Hot Shots: Rihanna Snapped Kissing New Man

Published: Tuesday 5th Jan 2010 by Sam

Rihanna clearly seems to be over her controversial relationship with Chris Brown, if these pictures are anything to go by. The Bajan model snapped getting ‘close’ with Los Angeles Dodgers baseball player Matt Kemp while on vacation in Mexico yesterday. After dodging rumours about their apparent romance, it’ll be more than hard to after the surfacing of these pics. {Source}


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  1. thatmangojuice January 5, 2010

    ooooh snap, busted. He is FINE though

  2. i love s** January 5, 2010

    OMG what a hot couple HE’s SO DAMN FINE and rihanna is so pretty and s*** and gorgouse and deserves the best MY FVRT NEW COUPLE RIHKAMP

  3. King January 5, 2010

    thank god this bish finally moved the fugg on.

  4. damn January 5, 2010

    lol what a hot s** tape that would be 😛 glad she’s moved on but i don’t like that guys expression on the ass grab pic its almost like he’s doing it for the camera, riri need to watch him he may be like lady gaga’s love interest in paparazzi just happy to be getting press attention

  5. whystillinbusiness January 5, 2010

    @damn I agree and she is letting him do it and that’s even worst. She should apply the rule of Jay & B and stop cause next week when he is back with Latoya what’s she gonna look like then? I hope it’s for the right reasons on her part and not to out do Breezy… Rihanna seems like she can be that petty…

  6. number1k9 January 5, 2010

    Damn, she’s s*** b**** (most of the time). Ha ha!

    But these pics seem to be in trashy manner!

  7. @Hayaseta_Lamb January 5, 2010

    look @ his face while grabing her a$$ “wants press attention”

  8. memo January 5, 2010

    because these aren’t staged at all *rolls eyes*

  9. Steffon January 5, 2010

    Rihanna is not that cute without make up… or maybe its just me? idk, I need a close up

  10. mez January 5, 2010

    King dear you can now have Fist Brown he is all yours… hope he doesnt bash your ugly face in!

  11. MushyLove_1992 January 5, 2010

    1 866 Rap It Up….

  12. y2kmalone January 5, 2010

    no matter what b****** are gonna hate
    Rihanna gets the finest men
    still mad….lol

  13. Daw January 5, 2010

    I ain’t mad at RIH! Get that FYNE ass man HA!

  14. HAHAHA January 5, 2010

    (sighs) Still a w****….nothing new…what’s this man 2,000,002? lol letme stop he is fine tho 🙂

  15. Lady Lust January 5, 2010


    Wonder if he had to take a number or was the line moving briskly? Hmm……

  16. Imperfect Angel January 5, 2010

    I agree with most of the recent comments. He just looks like he wants some publicity and a**and that’s it. And i mean why wouldn’t he want it? He really is unknown in the baseball world. I didn’t even know he played baseball until I saw him in Letoya’s video and thought damn who is this fine brotha? Then i googled him lol but on a positive side they do look cute together but i’d rather him with Toya and Rihanna with Breezy as they both attend therapy classes 😉

  17. Not so fast January 5, 2010


    You’re right, look at his face while grabbing her b***. Looking right into the camera…and smiling. smh. And she’s letting him grab her like that. She knows the paps are there. He knows too. So it’s definitely staged. Who ends up looking trashy? HER. By the way, if it was really serious like the “insiders” say, then he’d want to protect her from the paps, wouldn’t he?

  18. wtf January 5, 2010

    lol, 123 camera action…that is what was happening before these pics were can we leave brown alone…

    let the 2 attention whores have thier time….i mean this has upped his profile and dropped hers…

    he earns 400k per annum
    apprantley an attempted singer
    and was a video boy for latoya..

    guess we are gonna be seeing more of him ok let me rephrase that..we gonna be seeing more of both attention whores!!!

  19. wtf January 5, 2010

    oh to someone who said rihanna does not look cute without makeup, you are right…..thats when you know she is not that cute at all!!!

  20. random January 5, 2010

    wrap it up ??? the h***** rumors cb stans started.she is not sick you’re delusional f**** that think he sold a milli.

  21. Chile January 5, 2010

    That Grape Juice = Another Gossip Site

  22. SOOS January 5, 2010

    I think ThatGrapeJuice went into a very wrong way in the last couple of months… a year ago it was my favourite site, but now it’s getting more and more similar to PerezHilton’s disgusting and awful blog.

