New Song: Mariah Carey – ‘Skydiving’ (Produced By Timbaland)

Published: Wednesday 30th Sep 2009 by Sam
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While Mariah Carey’s ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ LP struggles to set the charts ablaze, a new cut recorded during sessions for the LP has surfaced in the form of ‘Skydiving’. Produced by none other than Timbaland, this busy mid-tempo packs a serious punch on the production tip; and, though Mariah enlists her irritating whisper/breathy delivery for much of the track (and what she sings is inaudible at times), she rides the beat well, sounding progressively better on the verses. I like. Had this been sung more (as opposed to whispered), it would have been a great addition to the album IMO…

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Imyourstar702 September 30, 2009

    Can someone please tell me what the hell shes saying!!

  2. Mike September 30, 2009

    Interesting that the person who is criticizing Mariah so much, is a Kelly Rowland stan. I can only hope that you will one day be as “honest” with Kelly as you are with Mariah.

  3. BINKIE September 30, 2009


  4. Dee September 30, 2009

    To Mike @ 6:01 pm: I was wondering if I was crazy thinking Kelly Rowland was not the best vocally. While I don’t like Mariah’s whispy sound she can still sing Kelly under the table. I don’t mean to lash out at Kelly it’s just that I’ve seen videos of them both singing live and I think because people genuinely want Kelly to succeed they overlook her mediocre performances while Mariah is held to a much higher standard.

  5. Bobby from Bulgaria September 30, 2009

    Lambs, don’t even bother to write comments here anymore… This blog is obviously going to a deep decline…

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  6. aiecia October 1, 2009

    M’s new cd isn’t bad at all. “I do wish she would take a chance at that surgory for her vocal cordes” I miss her hitting her high notes. This one is better than her last cd.

  7. Anonymous October 1, 2009

    im so sick of people coming at kelly sheis doing her thing she has had a #1 this year Mariah hast but i still love mariah she is cool but dont try and diss kelly because sam is telling the truth

  8. Proud Whitney fan October 1, 2009


    Whitney’s album debuted at #1 with 301k albums sold FIRST WEEK, and then some amazing 160k albums sold during the third week.
    Mariah’s opening week numbers are the same as Whitney’s 3rd week numbers.

    What comes around goes around. To all the haters (and lambs) saying Whitney is a “has been” for years, this is your moment. Take that.

    Now lambs are coming up with arguments like “#2 is hardly a flop”, “oh in this age 160k isn’t bad”, “she has done no promotion”…

    WHITNEY has done zero promotion, NO hit singles and still #1 album already gold now. Oprah was during the third week. Mariah is probably struggling to even go gold.

    It’s not about promotion, not about bloggers being “biased”, not about album artwork. It’s about the quality of the music. I Look To You is “quality music”. “Memoirs” isn’t.

    Let’s hope that these lambs will buy the album together to make her album go #1.

    Whitney – no hit singles because radio doesn’t play it. Radio isn’t about music anymore. But when the quality of your entire ALBUM is good, people will still root for you. That’s why Whitney’s album debuted at 301k.

    Face it, it’s about the quality of the music, STUPID!

    And pricing “Memoirs” at $5.99, obviously, doesn’t help much.

    $5.99 stands for the quality of your music – TOO CHEAP!

  9. Bobby from Bulgaria October 1, 2009

    You wanna know why Whitney got that much attention first week???


    That’s all… People wanted a comeback…

    And we still can’t say for sure how many sales will “Memoirs” have in a week…

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  10. Anita October 1, 2009

    Seriously. I can’t even CARE anymore. This is going to be a flop. I am a huge fan, and I just don’t care anymore. I love the album and if Mariah and her team want to do it like this for the rest of her life, well let them do it, but don’t expect another number 1 hit ever of her. This is so sad, I REALLY DON’t understand this anymore..welcome e=mc2 part 2 era.

  11. Matt October 1, 2009

    Wow, Timbo really did not do good work with Mariah. Their styles did not match up well at ALL.

