Rihanna Performs In London


The ever fashionable Rihanna hit the stage at the 02 Academy in Brixton early today. She performed several songs from her catalog including new material from her upcoming album, ‘Rated R’, which will hits stores on November 20th. Featured in the concert were surprise guests Jay-Z and Young Jeezy. Peep the performances below:

‘Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova)’

‘Umbrella’ (featuring Jay-Z)

‘Hard’ (featuring Young Jeezy)

Sidebar: Sam attended the event and barely made out with his hearing intact…


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  1. LEA November 16, 2009

    oh my .. her singing is TERRIBLE

  2. ThatAppleJuice November 16, 2009

    Lip syncing… shame. :\

  3. Seye November 16, 2009

    Lol Sam’s A LIAR He Loved It.

  4. KingMo November 16, 2009

    I watched it live and she was horrible live…as usual…point blank…i wud never pay to see her. Sorry. Like her new album tho.

  5. Barbie November 16, 2009

    gosh she sucks!!! im not trying to be funny but she sucks damn it’s not funny it’s really sad

  6. leah November 16, 2009

    WTF!!! She was so obviously lipsyncing and not even hiding it. The background singers and the backing track performed ‘umbrella’ Rihanna was MIA!!!

    #EPIC FAIL!!

  7. SteevieFantastic November 16, 2009

    Terrible. I was watching it online and when she sang ‘Russian Roulette’ that’s when my soul had to log off life.

  8. jeffrey November 16, 2009

    She has gotten better vocally, but in reality shes much a performer then singer, I mean she cannot roll with the real vocalist (Mariah, beyonce, Whitney).
    Kudos For effort

  9. ThatAppleJuice November 16, 2009

    Can you call swinging your head wildly and strutting around performing though? ^

  10. nerd November 16, 2009

    she definitely lip sing

  11. jeffrey November 16, 2009

    Thatapplejuice your right , i was trying to be nice but your right, idk how she even is famous, her songs are catchy and she looks s*** as hell, but talent wise, she just does not do it for me

  12. Carl November 16, 2009

    Sounded horrible.

  13. rightround November 16, 2009

    i love this site. seriously! especially for their rihanna posts… Trent and sam NEVER cease to make me laugh out loud! LOL

    honestly how can anyone even get into Rihanna, musically? I mean her song(especially ones from GGGB) were super catchy and she’s fashionable but going to attend her a concert of hers? that’s a crime i will never commit.. sorrry but my ears/eyes will never forgive me afterwards. no wonder she has never been able to sell a ticket here in the U.S.

    Def jam puts all this money into her image wise but they cannot get her a singing and dancing coach? i don’t get it..?

  14. mack November 16, 2009

    While all yall b****** hating, rihanna is stacking chips lmao.

  15. Craver November 16, 2009

    ROTFL. I did NOT realize the “Wait is Ova” video was out of sync and was like “What is this broad doing taking the mic away in the middle of the damn line!?”

    Anyway, I don’t know what’s up. She’s definitely sounded better. Rihanna is not a bad singer, but she is hella inconsistent. I’ve heard a 16 year old girl cover this same song on youtube and absolutely blew Rihanna out of the water. :/ I want to root for her but she’s got to step her game up. That, and I did I just hear rihanna say “F***”!? LOL threw me off for a moment.

  16. Tori November 16, 2009

    I watched it live, I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt buts she is just boring. Walking back and forth, looking feirce, but that’s about it. Even Britney has people to dancing around her to distract you. You can tell that this is all you’re going to get out of her (This is album four) which is even more sad. I’ll give her great catchy pop-songs, but if she wants to last ,her performing is going to have to step up. She has the fan base, but performing like this, once the spell of her looks wears off, what’s going to be left? She moved around so non chalant, like I’m here, I’m the s*** and I don’t really have to do anything. The only time the crowd woke up is when Jay-Z came out, and he was like a glorified hype man. I was on the fence about buying her album, but after this, no way. Modeling is not enough.

  17. OH MY November 16, 2009

    Sam and Trent must be the most catty nonsensical MEN EVER!!!!!!!! Gay or not I don’t care there’s just no reason… its so disgusting to see men like this.

    Especially Sam actin a b**** when he gets a free invitation B**** DONT GO, wtf how sad and these stupid b****** are CENSORING these comments so all them hater remarks are the ones that be staying


  18. Leyanna November 16, 2009

    Stacking Chips!!! are you serious with that comment? It’s people like you that allow rubbish like this to survive on the music industry. MONEY doesn’t leave a legacy. it’s true talent that sustains through time. She’s cute in the face gotta slammin body and a great stylist who goes to fashion shows around the world and dresses her. Point blank she is a PRODUCT of HYPE.

