New Song: Cassie – ‘Skydiver’

Published: Thursday 31st Dec 2009 by Sam
cassie sky

Despite having not released an album since her 2006 debut, singer model Cassie has seen almost two full-length LP’s worth of her  material ‘apppear’ on the net over the last 2 years – hence it’s not at all surprising that yet another (‘Skydiver’) has surfaced.

Slated to feature on her much delayed sophomore effort ‘Electro Love’, the Chris & Teeb produced / James Fauntleroy-penned cut boasts great production and an irresistibly catchy hook. Unfortunately, though, Cassie’s vocals (or lack thereof) kinda kill the affair, sounding distinctly offensive in most places other than the chorus (which itself is layered upon layered).

It may come across as if I moan about Cassie each time I post on her, and that’s because I do! In not even being a singer/performer, yet having respect for the art form itself, I struggle to see how it’s somehow ‘OK’ for models to tonelessly talk over hot beats, securing lucrative label deals left and right, while more deserving artists fall by the wayside. It’s just not right. Moving beyond how she got her label deal (that much I can piece together quite easily in my head… and no its nothing nasty LOL), I’m now even more baffled as to how she’s managed to keep it. I’m sure she’s a sweet girl; she’s damn sure a stunning one, which is exactly why I believe she should actively pursue her first dream (her own words)…modelling.

In any case, she doesn’t seem to be going anywhere – that much Diddy has made sure of. So enough of my rambling…check out the song below:

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Plain&Simple December 31, 2009

    I like Cassie.
    Ok, She cant sing, but she has a nice sweet voice I would rather listen to Cassie than to Beyonce and her annoying voice.

    I love this song.
    I also love “I Never Knew” , “Look What You Done” , “Make You A Believer” and actually all the other song that leaked.

  2. Me.Me. December 31, 2009

    Love Cassie! She can’t sing, that’s a fact. But she has sweet voice.
    If I want to listen to powerful vocal performance i will listen to Beyonce or Mariah.
    Cassie’s voice is good enough for this kind of tracks if you know what I mean.

  3. Cyimo Simo December 31, 2009

    I like Cassie her voice is kinda of sweet and she’s beautiful, now back to the post i like the song can’t wait for her new album to drop………

  4. Jark December 31, 2009

    You really are insufferable sometimes Sam. This whole ‘model’ fuckery is so tedious! You’ve contradicted yourself too – is her deal ‘lucrative’ or is Diddy making errors in his handling of her? You can’t have it both ways. She’s NOT being given massive promotion so it’s not like she’s stopping anybody else with more talent from being a success, and that’s that. Stop hating. I hope on one of Sam’s bum boys DOES respond to this by asking me why I still visit the site because I honestly don’t know.

  5. Suzy G December 31, 2009

    I don’t like this song. I do like the song Activate that leaked in ’08 though… you can actually hear her on that song.

  6. 12345 December 31, 2009

    she’s cool, she has a sweet voice

  7. Dancinstarrlet December 31, 2009

    I like this song!

  8. oz December 31, 2009

    this song is dope! get over your hate for the girl. we KNOW she doesn’t have the best voice. is anything else new? what matters is she’s grinding hard and really turning out some good music. at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about. it would be one thing if she kept churning out whack records, but she’s not.

  9. Gumaro December 31, 2009

    LOVE CASSIE! LOOOOOVEEE THIS SONGGG!! Its dope! Cassie never fails to come hard with the production, she should see where this goes and make a dope video, HOPEFULLY showcasing her (once apart of her “act”) dancing abilties and go from there, try to go the dancer/performer route, while lypsynching, thats okay with me! LOVE YOU CASSIE!! THIS IS A DOPE TRACK!!! YOUR FANS WANT MORE OF THISSSS!

  10. Sammy December 31, 2009


    I can’t wait for Electro Love. She is seriously gonna SLAY all these other RnB h*** hard. People better recognise and be ready for cassie to take over. She’s gonna be killing it, mark my words.

    Cassie is the best eva. Voice of an ANGEL.

  11. Adam December 31, 2009

    This song is sick. I love her, don’t give a f*** about whether her voice ain’t as strong as other peoples, people like Janet, Madonna, Aaliyah, Ciara and Cassie herself have made it work in the past. Not everyone has to have a big voice like Whitney or Mariah. There’s a word spelt “DIVERSITY”, you should look it up.

  12. antertain December 31, 2009

    In most part I agree with Sam

    The thing with Cassie is that 75% of songs she does suits her and have a cool catchy feel to em.
    Many artist can’t say that so although her live game is wack she fits well on tracks made for her more than not.

    She has her lane amongst the non-singers category

  13. Dilla December 31, 2009

    I guess skydiver and jumpoff are 1 in the same. NEEEEXXXXTTT

  14. geminiblacc December 31, 2009

    I agree, no the girl can’t sing, but she can hold a note and she knows that. So that’s what she does, hold notes. Anyone can learn to do a ‘run’ so she isn’t doing anything spectacular although i think she sounds nice on almost all of her songs. She stays in her lane and that’s working well for her. All she needs is a few hit songs and she’ll be fine.

  15. hihihihihi January 1, 2010






  16. jaclyn January 2, 2010

    song wasnt as bad as i thought. she’s no beyonce or fantasia but she works with what she has.

  17. alyce January 3, 2010

    something special abut Cassie ,her voice is too sweet, her songs is nt annoying like beyonce. i know B is the best but songs alway annoying

  18. kiki fire January 4, 2010

    WTF is she saying? This is whack… she cute and all but come on this is terrible..if she was ugly u wouldn’t even let the song play all the way thru its that bad.

  19. Sammy January 18, 2010


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