Chart News: Chris Brown Disappoints // Rihanna Drops Out Of Top 20

Published: Tuesday 15th Dec 2009 by Sam
chris brown graffiti

The Hits Daily Double final tally is in this week and it’s not good news for Chris Brown’s ‘Graffiti’ LP – or Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’. Brown’s ‘comeback’ effort is set to debut at #6 on the Billboard 200 with first week sales of just 102,489. Meanwhile, Def Jam’s Rihanna drops out of the top 20 entirely (#18-#28) after just 2 previous weeks on the chart. The Bajan model sold through 50,000 of her LP, bringing her total US sales to-date to an estimated 300,000.

Susan Boyle continues to dominate at #1, selling through another 582,724 copies of her ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ (hooray for her, but seriously, who is still buying this?!).

Debuts this week include Gucci Mane’sState vs Radric Davis’, which landed at #11 with 89,166 copies sold, as well as Timbaland’s ‘Shock Value II’ with limps in at #36 with just 37,834 copies sold (ouch).

Other notable chartings this week include Lady GaGa, whose ‘The Fame Monster’ EP sits at comfortably at #16 (down from #15 last week), while her debut ‘The Fame’ holds strong at #7 with 102,108 copies sold (she’s on fire!). R. Kelly‘s ‘Untitled’ drops a hefty #4-#43 (a 71% dip from last week) with 34,111 copies sold.

Your thoughts?

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  1. BEYONCELOVER1993 December 15, 2009

    Go Chris Brown, U sold over 100,000 good job, i know its labeled a flop, but from what u did, that is considered a accomploshishment…Hurrray

    Rihanna Flooping Ass, SMH!!!! the highly anticipated album of the year, is at 300,000 in three weeks, A DAMN SHAME!!!! all se did, all the promotion…LMAO!!!

  2. Deltaboy December 15, 2009


  3. ADE December 15, 2009

    who the f*** even bought Susan Boyle’s album? Shes a monster in every sense of the word! People are so damn easy to please, over 500,000 records sold, are u kiddin me? SMH!

  4. December 15, 2009

    don’t be mad cause subo sold more in one week what your favorite artist sold all year.

  5. hihihihihi December 15, 2009




  6. VaunTV December 15, 2009

    AHHHHH Chris that sucks.. RiRi will continue to sell at the same pace she is and by the end of Jan she’ll be gold Go RiRi …. Sam continue to shade… How is the album a flop??? Ciara’s album is a flop, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland (even though i love her) & Ameries albums are flops..its only her 3rd week and she’s at 300K thats not a flop

  7. ME December 15, 2009

    Your only reporting on Rihanna’s sales to make Chris look better–did you forget Rihanna sold nearly twice what Chris did in her first week… of course you dont. And 100,000 in your first week as an established star is a FLOP even in a recession–it either means no-ones checking for you or your irrelevant, that goes for Timbaland too.

  8. S*** December 15, 2009

    LMFAO @ Rhi*YAWN*na- it took her 3 weeks just to go gold worldwide, In just 2 weeks Queen Bey’s Album was already past a million worldwide. LMFAO at only Half of Rated r being worthy. Cuz Only 6 songs are any good,

    In Order:
    1. Fire Bomb
    2. Russian Roulete
    3. Stupid in Love
    4. Rude Boy
    5. Rockstar
    6 Hard
    (the rest is just plain uninteresting)

    If she doesnt release Rude Boy then Stupid in love, & then Fire Bomb as a single- Its a wrap for rhi.

    At least her mess is better than Chris. Rated R >>> Graffiti

    *Sidenote*- 100K isnt bad for an album that was practically Boycotted- Way to go chris.

  9. parisian girl December 15, 2009

    100k is not that bad for chris,i didn’t even expect him to sell 50k

  10. sugar December 15, 2009

    Go Chris Go

    at least he didnt sell for .99 came on yo’ll… he is making money somewhere else, did you all see his concerts on youtube… ooh my god my boy can entertain…. rihanna well with the route she is taking, she will soon be with hugh haffner (i mean wtf is that msssstzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. sasan December 15, 2009

    Chris sold that , i’m very surprised.I was expecting about 70 000.Go chris you had no promo and you were boycotted proud of you.Rihanna’s fans just won’t give up.Not even that naked picture on GQ could save her.

  12. S*** December 15, 2009

    LMFAO at the The Bajan model only selling 300K in 3 weeks when her idol Queen Bey sold 512K in only 1 week(& 8 hours). lol


  13. Mone December 15, 2009

    Man, the current state of the industry sucks! I really wished that Tim’s album debuted higher, as his album is a good one! Chris deserved to do better as well! But what can we say in these times…..

  14. jessica December 15, 2009

    Sam can u please post Billboard’s article about CB lying about his album being boycotted, cuz they investigated the issue and found he was lying. Cuz i know jive shipped more than 100K . So FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP!!!!!LMAFO!!!!. Rihanna gurl please come back with another album cuz this Rated R Sh*t is not working!!!
    Sam is so biased cuz when he posted Rih’s sales he said she flopped but CB “dissapoints” b**** please his ass flopped like s***!
    PS Rih debuted at 16 in the UK CB debuted at #44!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Post that Sam!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kirk December 15, 2009

    Let’s leave Beyonce out of this. Please, you guys are making me detest the name.

    Chris should have expected this, I mean he did beat the s*** out of a woman. Did he think people want to even see his face right now. Usually, the artist’s personal life should have no affect on their “art”, but this is not the case. He should have disappeared for awhile and gave everyone a sense that he feels remorseful for what he did.

    Rihanna’s album is quite good. She still can’t perform, but Rihanna on record is as good as it gets.

  16. yung December 15, 2009

    @ JESSICA chris aint lyin with that boycottin s*** its very well true i tried 2 get the cd 4 my sister and the manager @ walmart flat out told me that they dnt support women beaters and that they didnt have the cd so when i asked when were they going to get another shipment he told me NEVER i was like damn i had 2 order the damn thing off itunes so stop all that damn hatin ya doin it aint cute as 4 CB i heard the cd and its good and i aint even a fan of the n**** and as far as rihanna…………..i aint got nothin 2 say bout her i just think its not fair what they doin i mean its that mans job to entertain lets get back 2 the music ppl and get over the b******* and let the talented shine…………..real talk

  17. S*** December 15, 2009

    There are 3 reasons why Chris had no business even selling 100K.
    1. His Music was practically Boycotted
    2. Bad Press
    3. Limited promo Compared to Rhi
    4. Bad Album Cover
    5. Overall Avg Typical Breezy music, the whole R&b Pop Autotuned trendy mess that we hear on the radio 24/7.

    ^ So 100K like I said, this is NO Flop!!

    Now Rhiyawna on the other hand….

  18. S*** December 15, 2009

    ^ *5 Reasons I Mean*

  19. Imyourstar702 December 15, 2009

    Susan Boyle is pure hype!!!

  20. matt December 15, 2009

    sorry but gaga and subo are both killing it off here in th uk and the usa so shut the f*** up about chris and rihanna, i don’t like either if u ask me. i prefer real talent = GAGA and RAWWW talent = SUBO!! and timbo dissin gaga saying that she copied him LMAOOOO!! how, where, whattt, he’s just bringing all the top-selling artists into his petty lil rants so he will sell, well he didn’t, debuting at #36 LMAOO! byee.

