New Song: Rihanna – ‘Whipping My Hair’

Published: Friday 27th Feb 2009 by Sam

Amidst all the drama surrounding ‘ChRihanna’, a new unreleased cut by Rihanna surfaced a few hours ago called ‘Whipping My Hair’. Produced by the duo behind her worldwide smash ‘Umbrella’, Tricky Stewart and The-Dream’, ”Hair’ is familiar territory for the 21 year old – a so-so Pop/Dance/Urban fusion.
The hysteria surrounding Ms. Fenty’s assault (which I will once again state that I do not condone under any circumstances) kinda brushed under the carpet my reason for not being her biggest fan (LOL), yet boy did this song remind me. Lazy delivery, sheep-bleating vocals and contrived subject matter, not to mention the sub-par production (which is kind surprising), all make for this one to belong in the bin. Crap.
Hit or Miss?

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  1. Anonymous February 27, 2009


  2. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    Why post it up if its crap?

  3. jonnyhco February 27, 2009

    i could’nt stand rihanna. she use to make my blood boil. But i really like her now. And this song is a grower.

  4. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    really not feeling this track always the same screechy tone

  5. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    the beat is hot.

    we support rihanna in these parts

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  6. Yocohoto February 27, 2009

    as always with her songs, don’t like it.

  7. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    load of turd

  8. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    dis is BS!

  9. Anonymous February 27, 2009


  10. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    i agree with 5:59

    why did you feel the need to post it if it was s***?

    keep it positive in 2009, everybody

  11. the-coolestperiod February 27, 2009

    Yup, it was garbage Sam. LMAO

  12. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    This song is definitely going to have to grow on the ‘girls’. Let me here it in the club while I’m on a pill and drinking a cocktail. The beat is nasty(in a good way), I live for my Rihanna on a club beat.

  13. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    I said… “sam the man the kelly rowland stan” but i still don’t see the d.woods interview?!

  14. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    Sam you’re a miserable asshole. If you don’t like the song just say you don’t like the song or better yet don’t post it.
    All the other commentary was hateful and uncalled for you miserable faggety f**k.

  15. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    ^^^ DAMN, chill yo…lol!

    Anyhow, I actually kinda liked this one. Wasn’t anything ‘spectacular’ and it’s certainly not single worthy by any means, but it’s nice still. It’s got that JT ‘Future S**/Love Sounds’ thing going on, it’s alright.

  16. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    “Whipping” what hair??? LMAO.

    Y are u guyz so muthafuckin rude 2 sam?? its his muthafukin site and hes gonna post watever the f*** he wants 2 post or dont like it, then go stick a d*** in your mouth and find somewhere else to s***! its soooo annoying…LITTLE ASS KIDDZ I SWEAR!

  17. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    you know what’s funny? Rihanna keeps releasing songs, and you keep slamming them, and yet Beyonce just keeps getting fatter.

  18. Jamie February 27, 2009

    Goes to listen to –
    Beyonce Halo
    Ciara Never Ever
    Jamie Blame it
    and my New FAVE Ciara n JT Love S** Magic!!

    Btw Sam I totally agree..

  19. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    the song’s ok
    rihanna already has lot of good songs out there playing everyday….. we can’t expect rihanna to produce every single song a hit
    go rihanna….. haters will always hate, but u go girl

  20. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    CRAP, this is why Chris Brown career doesn’t deserve to end over her, as he makes better music and has more talent, Rihanna doesn’t even have to try hard with her next album, she get to number one, out of sympathy, well done Rihanna, are you also going to come back as a good girl and be the new spokesperson for DV??

    No serious what happened to her was bad but all this victim s***, oh poor Rihanna, the innocent victim is so dragging on, I have no pity for the girl and I ain’t hating on her, just saying what I think

  21. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    I Can’t understand why everyone is going off for. She does not plan to release itas a single, why u think it’s unreleased. It’s probably a leftover from the cd. Somebody just leaked it. Chill out.

  22. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    lady gaga reject need to sit her a*** down!
    gaga is the ish! i totally agree with all the comments,well most of them! oh and that new ciara and justin is so hot, its a old school banger! cant wait till her gaga and beyonce take over so no room left for rhianna…argh,so annoying… i hope she gets well though.

  23. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    f*** you, 1:29
    miserable excuse for a human being

    and your mama, too

  24. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    I love this girl!!! She has her own sound and I am soo proud of her!!!!

  25. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    If I see one more whack award show with beyonce wearing fabrics..basically we miss you RIRI!!! You have a very unique and swagger that makes y our fashions icnonic!!!!!

  26. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    I agree RIRI has a great style that no chick in the game has, please stop posting solange she is wack!!!

