New Song: Sugababes – About A Girl (w/ Jade Ewen) / Plus Interview Discussing New Line-Up

Published: Saturday 26th Sep 2009 by Sam

Sugababes and Jade

Amidst all the drama surrounding the Sugababes, the group visited BBC Radio 1 yesterday to premiere the new version of their latest single, the Red One produced ‘About A Girl’, with new vocals by their latest addition Jade Ewen.

Without slinging mud Jade’s way, I must say, I prefer Keisha’s version by a mile. Something about this re-recorded version conveys a generic and rushed aura. Take a listen to each version, and let us know which you prefer:

Keisha’s version:

Jade’s version:

Hit or Miss?


In other Sugababes news, check out their interview with Radio 1’s Scott Mills yesterday, in which they discuss Keisha’s departure and more.

Part 1

Part 2

While Jade came across well, I can’t say the same about Amelle and Heidi. If either were as media-trained as they should be at this time, they would have ascertained that it is not in their best interest to come across defiant or nonchalant about the past week’s events (especially Amelle); as, regardless of what was popping off behind-the-scenes, Keisha essentially was the Sugababes and should never have been booted.To think two people who weren’t even there at the group’s conception are the one’s lobbying for her ejection is disgusting. We don’t know what went on behind the scenes, yet if it was that volatile, surely the group could have just disbanded with their credibility in-tact – after this album. Instead, they are largely considered a joke by most now, and will have the utmost of up-hill struggles trying to claw back any notion of respect they once had. IMO, Heidi and Amelle seem so comfortable in the group, so much so that forcibly ousting the founding (and let’s be realistic, most talented) member was the only way forward. Heidi mentioned that she had to make the right decision, yet anyone with half-a-braincell (which makes me wonder about their management too) would have foreseen the backlash they’d receive after all this and let that factor into making such a decision. It’s actually all quite a shame, as – take away the group’s history etc – the current line-up do look great and, if  they were a new group, would actually stand quite a chance (particularly as we don’t have anything like them in the UK). However, the reality is that poor Jade has been thrust into a pretty sh*tty situation and it feels as if the group’s days are numbered.SMH….

Your thoughts?

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  1. Thatmangojuice September 26, 2009

    I can’t even fully listen to the non-keisha version. It’s simple, she is the trademark voice of the sugababes for me, she has been since Overload… i’m done with them now as these girls are not the sugababes.

  2. ND September 26, 2009


  3. Oggie September 26, 2009

    they look like a bumch of tarts now. The orginal line up were the anti girl group, they were all about the music, once Mutya left the music took a slight low and now without keisha your just looking at 3 tarts. Heidi added a fun element which made the girls 100% but the whole group don’t need to be like that. I hope Keisha, Mutya and Sibhon get back together and kick there arses those girls were real artist!

  4. dvd September 26, 2009

    big no! hate jade and hate the jade version.. they are only ho*s for me now

  5. Bella September 26, 2009

    wow, they seem to be so fake happy in the interview. they’re laughing waaaay too much.

  6. Anonymous September 26, 2009

    Without keisha there not the sugababes
    they will never be the same again

  7. Alaisdair September 26, 2009

    am so not happy with the new line up, as far as I’m concerned Sugababes are over, would love some keisha and mutya stuff though! ! that would be WIKED! and its such a shame cause Jade has a really great solo song out (My Man) and think she would have been great on her own.


  8. Fatima September 26, 2009

    Maybe Keisha is lucky. The new direction the band is taking is pretty terrible. Get S*** and this song are among the worst Babes tracks I’ve ever heard. They’re too grown to be this desperate. It is a really ill fitting look on them. And now that I no longer need to defend them, can I just say that I certainly won’t be missing Heidi’s overblown bridge sections anymore? She’s the musical equivalent of a wet blanket. Seriously.

  9. LP September 26, 2009

    wow, im not gonna lie- this story has got me hooked just like you sam, so im gonna use this blog to vent my frustrations on the matter.

    I actually cant believe what they (the girls and management)have done to keisha being the founder of the group and writer of their songs! and to think there are still people out there that are gonna buy into these girls (i cant even call them the sugababes- cause they are not!!) is CRAZY!

