ll be copping her album for two reason “High Price” should have been the lead single. 2 every leaked song I’ve heard so far are bad. I feel like Ciara or her label are making many mistakes when it comes to releasing the right singles. And let’s face it Ciara is not the best singer why not stick to the formula that made you famous in the first place? Put out the dance record that will blow folks mind away.

    I’m not worried about LeToya’s project being on the same day as Ciara she will still have success. LeToya looks like she got her ish together unlike Ci Ci.

  7. Nick February 17, 2009

    hhaha, well all the poor ladies hav jst falen off, Ciara, Tiera, BUT I MUST ADMIT, TEIRA CAN SING, this showed her voice live (although the music suked) it worked, cause SHE CAN SING LIVE-waaay better than ______, anyway, I LOVED HER 1st album, but her time is up, Ashanti, Mya, Kelly, Ciara, Amerie, Tiaera, Christina Milian & Aguilera, they should alll jst make a R&B cd & do like 2 songs a piece, it will sell very well & tour 2gthr, it will b cute! BEYONCE RIHANNA BRANDY JENNIFER HUDSON ALICIA KEYS JAZMINE SULLIVAN, they got it goin on rite now!!

  8. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    @ 10:40 bye girl, fly girl. Ciara ain’t gone do s***. And you idiot the only reason LeToya CD got pushed back was because the original date her song was supposed to hit airwaves got changed to a different date. Please get all facts before you start running about CiCi and what she gone do.

    You know who day April 7th belongs to? Lil’ Wayne whether he is doing rock or not he gone sale way more then Ciara.


    Teairra girl, your voice is good but somebody should have thought you how to work a stage. I know you probably felt awkard since you were out there by yourself but damn that could have at least thought you a dance or a few moves. Because she just looked so lost. Voice is nice but the delivery was not poppin.

  9. Mellie Mel February 17, 2009

    Wow…Big FAn of this song.
    NOT of this performance!
    *You already look cute honey! Just sing the song!*

  10. Mia February 17, 2009

    OOOHH..Honey The Mic…I Loves Her But…Yall Steady Downing Riri for her?? Plz at least Riri be swagged out with a band and sound ok…she sounded ok..but damn no back up dancers/singers/no one..and the mic, BTW did she pick her outfit out alone and do her own hair..the UP-DO doesnt not work..And the ending with pleasure P was not Needed..Uhh BAAAAAD Performance

  11. Missy February 17, 2009

    I hate that she has potentiel and the IT factor but c’mon her Team sucks! Rihanna’s Team is fyah ! I ‘m Rihanna’s n°1 hater but I am a stan of her team they can get everything with that talentless chick !It amaze me everyday!

    Love U R****** Team I need u to have my future job lmao yeah im crazy!

  12. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    origdjeh1 on utube.
    djeh on itunes and tradebit.com

  13. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    Nice shoe’s woooooooooo

    I can’t wait til her album drops – I got a HOLLA on repeat right now, need her album in my life!

    But this performance, it come like a rehearsal. Sam U need to cop and interview with this girl ASAP!

    Her vocals are nice tho, i like her tone.

    ALSO, The presenters lack of information on both artists was very evident and disappointing! It felt very last minute to me.

    Sam is right about the video promo – where’s it at!!!

    I wish her all the best…. I’ma sure buy her album!

    (The music industry must really be feeling the credit crunch with performances like this! GOSH)

  14. MuSiC_l0VEr February 17, 2009

    LMFAOO!! The next Beyonce?!
    Beyonce is not my favorite but nobody can beat Beyonce–vocally. Beyonce can perform the hell out of any stage, even on a FOX stage, she’ll tear s*** up.
    Teairra, Tiara, whatever, is boring. Her vocals are nice, although she was off-key a couple of times.
    Maybe her album sales will do well.

  15. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    She sounded good to me, just like the record actually unlike some artists who sound horrible live. The problem is that Hunt 4 U is a boring song. People in here talking about back up dancers and what not, she can't have all that with a song this slow, it would look stupid and then if she actually did that people would say she was trying too hard. The thing is Tierra needs some goog production, like any other singer who's got good vocals need. She should not have made Hunt 4 U a lead single, because it's mediocre and that song won't be going anywhere. What she needs to do is do what Christina Milian just did and work with a hot producer who's willing to work with her one on one to give her own sound and she needs to push this album back to summer that way she can drop a banger by that time. I think her dropping in April is a mistake but we'll see what happens when the 2nd single drops and if it drops by then.

    Also, the Ciara stans, her PR team, or whoever they need to really need a dose of a reality check in here and in the other posts on this blog. They are really annoying. Ciara isn't going to shut anything down and nobody's chaning release dates because of her. Puh-lease. Her song Never Ever isn't even in the Hot 100 after all this time, I didn't see in the top 50 on the R&B charts either, so how are y'all going try to act like she's such a threat to Teairra or any other artists. LOL. Child boo. Ciara needs to push back her album too. You stans need to be honest with her instead of encouraging her to put out mediocrity.

  16. Anonymous February 18, 2009

    Not Bad.

  17. Yocohoto February 18, 2009

    Wow… I love Teairra but she needs to get her s*** together!

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