  12. baker October 1, 2009

    This is trash. I kinda like Mariah’s album, some good songs IMO. But this song is just a HOT MESS. Period. If she continues singing stuff like this I don’t think if I can consider myself a Mariah “fan” any longer.

  13. Proud Whitney fan October 1, 2009

    Bobby from Bulgaria,

    People aren’t buying Whitney’s album just because she hasn’t been here 8 years. Yes it’s hyped as the big comeback, but ultimately it’s going to be the quality of music that matters.

    There are some slow jams on Mariah’s CD which I admire her for doing, but these boring song choices, identical R&B slow jams are not going to encourage people to buy it. None of the songs are memorable songs, she won’t even score a #1 single from this album. People are fed up with that “Touch My Body” formula. People are fed up with a 40-year-old acting like a 20-year-old, people just want some quality music from what was once a great live vocalist.

    Look at “Memoirs”. It’s even out of Top 5 on iTunes. Even Paramore and some unknown band is outselling Mariah on iTunes. 160k….yes The View and Today show may help a bit, but I don’t see anything north of 200k and that’s the lowest album sale Mariah has ever had.

    Lambs hyped Mariah’s album as her most “personal” album. No it isn’t. Whitney’s album is.

    And to those who said Mariah is “current” and Whitney is a “has-been”, “drug addict” and is “talentless” (WTF?), this is your moment because you deserve this. I’m not just talking about some of the lambs, I’m talking about the haters in general.

    When Whitney was in her lowest point in life, YOU pulled her down. YOU trashed her. YOU jeered at her.

    And now she’s coming back stronger than ever, and you people are calling her “talentless”, and crediting the success of her album to “hype” alone?

    Don’t forget that her performance on GMA was a disaster, but people are still rooting for her – and she proved it during her Oprah performance of IDKMOS. She killed that song.

    Whitney doesn’t have any radio play because radio isn’t rooting for her. But the public is. Radio is basically playing the same music over and over again, the same Miley, Gaga and BEP. You’ll never hear real music on radio again.

    Whitney’s music video was released a week after her album release date. No hit single during the summer. No hit single after the album release. Still, #1 album because people love the entire album and actually go out to buy that album.

    Despite that, Whitney’s album still debuts at #1. Top of the album charts for MONTHS before and after her release date. #1 on iTunes in the US and all over Europe. Gold in three weeks – expect ILTY to be platinum by the end of this year.

    That’s not only because people want WHITNEY back, but more importantly because people want MUSIC back.

  14. Imyourstar702 October 1, 2009

    ^^^ Very well said..

    *gives you a standing ovation*

  15. Khalil October 1, 2009

    I agree Whitney has album is quality music and not filled with bs reprises and interludes! Real music for real people. Go Whitney, and as much as I love Mariah your album has upset me!

  16. csc October 1, 2009

    need new link.

  17. Bobby from Bulgaria October 1, 2009

    Puh-lease… I don’t see anything PERSONAL in an album full of songs that Whitney simply DIDN’T WRITE… Hello??? Is THAT personal??? You’re simply talking BS…

    While Mariah’s album is REALLY PERSONAL, like it or not…

    She really PUTS HER SOUL INTO HER SONGS… Like it or not…

    It’s THE GENUINE MARIAH… Not just some singin’…

    She’s a TRUE ARTIST… Not just a performer!!!

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  18. cash October 1, 2009

    well this isn’t masterd / so yea there’s a lot going on . for the nost part it sounds really good, I likee it a lot . it might even be bettter when its completed . her album is greatt , y’all act like whisper’n is so bad & its easyy , well its not & that’s not what she does the whole album , she sounds stunning vocally on this album , angels cry prelude / angels cry, she is still hit’n high notes, actually getting into the 7/8th register. its a wrap , her voice is very strong & raw. I guess yu would have to stop listening to all the crap that’s out know to appreicate when someone is delievering quality music.

    as for whits album , id choose mariah over it , I can play ever track from this album except obsessed , I only liked 4 from whits. whit had almost a decade to perfect her album , we got trash , all the hype around it made it sell first week / second week sales droped dramaticly.

