Pussycat Dolls Set To Split

Published: Wednesday 25th Nov 2009 by Sam
pussycat dolls split

Fresh reports today are suggesting that the Pussycat Dolls have split, with an official announcement being imminent.

The news comes amid claims that the ladies are no longer on speaking terms with lead and only singer Nicole Scherzinger. According to OK:

“None of the other girls are speaking to Nicole, who they believe took the limelight, then went off to do her own thing.”

I can’t say this comes as much of surprise, as the ladies have been slinging mud at each other for a hot minute now. I must say though; for as “Fast-food Music” as their songs were, it’s quite unfortunate that we never got to see Ms. Melody shine within the group. Here’s wishing her the best of luck. I’d say the same for the others, but I can’t remember their names.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Thatmangojuice November 25, 2009

    What can i say, it’s sad … i liked their music :\ I don’t understand these girl groups and their (managements) drama. Just make them sing equally as much = more fans = more money = less drama.

    F*** you Robin Antin, go join Diddy in the r***** corner

  2. Habib November 25, 2009

    luv me some nicole

  3. 12345 November 25, 2009

    you dont remember her names? hell no, you are a racist c***, people wonder why black people are victims of racism? they only interact with each other, black people marry black people, black people listen to black music, black people only support black artists, the list goes on..

    Anyway, they got millions for doing nothing so why are they complaining about? Rofl, no1 in that group will have a career

  4. parisian girl November 25, 2009

    wow@15345 u serious?!
    your mental breakdown was unnecessary,if i tell u i don’t remember their names either,what are u going say?
    do you know all the black people aroud the world?the answer is NO!!so stop generalizing!
    you are the one who sounds like a racist c***!

  5. bambino November 25, 2009

    this is music to my ears i can’t stand nicole sherzinger she better not go solo

  6. Deedee November 25, 2009

    PARISIAN GIRL, don’t dignify that person with any further comments. That was one of the most ignorant posts I’ve seen in a while. Anyway, I wish they would’ve showcased the other singers more when they had albums out. I think Nicole’s unsuccessful solo album was a result of their label not listening to consumers. We wanted to see less of her and they decided to give us more. Anyway, wish them the best.

  7. 12345 November 25, 2009

    @Parisian Girl
    It’s the truth, just check Concrete Loop comments, when they see posts about white artists they go mad like “this isnt black music why are you posting?” and comments like “rihanna is a b**** she wants to appeal to the white community” like that is a crime and if you check hollywood stars 2, you almost dont see mixed race couples, only white with white, black with black.. It’s sad when they dont want more racism towards them but instead of interacting with the other races, they go mad, like saying Eminem is a poser and insulting him for making rap just because he is white, I dont like him, but that just pisses me off.
    It’s the same thing with the gays, they dont want to be the part of the gay stereotype but there are always gays that just complain about everything and curse everyone like Perez Hilton, he is famous, straight people will get that image of gay people and think every gay is like him, as a bissexual half black half white man, I feel that we have to fight for our rights, not to get conformtable in the middle of people like us

  8. parisian girl November 25, 2009

    well i know concreteloop and i know some people post racist comments there but it doesn’t mean all the black people think like that!
    but you’re right about the gays,unfortunately the ignorance is really strong and i noticed most of the people who post comments on urban blogs call any male singers who wear skinny jeans gay jeans for example,the homophobia is still strong!
    and about the interracial couples,i can’t even count how many times i fought with some dumb people because they couldn’t stand seeing a black man with a white girl for example,you’re right about this subject too
    BUT you can’t say all black people are like that!!unfortunately ignorance,homophobia and intolerance will always exist!
    xcuse my grammar

  9. 12345 November 25, 2009

    I never said all black people are like that, my mom is black, a big part of my family is black but like I said, people that are outside will only see the negative things of black people and one of those negative things is that black people usually gets along alot more with people with their race and they dont interact with other ones and the racism will not end if it continues like this, many black people get very pissed when a member from their race marries a white person, that happens in the white community too, but black people usually are the ones that make that a big deal. Like the stereotype of people in the hood being bad , It is the same thing, they have alot of positive things, but people from outside will only see the negative things about them because that is what they watch in the news and in many movies, same thing with gays, asian people etc…

  10. Gumaro November 25, 2009

    ANYWAAAAAAAYYYSSSSS back to PCD, Yes very Unfortunate we did not get to see Melody. She shined in “Elevator” my fav track from that album, I hope she goes solo and the labels recognize she has a fan following, at least maybe enough to sell Gold??? I think so…

  11. SEAN November 25, 2009

    @ 12345,
    I completely agree with you on the racist and homophobia thing but in all fairness, I don’t think Sam is being racist by saying he can’t remember the names of the PCD! I think that was a jokey way of saying the only one we hear about is Nicole and occasionally Melody!