  27. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    Quit acting like nuts on this board and give RIRI her well deserve love, it’s a hit!!!!!

  28. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    lol, I see the Rihanna stans are on here, what is this the Rihanna stans union??
    I wish I gave her slap instead of Chris, lol

    Take that break Riri, you need it

  29. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    i love this song i like it alot im a big fan of rihanna i can tolerate her music i cant lie ive been bumping her songs alot more now i feel so bad for her and what chris brown b**** ass did to her and damn she is fine i had to bump cassie down to number 3 on my list now rihanna is number 2 and of course ahhh i love this woman Beyonce is alwayz and forever be number one. yea i would have her whipping her hair while im beatin dat p**** from da back…

  30. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    @ 2:01 PM:

    LADY GAGA REJECT? Are you kidding me, LMBAO! I nearly died off that s***, you better sit down with that mess dear. Rihanna ain’t all that, but come on, Lady Gaga ain’t s*** either (and certainly ain’t worthy of even being COMPARED to RiRi, get real!)

    GaGa ain’t takin’ over s***, lol…

  31. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    !!!!!!!!!!NEWS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!


  32. Anonymous February 27, 2009

    !!!!!!!!!!NEWS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!


  33. Anonymous February 27, 2009


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  34. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    sam is a such a hater,if u liked breakin dishes y hatin on this song coz it sounds the same
    and sam,rihanna doesnt know u so even if speak crap abt her 2 get attention u aint gonna get it coz she doesnt even know that there’s a site called thatgrapejuice..continue hatin and her account is goin full with all records that she’s sellin and even if u say she sells no records thats ur opinion coz she sold more than janet,mariah,brandy,jasmine sullivan,ashanti,keyshia cole combined

  35. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    Sam is ridiculous and tasteless with his Rihanna comments, continously hating on her is just ridiculous. Opinions and hatings, big f****** difference.

    He is very unprofessional and has the mouth of an extremely snooty and rude gay boy. I love gay people but they’re are those really rude ones who always have those custy comments to spread, his ultra feminen self probably wishes he was Rihanna so he could shag all the boys. *rolleyes*

    I don’t like Sam at all when it comes to Rihanna posting, he’s a loser and a jackass. And what’s the big deal? It’s a LEAKED track it’s not like it’s the first single off her new album you damn idiots

    And you Chris Brown fans are the biggest f****** idiotic IDIOTS EVER

    I dont care if their back on he’s a f****** loser ass twit and he’ll never be respected the same.

    Sam wants to f*** Chris Brown and his woman beating ass.

  36. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    Rihanna sold more than janet, mariah, brandy,jasmine sullivan, ashanti, and keyshia cole COMBINED???

    I want what these fucken RiRi stans are smoking!!

  37. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    rihanna’s worldwide sales for “good girl gone bad” are about = 7 million.
    mariah’s (for e=mc2) are about = 2.5 million.
    I guarantee you that the most recent albums by janet, brandy, jasmine, ashanti, and keyshia COMBINED do NOT MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE.

    sorry 7:45 AM, you lose.

  38. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    hey remember how much Sam loved beyonce’s “beautiful nightmare” when it leaked? That song was a blatant rihanna knock-off, just sayin.

  39. the-coolestperiod February 28, 2009

    Nobody gives a f*** about this lame ass girl. Her career will be finished soon. I hope somebody knocks her ass out again. SMH

  40. davionta March 1, 2009

    Ok, why yall always have to bring up beyonce. right now and in the future, Beyonce will contunue to be on top. She can sing, dance and it shows through the awards and recognition that she gets. So yall could take that s*** else where. Also this is Rihannas THIRD album. shall we compare her sells to all these others artist sells… Mariah carey third album music box sold 32 million copies world wide…. should we continue to go on… NO… so she didnt sell more than mariah I dont know what is wrong with 12:27.

  41. Anonymous March 5, 2009


    origdjeh1 on utube.


  42. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    I’ve downloaded this song…and heard it few times over..
    and I liked it..
    It has the pop dance rhythm similar to Breakin Dishes
    and since I like Breakin dishes so much..
    I can’t help it but to like this one..
    sam is fu**ing bitchy if he’s a hater of this song..
    I agree that RiRi outselling all the female artists around including Mariah,,.
    Go RiRi..
    People give negative reviews to almost all her songs but they’re hit worldwide
    Get Real people.///

  43. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    rihanna’s 7th single, Rehab broke top 20 easily..
    but look at Beyonce’s Diva, her 3rd single yet just cracked top 20..and Halo failed to crack top 40..
    what a shame!!! Beyonce fails, she ain;t no Diva..
    Riri is…

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