  21. Its Me Again December 15, 2009

    wow… I feel for R. Kelly…


  22. sasan December 15, 2009

    Why the hell are Rihanna fans all talking about chris album flopped,so what we all expected it to,I mean he beat the s*** out of Rihanna plus everything else that @S*** said.As for Rihanna she had tonnes of promo plus the whole sympathy thing and she flopped.

  23. HaYYYYYY December 15, 2009

    I just love, LOVE how u dont even bother to call graffiti a flop but wen it comes to rihanna u cant wait to fukin say it. wateva cuz rihanna didnt flow cuz almost 200k in 1 week isnt a flop and it sold almost 2x mor than graffiti.still like chris tho, dont get me wrong

  24. Dani December 15, 2009

    he did good n my book…..he wasnt expected to sale that much n the first place…….he did no promotion but radio n still sold ova 100 thousand…….*clap 4 Chris*

  25. bobs December 15, 2009

    100k is PATHETIC. FAIL, FLOP. and I just gotta laugh my ass off at the people saying it ain’t. Look at you crawling on the ground looking for scraps.

    Rihanna dropped 5% in sales this week. That’s stable, b******. 5%.

    Russian Roulette is #2 in Europe. Album is worldwide Gold, Hard is exploding at US radio.

    Chris Brown = DEAD IN THE WATER. 400k shipped – no one wants it. No one wants to play his songs, critics hate this album.

    Graffitti is the 22nd WORST reviewed album on Metacritic’s ENTIRE site.


    Can we say KFED?????

  26. KS December 15, 2009

    @Sugar… if the 99cent sale on Amazon helped Rihanna that much, then Chris doesn’t have a prayer with the “my cd isn’t in stores” argument. I know his album wasn’t 99 cents, but if people wanted it, they’d go on and pay $5 for it.

  27. Dani December 15, 2009

    Chris is hardly lying……..they doin that s*** n VA 2…….f*** Walmart n there b*******!!!

  28. jessica December 15, 2009

    Even Trey Songz outsold CB’s ass. Cb stans find a new artist to stan for cuz ya’ll will lose any arguement.

  29. Dani December 15, 2009

    I dnt think 100,000 n a recession is a flop!! i will even give 5head her props…but her ass was suppose to sell big…..i guess not………

    Chris is paying his dues n ppl still bullshitting….makes no sense…..he aint goin nowhere… he sitll one of the best artists and performers n the world…

  30. Nicky December 15, 2009

    Rihanna is getting warmed up…..

    She took a RISK…..The singles that will be released will bring this album to prolonged sales. Mark my words.

    Rihanna will be at 600,000+ copies worldlwide this week. Not bad at all!

    She didnt play it safe. Beyonce plays it safe and has had the same image for years.

    So theres no need to compare the two.

  31. Dani December 15, 2009

    Imma Trey fan but his ass cant fill a arena……please Chris is still the s***!!

  32. B@tch Please December 15, 2009

    Can we all say FLOP for Chris Brown. Please leave Beyonce out of this Sam never post her anyways so she’s not important.

  33. miss December 15, 2009

    eehmm jessica chris indeed was blackballed and boycotting, if you want some prove check this out,.. and im with s*** ,.. chris got zero promotion al news was negative about him, and i know for sure on the long turn he s gonna do well, the industry needs a entertainer like chris, hate it or love it, its the truth so or you gonna life your life and stop hating or you stay bitter over a person you dont know in person just 1 bad thing he did in his life. that says allot about you

    check it out

    here proof there black balling chris!!!!

  34. Rhythmic Trick December 15, 2009

    Anybody who thinks Chris Brown was boycotted needs to sit down and take a sip of objectivity.

    His label shipped 400,000 copies of Graffiti. Stores would not buy that amount if they didn’t intend on selling it. They bought that many, he sold a really crappy 100k (roughly), it’s a massive flop and that’s the end of it. There really is NO getting around the fact that stores bought four times as many copies as they managed to shift. Hard fact.

    Also worth noting is that Rihanna’s sales only declined a very tiny 6% which is next-to-nothing. She’s holding up great.

  35. bobs December 15, 2009

    @ Dani – 100,000 might not be ROYAL FLAMING FLOP when it’s the #1 album at Christmas and you’re not coming in below the soundtrack to GLEE and SIX PLACES below a hairy old woman form England that is outselling your WIFE BEATING ass by 6x in her third week. Please, you sound pathetic. You got your copy – and it looks like you’re the only one.

    CB will be lucky to get to Rihanna’s 300k period by the time is dies. Which hopefully will be soon. His twitter rants all but insured a swift delivery to the bargain bin at Costco.


  36. bobs December 15, 2009

    Also – Sam. You are a grade-A ASSHOLE. Rihanna slipped by 5%. Tell me how that’s bad? That’s a fantastic hold. What’s a b**** gotta do to please you?

  37. B@tch Please December 15, 2009

    He had a whole post on RIRI album week sales but now he wants to include everyone on CB FLOP week. HAHA

  38. Its Me Again December 15, 2009

    I think it’s so utterly juvenile the fact that people spend their time arguing so emotionally about celebrities who do not give a flying rat’s ass about you beyond manipulating you and the media to get your money.

    It’s one thing to come on this blog for entertainment, share opinions and discuss… it’s another thing to be constantly getting into heated arguments about these people. There are more worthwhile things in this world to be this angry about. Go watch a PETA video about how animals are skinned alive if you want a cause to stand up for. Whether or not Rihanna and Chris Brown make 5 million this year instead of their usual 10 is really not that deep.

  39. Anonymous December 15, 2009

    Glad you had to throw Rihanna under the bus to make Chris look better. 300k is pretty good, and Hard is climbing back up the iTunes charts at #18, with a video release tomorrow it should climb even higher, and possibly boost Rihanna’s sales with the upcoming holiday. You’re making a big deal about Rihanna’s $0.99 sale, but Alicia Keys new album, just released today is for sale at $3.99 on, no big deal for you though right?

  40. maskina December 15, 2009

    what a twisted post. Why did rihanna’s name have to be mentioned to describe chris’s flop. You all didn’t mention his name when you were saying she was flopping. Now that he’s flopping, its lets throw rihanna in there. Rihanna is doing quite well for herself, and should be proud of herself. Good thing I don’t get all my numbers from blogs, because I would never know that rihanna is in the top three album wise in many countries. But of course these blogs would never give rihanna her just deserves.

  41. jessica December 15, 2009

    @Miss gurl keep sucking his d*** and don’t come for me. Gurl billboard says facts. The other day i was looking for Lady Gaga’s cd couldn’t find it did not make it a big deal, got home and downloaded it on itunes, so excuses. His album is a flop recession or not. Subo managed to sell 500k+. Im sure u made fun or Rih’s sales so ur the hyprocrit bitchass!!! Anyways CB cannot fill arenas now, his fan tour only hosts about 4,000 seats that aint no damn arena. Like i wrote, CB stans find a new artist to stan for cuz yall asses gon lose any argument. It his fault for not getting good publicity, woamn beater dont get shine. Britney Spears Blackout was released amongst controversy, what were her first week sales???? So we r ppose to beleive 5-6 fans that say that they could not find his CD?? that represents all the stores in the U.S. take a nap and come up with something else cuz his cd is wack (i only like 4 songs), his sales are wack, his whole image is wack, his fans/stans are wack, so whatevs.!!!