    Hey guys, let’s go BACK TO BASICS, and leave behind gossips and paparazzi photos no one cares about them.

    And finally, who is Rihanna? …….

  23. sugar January 5, 2010

    i just feel sorry for this dude, coz when the rubber hits the road she will talk about him on TV same way she did to chris. they wont last maybe she will force it, athletes f**k anything that moves, they like to go Tiger woods 😀

  24. Raychel January 5, 2010

    And when cb is laid up with thousands of woman grabbing their butts he’s not showing off and trying to get stability @WTF @sugar @king???
    What about him????
    Just a double standard.. That’s what it is
    cb always gets the lighter end of the situation….

  25. Raychel January 5, 2010


  26. King January 5, 2010 this a post bout chris brown? NO
    y is his name in ur mouth…u need to get off his nuts..while u at it get off my nuts too.
    damn simple minded a** people get in my nerves,,,

  27. da vinci January 5, 2010

    it doesn’t matter what Rihanna do people are going hate on her every move that’s why i love her and obviously her haters/secret fans love running in her post!!!

  28. Raychel January 5, 2010

    @king of your post was sensible and didn’t include you calling rihanna a b word
    maybe people wudnt respond

  29. Rihanna Flop January 5, 2010

    she looks like she will give that p#ssy up to anyone
    goes faster through men then ppl go through their underwear lol

  30. bacon bits January 5, 2010

    these pics make me want to go home and get kinky with the hubby! differnce is we’ve been together for almost 11 years… i doubt Rihanna’s rel’ship will last 11 months. But I guess she’s having fun…

  31. Symone January 5, 2010

    I’m so laughing at the people that say there is a double standard as it pertain to Chris being with many women compared to Rihanna and the many men she has been through.Ah, would these be the same women that think it’s okay for a woman to hit a man,but when she’s hit back,you cry about it…Lets not cry about double standards now!

    Whenever there is a photo of Chris with a woman,Rihanna suddenly appears in photos with someone.Rihanna talked publicly twice about wanting to talk with Chris,late last year,but he didn’t respond,so hopefully she got the message but for some reason,I doubt it…..

    It’s obvious that Rihanna is with someone who has no respect for her but lets face it,she doesn’t have any respect for herself to allow the disrespect. It’s obvious that he like the publicity and the fact that he was Letoya Luckett makes him seem like an opportunist.

  32. Jazzy January 5, 2010


    I love how you rihanna stans try to drag chris’s name into the mud to make riri look good. Its very amusing. But Chris is FAMOUS ALREADY! he don’t need attention from the paparazzi. But this old dude is a NOBODY dating miss famous girl rihanna. So yea its a big difference! Not to mention those are groupies chris be hanging out with. He dont care about them..thats why he does and can do whatever to them in public.

    But, Rihanna and old dude are supposed to be in a “serious relationship.” so should’nt he want privacy for both of them? Why would he go to a public pool where he knows paparazzi are at and grab her like that if he DIDN’T WANT attention? get real.

    Seriously this has nothing to do with chris..get CB out of your vocab. Hes no longer in the picture MOVE ON! And stop using him as a scape goat whenever ypu try to defend this girl. its childish.

  33. J-Wellz January 5, 2010




  34. Raychel January 5, 2010

    Oh so symone and whatever your name is
    cb walking Around with cash hanging out his pocket and in his hand with a girl is not trying to show off? Did y’all say Anything about him partying and obviously trying to get attention with the many girls he was with
    yet you criticise Rihanna for having fun with one new man?
    And you really think Rihanna did this to spite Chris??? Are you serious
    wow, so Rihanna can’t have fun without being called a attention w**** and a s***
    but Chris can get by like it’s nothing???
    This was a private resort they were on
    they had no intention of being photoed by the paparazzi and Rihanna has been with this guy for awhile
    all it is is hate
    Rihanna can’t do anything without the paparazzi all over her and you hating
    please it’s pathetic
    and yes I brought cb up and it’s not childish
    because they are both moving on and are both doing the same things
    but Rihanna is considered a h** And showing off
    it’s not fair to her
    she is just living her life
    so don’t come at me with all your talk about “you need to leave cb out your posts” because I can do anything I want and say anything I want And I will continue to
    SMH at cb stans
    never want to just let people live their lives without it being wrong

    mainly cough cough….RIHANNA

  35. florida_girl January 5, 2010

    @Raychel….I think what is making ppl question if this is fake or not is the fact Rihanna use to pride herself on being private…you date a guy for about 2 years no PDA until a year into the relationship but dude according to People she only knew since November 2009 and all of this is going on….Matt has a past a womanzier past in the industry that she should have given him the side eye iff the first conversation…looking at the photos u can tell this is all staged…and something else too please know that alot of celebs call the paparazzi and this is a prime case right here…Mexico…ok …they both had photos come out the same time with other ppl just odd if you ask me…

  36. Raychel January 5, 2010

    I understand @Florida girl
    but shouldn’t Chris be criticized Also? Shouldn’t they both get the same response?? Not one worse than the other

  37. mez January 5, 2010

    Rihanna thank god has moved onfrm that angry silly little boy who beat her….

