Breaking: Keisha Leaves The Sugababes; Gets Solo Deal / Jade Ewen Joins

Published: Monday 21st Sep 2009 by Sam
Breaking: Keisha Leaves The Sugababes; Gets Solo Deal
In a shocking new twist, Keisha Buchanan has left the Sugababes – not Amelle – and has been replaced by Jade Ewen This confirmed on the group’s official site:

Sugababes Statement
Monday 21st September

The current line-up of the Sugababes has disbanded.

Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah will continue as the Sugababes and will be joined by new member Jade Ewen. They release their album ‘Sweet 7’ on November 23rd through Island Records.

Keisha Buchanan will continue to record for Island Records as a solo artist. {Source}

*UPDATE* Keisha has taken to her Twitter to address her departure from the group:

Dear Friends,

I’m sad to say that I am no longer apart of the Sugababes.

I’ve had a great time and have achieved more then I ever thought I would.

Although it was not my choice to leave, it’s time to enter a new chapter in my life
I have nothing but positive things to say about the girls and I wish them the best of luck.

I would like to state that there were no arguments, bullying or anything of the sort that lead to this.

Sometimes a break down in communication and lack of trust can result in many different things.

I would also like to point out that I have always supported the girls and they have also supported me.

Remember my drunk pictures out with Amelle, supporting her on her success with Tinchy Stryder… Oh the shame… But what a fun night we had

Now I’m going to take some time to focus on me. I’ve been in this band for 11 years and I have achieved so much.

I have a great family and friends who are behind me 100% and at the age of 24, I’m now going out into this world on my own…

Although im nervous… I’m still very excited on what lies ahead. 🙂

I want to thank the Sugababes fans and my fans for all your support and all who have never judged me, but excepted me for who I am…The feisty, funny, professional, fearless, motor mouth… lol

This is not the end… but the beginning!!!!

Thank you always… Keisha xxx

*UPDATE 2* The plot thickens… News of the World editor Dan Wotten has taken to his Twitter account to spill the beans on some of the behind the scenes drama that has been popping off:




Keisha was booted out of her own band. She is the voice of this band. I feel her treatment has been DISGUSTING. She did EVERYTHING she could.

The Sugababes management were auditioning members and re–recording the album in LA this week BEHIND KEISHA’S BACK. WTF???

She reached out to both Amelle and Heidi. Attempted to find out how she could change to make this work. She had never been cautioned before.

Keisha was told that Amelle is now the Sugababes. How deluded is that? She’s the voice of the band, she wrote the songs. This is WRONG.

I can report Island Records have bn supportive of Keisha. That’s the good news. This was driven by Heidi, Amelle and the band’s management.

Keisha stayed in LA to try and work this out. She was prepared to make compromises to the girls so the line-up could stay in tact.

I must stress Keisha was NOT lying to me on Saturday evening when she said Jade was not joining the band. She did not know at that point.

The management didn’t want a member who could speak for herself and would not be muzzled. That does NOT make her a bully. I know that.

I believe management were not happy with my interview with Keisha telling the TRUTH about Amelle’s disappearance –

Keisha caught the plane to LA with Heidi. They kissed at the airport. But Heidi did NOT stick up for her after all these years.

Keisha is best mates with Leona Lewis. We all know Leona would not be friend with a bully, no way.

Keisha stayed the night at Amelle’s house just three weeks ago. Why would you let your ‘bully’ stay the night?

OMG! To say this is shocking would be an understatement. The sole original member of the group leaves. Wow…I’m kinda speechless. Check back for my full take on this a bit later…
Your thoughts?

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  1. ThatMangoJuice September 21, 2009

    i am heart broken 🙁 really mutya leaving was like a big pill to swallow ( is that even correct) … and now my favourite leaves. Okay so they should change the name now because it's not the sugababes now, that's some random new group … except for heidi i truly love her.

    I'm just lol lost in words, i guess i'm gonna have to just continue listening to the songs they used to make …. can all my favourite groups please stop f****** disbanding…

  2. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    I much prefer Amelle's voice. it's much stronger.

    I'm happy she left. She always seemed so arrogant, and in the "Get S***" video she looked like she didn't even wanted to be there.

  3. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    Good. I thought she was always the prettiest.
    And her voice seems nice.

    So she'll be fine.
    I just….ugh, I mean groups shouldn't have to regroup that much. It's so stupid, and obviously something is wrong, so she might as well leave…..

    Or better yet, she and Mutuya should sing together. 😀

    Anyways, today is all bout Mariah anyway.