  42. miss December 15, 2009

    @ jessica.. wauww 😀 al this typing for me:D? i still dont gonna read what you just wrote, because everybody has their opinion if you can only curse and s*** at me thats your problem im gonna life my life so its all good, if you hate the boy so much i dont understand why put so much energy into it, if you are a fan af rihanna go and be a fan and follow her and stuff what fans do.. PEACE out have a nice day ya ll (A)

  43. jessica December 15, 2009

    @ miss gur dont act all holy and s***, u just as bad as haters, u prob bash Rih and s*** but can’t stand when loverboy flops on his womanbeaten ass. I know u read what i wrote dont front. Is his left n** stil in ur mouth?????

  44. Lover December 15, 2009

    I can see alot of people have no idea what a flop is………

    Someone like Chris brown should not be doing more than 100k. For an artist with little to no promo, people banning his music on radio and in stores. 102K IS FAR FROM A FLOP!

    Hits Daily double is based on RETAIL sales only…Meaning physical copies. They dont count pre-sales or digital sales So we wont have the full amount of numbers till tomorrow.

    As for the haters saying he flopped…ummm NO! When you build up hype for an album to be the most anticapated album of the year, have promo everywhere…performances on award shows ect. And only sell 180k in the first week. THATS A FLOP!

    With all the Backlash chris has gotten this year even passing the 100k mark is a victory in itself. Wasnt he predicted to only sell 90k? Yea call it a flop all you want. Chris should not be selling no 102k…in his first week….with all the bad press and backlash he got. Good job chris.

  45. rightround(U.S.A pride!) December 15, 2009

    ok so whats with the Susan Boyle bashing? y’all are are mad at this lady for being #1 ? seriously? she’s living her dream! I think people should be happy rather that TALENT is still respected these days. get ready for be #1 for a while longer because my whole family is getting ready to buy copies of her album for Christmas, and i know many are too!

    100K isn’t a flop at all(especially if u consider his situation) …. and neither was 180K(for the rihanna stans). It’s good that Sam put both their sales up together so one can compare them.

  46. bobs December 15, 2009

    @Lover — You are dumb as a rock. HDD is ALL sales. Love you’re excuses tho. Sounds a lot like President Bush when he said global warming doesn’t exist.

  47. jessica December 15, 2009

    @ lover try again he was predicted to sell 90-110K so boo bye. He has had promotion (interviews about him being a changed man) and i remember there was a lot oh hype that surrounded his first single. That flopped too failing to enter the top ten. Andrea Bocelli hasnt done any promo but still outsold his ass. It’s a flop!!!! Ur argument about RIh’s sales can also be justified that she was never a huge first week seller, just as u said CB wasnt suppose to sell more than 100K. Are sucking his right n** while Miss is sucking the left one???

  48. bobs December 15, 2009

    100k = FLOP.

    400k shipped, 100k sold.

    No one wants this crap from convicted abuser.

  49. maskina December 15, 2009

    @lover please with that sorry explanation. Chris was promoted heavily since october. He started with his Larry King interview on CNN, did a whole bunch of radio interviews, was on the cover of vibe magazine. DId a 20/ 20 interview, was all over on MTV and BET and I even saw his commercial on TV. His CD was even on Sale at Amazon for 5.49 So what do you mean he didn’t get much promotion.? What a lame excuse. He got all the promotion he could have gotten, and it is what it is.

  50. jessica December 15, 2009

    @ Bobs completly agree, despite his situation (he put himselft in that situation)people who r fans of his know that he has an album out. 1.9mil bought his last album in the states, so that”s a flop!!!! All the sudden when CB puts an album ou it’s a recession but when Rih put her album out about 3 weeks ago everybody had money and it wasn’t a recession??? GTFO

  51. Sam is soo Biased December 15, 2009

    Sam.. u r soo f****** pathetic.. honestly, what was the point in even adding Rihanna to this post?? What accreditation did it add to this post? None. You are so pathetic. If you don’t like Rihanna.. just don’t blog about her. Simple as that. Obviously her vocals aren’t Beyonce-ish.. but she does her OWN thing.. gotta respect that. while u hide behind a screen.. faceless.. you are a coward. She’s a WOMAN.. why would a MAN.. attack a WOMAN the way you do Rihanna? Perhaps she failed to sign a CD when she first came out? Maybe you secretly want to BE her? Whatever the case might be.. give it up.. I honestly used to love coming to your site.. but sadly, you’re just like the rest.. smh. It may not mean much.. but you’ve definitely just lost 1 viewer.. good day.

  52. Sam– Man up! December 15, 2009

    Sam.. u r soo f****** pathetic.. honestly, what was the point in even adding Rihanna to this post?? What accreditation did it add to this post? None. You are so pathetic. If you don’t like Rihanna.. just don’t blog about her. Simple as that. Obviously her vocals aren’t Beyonce-ish.. but she does her OWN thing.. gotta respect that. while u hide behind a screen.. faceless.. you are a coward. She’s a WOMAN.. why would a MAN.. attack a WOMAN the way you do Rihanna? Perhaps she failed to sign a CD when she first came out? Maybe you secretly want to BE her? Whatever the case might be.. give it up.. I honestly used to love coming to your site.. but sadly, you’re just like the rest.. smh. It may not mean much.. but you’ve definitely just lost 1 viewer.. good day.

  53. Lover December 15, 2009


    The only dumb one is YOU cuz you obviously cant stand chris so why are you here? Dumbass! And NO HDD is just retails They DONT count pre-sales or digital sales.. Billboard IS ALL SALES! HDD is retailers.

    And what excuses am I making? You riri fans were the ones making excuses. “She’s a singles artist” “She’s not a first week sales artist” blah blah blah.

    I’m just speaking the truth for anyone with the amount of bad press and scrutiny chris has got he should not be doinhg more than 100k.

    And jessica……Please STFU! Chris hasnt had nearly the promo as rihanna has. He hasnt even gotten to perform live on any award shows like rihanna has nor has he had any MAINSTREME air play like rihanna has. Rihanna was hyped to the fullest. AND STILL FLOPPED. 180k in the first week? pffff. And dont come with me with that BS arguement “She’s not a first week sales artist” thats bull. And you stans know it.

    Like I said Chris should be doing Timbalands numbers. Not anywhere near 100k period.

    I’m done. Reply if you must its not going to change my statment..goodbye!

  54. Dani December 15, 2009

    Wow @Bobs n Jessica…….
    Forehead fan on the loose!!! Of Course!!!

    I applaud Chris through adversity he still finds away to sell……yall full of s***……he still a betta artist then she will ever be….but y compare them??………….
    with his backlash to sell 100K is a victory…………

  55. Aries_Blu December 15, 2009

    Someone stated that 100k was a ‘pathetic, fail, flop.’ I beg to differ.

    Whether you like him or not, Chris Brown did not have all the possible resources available to him in order to sell his album. He didn’t. So considering his whole situation, selling over 100,000 is pretty good. Especially since he did not go as far enough to sell his album for less than a dollar. Because selling your WHOLE ALBUM for 99 cents shows that you know your album is wack and not worthy, and that you are desperate. So Rihanna and her camps strategy to sell her album for 99 cents was ‘pathetic, fail, and a flop,’ because how can you really stand by her selling numbers, when it was sold for a period of time at $2.99, and than later at a staggering 99 cents? Please tell me that.

