Soul Train Awards 2009 Performances

Published: Sunday 29th Nov 2009 by Sam
soul train awards 2009

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  1. KIKI November 29, 2009

    Keri looked good and that’s all I’m gonna say.

    Luv Trey.

    Not feelin’ Toni anymore. Luved in her in the ’90 tho. lol

  2. JACOB November 29, 2009

    I’m so tired of Misscarried Baby.

    Toni’s hot. Love Yesterday.

  3. Mr.727 November 29, 2009

    These old whores and their young d*** meat!!!!!!! I like Toni she stils sounds good, but Treay is not a good singer to me, cuz a lot of R&B duds can match him vocally, or even sing better! They look odd together! Nick and Mariah look good together!!!!

  4. Joel, Jamaica November 29, 2009

    Toni Braxton is looking super HOT!! Looooved the performance with Trey Songz, can’t wait for her new album out in Feb 2010

  5. Kedrew November 29, 2009



  6. nerd November 29, 2009

    the crowd is dead. toni did good. i love the performance with trey songz

  7. nate November 29, 2009

    First of all the complents I have lie within the folks behind the scenes of this award show.. Why are there times in Toni’s performance when the light is NOT on her? WTF?? AND why do audience shots, if the audience AINT HYPE??

    ANYWAYS to the performances.. I like Toni, but she needs to spend more time practicing her vocals, then trying to come up with gimmicks.. I mean is it really wise to kiss another man on TV when your 40, has two little kids, and is about to get a divorce?? She didn’t need to kiss him, she looked amazing sitting at the piano and singing..

    Keri- I actually really enjoyed this performance, she’s stepping up her game on the performance side.. Haters will hate, but this was my favorite performance so far, I mean it was an ALL out performance.

    Trey- I never really cared for his whiny voice, but for some weird reason this performance sold me.. I think i might even download his album tonight… just to see..

    Mario- the clip was NOT mario. it was ryan leslie.. he’s lucky they play this song at my job all the time so I do love it.. but deg. I wanna see Mario.

  8. D November 29, 2009

    Skeri sucks. Period

  9. Pbleepd November 29, 2009

    Havent had a chance to look at the rest but Trey and Toni’s performance was pretty good. I think he was feening for a kiss at the end though lol

  10. marjie marj November 29, 2009


  11. ladyj November 29, 2009

    keri stole ciara whole steez
    trey lip synced his whole boring performance
    chrisette and robin were decent

  12. rightround(U.S.A pride!) November 30, 2009

    that’s because Keri is SUCH a Ciara-wannabe, she wants to be Cici soooooooo bad! she even works with Ciara’s old management and dancers. she needs to learn to be her own self and cement her place in the industry instead. hope off Ciara’s NUTS already! ugh i can’t stand copy-catters!

    I love Robin!

  13. doble November 30, 2009

    why was the audience dead during robin thicke’s performance?

  14. BiiNkDaDoll November 30, 2009

    As much as i ENjoyed KERi’S performance!! I have to agree her swag is something of a ciara knock off!!

  15. The Way I Izzzzzzzzzz November 30, 2009

    Keri is not trying to be no F****** C-ERROR ! ! ! ! !

    C-ERROR hasnt done s*** this year f*** her ! ! ! !

    Keri is holding it down in her own lane ! ! ! !

  16. The Way I Izzzzzzzzzz November 30, 2009

    Oh and BiiNkDaDoll you say Keri is stealing C-ERRORS swag well that pic that is your avatar that came out a couple of months back…SCREAMS I WANT TO BE LIKE KERI HILSON…..Short hair light eyes…Come on now….When C-ERROR get light eyes?….

  17. SXSW November 30, 2009

    Where were the real stars ? Miss Carried Baby and Ghey Songz.

    Snoozefest Z List show!

    Thank God for Chaka Khan.

  18. Diane November 30, 2009

    In case you’re wondering, her name is Christette Michelle, and the b**** is bad. Damn, gone girl.

    I am tiring of Toni mumbling through a song. It’s not cute and I want to hear the freaking lyrics. She mumbles lower with each new album. Her voice sounds incoherent.