  4. Wes jones September 21, 2009

    Well I wish them the best of luck. I just became a fan of them, and well I guess not anymore. Why cant girl groups stay together? I seriously hope this wasn't a management move, to remove the "URBAN" from the group, i.e. girlicious.

    Sam I guess you will have a Juicy interview on your way.

  5. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    they change their members more often than their underwear

  6. MG September 21, 2009

    Dude I'm am in pure shock!!!! Too random for words!

  7. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    Bad! i knew they were manufactured but to kick someone out like that is heartless! I hope that they now totally flop!!!!

  8. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    keisha IS the sugababes. the band wont survive especially with that wack a** second single…

  9. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    all i can say is that is f***** up…seriously. keisha was the sole original member left carrying on the roots of the sugababes. with jade ewen's addition they really lose their overall appeal. she has a good voice but absolutely no extra 'something'…she's quite boring in fact…and heidi…she suprises me the most in this situation for some reason. the whole outcome is truly backstabbing. to have followed the sugababes from 'overload' and to this…just a mess.

    (however, i am anxious to hear how they sound acapella and acoustic…sugababes have always been known for putting on a good live showing…but each girl's voice have always fit a certain niche…they may really lose their edge with this)

  10. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    keisha, siobhan, and mutya…the ORIGINAL REAL sugababe…should work their s*** out and get their asses back together and blow these replacement b****** out the water…i am really saddened by this, loved keisha's voice, best voice the group ever had, amelle has her moments vocally…but keisha murders her.

  11. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    have you forgotten that she is still going to have a soloo career?! and Keisha herself said she nothing but good things to say about the other girls?.. i don't buy any of this backstabbing story. That twett sounds really childish.

  12. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    Sugababes are dead without Keisha

  13. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    I think the reason they did this is cuz they gonna come out in the states nd keisha was pretty much the lead singer nd as much as i hate 2 say or think this….i think put jade in is 2 speak 2 a broader audience all light skinned girls nd one white…i mean i NEVA EVA heard of a solo artist all of a sudden becoming a member of a already excisting group thats just 2 weird..guess jade didnt had the sales they wanted solo…i predict sugababes gonna fail now…nd keisha gonna blow up LOL

  14. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    WTF?!?! Those fucken B******! And the management…Bastards! Keisha's way better off without the lot of 'em! They'll soon regret their decision those fricken C****!!!

  15. TheMilkMen September 21, 2009

    Lets just say the Sugerbabes have officially come to an end !!

    How are they gonna kick out the one original member that was left in the band !!

    UGH!!That has always been Amelles plan to be the lead ever since she came !!! UGH !!

    I am MAD !!! But Keisha can do better without them !!

  16. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    Totally gobsmacked!!!

  17. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    I am so sick! I cannot believe this. Keisha was my favorite. I can't believe the girls didn't stand up for her! This is absurd. She founded the group…how could they do this???!!!!

  18. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    I can't believe they got rid of Keisha!

    Are they that retarded!

    She made the group, with her amazing voice and talents!

    I can't stand Amelle or her horrible voice!

    I like Jade but this is the biggest mistake the dumb record company could have ever made!

    The Sugababes are over forever!

    Good luck Keisha, I love you and am sure you will be a solo success with your amazing talents.

  19. antertain September 22, 2009


    That group has the nails in the coffin.
    Sugababes is not a brand its a group so with no originals left its OVER(like LeToya's Song)..

    This is too strange for words
    I know Mutya gonna be on the phone to Keisha to say "lets f** em up" I see a collabo happening there.

    I like the Sugababes a lot but with no Keisha that's a wrap.
    Everyone has run-in's and disagreements here and there but it's sooo unethical to do that behind her back.

  20. R.I.P September 22, 2009

    without an original these's not a chance and Jade's singing style doesn't really come out of ballads but we'll see.

  21. Anonymous September 22, 2009

    keisha is overrated!

  22. Malibongwe September 22, 2009

    I can't wait to support Keisha. I can't believe Heidi let this happen, even though it might have not been her choice… as for Amelle… I had come to terms with her replacing Mutya and now this???? F**KED UP doesn't even begin to explain this HOT A** MESS. Wow, I just texted my friend who was slowly getting into the group, thanx to me, Lol… This is just a mess. That's all I can manage to say right now

  23. Anonymous September 22, 2009

    great and all that keisha MAY have a solo career, but there is no guarantee. just because there is major talent there and already made success does not mean when she releases material, that it is gonna go straight to the top…she is in a totally different market now out of a group, she is in the solo female category and if u don't have a certain thing going or a definite vision, it's a wrap. keisha was aand still is my fave, she'll always be a sugababe in the fans eyes.

    and u best believe the "backstabbing" story. of course she is only going to have "good" things to say about the girls. the story that "it was not my choice to leave" speaks for itself, and if she said how she truly feels she would look like a bitter b****. we already have 2 sides of the story, amelle and heidi better try to clean up kicking the only remaining original member out and replacing her with a talented yet EMPTY artist.

