From The Vault: Dreamgirls Medley At Oscars 2007

Published: Sunday 15th Nov 2009 by Sam
This week’s classic From The Vault video is the Dreamgirls (movie adaptation) cast’s electrifying performance at the 2007 Academy Awards (Oscars). Capping off a hugely successful run for the movie, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Anika Noni Rose and Keith Robinson lit up the stage with a rousing medley from the film, which included ‘Love You I Do’, ‘Listen’ and ‘Patience’. Check out their performance above.
Watching this back really reminded me why I had this on replay at the time. They blew the roof off that arena! Particularly great to swatch was the inter-weaving of each of their songs, more specifically seeing Beyonce take on ‘Love You I Do’ and Jennifer deliver ‘Listen’. Anika and Keith did the damn thing on ‘Patience’ too, with Anika really (and finally) getting her shine with her vocal-runs at the end. Great performance!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fatima November 15, 2009

    Great performance, yes. But is two years really “From the Vault?”

  2. Drey2R4U November 15, 2009

    I was just watching this yesterday. This whole medley was great and you had three amazing voices coming together in one performance. What was the deal with that whole Jennifer and Beyonce drama going on at the time. It’s so stupid that people made up rumors like that.

  3. Newsflx November 15, 2009

    yep, i remember this performance. good, but not great if you ask me

  4. diva2 November 15, 2009

    Yes their performance was good,but it seem to me that jenifer tried to out sing every one because she was label the one with the strong voice. Anitka did the dame thing.

  5. Dawon November 15, 2009

    Yesss Queen Beyonce! Show these newcomers who the queen of the stage is!!!!

  6. Dawon November 15, 2009

    But on another note…Great performance…They all did good!

  7. VaunTV November 15, 2009

    J-Hud SLAYED Lol it was funny watching this, I remember because it was like J-Hud beat Beyonce and got the Oscar and ppl was goin in on Bey lol..U can see at the end of Listen she was h** imma sing the ish outta this song cause i aint win nothin lol… Anika dids the damn thing too.. great performances from everyone.

  8. Qelz November 15, 2009

    I didn’t like Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson singing together. They sound like they were competing. They made both songs sound rough. Anika was amazing though.

  9. Qelz November 15, 2009

    I didn’t like Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson singing together. They sound like they were competing. They made both songs sound rough. I hate when singers have scream-offs. That is why I didn’t like Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Holiday performing “I’m Not Going.” Anika was amazing though.

  10. Kirk November 15, 2009

    3 Amazing women! Strong vocals from all of them.

  11. Chile November 15, 2009

    …from the vault? Ham, how old are you, 11?

  12. marquies November 15, 2009

    I die everytime I watch this the sing off is krazy from the moment bey stepped on the stage she outbelted jennifer 02:14 then in listen they were going back and forth the faces they were making nearly killed me but it was a great performance and dispite what ppl think jennifer and beyonce are actually friends and the media tried to turn them against each other.

    Jennifer and her sis attended Bee’s concert in FL
    and Jennifer has said she has a portrait of bee hanging in her award room
    and she said the only people she would wait outside in line to see in concert was bee, prince and somebody else
    and she said after bey’s vmas performance she had to call her and tell how “bad” she was

  13. korey November 15, 2009

    beyonce layed it down on ‘Listen’

    that was pure fire and ain’t nobody got s*** on her cuz she just s*** all over jhud and who ever else that was

  14. BeysBetter November 15, 2009

    bey’s legend. point blank period.

  15. incognegro November 15, 2009

    Great voices and a great performances. I think that Anika’s true talent and vocal training is often overshadowed by the fellow celebrity on the stage, but I am glad that people get a chance to hear how vocally strong and trained she is.

    Regarding Bey’s and Jennifer’s joint performances – it was a battle, which sadly cannot be awarded to either one because they have drastically different vocal styllings and vocal ranges. Jennifer held it down with her range and sheer vocal power, and Bey shine with her showmanship and vocal strength.

    Great performance overall though!

  16. philly November 16, 2009

    its funny to watch beyonce try and out-sing J Hud. never gonna happen haha

  17. keeping it real January 4, 2010

    Beyonce has a great voice and great vocal control. JHud is slowing learning how to control her tone and vocals. Anika has great vocals. All 3 did great and are great vocalist. Yes Beyonce is the Queen and she has great love for the music.

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