  56. jessica December 15, 2009

    @ LOver do u know that all of Chris’ album went almost double plat in the U.S??? CB 2+mil, Excl 1.9Mill. He cant do timbo’s numbers cuz he still has at least 50% of his fan base which will generate in him having higher sales than most artists. Brandy’s album flopped but no one said that she was going through a trial to justify her case, Brit’s blckout is considered a flop cuz most of her albums have done 6mil+. A flop is based on an artists previous work. If he was Trey Songz i would be applauding his sales, but he is CB, billboard artist of the year 08 and he is pushing barely 100K. GTFO. Performing a song live would not change much of his numbers, people who wanted to hear the songs did, ppl who wanted to buy the album did. FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP!!!!

  57. jessica December 15, 2009

    @ Dani WOman-beating, ear bitting, fist punching womanbeater fans on the loose!!!!

  58. Anon December 15, 2009

    Hilarious that you had to combine your Chris Brown FLOP story with a story making Rihanna look bad. Talking about how she dropped so far, yet neglecting to mention that her album sales only dropped by about 6%. That’s amazingly stable for a third week (despite her big drop off from week 1 to week 2). At this pace, Chris will sell less in his second week than Rihanna will in her fourth week. Incredible.

    You also fail to mention how Rihanna has kept pace with Adam Lambert and has even outsold him the past 2 weeks. Why don’t you have a post about his album is a flop? Or how R Kelly is a flop? Or Snoop Dogg? Or Timbaland?

    Next week, when Chris Brown’s sales drop below 50k, are you going to have a post with “Graffiti Officially a Flop” like you did with Rihanna?

  59. Its Me Again December 15, 2009


    The beef between this site and the proph blog just got interesting…. :p

  60. snooki December 15, 2009

    @ yung i think u said it best

  61. james December 15, 2009

    Chris Brown is doing fine sales-wise considering all the drama surrounding him. Remember that Rihanna sold 180,000 copies during the busiest sales week of the year (Black Friday) so of course her numbers are going to be higher than his. He did fine. It is far from a flop. His singles are charting as well.

  62. playin December 15, 2009

    @ JESSICA why so much hate sweetie? its not attractive

  63. ChampionX December 15, 2009

    @JESSICA i normally dont argue with people on here but would you SHUT THE F*** UP and go suck on Rihannas left TIDDAY!!! leave chris brown alone! Im so sick of people f***** wit him. You have no idea what it feels like to make a F****** mistake and wake up having the whole world hate you! You want FACTS?? here they are B****! Chris has had ZERO promotional performances.. he has had NO promo interviews (talking about the incident on TV is NOT promo), he’s picking up garbage for community service, hes doing a whole tour and donating the proceeds to domestic violence victims, he lost the woman he loves, he lost fans, he lost endorsement deals, he lost repsect, he lost the right to tribute to his idol michael jackson. WHAT THE F*** ELSE DO YOU WANT HIM TO GO THROUGH????? HUH??? LEAVE HIM ALONE.. F***! enough is enough.. u wanted chris brown embarassed? he is.. u wanted this album to flop? it did.. what more do u want? Let it go babygirl!

  64. Erica December 15, 2009

    well..what look what we have here!!!!!!!!!!!! lol…


  65. coolio December 15, 2009

    @ CHAMPIONX i think u made the most sense on here so far

  66. Lauren December 15, 2009

    Timbaland is finished. going from hip hop to pop was a BIG MISTAKE

    i hope he stays away from keri’s 2nd album :/

  67. Raychel December 15, 2009

    everyone hating on timbaland, he steps out the box, makes music with other artists, and it sounds GOOD, and he gets bashed on and not credited. UGH…..I dont feel like elaborating on anyone else

  68. smooches December 15, 2009

    i agree i like timbalands new album its good and its different he stepped out of the box 2 bad he isnt rewarded 4 it

  69. Nickel December 15, 2009

    OMG who cares what it sells? If your a fan, be a fan. All of you trying to sugar coat Rihanna’s low sells and people happy that she’s flopping need to cut that s*** out. Do u only like her b/c she sold w/GGB? or do u like her as an artist? If u like her, then why does what she’s selling matter to you? Mention how great u think her music is.

    As for Chris, he had very little promo and horrible PR, his low sells were to be expected. All this talk of flops is dumb. Compared to Susan Boyle they’re all flopping anyway.

  70. Anndee December 15, 2009

    @ Nickel, I agree. I think Susan Boyle should be celebrated for her success everyone else clearly can’t compare (sales wise). All this research of numbers and personal attacks against artists and bloggers (all people we don’t know) I think are taking away from the bodies of work that are out there. We’re so busy trying to prove each other wrong and celebrating failures. Has anyone heard all the albums, are there any you would strongly recommend and why?

  71. ChampionX December 15, 2009

    @JESSICA i normally dont argue with people on here but would you SHUT THE F*** UP and go suck on Rihannas left TIDDAY!!! leave chris brown alone! Im so sick of people f***** wit him. You have no idea what it feels like to make a F****** mistake and wake up having the whole world hate you! You want FACTS?? here they are B****! Chris has had ZERO promotional performances.. he has had NO promo interviews (talking about the incident on TV is NOT promo), he’s picking up garbage for community service, hes doing a whole tour and donating the proceeds to domestic violence victims, he lost the woman he loves, he lost fans, he lost endorsement deals, he lost repsect, he lost the right to tribute to his idol michael jackson. WHAT THE F*** ELSE DO YOU WANT HIM TO GO THROUGH????? HUH??? LEAVE HIM ALONE.. F***! enough is enough.. u wanted chris brown embarassed? he is.. u wanted this album to flop? it did.. what more do u want? Let it go babygirl!

  72. keeping it real December 15, 2009

    Again let’s keep Beyonce out of this. Beyonce is not Rihanna’s idol Mariah is more of an idol of hers. Beyonce does not play it safe, she always goes out side the box. Good luck to both Rihanna and Chris.

  73. smooches December 15, 2009

    wft i dnt undastand y ppl keep bringn up beyonce she has nothin 2 do with this she hardly ever has anything 2 do with ANYTHING and ppl still manage 2 sneak her into a conversation like she payin them………….its so stupid

  74. KodieBlue December 15, 2009

    I just called walmart again and those shady ass m************ have been sold out for five days?? Thre Definitaly not restocking his albums at all? This is Some B*******! Please Read my next post!!!!