  24. Anonymous September 22, 2009

    Keisha has a unique voice & it’s very powerful, I hope she finds some really great songwriters & producers and come out with a successful album.

    Jade ewen voice isn’t that great, why would you leave a solo career for a group unless your sell aren’t that high.

    I see people commenting say it’s not a because Keisha black cause jade is black. in the industry
    it is like that keisha dark skin jade is light skin and mixed we saw the same thing with girlicious, tiffany was to urban for the group.

    I think it’s more because she had the more powerful voice out of the girls & was the last original member, therefore the one more likely to be in the spot light in interviews, US girl groups are different to UK girl groups , in the US whoever has the more powerful distinctive voice is always seen as the lead.

    The management & label wanted to push amelle as the lead singer. you can see that in the posters then have her in the front. In ‘get s***’ she had the most vocals on the track, At a time when she is meant to be promoting the new album she doing a single with tinchy. It was all a push to make her the lead singer of the band.

  25. Anonymous September 22, 2009

    They used to say mutya was bitchy before she left the group & yet no one said anything about Heidi, why is it always the black girls, I don't know amelle she probably a nice girl, but I pick up that she someone who like to be the centre of attention.
    the management never wanted to push Keisha as the lead, I know how the industry works & they always push mutya as the lead, then when she left they promoted Heidi, now amelle and Keisha’s out & maybe she always knew what they were doing and voiced her concerns.

  26. Anonymous September 22, 2009

    keisha was also my know, when they joined roc nation (jayz) i said nothing good would come out of this..when they said they wanted to cross over into america,i was like ok will see how they do that and now they kick keisha out for someone less talented but maybe more marketable according to them??? bye bye suga babes..good luck with roc nation and whatever you think they have instore for you..this is just a disaster..they have just managed to tear down a group in less the a couple of months..this is just bad..

    keisha will do well on her own i know..she must mutya and do as song together..i like for amelle, i like her new song with trincy though..sam how come you never post stuff on trincy and them or whatever his name is??

  27. Anonymous September 22, 2009

    I cannot beleieve what is going on. Keisha getting kicked out her own band.

    Keisha and mutya need to get back together the original members. Their the ones that named it sugar babes.

    Thats like in destinys child michelle farrah kiking out beyonce and getting a girl to take beyonces place and naming it destinys child.

  28. Anonymous September 22, 2009

    so why the f*ck are they callin themselves the sugababes? I mean seriously! Keisha need to hook up with mutya and start they own group.

  29. Anonymous September 22, 2009

    oh and sugababes was a wack name anyway.

  30. Anonymous September 22, 2009

    So what? Who really gives a damn…NEXT!!!

  31. Anonymous September 22, 2009

    What the f*** are they going to do now?!?!?!..Keshia's voice is and always will be a distinct part of the group and now they've brought this Jade Ewen who i know nothing about apart from a boring and tired eurovision performance and a s***** first single..
    I've never really gotten over Mutya leaving and being replaced by ole rat face try hard Amelle and this news is blowing me out of the water!!
    Lets sit back and wait for this new ""reformed"" group to flop!!

  32. Anonymous September 23, 2009

    no way amelle is the future of that group and management knows it shes got an edge and i think her vocals are the best and not to mention shes the only one with any presance on stage….her single with tinchy was like the British live your life theyre gonna do just fine over here

  33. SensationalA September 23, 2009

    i don't understand this at all…i've heard shes a bully but to kick her out just before an album release? i'm thinking it might have been for in we'll all go out and buy it just to hear jade in it. which we wont. i like jade but it seems like a cop out for her to take this place when she has a solo deal. I know it wasn't going as planned but still, try a little harder and longer. Now shes piggybacking on other peoples success. I don't think amelle will stay long btw..i think shes waiting for an oppurtunity to go solo. Like nicole scherzinger. I feel so sorry for Keisha.

  34. Anonymous September 23, 2009


    That is too deep and doesnt make any sense. How can their management think this is a good idea??? It aint the sugababes without her and I dont think they;ll last long. Amelle has a very stong voice and is edgy but she wont MAKE the group.

  35. Anonymous September 24, 2009


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