  19. Proud Whitney fan October 1, 2009

    Ahahahahaha Bobby from Bulgaria, you just told everyone not to post here but you continue to post here LMAO. Idiot!

    ILTY is Whitney’s most personal album to date. I Look To You, I Didn’t Know My Own Strength, Nothing But Love, Salute….she’s an interpreter and live vocalist; Mariah is more of a singer-songwriter. Nothing against Mariah for writing some good music, though. But Memoirs is a collection of the most boring materials she has ever written and sung, her interpretation doesn’t give anything new. She doesn’t sing it with the same conviction, soul and you don’t hear her pour her HEART out. That’s why no one cares about her album. That’s what makes Whitney’s album so great. Period.

    Certainly I don’t see Obsessed being a “personal” song to her right? Unless it’s a diss to Eminem, which she denies.

    Funny that you didn’t talk about Whitney’s sales vs. Mariah’s sales….she almost DOUBLED Mimi’s sales, stupid!

    What comes around goes around.

  20. Proud Whitney fan October 1, 2009

    By the way, your diva Mariah just said in a radio interview that she didn’t know Whitney’s album was coming out on Sept 1.


  21. Imyourstar702 October 2, 2009

    @ Bobby

    Dont be ignorant all your life, it doesn’t matter that Whitney didn’t write everything on her album by herself if you must know she actually co-wrote a couple of songs. You can’t listen to I look to you and and I didn’t know my own stregnth and tell me those songs are not personal to her. As a singer its not compulsory to write all your own songs, thats what songwriters are there for!!! so stop writing foolishness. Not Everything Mariah writes is personal and something people can relate to.. i.e Migrate and Touch my body. So i think your argument is very weak.

  22. Bobby from Bulgaria October 2, 2009

    BTW, YOU are the idiot! Posting crap after crap…


    Mariah’s album was “boring”??? Ha ha ha… Then what is Whitneys??? Cuz it’s REALLY F***ING BORING…

    Mariah doesn’t sing with “same conviction, soul and you don’t hear her pour her HEART out”??? What are you? A MORON???

    “Obsessed” wasn’t personal enough for you??? Then I guess it might not be too personal for you either when I punch you in your dumb stupid head…

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  23. Bobby from Bulgaria October 2, 2009


    All that Mariah writes IS personal cuz it comes directly from her… THAT’s personal…

    And to add to that, I think that A REAL TRUE ARTIST must sing and perform their own songs, their own poetry, their own music, their own soul… That’s the REAL thing… Only then you know that they are sincere and candid…

    And what’s with “Migrate” and “Touch My Body” not being related to??? I can relate to that… If you can’t, then WHATEVER…

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  24. haha October 2, 2009

    bobby is just an idiot. lol

    lambs in denial, i just love seeing that hahahaha

    looks like your diva mariah is having another flop record in the same decade….sounds like the beginning of the end

  25. Proud Whitney fan October 2, 2009

    Bobby from Bulgaria is really desperate now, just like those lambs desperately finding excuses right now. “BS, F**ing boringa moron. punch you in the head” hahahaha. Try to be logical and think about why people won’t be buying Mariah’s album.

    U still haven’t answered why Mariah’s album is not selling. LMAO. Anyway, you have no clue. Cos it’s about the music, stupid!

  26. battleT October 2, 2009

    i think proudwhitneyfan just silenced all the lambs here. Whitney’s 1st week sales doubled mariah’s. I don’t think anyone expected this at all, not even Whitney’s fans. Real music is back y’all. Fasten your seatbelts cos The Voice is back!

  27. mimi October 2, 2009

    ARE YOU GUYS STUPID??? these are only first day sales! that means she sold 160k-170k on the first day!!! ARE YOU GUYS DUMB??????? She’s even outselling Whitney!!!!!!