  75. dueces December 15, 2009

    they seriously are NOT restocking his album i been tryna get it all week and no store in the whole f*ckin city has it

  76. KodieBlue December 15, 2009

    December 15, 2009 at 1:49 am
    The day it was released, I got mine from FYE in Altoona P.A., and it was four in the afternoon! The store had been open for over 8 hours and it wasn’t on the racks anywhere?? What the f***?? Nowhere to be found in the store?? Because I preordered it, They gave it to me from behind the counter. But why hadn’t it been stocked in the new release section like they always are? And then when I heared about this, I called Walmart in Altoona, and they told me the same thing everyone was saying everywhere on different music websites under this story. That they were sold out. I asked them if it had been restocked, and they said No? Thats exactly what Chris ran into himself. So, I called a Walmart outside of Altoona, and the girl I talked to said she couldn’t find it anywhere in the cd section. So she said she’d be right back and came back and said that she found one copy under the pop/Rock category. I told her it was a new release and that walmart is suppose to put all new releases on the End cap.. SO she told me she was going to do that right now.. Am I the only person who sees something extremely illegally wrong about this picture??? So I called back about ten minutes later, and another girl answered the phone. I said Hi, do you have the new Chris Brown ALbum in? And she said Yes we do. So I said. Can I ask you something. I heared alot of things on the internet about walmart ordering the cd from his record company and then not shelving it at all in some locations and very minimally in others. And she said, well, we have it. I said where can I find it in your music section? She said I’m just finishing putting them in on the end cap on the new release rack now. So, does anyone notice something very Disappointing and almost unbelievable? THis album came out Dec 8th, and I just called ten minutes ago, and today is Dec 15th? THey waited the entire first week as much as they could to put it out because they are in fact involved with someone in not putting it out because they didn’t want his sales to supersee Rihanna;s and come next to Susan Boyle like every official prediction I read had them predicted to do.. And you know what, this my friend is True Ignorance. You don’t let him Rehabilitate by allowing his actions and his past to precede itself, and then you try to take the Young mAns way of feeding his family and actually doing well away from him by not shelving his product? Why did walmart allow his company to send them 400,000 copies if they weren;t even going to sell it??? Someone from Def Jam and in Rihann’a Corner had something to do with this. I mean people everywhere are having trouble getting it.. This is f***** up! THEY KNEW THEY KNEW HE WAS GOINT TO OUTSELL HER AND DID EVERYTHING THEY COULD IN THERE DIRTY LITTLE TRICKS TO DERAIL THE POSSIBILITY OF THAT HAPPENING! I PROMISE YOU! HE DELETED HIS TWITTER BECAUSE HIS PR TEAM INTEND ON SERIOUSLY GOING PUBLIC WITH THIS IN A FAR MORE PROFESSIONAL WAY! THIS IS SERIOUSLY GOIGN TO MAKE SOME HEADLINES BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL AS F*** TO DEPRIVE FANS FROM THE RIGHT OF PURCHASING HIS ALBUM IN RETAIL STORES! ALOT OF PEOPLE WANT THE PHYSICAL ALBUM AND THE BOOK AND NOT JUST THE DOWNLOAD. GOOD LUCK DOWNPLAYING THIS ONE WALMART. ALREADY READ YOUR SHADY ASS STATEMENT! AND DEFINITELY AIN’T BUYING IT. PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS AND TENS OF THOUSANDS OF FANS DON’T TWEET THIS S*** WITHOUT THERE BEING MAD TRUTH TO IT, AND JUDGING FROM MY EXPERIENCE, THEY F***** HIM OVER BADLY!

  77. KodieBlue December 15, 2009

    December 15, 2009 at 2:09 am

  78. dueces December 15, 2009


  79. KodieBlue December 15, 2009

    December 15, 2009 at 2:48 am
    Please Read My First Two Comments Especially the long one and CALL YOUR LOCAL WALMART IF YOUR A FAN AND ASK IF HIS ALBUM IS IN ON THE END CAP IN THE NEW RELEASE SECTION!! IF IT IS NOT, TELL THEM THAT ALL WALMARTS ARE LEGALLY SUPPOSE TO PLACE NEW RELEASES IN THE NEW RELEASE SECTION AND TRUST ME THEY WILL! THEY DID IT FOR ME! I UNDERSTAND THAT ITS 7 DAYS AFTER THIS, AND WHOEVER WAS INVOLVED DID THERE BEST TO KEEP IT OFF THE SHELF THE FIRST WEEK SO HIS IN STORE SELLS WOULD BE LOW, BUT IF PEOPLE SEE IT THEY WILL BUY IT. HE’S BLOWING UP ITUNES BUT THATS ONLY THIRTY PERCENT OF SELLS SO PLEASE CALL IN AND MAKE THE STATEMENT! STOP SPEAKING ABOUT IT BECAUSE WE NEED TO F***** BE ABOUT THIS S***! Yes he should blame the reason his singles aren’t doing well on radio, because unlike you, many don’t have a computer to hear them on, and the radio is the only place they can. And he should blame low album sales on walmart target and best buy for not restocking it when they sold out. His album sold out of store within the first two days of being released, and the idiots never, reshelved it because someone somewhere pulled a couple tricks in the industry and did what they had to do to keep it from being restocked you simple minded idiots?? It;s one thing to take someones mistake and throw it in there face repeatedly everyday for over ten months, but its another thing to deprive them of there livelihood. that should be up to his fans not Walmart Right? His sells are blowing up on itunes and have been for the past week, so that alone should tell you that if they aren’t in stores thats because of this.. People are blogging storeis of them not having it everywhere online.. So sit and rotate on that and do some research.. And the only reason he deleted his twitter, is because his pr finally sat him down, had a talk with him, and explained to him that there is a more professional and exposing way to go about this and thats called a high profile interview where he and friends can discuss what the music industry has tried doing to his career regardless of his actions that he has been making in recovery and changing.. And I think this time, its persoanly and names in the record industry will be mentioned.. Your gonna see a different chris in future interviews to come.. Wait and See!!

  80. Mr.727 December 15, 2009

    100k ain’t s***!!!! Sorry to bust your bubble but let’s face the facts!!! After what Chris did to Rihanna, really sent his career down, yesteryear lane!!!! No one in their right mind is going to accept such horrific brutality, especially when the evidence was clear as day!!! Yes he f***** up, yes he is trying to get his life in order, but honestly he should have taken a break, let the smoke clear then tried to release in 2010-2011!!! I see the mentality of most of you. Most look at Rihanna to the source problems!!! In the real world that most human beings reside in, it is your fault when you choose to beat a b**** down like a dog in the street! You are the one that has to answer the ultimate consequences of your actions! Why won’t anybody just say, you know what Chris f***** up big time!!!!! Being a prawn to the Illuminati associated industry you are going to fall harder than Babylon!!!!! People are tried of this b******* between them, people have better s*** to worry about, rather than figure out who is wrong!!!!!!! Artist don’t promote like they used to, you used to see their promos in Magazines, TV commercials, s*** even radio!!! With all of this technology we have, it’s a damn shame that promos are not 100 times more applicable !!!! I know if one person reads this they will understand what I’m saying? People are soo f****** tried of the same format, same type of artist, just a pretty face no talent, nothing to bring to the table accept how you look, just total fuckery to fool the mind into believing one is talented! SuBo sold 600k in here first week!!! Compared to 600K you tell me who is a flop!????!!! Men lie ,Women lie, numbers don’t!!!!!!!!

    Face the music this boy has to grow up, learn to control his two year old tantrums, start living in reality, take responsibility for his actions!

    Learn to be a real man, not a b****!!!

    Side note: Black artist need to stop hurting the R&B genre with this fake commercialism and start doing the music how it is always been done, opening your damn mouth and singing like no tomorrow!!!!!!

    Keep it real b******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. rod December 15, 2009

    how the hell chris is a flop when he sold more than rhi in the first week…like majority of these commments is just childish and ignorant…… his album was amazing i rather here that than rated r that was okay in ways but overall depressing…..stop hating hes f***** human stop assuming s*** sayin what he needs to do half of these artist is going to do what the hell they want to cuz somebody like it DAMNIT UGHH THSES IGNORANT ASS PEOPLE ANGERS ME……SOME OF YALL NEED TO BE REAL MEN AND WOME AND GROW THE F*** UP URSELF………………..