    I can see straight through that permanant half hearted fake grin of Heidi’s and Amelle seems to have a really snobby persona about her which probabaly lead to her getting a bollocking from keisha numerous times hence why she was unhappy with keisha and then for her to use the word “jealous” referring to her number 1 with tinchy (its just a thing that pretty girls always say when they do somthing wrong and someone pulls them up on it!) is a joke,

    I seriously hope this shows the wannabe pop stars outhere the downside to this buisness and how harsh it is, and how image orientated it is and how worst it has become and is gonna get,

    To me the new sugababes are a laughing stock and to me are three desperate wannabes who are willing to sell out (thier own members, thier bodies and all sense of dignity) for a little fame, and to think these girls are adults (amelle 25 and heidi 26) WOW that says it all,

    I believe keisha will reap the rewards eventually from all this, in the mean time i think everyone needs to continue highlighting how terrible this is

  10. Jeffrey September 26, 2009

    A big ditto to all the comments left so far…i’ve listened to both versions of the new single and jade’s version makes the song’s lyrcs sound even more empty. her voice is far from being bad but she has no “extra” to her voice…keisha’s version did bring the level of superficialness down a couple noches on the track…this whole situation is f*****. with “get s***” the sugababes went a completely wrong direction and im glad to see keisha jumped (or was pushed) from the sinking ship. the content of their music has diminished and with jade’s addition the group has lost what edge they had left. hope to see a successful keish solo album blow this imposter sugababes out of the water!

    and whoever made the comment about heidi’s overblown bridge sections…LMAO…so true…she never used to get a full verse and now she gets too much…can’t wait til amelle and her smiles are wiped off their faces…how could they not see a backlash with this!?

  11. Habib September 26, 2009

    i can’t even understand how the management ,can’t hear the difference between k and jade???like wtf!!!!
    this band is a joke now!!!!if they really want to sell this trash…they ‘d rather released the sweet 7 album with k’s vocals asap!!!!!i have nothin against jade but come on she’s not keisha….

  12. MG September 26, 2009

    This interview actually makes me feel a little sick. Hot steaming mess!

  13. MG September 26, 2009

    they only met the girl effectively two weeks ago – this is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That management team won’t be taken seriously again!

  14. TD September 26, 2009

    I think that both versions are good but I must say that I prefer the one with Jade in it! Kiesha was okay but I always thought that she was not the best Sugababe, I am not saying that she cannot write good songs but she always came across really rude in Interviews and just seemed a b*tch. I think that Jade is good and I hope that she does well from it.

    And if everyone thinks that Kiesha is sooooo amazing then why are they complaining she is going solo so you get to listen to her. If you do not like the new sugababes then dont listen but dont keep complaining about it!!

  15. E-JAY September 26, 2009

    TO the person above…Last time I checked Sam asked for our comments and I agree with the majority. It’s true that people can be b******… but if Keisha was as willing to change like she said.. then I don’t understand why her bandmate Heidi wouldn’t have given her the benefit of the doubt. I agree that sometimes it just doesn’t work but you owed Keisha alot more than a swift kick in the a*** out of the group. How shady to do all the pllaning behind her back. BTW Jade single “My Man” is AMAZING her version of “About A Girl” is NOT! I’m just sick from how dirty it went down. I will say, I hope the next single is 10 times better than what they turned About A Girl into. and I do wish Keisha a #1 solo single.

  16. Anonymous September 26, 2009

    lol theres not even that much of a difference…if you’re talking about the tracks purely and nothing to do with the drama….

  17. KingOfCups September 26, 2009

    Sorry but I’ve always thought Keisha had an attitude problem – with the way she’s came accross on tv, sensed a bitchy side; but… i’ve always liked the sugababes.

    Heidi’s point about keeping the group name was completely valid. they DID NOT hit the big time till she joined the group.

    the thing is – if ur in a group situation, u wanna surely cut out the negative part to keep up the positive momentum, they obv wanted to continue; but not with keisha. which i say is fair enough. also i think keisha had a prob with amelle the fact that amelle took lead on get s*** and has had a No1 with Tinchy…

  18. Tina September 26, 2009

    Can someone tell me which parts Jade sings? I cannot tell the difference between her voice and Amelle’s as pathetic as that is. Thanks.

  19. Anonymous September 26, 2009

    Nah, Jade’s voice isn’t strong enough to carry off this track. …Bet they’re missing Keisha now!

  20. Anonymous September 26, 2009

    Amelle, “Can’t be arsed!” Cheeky B****!!!

    Not liking these B****** at all now!

    And, “new and improved?!?!” Yeah…my a***!

  21. k September 26, 2009

    Nasty disgusting girls. RIP Sugababes and good luck Keisha!