    Seems like some artists were lipping, but I don’t know their song well enough to determine a studio or live version.

  19. Diane November 30, 2009

    Something is a little boyish about Keri Hilson. I’m not feeling her. It’s as if the industry is pushing her down our throats. But any award show minus Rihanna is okay with me. I liked when Beyonce appeared singing the Soul Train song and doing the Soul Train dance. She know she better work it!

  20. Bottom_Line November 30, 2009

    That was a very professional, award show…no mess ups. CHAKA tribute was beautiful. Keri Hilson did well, I was proud of her. Def. not gonna hate on any women..we as women should support each other instead of hating! But..other than that…this award show gets two thumbs up!

  21. neeka November 30, 2009

    robin thicke sounded amazing aswell as keri and crisette….everything was amazing

  22. jazzyluvsrobin November 30, 2009

    Robin Thicke is awesome. Chrisetter michelle is what real music is. Tony was horrific and trey was right along with her. keri was okay could’ve been better. but she won’t last long anyways. the crowd was so wack. the tributes were awesum.

  23. jjlova06 November 30, 2009

    I think keri hilson did a good job. That’s the best performance I have seen of hers so far. And I liked Luda and Raheem DeVaughn and the song. But other than that the performances weren’t that amazing. The audience was dead. But it was better than the BET awards.

  24. Fercik November 30, 2009

    Robin Thicke was amazing !!!! I`m glad that Toni is back !

  25. DIVINE November 30, 2009


  26. BiiNkDaDoll November 30, 2009

    The “Way I IZzzzzzz”, i love both artist. Ciara has always had long hair!! and you are right the pic (my avatar came out afta she decided to cut it…inspired by keri), its what artist do! they inspire each other…im not saying Keri is trying to be Ciara or still her moves…Im just saying that, THIS particular perfomance reminded me PERSONALLY of something Ciara Would have done!! So read the words before you try to REad me!!

  27. Prince November 30, 2009

    Im beginning 2 like Keri…her performance was good, Robin Thicke was hotness and Toni Braxton and Trey perfomances was hotness!!The rest were ok.

  28. Lily November 30, 2009

    I’m lovin Robin Thicke’s s*** *ss. He killed it!

  29. sosicc_witswagga December 1, 2009

    i truly enjoyed chrisette michelle performance even though keri hilson stole ciara style i truly enjoyed it

  30. Latoya December 1, 2009

    You mean to tell e they couldn’t get all 4 of the Boyz II Men members together? Wanya and Nathan looked pitiful up there. And why was everyone so dead during Robin Thicke’s performance. Maybe they needed to get laid with some S** Therapy!

  31. shakill December 1, 2009

    when chaka sings…its like you go back in time…she is the most amazing singer..luv her<3

  32. shakill December 1, 2009

    keri has been in the game before ciara.
    keri has wrot music for all the most poular artist..
    ciara can dance but she cant sing..

    stop hatin on ,mrz.keri baby!!!!!!

    f***** no life hataz..

  33. shakill December 1, 2009

    this was an a.list show….the best where their…just wished lady love would have performed

  34. Keith December 1, 2009

    CHAKA…..CHAKA……CHAKA! SHE is truly a legend. All the singers that saluted her were great. If I had been anyone else on this tepid show (with the exception of Toni B and Chrisette Michelle) I would be embarassed to be in the music industry. VH1 should bring back the DIVAS series to salute Ms. Khan. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO overdue this kind of recognition.

  35. nubianlegalmind December 2, 2009

    Two things: Chrisette Michelle had the BEST performance of the night. She gave me life with some of those runs she was doing. The Chaka Khan tribute was good as well. Fantasia shut that down. Angie Stone had me laughing making Chaka sing in her own tribute. Then again, I realized it’s because she can’t get up on those notes.

  36. mark ginnis December 6, 2009

    Keri was good ! Her best yet!

  37. kim stew January 2, 2010

    i did not know KCI from Jodeci was still alive. I heard he died of a crack overdose last year.

  38. Oh My Tony no you didn’t!!! February 20, 2010

    Wow!!! Tony went hard with this song. Did she just dis her husband on stage with those lyrics that was not right? But anyway go head homegirl do your thang.

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