Ashanti Performs On The Early Show

Published: Friday 25th Sep 2009 by Sam

R&B star Ashanti stopped by the Early Show on CBS earlier this week to promote her stint as Dorothy on the Broadway adaptation of The Wiz, performing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’.

Like I’m sure Ms. Douglas is herself, I’m pretty fed up with her improved vocal delivery going so unnoticed. IMO, Ashanti really is underrated.

Any way, as one of those quite looking forward to her next studio effort, I’m still quite perplexed as to what the hell is going on with her label-wise. That moose, Irv Gotti, a few months back, insisted on telling the world Ashanti had been dropped from The INC / Universal Motown; yet reports later indicated she is still signed with them?

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous September 25, 2009

    shes got better but that upper register is still thin so she sounds shrieky

  2. Anonymous September 25, 2009

    She did really good.But she is no longer with Murder Inc anymore.

  3. Anonymous September 25, 2009

    Even if her voice has improved, it’s still not good. She was never a good singer, and will never be one. Time to retire.

  4. Anonnymous September 25, 2009

    She is very underated but it aint never stop her from staying on her grind! Ashanti has established herself in the game so she gonna been around for a while! As far as the haterz……they were here when she started so that is nothing new! Her voice is soft and beautiful and it’s her accent that people don’t like when she sings! I can’t wait to the next album! Come take back your thrown Shany

  5. number1k9 September 25, 2009

    I LOVVVE Ashanti. She is so sweet, and unlike any other R&B singers. I will not mention any names but she never comes across like she has a Diva mentality, isn’t arrogant, and the list goes on.

    And to the person above me, you are right even back when Ashanti was the biggest thing back in 2002 tons of people still hated on her, and despite those wishes that she should retire…it’s been over 8 years since then and her name is STILL out there. No ,matter if Ashanti is doing music, she is still writing, acting, etc.

    People who hate do not realize that sometimes instead of trying to turn people off from a person they are only attracting more people to them and giving them more attention. Like I mean it takes time out of your own day to write comments and speak on someone who you don’t like-so why waste the time…they’re undercover lovers!

    OH!!!! And I cannot wait for her album too!


  6. Teena September 25, 2009

    I really liked her performance . when I heard she was doing that musical stuff, I wasnt really sure what to expect of her, but she sounds great and has truly improved.

  7. Anonymous September 25, 2009

    LMAO at one of her haters on he commenting on her every move but saying she needs to retire. If she retired what would be the purpose for you to live . who would you hate on then.

  8. Anonymous September 25, 2009

    Honestly, underrated is a stretch.

    Brandy is underrated.

    Ashanti’s live performances were ALWAYS atrocious even when she was at the height of her career. Now that her career SEEMS to have peaked she just sounds average to me but still way better than in the past.

    She has some good songs but no one to stan over in my opinion.

  9. nate September 25, 2009

    She sounds really nice here… one thing im confused about is why is she singing Somewhere over the Rainbow, if shes in The Wiz?? The centerpiece song in The Wiz is Home. hmmmm

  10. Anonymous September 25, 2009

    Brandy is nowhere near underrated she gets her credit. And to top it off her voice is not that amazing Brandy always gets the credit she deserves and Monica deserves it more than Brandy. By the way Ashanti did a great job.

  11. Craver September 25, 2009

    I think she did a pretty good job. Her voice has definitely improved, but I think what I didn’t care for was how she kind of jumped into those high notes instead of smoothly transitioning. She doesn’t have a bad voice at all, her voice itself is good but I think her technique could be improved.

  12. Anonymous September 25, 2009

    Ashanti was in the wiz.She also played Dorothy three times now but anyways I really like her music and she is sopp overrated but hopefully her new album will be recognized

  13. Kyla September 25, 2009

    I know this has nothing to do with Ashanti’s performance which was lovely by the way but DANM man. I thought you were doing up the website a bit better than coloured text! You need to change that tired ass banner and update the background with another photograph of Michael perhaps. Just SOMETHING. Spice it up man.

  14. AJ September 25, 2009

    Yea Ashanti she coming back. Jus give it time. she mad talent. She write her own songs. Non like these other RB singers… includin B. She have huge standards as well as the other singer no name…. She still hold the biggest Album to date no one hasnt sold huge liket that…. And she have like 4 singeles on the charts in the top 10 at the same time…. list go on and on… I believe she is going to be around a long time… Jus negative and she always going to come kill it like everytime she does… Her last single The way that i love you. First week release a 1 million listening and sold the single im talkin about radio add…. the first week… oh yea she hell of mad s*** as hell. nelly stupid…..

  15. AJ September 25, 2009

    she dont get all her recognition. Thats cold..

  16. daznielle September 25, 2009

    when she first start i could tell she wasgonna b good the outfit and the hair do was great i dont care what u others say i thinks she good !!!

  17. number1k9 September 26, 2009

    The reason why she released “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” digitally as a single, and performed it as you saw here was to celebrate the anniversary of The Wizard Of Oz. I believe it’s like the 70th anniversary, or something….


  18. unknown September 26, 2009

    it was garbage and so is she.

  19. IVORY’S INTELLECT September 26, 2009

    It sounded VERY good. Her song material is poor but her voice has potential if given better songs. She’s not the worst singer in the business, so I don’t understand why she gets bashed so much. I guess it’s because she became so huge so fast.

  20. AshFan September 27, 2009

    YOU know what ^^^, I never thought of it like that, but you probably are right. People probably hate on Ashanti because she became big really in such a short time from her face and name first popping into peoples lives. Hmmmmm, great point!

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