    I’m standing up for Sam this once though, I’m sick of his bitchy blog posts!

  12. THE TRUTH November 25, 2009

    Wow, how am I NOT surprised by a break-up! Don’t groups never learn, eventually they all break up!! No sense getting into one unless you making big bucks in early years. Pretty much…

  13. rightround(U.S.A pride!) November 25, 2009

    Nicole needs to stop trying. the girls are obviously her claim to fame. Idk what else she wants…she sings all the songs and she’s always the one who gets the shine/credit. she TRIED to go solo and FAILED miserably. lol some people just never get it.

  14. K4kenzo November 25, 2009

    yay !! finally . they were getting a BIT DULL and just so so

  15. iDrizz November 25, 2009

    @529482 or whatever your number is.. Take a pull off of a blunt & relax your face bro. I’m an Afro-Cuban American Gay male and I don’t remember any of the other b****** names in the group because they are WACK! Sam’s comment is not racial, its merely an observation of the groups talents. Secondly, this is THATGRAPEJUICE, not CONCRETELOOP if you would take a moment to check the url.. Don’t bring that racist b******* here because its completely unecessary, small minded, ignorant and only spreads the s*** that throws your emotions out of control. Melody was the most talented of that group and Nicole was the lucky b**** to be handed the spotlight. You would think she would have given up by now, I mean face it. 2 Failed pop groups (google Eden’s Crush if you question this fact) and a mess of a solo effort and homegirl still has some kick in her… Oh and your face is a c***, not Sam…… watch your words sissy

  16. Ken November 26, 2009

    is it the pussycat dolls or nicole and the pussycats. I agree with Sam, i hope Melody lands on ther feet.

    So Tired of these girl groups – DRAMA!!! – (jealousy, resentment, anger)

    only lasts for a minute. time for the kitties to take a bow, the show is over!!!!!!

  17. Monica November 26, 2009

    They suck. People please shut up with all the mellow dramatic comments. We are suppose to be commenting on them as a group not the color of their skin.

  18. Grape Juice Rayne November 26, 2009

    Duh! Nicole gets the spotlight for almost everything PCD is involved in. Most girl or even boy bands break up becuz of this very same thing.

  19. Dustbin Terrier November 26, 2009

    PCD is a group of Dancers. Nicole and Mel are the only ones who can actually sing. Nicole has more range in her voice so thats why she was the lead and not Mel. Its all about Nicole……face it and move on. This is why we dont know the names of the other girls.

    and REALLY, will the PCD be missed?
    Their music is as disposable as toilet paper.
    10 years from now will you be able to remember the words to Beep?

  20. The Official PYT 22 November 27, 2009

    If you can not even give your 100% to your group, then why would anybody be interested in any of your solo efforts? As much as I don’t like DC3 or Beyonce, you can not say Beyonce only put 60% into that group, she gave it her all. So, When she decided to do her solo project people knew it was going to be good. You can not plan to leave a sucky group with so so songs, that you did all the singing on, and expect to be a huge star. Yes, I’m talking to you Nicole. They all need to shut up and make sure everyone in that group shines. Nobody is looking for a star in a half-assed group.

  21. AWOLLUVA November 28, 2009

    Yeah…the reason why Nicole flopped (and will flop again) is because her solo crap came way too soon. At least with Beyonce, she waited to go solo when DC actually split. PCD weren’t anywhere NEAR splitting up as a group when Selfish Ass B**** decided to go off and do her own thing, and if that put a bad taste in OUR mouths, you can only imagine how it affected the other girls in the group.

    I wish Melody the best, even though I don’t see anything relevant in her future. Nicole should just take the money she’s made with this group and go have kids, and the others…well, whatever they were doing before this…

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