Eminem To Readies ‘Relapse’ For May 19th

Published: Thursday 5th Mar 2009 by Sam
Eminem To Readies 'Relapse' For May 19th
After more than 4 years out of the limelight (well kinda), Eminem is prepping not one, but two albums this year. Peep the report below via Billboard:

Eminem is making his “Relapse” a double: not only did the best selling rapper reveal the release date for his highly-anticipated return to the rap game, but he announced that the follow-up will drop in 2009 too.

“Relpase,” Eminem’s first full album of new material in four years, is due from Interscope/Aftermath/Shady on May 19. The album’s first single, “Crack the Bottle,” is currently at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. A second album, “Relapse 2,” is promised before the end of the year. “A lot of people were expecting Relapse to drop last year,” said Eminem in a statement. “I was one of them. Then Dre and I went back in the studio in September for a few days, and that turned into six months. We were on such a roll; we wound up with a ton of new music produced by Dre.”

Hmmm. ‘Stan’ and ‘Lose Yourself’ aside, I’ve never really been big on Mr Mathers. What’s more, in the time he’s been gone, I may be wrong, but I can’t say his presence in the Hip-Hop world was missed on any level of significance. So I’m kinda pessimistic about this all. That said, I guess time will tell…
Are you still checking for Eminem?

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  1. Anonymous March 5, 2009

    SAM, ur british ass dont kno s*** bout haa popular EM is in da States…. EM is huge heya.. ppl luv his musiq… so STFU sam

  2. Anonymous March 5, 2009


    origdjeh1 on utube.


  3. MusicisMYlifeCD94 March 5, 2009

    WTF LIl wayne ,eniminem ,ciara and letoya luckett releaseing on the same day! wow that is going to be interesting.

  4. Soufian March 6, 2009

    YES i am still checking for him, i love his music..

  5. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    Eminem is the Best Rapper Alive. Lil’ Wayne and Kanye have NOTHIN on this guy. Sure Lil Wayne may have sold 1 million albums but its all b*******. All his songs sound the same and Kanye has really dropped out. I mean AUTOTUNE? Its not his thing, and dont get me started with the fact that hes dating a STRIPPER?! Anyways Eminem is sure to make a comeback; although Crack A Bottle was not the single I expected. You watch Sam, Slim Shady is commin back

  6. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    ^Eminem sold 1 million records too in his first week with the Marshall Mathers LP.

    And Sam, you’re so out of touch with hip-hop and it shows lol . His presence wasn’t missed? Visit just about any hip-hop forum there is and ask them who’s album they’re most anticipated to hear. Eminem will be your answer. Or look over at Itunes, his single sold over 400k it’s first week and sky rocketed to number 1. The rap fans have been waiting on his comeback for a long damn time.

  7. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    the 1st post is on point

    eminem is big in america – not only america. but countries like nigeria, india, france, he’s very popular

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