  19. Starstruck November 16, 2009


    The whole concert was free sweetie…

  20. diva2 November 16, 2009

    From what i just saw even if the concert was free, shouldn’t she have perform better knowing she has a album coming out and she wants her fans to support it. The show was garbage and like the person above stated, i feel she thinking i have my fan base and they will spport me even if i’m a terrible

  21. fan November 16, 2009

    Jay-z needs to sit his old ass down, trying to be yound, go home with your wife and make some babies. Jay-z really look out of place on that stage with Rihanna.

  22. DAWON November 16, 2009


  23. teeci November 16, 2009

    to Mack and Oh My,

    Rihanna can not sing sweeties! she cant! so yall can stop being in denial about her so called talent!
    she should be a model cause a singer she is not! a true singer at least!
    she gets on my nerves! always degrading herself to get noticed!
    she sounds horrible live! its a shame!

  24. Marlon November 16, 2009

    Im tired of yall posting her stuff and then talking bad about her i really dnt get it. Im my eyes your truly her biggest fan . You listen to all her songs , u go to her concerts , u watch all the live performances & etc u basically live for her flat out. I remember one time you said you write about her becuz she the hot thing for the moment but its alot of other hot people out and they dnt get as near as much press as she does on your site. I mean im not a fan at all of hers and if i dnt like something im not gonna force feed it to myself until the taste change , cuz guess what its not . You have an idea of who this Artist is and you alwayz say the same comment but ima actually need you to keep it real and admit your obsesseion or the fact that your her STAN. Super STAN actually

  25. ANONYMOUS November 16, 2009

    She’s a studio artist…plain and simple.

    I guess if Britney can get away with it for a decade Rihanna can squeeze a few more years out of it.

  26. wtf November 17, 2009

    ^^^ At least britney tries to give her fans one hell of show..rihanna doesnt and she sucked baddddd…this was the worst concert of ever…whats more sad is this was supposed to be one of her first comebaclk shows and it sucked..who is ever gonna want to go to any of her shows???? what fool will pay to watch garbage??? she even butchered her sings…where they do that at ha???? this sucked???

  27. hihihihihi November 17, 2009

    ^^yall LOSERS



  28. whystillinbusiness November 17, 2009

    Rihanna was not bad, but she used way to much backtracking, and her famous backup singer who I believe does most of the singing. She has not grown at all vocally, she held some notes but it was more of hollaring than notes, and her hollaring was not singing. The first song she really did not sing cause did you see her? No! She still has no stage presence, she cant dance and bobbing your head the last I check was just that, bobbing your head, if not for Jay Z the crowd would still be just looking at her. Except for the crowd up front the rest was just standing there and after each song they applauded and that was that if not asked a question. This so called grabbing your self and the dummy was a little way too much. And yes she did lip sync so dont get mad at us. When she sat down on Disturbia I thought that was funny. Rihanna needs to go take lessons. We know she can walk the streets but walking the stage when you are suppose to be performing is not good. So people you know what you will be getting if you go to one of her shows, I suggest dont go cause it’s not worth your money

  29. whystillinbusiness November 17, 2009

    @hihihihihi, did you not just watch hard and hear her? and you getting mad at us!

  30. das November 17, 2009

    “no wonder she has never been able to sell a ticket here in the U.S.
    Oh really? Long time I didnt see someone saying something so funny, U.S. is guilty for the music industry to be dead, go support disney s***, go, go rofl

  31. oh no November 17, 2009

    I can’t believe all the hype in her anticipated ablum the wait is ova. Rihanna sucks big time and for those that are supporting this kind of crap, shame on you. To support something like this she will never do better. It is what it is the studio has help her vocally.Well I truly now believe what Jay-z saw in her when he sign this non singing bi**h, he saw a young jump off and if people think it didn’t and ain’t happening think again. Rihanna’s label should be ashame of keeping this kind of garabage singer. They see$$$$$$$ sign and aloud her to keep doing this. But yes we in the us don’t support garabage.

  32. das November 17, 2009

    you are truly a hater, you dont need to offend people by calling them b******, Rihanna new album is awesome and yes, in the US you only support garbage, its not hard to figure, just check billboard.com

  33. oh no she didn’t November 18, 2009

    We in the us tries to give artist the benefit of the doubt, but crap like this it just and should not be supported. If this is not supported then maybe she will go and get singing lessons and on stage presence performance. The only way Rihanna will do beterr is if this project sucks when her ablum is release. Don’t support this horrible trash . Rihanna really needs singing lessons.

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