  82. KodieBlue December 15, 2009

    Mr 727, although you make a couple fact based points. Your definitely wrong about him not havng talent. But the Illuminati thing sounds interesting? Def Jam still f***** him! In Rihanna’s interview she was asked were you trying to destroy Chris’s career in your High Profile interview with Diane Sawyer. Her response was. If I wanted to do that, there are far more creative ways of doing that.. You people need to seriously check your sources. Go back TO R daily. Your wanted over there. You know his album sales would be through the roof if it wasn’t for retail stores blackballing him, and you all know itunes only account for 30% of all album sales. And you also know that in ordre for a high profile album like this to not sell big, and for the artist to come out and make a public statement downing them for this. the proof is in the pudding, they F***** HIM! Just read the story on what Walmart and other major retailers are doing to Whitney on her comeback album.. The same thing. Your not retarded, or delusional! Your just trying to shut up Chris’s fans to keep them from calling in and having his album restocked on shelves in on the locations it was never shelved in in a low down attempt to keep him under with your unforgiving asses!

  83. KodieBlue December 15, 2009

    Please Read My First Two Comments above on here!
    This is my Response to another Hater on a different Post! But Its Interesting! Did anyone ever consider that Your hate for Chris Brown and the hate coming from every other RIhanna stan on this sight is simply keeping you from being able to see the truth of the situation in an unbiased view? I mean I respect the fact that your open minded enough to slightly entertain the possibility that the industry (and nobody means as a whole), but a few people in it, had something to do with seeing that his albums didn’t reach those shelves. But You All Sound Alot like every other Rihanna stan out there that has there head stuck so far up her manufactured ass that its clouding your ability to see the truth of the matter. And thats only because you claimed I have Chris browns d*** in my mouth? So lets stop the childish talk. For a Pre-Med major, you come of as someone whose buttons are easily pushed. Cmon now. I’m actually a big fan of both! And I was listening to Rihanna’s first two albums, bought and played long before Chris entered my cd player. Meaning I had love and respect for her as an artist way before him. At the time they are my two favorite artists but, although I’m Happy to see her doing so well in the industry and I have nothing but respect for the way she has been able to handle her interviews, music production, and touring as an artist, I’ve also grown a respect for Chris as an artist! But Graffiti was in the making for over two years now this month in Dec! And everyone with half a brain know for a fact that if it wasn’t for what he did, certain people in the industry would have refrained from putting there hand in keeping it from having the High Sells that alot of people expected it to. Imagine if your album sold out of all Walmarts targets and Best buys in its first 48 hours of release and then people in the industry that developed a sense of UNCONDITIONAL HATRED towards you saw this happening, and began making some phone calls for some people over at Def Jam Recordings who have signed a very large majority of artists in the industry, and Rihanna just happens to be one of, if not there biggest act! Couple this with fans telling thousands of stories in comments, of there failed attempts in trying to purchase his album in there local walmarts of there home state, you too would begin asking some serious questions and making some serious allegations, anyway you could.. So come off with I don’t know what happened, they don;t knwo what happened, nobody knows what happened B*******? KAnye Schrugg what happened. Gimme a f***** Break, and yourself one too! THE INDUSTRY IS F***** OUR BOY OVER, AND AS MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT AS I HAD FOR RIHANNA TOO, THE RESPECT IS SERIOUSLY FADING LATELY!!!! AND ONCE THE RESPECT STARTS TO GO, YOU KNOW WHATS NEXT!

  84. Mr.727 December 15, 2009

    KodieBlue You are really the voice of reason that keeps me coming to the blog, cuz most of there morons can’t see past his d***!!!!!!! The way I see it, Chris has talent, but not the talent like, Prince, Michael, Aretha, Patti, Luther have!!! He doesn’t sing with passion or conviction! I will agree with you on him being blackballed, I went to Target in the mall and they only had a the reg album and the Deluxe edition only in two slots on the shelf, but Alicia’s album took up one whole row! I really believe that these industry people have lost their feel for real promotion!!! Rrir had mad promotion , but what I have noticed they always seem to promote at the last minute! It seems that the promo is advertised about 2 weeks before the album is released! Not not enough time to make a stamp on the world, being big is not always to golden touch!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the truth to all of this is, Wal-mart, Target or whatever other store you go to, are trying to not look like promoters of DV, but that is only my option! Honestly the album sucks! His voice is of annoying, then the music is just to damn immature for me to muster!!!

  85. thats not my name December 15, 2009

    omg sam , this is crazy

    first 7 foremost props to @JESSICA !!!! speaking the truth!!!

    got these motha fucuz in the fetal position ..

    & who’s writin the goddam thesis out this bish.. its not that serious boo.. nobody gonna read that long ass book..

    rihanna gurl she doin just fine & dandy …

    from the gate i didnt wanna see cb fail , but i didnt wanna see him do better than rihanna..

    & i was a semi fan of cb b4 beating bite fest 09′ but now he’s so not the person i thought

    he was. I never new he was so inarticulate, & cocky. it seems like this situation brought to life who he really is & its sad. ppl are over him point blank. that why he aint on the shows nobody cares!!!

    rihanna doin better than ever & chriss is at an all time low. the stan cant take that .

    he shouldve waited. i pray that he doesnt hurt himself..

  86. ChampionX December 15, 2009

    I normally dont argue with people on here but would you SHUT THE F*** UP and go suck on Rihannas left TIDDAY!!! LEAVE chris brown alone! Im so sick of people f***** wit him. You have no idea what it feels like to make a F****** mistake and wake up having the whole world hate you! You want FACTS?? here they are B****! Chris has had ZERO promotional performances.. he has had NO promo interviews (talking about the incident on TV is NOT promo), he’s picking up garbage for community service, hes doing a whole tour and donating the proceeds to domestic violence victims, he lost the woman he loves, he lost fans, he lost endorsement deals, he lost repsect, he lost the right to tribute to his idol michael jackson. WHAT THE F*** ELSE DO YOU WANT HIM TO GO THROUGH????? HUH??? LEAVE HIM ALONE.. F***! enough is enough.. u wanted chris brown embarassed? he is.. u wanted this album to flop? it did.. what more do u want? Let it go babygirl!

  87. Jasmine December 16, 2009

    I hope people know that THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL NUMBERS! Hits Daily Double is counting PHYSICAL COPIES ONLY. The real official count of sales wont come in untill tomorrow when billboard counts the total tally. 102,489 is the numbers domestically. Not counting internationally /digital or pre -orders! So all the haters having a party in here better hold there horses untill tomorrow..then we’ll see who’s a flop…MK?

    Btw 102k so far IS GREAT for someone is his situation. With all the stuff he has gone through he should be less than 50k REAL TALK! But I guess his haters want him to fail so badly they dont want to see that. Oh well……He’s still gonna do him regardless so people can keep on hating.

  88. caroline December 16, 2009


  89. Sundaie December 16, 2009

    This is the work of La.reid[def jam] and jay-z,they did not want chris to outsale their cash cow.Rihanna talked about being creative in destorying c.b career on one of her many radio interviews.Jay-z paid kanye to upstage taylor.

