Kelly Rowland Performs At MOBO Awards (Drama)

Published: Thursday 1st Oct 2009 by Sam

MOBO Awards 2009 Nominations The MOBO Awards 2009 took place in Scotland last night at the SECC Area. Ever on point with our award show coverage, we have been in search of performance videos, yet little of substance has popped up Youtube (something in itself I’d imagine folk will read into). In any case, our girl Kelly Rowland performed her smash duet with David Guetta ‘When Love Takes Over’ at the event, however sound issues plagued the performance, something Kelly herself took to her Twitter after her performance to vent about. See Kelly’s Twitter message, as well as the actual performance below:

But, what I will say is the MoBo’s owe me an apology!!!! I was LIVID after the show! I wanted you guys to be the 1st to hear it from me! rehearsals. were fine. soundcheck. was fine. performance, wad a struggle at 1st. But, I got through it! {Source}

Ms. Kelly seemed heated (peep her face when she realised the issue). Not a bad performance, considering. I’m looking forward to seeing Kelly perform new material now, though.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous October 1, 2009

    what was the problem didnt they give her any of beyonce’s echo

  2. MG October 1, 2009

    terrible – feel for her big time!

  3. KL October 1, 2009

    that was actually a good performance,…my fav so far.

  4. kayla October 1, 2009

    damn they tryed kelly still love her though

  5. october October 1, 2009

    She still sounded f***** amazing.

  6. lyric_lee October 1, 2009

    still fierce! i know she was pissed and i would be too. i didnt even know she was performing at the event? love her

  7. Alex Costa October 1, 2009

    Despite the problem at the beginning of the performance, was one of the best shows of “When Love Takes Over” for me.

  8. d October 1, 2009

    lmao if this was mariah ciara or anyone else you’d be hating. she cracked all the way through

    she is no beyonce

  9. jade October 1, 2009

    mariah just to old need to sit down somewhere and retire,…ciara just cant sing at all,…so how dare u put her in that sentence. Great performance tho kelly

  10. Jenn October 1, 2009

    @ 5:39 pm

    mariah stays cracking.

  11. Mike October 1, 2009

    Kelly should be happy she is is able to do big shows without DC. That tweet was unprofessional and child-like. Kelly, get over it, girl. You’re not important in the US, so dont ruin it for yourself over there.

  12. ? October 2, 2009

    @ Mike
    She’s lucky enough to have thousands who love her in the U.S. you got no one, boo.

  13. Bobby from Bulgaria October 2, 2009

    Nobody can touch Mariah, that’s a fact! 🙂

    As for Kelly, she’s coming to perform “When Love Takes Over” at a concert on 11th October in Sofia, Bulgaria along with other performers…

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  14. Zebady October 2, 2009

    She sounded a hot ass mess regardless of the intermittent sound issues. Why she sound like she been gargling gravel??
    I’ve heard much better performances of this song from her…

  15. Why the upset October 2, 2009

    Aside from a few gliches at the very beginning,she did great. The audience could certainly hear her. Maybe the problem was that she could not hear herself and as a result her timing was slightly off but vocally she was on point. Powerful voice. Angry singing works for Kelly apparently. She should get angry more often.

  16. lyric lee October 2, 2009

    she handled it like a tru pro – she very raw and i love that about her – she is doing waat she knows how to do and thats y she is KELLY ROWLAND. im so glad they didnt try to make her lip synch it

  17. antertain October 2, 2009

    Kelly’s done it better.
    She pushed toooo hard.

    Mayb the start threw her whole performance

  18. tld October 2, 2009

    Hint.. Stop performing the same song, KELLY!!!!!

  19. PLUG October 2, 2009

    To Tid,
    The song is a big hit. People are obviously enjoying it and David and Kelly are obviously being booked to perform it. Don’t be upset with Kelly. Girlfriend is getting mad gigs and her third album hasn’t even been released yet. Be patient,eventually we’ll get new material from her.

  20. fierce October 2, 2009

    I never thought I would see the day when Kelly would sound better than that gargling mess Mariah.
    Kelly girl you is fierce.

  21. Turn October 2, 2009

    Please know that I want Kelly to do well. Why can her fans not be honest? I’m glad she’s one of the few artists that are brave enough to sing live, but she was off key almost the whole performance. The LAST time Sam posted a video, people said her voice was shaky in the beginning and now with this video her voice was again shaky and/or maybe she can’t hear herself. The reason she gets compared to Beyonce is because they came from the same group and Sam would be hard pressed to find a video of Beyonce sounding bad while performing live. Can we just admit she’s a good studio singer and buy her album without saying her performances are better than they really are?

  22. ? October 2, 2009

    Now that I see it Kelly does sound better than mariah.
    Mariah’s recent performances are just boring with no creativity towards them, while Kelly acutally does something that’s worth watching.

  23. Oh Please October 2, 2009

    Kelly sounds great when she performs so long as she’s not holding back and this song is not a hold back song. If Beyonce were the one screaming and growling and gyrating all over the stage people would be falling at her feet to practically worship her but let Kelly show her inner fierceness and suddenly she’s off key or shaky which couldn’t be further from the truth. If Kelly doesn’t have anything else she has perfect pitch. She does not sing off key. She lacks control at times when she gets too excited but she has a great tone and when she wants to she has microphone busting power. The girl can SANG! I’m so tired of people trying to minimize her talent in order to big up Beyonce’s who has had plenty of less than perfect performances. Leave Kelly alone. She is doing her thing and she
    is finally showing the world that she is ready to sing without inhibition and perform without reservation. She’s finally giving us a small piece of what we’ve all been waiting for and she’s just getting started.

  24. daniel October 3, 2009

    Lol. she’s a a a DIVA. AY!

  25. daznielle October 3, 2009

    i listen to couple of sec and its a bunch of s*** i know the music was frig up right but gggg u didnt had to sound thar bad

  26. Davey October 4, 2009

    Sam, I don’t know if you read the comments on your site – I know you never reply, but I hope you at least read them.

    The bottom line is, if this was Mariah Carey or Rihanna, you would be slating the hell out of her, and you know that’s truth. If this was Mariah, you wouldn’t buy the “mobos-messed-up-my-sound” excuse/

    I love your blog, and I agree with most things you say, but you have to be honest at all times. She may be your girl, but the bottom line is, Kelly Rowland flopped big time here.

    She’s not some new performer on her first high-profile appearance. She’s one of the most seasoned live performers in the business, and should’ve been able to overcome this without any trouble.

    Put it down as a rare mistake/low-point in her normally impressive performance record if you want, but you need to hold your hands up when necessary and admit that Kelly messed up big time, and stop being so biased towards the ones you like.


    I would appreciate you replying to this, but I don’t expect you will admit you’re girl messed up.

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