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Published: Tuesday 5th May 2009 by Sam
That Grape Juice UpdateI’ve been itching to update you guys on a number of things for a while now, but have been procrastinating. So without further ado LOL…

* Keri Hilson Interview:
Keri’s UK promo time was cut in half during her stay a few weeks back. Consequently, our time with her has been rescheduled to next month, when she hits the UK for on tour with Ne-Yo. Universal Music (UK) have assured that this will be going ahead. So please rest assured that we will be catching up with Keri in the weeks ahead.

* LeToya Interview:
Still waiting on the status of the project as well as our re-scheduled slot.

* General Interview Tidbit:
It can be (and is) very frustrating when these interviews get re-scheduled. However, anyone who knows the industry, knows that television and radio promotion are the label’s top priority – hence the regular rescheduling of internews. So, though reputable internet sites such as That Grape Juice are increasingly being viewed as great sources of promotion, it’ll be a while yet before the net, as a platform, is looked at in the same guise as TV and radio. The labels are listening though, which is a good thing.
I was considering scaling back / scrapping the ‘submit a question’ thing as it’s oh-so-annoying when interviews get re-scheduled or worse cancelled. However, I told myself to fall back LOL. I always say; I only want to do the sort of interview I’d want to read myself and not the same re-hashed interview an artist has given to the 10 publications before me and the 10 after. By allowing you, the That Grape Juice faithful, as well as artist’s fans, to submit questions, I feel, ultimately betters interview questions. So re-scheduling or not, I’mma keep throwing it back to you guys!
* Slow-Go: There is a lot legitimately going on behind the scenes, hence the slow-posting over the last few days. I ASSURE you, keep it locked on That Grape Juice over the coming days, weeks and months. A lot of exciting ish on the horizon…
Many thanks to each and every one of you for supporting the site. Do be sure to keep it locked on That Grape Juice and spread the word!

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