  90. kidh0 December 16, 2009

    I Kinda agree with all of u but maybe u shouldn’t have an album drop less than 12 f***** months after your controversy which was highly dicussed and became the central topic of many talk shows for months with u being the one that everyone one wants to make the villian…….I’m just sayin, all publicity is not good publicity.

    +*Albums don’t even sell anymore…..when is the last tyme u bought one?

  91. Missfbi December 16, 2009

    I think Chris is being unfairly judged! I’m not condoning what he did but people have done worse things…Who r the retails outlets 2 decide or dictate what albums we buy? Stock his album and leave it to the individual to decide. This is just a ploy to kill his career, Graffiti is a good album!!!

  92. Me.Me. December 16, 2009

    GO CHRIS!!!


  93. dan December 16, 2009

    why are some hating on subo?

    bet that are the same that are hating on artists that has no talent and just their looks (in their eyes)…

    listen to subo’s cd! i took the time, and damn,….that woman can sing mariah (now!) and whitney (now) under the table!

    who cares that she is not the prettiest…. i dont look at the booklet while listening to a cd…

    and its weird that chris isnt called a flop and rihanna is, of course her first week sales werent the best…but look, she has a decrease about 5%…thats nothing!
    she chose the wrong first single…thats all

    and chris came back to early, he should have come back at the end of 2010…

    he cant apologize for what he did and do a song llike “famous girl”…

  94. dan December 16, 2009

    and to all the girls, which say one should forget what chris did, cause he’s young and everyone makes mistakes…

    bet y’all are the girls who bump to “bust the windows out your car”, cause a guy cheating on a girl is so much worse than beating the s*** out of her

  95. wtf December 16, 2009

    i cosign..word is getting about walmart and i am glad..they everything in thier power to stop him but have been exposed..bloody liars….he sold more than hlaf of rihanna in the first week with less shops and zero promo or tv appearances…..that sucka rihanna..she is a flop..they can say whatever but cannot stop the movement..his cd is in demand and we want it…he will be alright in the long run!!! chris brown is not going anywhere…

  96. Stoney-Brie December 16, 2009

    @ BOBS what the hell is a K-FED????

  97. mez December 16, 2009

    In Monique voice…”HATING aint gonna do nuffin for you, Take your ass to the welfare!”

  98. whystillinbusiness December 16, 2009

    Considering everyone and their momma is going up the charts for x-mas season Rihanna is steady going down and in a normal persons book that is considered a flop! Chris with all that has been against him is doing ok but he would’ve done better if people were not so stupid! Just like with Rihanna the people are speaking (not buying) so I believe Chris should get the same and let the people talk…

  99. SXSW December 16, 2009

    Yes Susan!

  100. the truth December 16, 2009



  101. whystillinbusiness December 16, 2009

    Just like Taylor Swift, Susan is getting the same it’s just amazing! Who would’ve figured she would do this great, I’m happy for her she does have a voice, but it’s just crazy how people are letting the world know what they want. It’s not all about the skin showing anymore you must have talent!

  102. bobs December 16, 2009

    You Chris Brown stans are great at making up excuses for your FLOPPITY FLOPPING wife-beater that clearly no one gives a crap about any more.

    Really I’m surprised he sold over 25k this week! That’s only because 25k people bought 4 copies each no doubt.

    ! 22nd Worst Reviewed album of ALL TIME on Metacritic.
    ! Radio won’t touch any of his singles
    ! No one cares

    You all can say what you like about Rihanna – but she’s all over the radio. I hear her songs every 5 minutes. She’s top 2 in europe with Russian Roulette. And the song is a worldwide top 10. 600k in 3 weeks worldwide sales in your so-called “recession.” 5% sales slide from last week in the US. Gold in UK, Gold in Australia.

    And this with a critically acclaimed album and majorly switched up style.

    Chris Brown should be looking at MC HAMMER as a model for the rest of his life. He’s circling the drain like the human turd he is.

  103. bobs December 16, 2009

    BTW: This site didn’t even mention that GRAFFITTI DEBUTED AT #60 this week on the UK charts!!!

    There was a post about Rihanna coming in at 16 as bad!!!!

    #60????? That’s horrid.

  104. bobs December 16, 2009

    Laga Gaga b**** slaps Chris Brown for the #6 slot.

    1. Susan Boyle (581,966)(+10.4%)
    2. Andrea Bocelli (400,433)(-6.5%)
    3. Glee: The Music Vol. 2 (172,611)NR
    4. Taylor Swift (168,103)(+32.1%)
    5. Carrie Underwood (106,506)(+31.8%)
    6. Lady Gaga (102,863)(+23.1%)
    7. Chris Brown (101,671)NR
    8. Justin Bieber (97,327)(+44.7%)
    9. Michael Buble (91,951)(+28.1%)
    10. Gucci Mane (89,857)NR

    @ LOVER – If digital sales weren’t included in HDD – then they have made a NEGATIVE impact on Chris Brown’s final sales. I

  105. nieka December 16, 2009

    rihanna stans arent getting the fact that chris did good in his situation because the interview was about what happen to him and rihanna it wasnt “yeah i hit my girl and my album is coming out dec 8” are you F****** serious!!! he is being blackballed from stores (he has no reason to lie to the world about that when everyone already hates him) he couldnt preform on gma due to f** adam..he had very little promo..NOW rihanna on the other hand has been on awards show gma bet and fuse showed rihanna video the other day damn near for 5 hours mtv had her doing her own playlist during her release week that is shoving her down our damn throats!! chris on the other hand had none of this so he did damn good and to top that off some people didnt even know chris had a cd coming out….aint that some s***!! so yeah chris isnt a flop and rihanna stans are just trying to poke fun at the situation because lil miss sunshine should have done wayyyy better than what she had done considering all the damn promo she had i mean be forreal

  106. bobs December 16, 2009

    @ Neka. Stop blabbing. Go buy more Chris Brown CD’s to help your man out. He needs your money. I mean, send him a loan. But don’t go on a date with him right now, cuz he’ll probably slap you upside your head for being even dumber than he is!

  107. nieka December 16, 2009

    @bobs who cant go outside the country to promote chris who been all over the uk rihanna so it would make since the she would be higher the him..damn people really need to think without promo you dont do as good

  108. bobs December 16, 2009

    @Neka = Please girl. Please. #60? Please. Chris Brown is HIGH VISIBILITY. If people wanted his music, they’d buy it. Problem is, no one wants it cuz it sucks.

  109. nieka December 16, 2009

    like i said people didn teven know that chris had a cd coming out..not teens but grown ass peeople who dont follow celebs every moves but there was no denying that rihanna had on coming out this chick was everywhere!!! like i said it was lack of promo out course people who cant think outside the box are going to think otherwise

  110. Neva_J December 16, 2009

    @ BOBS The Graffiti album is VERY GOOD. It may not be your cup of tea, but it is definitely a GREAT ALBUM.

  111. bobs December 16, 2009

    @ NEVA and @NEIKA – if the album is so good why is the 22nd worst reviewed album of ALL TIME on Metacritic? Why did only 100,000 people buy it?

    Also @ NEIKA: What happened to those digital sales that were remained to be tallied? Billboard is published. He’s @ #7 with 102,000 copies. Maybe no one could find it online, either.