    Yo King go get him ya fffing loser! Remember to duck when he starts punching!

  38. luv-mario January 5, 2010

    cool down people riri is just having fun…she’ll have someone else next month.

  39. MS.CLAY January 5, 2010

    I’m sorry @RAYCHEL, but if you think CB should be criticized too then you should create a site that requires no double standards, nothing negative about Rihanna, and all hate on CB. Please stop mentioning the fact that CB isn’t getting critcized by the paps for being with different women! Of course he won’t! It’s society! Why do you keep mentioning CB, why not ask about another single male celebritiy/athlete who is also doing the same thing, for example, Lil Wayne, Bow Wow, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, Drake, and millions more! I mean yeah we don’t see them as much as CB but that doesn’t give anyone a reason to mention him everytime someone else calls Rihanna a w****. Just say in general there is a double standard! Don’t mention CB everytime cuz he’s not the only male doing his thang! If Rihanna’s a w**** than she’s a w****, not she’s a w**** oh but CB is too! Please stop with that foolishness!

  40. Raychel January 5, 2010

    @ Ms. clay
    rihanna isnt related to those people
    and people are saying rihanna is doing this because of chris
    leave me alone, I can post anything I want
    I dont hate chris brown
    Im just tired of people criticising rihanna when chris is doing the same thing!

  41. Jazzy January 5, 2010


    You always wanna use Chris as a scape goat to DEFEND rihanna whenever she’s seen as doing something wrong. Rihanna and chris are no longer together. STOP COMPARING THEM. If rihannas wrong then just accept it. Dont try to point the finger at CB and use him as a scape goat to make riri look like an angel. Its childish and it shows how much of a stan you are.

    Its very clear to everybody(even rihanna fans) that these pics are staged. Trying to run chris’s name through the mud wont make any difference. Its still a fake relationship at the end of the day. Pointing the finger at Chris doing whatever, is not going to make riri look any better. PERIOD.

    And stop lying saying you dont hate CB… You hate on CB all the time.

    And if you didnt hate CB you wouldn’t feel the need to drag his name in the mud whenever rihanna is in the hot seat. So please quit with that lie that you dont hate him cuz YOU DO!

  42. Symone January 5, 2010

    To Rachel or WHATEVER your name is…….

    Where in my comments do you see me criticizing the guy she is allege to be dating? I could care less as to who she date.Fact is,all I said was that he was disrespecting her by his obvious use of her but unfortunately you Rihanna Stans just see what you want to see…

    It’s obvious to me that you have an issue with abuse that you want to project on Chris Brown but that is your and every other nutcase with a mindset such as yours problem.It’s not Chris and I sure as hell won’t let it be mine….

  43. Symone January 5, 2010

    @Jazzy and Ms. Clay,I agree with you both…….

    The Rachel character is always so defensive about Rihanna and anytime Rihanna is criticized,the first thing she does is blame Chris Brown.Fact is,Chris is not in the picture with Rihanna and Matt Kemp.Rihanna is the one that is allowing Matt Kemp to disrespect her but for these ridiculous Rihanna Stans,it always comes back to Chris for them.

    This situation has truly brought out a real sick element……..

