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Published: Sunday 29th Nov 2009 by Sam

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While 2009 brought us much in the way of good music, it also served up great additions to the television spectrum – none more so IMO than ‘The Cleveland Show’.

A spin-off from popular Fox show ‘Family Guy’ (which I ironically have never watched a full episode of), ‘The Cleveland Show’ centres on the adventures of Peter Griffin’s neighbor Cleveland Brown. Many years ago, Cleveland (voiced by Keith Michael Richardson) made a promise to his old high-school sweetheart, Donna (voiced by Saana Lathan). After divorcing his wife, Cleveland, along with Cleveland Junior, move to Stoolbend, VA to start a new life with Donna and her two children – Roberta (voiced by Nia Long) and Rallo.

The show really is a must watch. Check out the series’ most recent episode above and let us know what you think. Would you like to see future episodes on That Grape Juice?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Thatmangojuice November 29, 2009

    Thanks for offering but i download my dose of Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show every monday (after it’s aired in the US)

  2. David November 29, 2009

    I don’t understand why you would post an episode inundated with homophobic jokes and socially backwards humor. Black people are struggling to create an open space for themselves as gay people of color and disseminating this kind of intolerance just stuffs gay people of color and gays in general further in the closet.

  3. Kay-T November 29, 2009


    It’s all light hearted humor. if uve seen shows like this, southpark and family guy, its all humor which is deliberately provocative.

    keep posting the streams sam!

  4. Imyourstar702 November 29, 2009

    YES!!!! I would, lol it was funny

  5. MT November 29, 2009

    Yes please do. it was hilarious!!!!

  6. EnergyStar November 29, 2009

    Please don’t !!! This s*** is nasty and stupid as hell.

  7. Kyla November 29, 2009

    SHOW MORE i wanna see what this show has to offer and it really wouldn’t hurt. Its hard to get hold of this show in the UK so im sure many would appreciate it!

  8. DJ Li November 29, 2009

    Episodes will be starting to show in UK in the New Year on E4.

    Cleveland Show is okay, still prefer Boondocks though.

  9. blu_majik November 29, 2009

    yes this would be a great addition to the sight Sam. This show, like myself, is sooo randomness awesomeness!

  10. Rika November 30, 2009

    NO thank you

  11. Jellybeansheen November 30, 2009

    LMAO! love it!!!! the juxtaposition between Tyler Perry’s Madea and AuntieMama made me pee a little… LMAO jk… but that shits hilarious!

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