    “Chris Brown lands the week’s second-biggest debut, with his third album “Graffiti” bowing at No. 7 with 102,000. Brown’s last set, “Exclusive,” debuted at No. 4 in 2007 with 294,000. As previously reported, Brown took to his Twitter account — which has since been deleted — to complain that U.S. music retailers were boycotting “Graffiti,” though sources suggest that his label may have overshipped the album.”


    Case closed.

  112. bobs December 16, 2009

    (Also Chris Brown got the DIVA slap down from Susan Boyle, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood…)

  113. wtf December 16, 2009

    @bob, sit down and have a drink like ure idol…or better yet, go jumpin a fire….u are too obessed with chris…he did a good job…102 k in sales is very good considering the inevitable not f*** off will ya..damn you have taken this post to over 100 comments..crasy much..yeah!!

  114. Lisa December 16, 2009

    I can’t believe people are supporting this b****** when he tried to kill someone. Not just someone but a WOMAN!

    This generation is sickening

  115. Joe December 16, 2009

    Riyawna only sold 80,000 copies more than him thats not all that much better…considering all the hype that was put into Rated Flop she should have been pulling Susans numbers but clearly she’s not….how about CB and Riyawna go be flops together lol

  116. PRETTYBOI December 16, 2009

    walked into walmat the other day—-saw Grafittie STOCKED AND FILLED!!!!!

    GIVE IT UP..

  117. PRETTYBOI December 16, 2009


    Chris Brown’s rant that U.S. music retailers are boycotting his new album “Grafitti,” appears to be unfounded. Brown took to his Twitter account — which is now inactive — over the weekend to complain about the fulfillment and display of his album in a series of posts.

    “im tired of this sh*t. major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. what the f**k do i gotta do… … yeah i said it and i aint retracting s*** im not biting my tongue about s*** else… the industry can kiss my ass,” read messages posted.

    He also noted specifically that he “JUST WAS AT WALMART IN Wallingford CT,844 north colony.. the didnt even have my album in the back… not on shelves, saw for myself.

    A survey and store visits find that Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Trans World, Newbury Comics are all carrying the Brown record and sources say that his album received widespread distribution and promotion by his label, Jive Records, and his distributor, Sony Music Entertainment. Jive shipped over 400,000 units of “Graffiti,” and also had it positioned in prime stores space at all key accounts, according to sources. In fact, sources suggest that Jive may have overshipped his record, as sales are slow.


    “Not only am I carrying it, I am over carrying it, because it isn’t selling,” says the head of purchasing at one large chain. “I wish I could return it.” He says the album’s first week sales only reached 40% of expectations. At 27-unit Newbury Comics, Carl Mello head of purchasing, echoes that sentiment. “We have it; it’s not selling much.”

    He says the chain never even considered boycotting Brown — an accusation leveled by the artist on Twitter. Brown pleaded guilty to charges in connection with his attack of former girlfriend Rihanna in February, just before the Grammy Awards show. “We never considered not bringing it in,” Mello says. “If we stopped bringing in records from every unsavory character that puts out an album, there would be tumbleweed floating around our stores.”

    When ordering the record, Mello says he took into account Brown’s altercation with Rihanna from a sales perspective, only. After saying, “Let’s see what has happened with his sales since the incident,” Mello reports that “Exclusive,” which was issued in November 2007, sold 11 copies chainwide in October 2008, 8 copies in November, 5 units un January, 4 in February, 2 in March, and 0 copies in April, May and June. “From July until now, we have sold 3 copies,” Mello adds. “When you see an artist is going to release a new album and then you go back and see these kind of sales, alarm bells go off. You don’t feel over confident about bringing in a lot of records.”

    Nevertheless, “we brought in the new album because you know you are going to sell some,” Mello says. “We let the consumer vote on it.”

    And so far, consumers aren’t flocking to stores to vote on behalf of Brown. Sources project that Brown sold about 100,000 units last week, well below the 150,000-175,000 units he was expected to sell. Mello says that the album is probably about the No. 40 best-selling title at the chain.

    Even Wal-Mart — which was singled out by Brown on Twitter as one of the so-called merchants boycotting his record because the Wallingford, Conn., store didn’t have it in stock — says they are carrying the Brown album. “We are surprised at the comments on Twitter, since all Walmart stores carried the CD since its release, including the Wallingford store mentioned in the post. This store had in fact sold through their copies over the weekend. The majority of our stores are showing today they have copies on hand.” Likewise Billboard found plenty of Brown in stock at Best Buy in Union Square and on Broadway by Houston Street, in Manhattan, as well as at the J&R Music World superstore in downtown Manhattan. Jive declined to comment.

  118. PRETTYBOI December 16, 2009


    Mello says. “If we stopped bringing in records from every unsavory character that puts out an album, there would be tumbleweed floating around our stores.”


  119. maskina December 16, 2009

    Chris was heavily promoted, and everyone knew he had a cd coming out since waay back in October when he did Larry King on CNN, Did a 20/20 interview, MTV, radio interviews, cover of Vibe magazine, Commercials on TV, he had heavy promotion. NOt to mention his 20/20 interview was just the friday before his tuesday release, so that should have helped him the more, since they played his video on prime time and all. So stop these lies about Chris not having any promotions. I guess that is the best you all can come up with to try to justify the low numbers.

  120. maskina December 16, 2009

    @joe what hype was put into rated R, when people didn’t even know she was coming out with an album, till some blog mentioned she was releasing on the 23rd. Everyone was surprised that she didn’t even have a single out yet just a few weeks before she supposedly put out an album. That CD was not hyped anymore than any other artist. And all her promo is about the same as Chris’s. So stop reaching and grasping at straws.

  121. KodieBlue December 16, 2009

    December 16, 2009 at 5:37 pm
    Since graffiti has been out some stores havent re-stocked the album. They have been telling the customers that they are unavailable but they will be in the back. Evidence is below of how shops like walmart, for example, told the customers how the album wasn’t there.
    Please fans, send an email to telling her why you support Chris with your name and state. This is for someone who works for tina davis company (chris’s manager) and it will really help trying to stop all the stores that are doing this to graffiti. Also if you have any information about your local stores doing the same thing to Graffiti please email it.Please email your letters before Friday. Please read this for more information on how to help Graffiti BY CLICKING HERE Thank you.
    Video in Walmart

  122. Truth December 16, 2009

    10 years from now chris and rihanna will look back on this and realize how ppl really had them hyped up I doubt either one of em will be relevant 10 years from now they both r too young and too immature neither of there CDs will do good cuz ppl r tired of all this drama of theirs chris need to chill out on take a break like kanye and tiger and rihanna needs to save all the money she can cuz her fame is 10 seconds from being up true talent is making a comeback so rihanna chris neyo cassie ciara and all the other no singing artist will have to rely on controversy and objectifying themselves to stay famous

  123. Joe December 17, 2009

    @Maskina Rihanna was the one who let people know she was coming out with an album when she posted it on her twitter page…on october 13th…. and with all the promotion and HYPE!…AMA, SNL, GMA, all these interviews and she couldnt even shift more than 300k in a week why is that? answer that question….she is a flop.

  124. Symone December 21, 2009

    Actually……According to Tina Davis (Chris manager),he sold 574,416 copies of Grafitti WORLDWIDE ,the first week……

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