  28. Bobby from Bulgaria October 2, 2009

    Whatever you say, baby, whatever you say…

    Mariah’s the best and you can’t do a thing about it…

    We’ll see in a week, fools… 🙂

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  29. kim October 2, 2009

    Here is revised predictions that they published today based on more sales data and nothing changed for Mariah, in fact, they got better for Paramore.

    Sorry to say it lambs, mom-moo is in trouble. You stans really need to practice being more humble, less mean to Whitney and her fans and other lady singers and enjoy Mimi’s music and stop getting so hung up on charts and sales because everyone at one point in time is not going to sell.

    This album is in trouble and mimi is going to Asia to promote in a few weeks so with no appearances here, I don’t think that she can pull a Whitney and expect her album to still sell. As for overseas, the album is not doing well as expected because outside of Japan, may Australia, mariah is not an international artist any more.

    YOUR WEAKEND TOP 10 (OR 15) CHART PREVIEW: A shitload of debuts (figuratively speaking) will infiltrate the top of next week’s chart. Outside the holiday months of November and December, next week could mark the first time in nearly two years when each of the Top 15 sells more than 40k. Next Tuesday they may well be popping the champagne corks at Hollywood, in Disney’s first hat trick since they sold the Mighty Ducks. Congrats to topper Peter Paterno… Scratch that—we just learned Peter’s no longer at the label… Anyhoo, here’s what we’re looking at—and while we’re at it, here’s looking at you, kid….
    * Paramore (Fueled by Ramen) 185-195k

    * Mariah Carey (Island/IDJ) 160-170k

    * Barbra Streisand (Columbia) 150-160k
    * Breaking Benjamin (Hollywood) 140-150k
    * Alice in Chains (Virgin) 130-140k
    Jay-Z (Roc Nation) 80-85k
    * Miranda Lambert (Columbia Nashville) 70-75k
    * Madonna (Warner Bros.) 65-70k
    Pearl Jam (Monkeywrench) 65-70k
    * AFI (Interscope) 55-60k
    * Selena Gomez & the Scene (Hollywood) 55-60k
    Whitney Houston (Arista/RMG) 45-50k
    Miley Cyrus (Hollywood) 40-45k
    * Dethklok (Williams Street) 40-45k
    Harry Connick Jr. (Columbia) 40-45k
    * Denotes debut
    You may now return to debating a possible re-fi with your spouse. (10/2a)

  30. hahahahahahahahaha October 2, 2009

    mimi, you need to have your brain checked. 160k is her FIRST WEEK PREDICTED SALES, not her first day sales. You and that Bobby are delusional. LMAO!!! Still thinking that the old formula will work. IT WON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bobby, see you in a week. You deserve this 🙂 Have fun!!!!!!!

  31. hahahahahahahahaha October 2, 2009

    this new song is crap, by the way. even Mariah fans hate it. Mariah is delusional if she thinks this will encourage more ppl to buy her album.

  32. Bobby from Bulgaria October 2, 2009

    In fact, it doesn’t really matter if Mariah outsells Whitney exactly the first week or vice versa… Who cares???

    It matters in the end. And it matters how your songs are received on the radio and in the charts.

    The TOP 10… The #1s… 🙂

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  33. Imyourstar702 October 2, 2009

    You know what who cares, its just music everyone needs to relax.

  34. jerica2011 December 1, 2009

    LOVE THIS SONG. CAUSE THAT”S WAT LOVE FEELS like ur skydiving. hold hands but u can never let go.:)

  35. N1 July 22, 2011

    well i have Mariah’s album and it is one of her best in my opinion. i think whitney’s album did okay because people were rooting for her to succeed and wanted to see her prosper. If idj put out the singles as mariah wanted em, then i’m sure this album would have done better. But at the end of the day Mariah and Whitney are good friends and all records still stand with or without this album so why are the fans at war?

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