Sugababes Perform At T4 Stars Of 2009

Published: Sunday 29th Nov 2009 by Sam

The new-look Sugababes took to the stage a few minutes ago at T4’s Stars of 2009 extravaganza at London’s Earls Court Arena. Put simply, their live big-spectacle showing of ‘About A Girl’ was probably their worst performance I’ve seen all year. I BS you not. Sloppy, sluggish and a sore sight, the performance really drove home of the fact that it really is curtains for this once credible group. Amelle looked like she’d rather be smoking a cigarette somewhere, Heidi was…Heidi (take from that what you will) and Jade didn’t come anywhere near as hard as she usually does – especially on the vocals. The addition of dancers to their act made the whole shabang even worse, as they only served to highlight how awful the ladies were at moving…

Hot Mess!

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. HEALTHY BLACK QUEENS November 29, 2009

    Amelle recovered from her ‘exhaustion’ at rocket speed….Anyway, why does Amelle always seem so off? She doesn’t or sing in time with the others.

    When Keisha was kicked out, I thought Heidi looked a bit thick- in terms of body type- but she looks even bigger now. It was like she was struggling to get her legs up.

    Jade put the most effort in.

    Why are they wearing the outfits from their video? Can’t their management/record label get them anything else to wear? And the same dance moves as well. If you can’t dance, don’t! That’s what the back-up dancers are for.

  2. Thatmangojuice November 29, 2009

    wth was that

  3. Kendra November 29, 2009

    Keisha would have never let this happen

  4. Imyourstar702 November 29, 2009

    They sounded a TERRIBLE!!!! they just look like 3 basic any girls up there….. there days are numbered #imjustsaying

  5. Chris November 29, 2009

    C’mon now- it wasn’t that awful!

    Not a sugababes fan- but this was fine… Keshia wouldn’t have brought anything else to this performance

  6. musicwithin November 29, 2009

    I agree w/ Chris If it was terrible I would have agreed that it was, but It was generally favorable not stellar but not horrible.

  7. Habib November 29, 2009

    @chris u must be on crack keisha would have tore it up!!!!there a performance of keisha and heidi of about a girl on youtube check it out it was without amelle and they sounded amazin!!!! keisha and mutya were the vocalists of sugababes heidi was just a back up singer jade is a good singer but she used to be solo she don’t know s*** about harmonies!!!!
    as for amelle …well drop it !!!
    it’s obvious that u re a fan cause even a deaf man could telle u that this performance is a mess!!!!
    sugababes r over and i’m happy that keisha is out of this ….now the public can see who was the soul and the spirit of sugababes…

  8. Chris November 29, 2009

    Blah- just an opinion

    work in tv- and have witnessed their live performances, keisha isn’t a great overall performer- singer yes… but not performer

  9. MK November 29, 2009

    I thought it was pretty good

  10. Anon November 29, 2009

    I didn’t like the performance, but it wasn’t horrible. Honestly, this song just doesn’t translate that well in a large setting. Alternatively, the Sugababes just may not be the group to amp the song up. It’s not that the girls can’t sing (they were amazing in the stripped down performance on the radio a few weeks back). They just seem to lack the ability to sell songs like these.

  11. true November 30, 2009

    jade was the only one puttting in the effort for that performance, it just looked like the other two don’t know how to sing & dance at the same time, i think if you can kick out a orignal member like that then you know you have somthing to prove in every performance yet it just looked sloppy, amelle just looked lazy
    it seem like jade the only one who thinks she has to prove her worth in the group
    if i was the label i would sign keisha & jade and one other orignal kick the other two lazy girls out

  12. Ben Slater December 1, 2009

    Most of the comments on here are complete rubbish.

    I watcehd a youtube clip of heidi and the “original sugababes” performing hole in the head on top of the pop and it was god awful. see it for yourselves –

    the girls are singin over their own vocals and keisha and mutya look so out of place its ridiculous, keisha has an amazing voice but none of you can deny that in the get s*** video keisha is the one that looks out of place when they are all dancing together.

    the performance was good, not show stopping, but not crap either. at least the sugababes aren’t miming and are showing that they’ve got guts.

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