Kelly Rowland At MTV Latin Awards

Published: Saturday 17th Oct 2009 by Sam

International star Kelly Rowland looked the picture of fierceness at the MTV Latin Awards this week in Universal City, California. Dressed in SPACE designer catsuit to perform her smash ‘When Love Takes Over’, Ms. Kelly looked the best she has in a long, long time. Loving the look. With the industry today being just as much about what we see as well as what we hear, I’m hoping Kelly sticks to a look like this and makes it her own. Her own ‘theme’, if you like. Work.


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  1. lyric_lee October 17, 2009

    god ms kelly there are no words to express how i feel 0 so fierce and so confident – finally being recognize for who u are as an indvidual – cant wait till next year – with all the love and promo ur getting just mutliply by 4 to 6 tymes for the singles plus the major promo for each and a world wide tour with a video anthology and this could be the step to further cement u as an international superstar – sounds so much better when ur conquering 20 countries as opposed to one. ms kelly will be iight and i can wait for album number 3. she better “work”.=!!!!!!!!

  2. YASSSS October 17, 2009

    She looks too damn s*** in the outfit!
    I love this new image she’s going with since that is what people want to see today and I hope she sticks with it, I wish her the best and can’t wait for her 3rd album to drop!!!

  3. dakkylove October 17, 2009

    that’s our black barbie looking fierce you guys need to be honest kelly will look good in anything she has those kind of looks. i love her can’t wait for her album next year.

  4. sokmidik October 17, 2009

    She looks hot!!!! Now if we could only get a smash hit single and album that’s actually hers not David Guetta’s that be even better.

  5. Mike October 17, 2009

    She looks like a s*** horse in tights.

  6. Dawon October 17, 2009


  7. WhoMad? October 17, 2009


    F**, you mad?

  8. Me October 17, 2009

    Could she be the most beautiful girl in the world? A RESOUNDING YES!!

  9. Mike October 18, 2009


    No girl, are u mad that I dont care for a tall glass of yaki and spandex?

  10. WhoMad? October 18, 2009


    I see you stay on Kelly’s sack, she must be doing something right to have you on her every topic. Stay mad.

  11. Mike October 18, 2009


    Girl, Im not mad, Im just being honest. You just cant take it, queen. But since you are on my sack, I guess Im doing something right, too. lol

  12. Love October 19, 2009

    Kelly is just so beautiful. Wish her all the best!

  13. loso October 19, 2009

    Man it dont make sense for woman to own all that beauty!!!!!!!!!!!! She is flawless body and face!!!!!!!!!

  14. WhoMad? October 19, 2009

    @ Mike

    Gurl, you stay mad. Toya is that you? LAWWD.

  15. wacko October 20, 2009

    she got beyonce

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