Day26 – ‘Forever In A Day’ Cover

Published: Thursday 5th Mar 2009 by Sam
Day26 - 'Forever In A Day' Cover
Peep the official album cover for Day26’s sophomore effort ‘Forever In A Day’, which drops April 14th via Bad Boy Records / Atlantic. While the group’s new musical offerings, as featured on the current season of Making The Band 4, have me somewhat anticipating the record, the cover is a flat out hot mess. Very amateur looking…very ‘this is our first album’ looking too. SMH…
What do you think of the cover?

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  1. NICK March 5, 2009

    O MY GOD, so cheap & tacky, GROSS!! wats goin on? like seriously? they serious bout this?? WOW!!

  2. Anonymous March 5, 2009

    this aint their fault… dat mothafucka DIDDY is too cheap to spend $$ on marketin & promotion

    DAY26 aint goin nowheya under Diddy's bad boy label!!

  3. trustarboy March 5, 2009

    I couldn’t have said it better, it looks very “it’s my first album and i don’t have enough money to make a better cover”…i’m anticipating the record though

  4. Anonymous March 5, 2009

    i love them and all but i agree with anonymous lol 😛

  5. Mr. Mike March 5, 2009

    those dudes are talented but i think they may need new mgmt. it looks like the 4 dudes in the staring away are background singers….the diddy curse!

  6. Anonymous March 5, 2009

    WHAT THE F***!!!

    looks like they took a damn picture with they cell phones paste it on a background and said finish.

  7. Anonymous March 5, 2009

    its messed up how Will is the only one allowed to look directly into the camera while the others have to look off into the distance. Can we say Beyonce/Justin Timberlake/Nicole Scherzinger? I smell the production of a solo artist. I can already see the Drama. Wow…Diddy does not waist anytime.

  8. Anonymous March 5, 2009

    Lets not forget Dawn from DK…

  9. Anonymous March 5, 2009


  10. ND March 6, 2009


  11. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    And Que doesn’t even look like he’s part of the group. He looks like he’s off in space somewhere.

  12. MRSJONES March 6, 2009


  13. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    I think the cover is building off the momentum of the show, being that the guys are disagreeing and the cohesiveness is in now question. It’s suppose to have people thinking

  14. Soufian March 6, 2009

    wow it looks absolute s*** to be honest, and nothing wrong with a little photoshop because will has some tired looking eyes and it’s just wrong..robert is barely noticeable and Q is all alone dude wtf..god everything diddy creates..he also destroys

  15. BC March 6, 2009

    You can’t really blame Diddy and the budget. You can get any amatuer photographer to take a better picture and Photoshop it for $100. I’ve seen it happen.Looks like the set was about to fall down, too. LOL.

    I haven’t been watching the show much so I don’t know what’s going on with the group. I just know that I have no interest in their music. Maybe if they had more artistic input, their music wouldn’t sound so manufactured. I don’t know.

  16. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    check this out!
    this is the real cover!!!

    so much better!

  17. Anonymous March 7, 2009

    hate it

  18. Anonymous March 7, 2009

    I liked their first album cover maybe this is for the single or something cos it’s crap, I like the Amazon pic better, Day26 are good in my opinion Robert, Mike and Will are the talent I don’t mind Brian but he hollers a lot don’t care for Que he’s up himself like than beard of his Dawn

  19. P.bonez March 7, 2009

    kmt there rubbish anwya looool soryi never liked tem there are to many of them and there is a fat wun and a tall wun it dont look gd sorry this bad is a hotess there proberly big in the usa or atlanta or smthing but sorry they wont be big here there song are all rubbish i jus dont like them they dont bring nothing speacial to the table danity kae on the other hand was good but they split so wateva but i dnt reall cera what this band do cos im not intrested in there rubbish

  20. Anonymous March 9, 2009

    The cover looks plain sloppy. You have four of them on the left side of the cover, with the other one on the right side of the cover by himself. Then you have three of them looking in one direction, with one of them looking in the other, and the other guy looking straight into the camera. It looks like they tried to hide the big dude behind the other four, as you can only see his head (what’s up with that?)

    Yeah, it just looks plain messy. Diddy is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, his groups should look the same way. No excuse for this at all…

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