  22. Anonymous September 26, 2009

    ok so i found out the reason that Keisha was put out the group was two things one was yes Keisha and Amelle did go sour and Amelle is the pretty money maker right now but two is for their american debut, they dont see Keisha making it on the POP side of the american charts so if they have light mixed girls with ok voices and a white girl it would be better to go worldwide (glamor it up), yes Keisha is amazing but their management doesn’t see them taking over the US with Keisha(sad but true). Keisha would have to go up against other black singers in the US. She has a great voice but she doesn’t sound that good compared to some of the girls here in the US and she isn’t as pretty, So they fired her and blamed it on her bullying so they can’t figure out the real plot behind the Sugababes going worldwide. Its all a Game!!!!!!MONEY!!!!!!!!! Keisha is a amazing in the UK but Like Destiny’s child they have to go more POP to compete with Britney, Lady Gaga,Rihanna, Pussycat dolls, and Etc, and that means take out the soul…..(Keisha)

  23. Anonymous September 26, 2009

    I feel gutted that Amelle & Heidi’s managers have elected to disbanf the Sugababes by ensuring them a sure-fire way to FLOP. They must be still interested in managing Kiesha… well that’s management for you!

    I actually think Kiesha can do well on her own, and could’ve done Ah-Mazing with the girls stateside…

    This is all too Geri Halliwell & Spice Girls circa 1998 for me…. ugh.

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  26. Anonymous September 27, 2009

    Well its all a load of s***.
    Amelle Can’t sing and she thinks she’s good-looking don’t make me laugh. Keisha has always been the glue for the group in all the line ups she just knows how the group should sound like and had always had the groups best intrest at heart.

  27. ….. September 27, 2009

    They have no wright to call them sugababes no more

  28. antertain September 27, 2009

    Whether she acts bitchy or not Keisha was the founding member remaining FULL STOP!!!

    Sugababes were never moulded as a typical girl group in the 1st place as in particular Keisha & Mutya had an edge, swagger and attitude to them.

    They came out as an urban pop act but now they want them as fully pop.

    Jade is a very cool girl and had a cool tune out. It’s a shame she’s thrown into such turmoil but she’ll be ok.

    Personally i don’t think all of Keisha’s vocals are cut from the track because i can hear parts of her involved but Jade defo took the leading parts.

    I guess it is what it is

  29. diamond September 27, 2009

    Very nervous laughs
    I hope Jade fits in but personally i think there’s still a bad seed in the group and i wouldn’t say it’s Heidi.

    This interview basically says that the Sugababes were gonna break up if Keisha stayed and the label/mamagement didn’t want that after spending the money for this album and videos.

    I wonder if Keisha’s comments about she believed Mutya was the most talented Sugababe ever was the last straw for Heidi & Amelle.
    Maybe being Raw & Honest isn’t allowed anymore.

  30. Imyourstar702 September 27, 2009

    I didn’t bother to listen to the interview because i know their all full of puke anyway.

  31. Jeddy September 28, 2009

    Um… I’m not happy about the line-up change at all, but I listened to both side by side, and um… Jade had the more soulful voice. Isn’t Jade the one singing the chorus on the 2nd version? I would prefer that Keisha remain in the group, but I must say… Jade does have a stronger and more soulful sound in her version. Sorry guys.

  32. tomtunes September 28, 2009


  33. Malibongwe September 28, 2009

    Lol, this is the first time I’ve heard Jade’s voice. Not bad at all… but obviously I prefer my girl, Keisha’s, version. I just love Keisha’s voice. I don’t know if ill listen to the interview or not…

  34. Excegomog September 28, 2009

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  35. DiamondTeddyBear September 29, 2009

    That’s crazy! I’ve never been a huge fan of the original girls…for some reason they just looked weird to me..but the music was good. To kick an original member out of the group is crazy but that just shows how much control she had over the name. The label owns it. It’s kind of like if Michelle from Destiny’s child..started another Destiny’s child without beyonce and kelly…or at least another original member ..who would listen to that?

  36. Jane October 2, 2009

    It sickens me to think that Keisha was replaced by Jade purely because Roc Nation doesn’t have faith that a pop girl group featuring a black singer can cut it in America. This was my initial thought when the news broke that she was ousted and I still feel the same. The integrity of the group has been compromised, irreparably… and for what? To sell a few albums here in the U.S.? Instead of placing their faith in a new face and what they perceive as an easy sell, Roc Nation should have placed their faith in U.S. audience. The Sugababes were never given a fair shot with an American fanbase and sadly, we will be deprived of Keisha’s geat talent going forward. Memo to Roc Nation: there’s NOTHING wrong with having a black girl in a pop group! It served as part of their appeal, that each girl had a different background. It hurt me deeply that she was pushed out of the group after coming this far, only to be discounted and replaced. I wish her every success as a solo artist and will miss her dearly as a Sugababe.

    I pose a question to Sugababes’ fans: will you honestly ever enjoy a live performance of “Too Lost In You” or “Follow Me Home” the same without Keisha’s soaring vocals? Who else could have could have freaked the hook on “Side Chick”?

    I can’t say with certainty that I will purchase or support their latest endeavor. My dreams of seeing the Sugababes live in NY have been crushed. Nothing against Jade Ewen, but Keisha Buchanan cannot be replaced.

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