  44. King January 5, 2010 u have a crush on me or something?, cause evrytime I post a comment my name is always in ur mouth…
    what did I say was negative bout rihanna? because I said thank god the bish finally moved on , that mean I’m hating?
    u rihanna stans r so damn sad, its not even funny any more. I mean y the hell chris brown name is always mention when theres a rihanna post? does it makes u stans feel better bout yall self ,comparing rihanna with chris.
    personally I dont give a fug rihanna has a new d*** to suck, even though like alot of yall say, i think shes doin it for publicity.
    let see, ur a album flopped, doing h** s***, failed, showing ur a** and titties failed

  45. King January 5, 2010

    and for the stans wo gonna come and say she didnt flopp.her album sold 1mil worldwide..
    she only sold bout 400,000 domestically, than 600,000 in the rest of the world,,,thats where the 1 million come yall research..
    lets see 6, 7 week on the american chart and ur a** sold only 400k..
    just sad just sad
    pay back is a b**** huh

  46. Raychel January 5, 2010

    yet you call rihanna names @king repeatedly
    I never said I hated chris brown and I dont. I DONT HATE HIM.
    obviously if someone debates domestic violence Im right here to debate against it. Why? because thats what I do.
    I dont have DOMESTIC violence issues.
    I was stating my OPINON. @jazzy, how you gonna tell me how I feel? I dont hate chris brown, and you think everytime I say something about him and relate him to rihanna I hate him.
    you dont see me hating on chris brown, calling him out his name and bashing him.
    I use him to make my points. Fine, so I wont use him.
    So its right for stars like hayden and miley cyrus and paris hilton to pubically show their love, but not rihanna?
    Its okay for paris hilton to clobber down her man
    and its okay for hayden to make out with her man when she knows she’s being seen?
    but since its rihanna, and she just broke up with cb, its so bad
    its staged and comments like..
    oh “he has no respect for her” “hes grabbing her booty” “she has no respect for herself”
    dont give me that. you dont know. rihanna may like when he touches her booty. chris may have touched her booty. you dont know anything about her or her relationships with other men!
    she’s having fun, like everyone else does when they are single.
    but people ALWAYS wanna tear her down, and say that everything she does is whorish and slutty.
    It dosent make any sense to me, because you seem to put chris on a pedestal
    like everything he does is right
    and he’s this little angel.
    Im not saying that rihanna is a innocent angel, but chris isnt innocent and perfect either.
    if he can party and grab on womans butts and live the single life
    so can she
    she is OVER chris brown. its said and done, there is no more
    and yet @king you wonder why I post in response to you all the time
    your comments make me sick to my stomach. noone deserves to be talked about that way, as much as you think I hate on chris brown I never do that. I think he is very talented.
    but call her names over and over and bash and slander her, and you expect me not to respond to something like that?
    If you dont like an artist that much, why even POST! I l like chris browns music. Im not denying his talents and Im NOT bashing him.
    just because I mention him to bring up a POINT dosent mean I am throwing him under the bus. I should have just said other stars…
    but people like you, symone, and jazzy are cb stans and dont even WANT to see where im coming from. you just KNOW its staged. You just KNOW rihanna is set out to ruin him.
    I dont understand. and yet people criticise me???
    SMH at yall. time will come. Ill just wait.
    but people always wanna throw her under the bus, like she’s really worried about him and paid the paparazzi to photo them so she could make him jelous…
    its stupid.
    and people get mad at me when I bring cb into the post, chris brown was brought into this post by others, not just me, and I was trying to make the point

  47. COLD CASE LOVE January 5, 2010

    @king shut your lying ass up.

    Rihanna is GOLD in the US. Faster than her last album which sold 7.6 million copies so how is it a flop?

    You’re a hater and you all gang up on a girl? You are just as much as a p**** as woman beater.


    He’s one flop away from working at Mickey D’s.

  48. Maggie January 5, 2010

    I hate when people use the term “stan.” It’s almost as bad as calling things crunk.

  49. KodieBlue January 5, 2010

    Like almost everyone else on this blog, i have to admit that this is DEFINITELY STAGED. On RIhanna’s part. And @Raychel, I’m a member of many Chris Brown Fansites, and got to all of them frequently. And there are no pictures ANYWHERE of him doing any of those things to girls. In all of them he’s got his arm around there shoulder, and vice verse. There all CLASSY and FRIENDLY picks. But Rihanna does everything she can to make him jealous because thats how her mentality works. She’s still a kid affected by the fact that Chris is currently content with his Life. And he will continue to slowly come back as he already showed his fans and the haters alike that he will do, if God sees it fit. WHich I think he just May at this point.. But I mean, who knows.. Either way, you can tell Chris is Content. He doesn’t need to go out of his way to make Riri Jealous because he doesn;t want her to be, or just doesn’t care. But these pictures on RD clearly show anyone with commonc sense that they were deliberately seeking attention to get people to talk knowing it would get back to Chris. And this unknown baseball player knows this, and is eating it up.. And for Rihanna who was just on Good Morning America saying I STILL LOVE CHRIS, CARE ABOUT HIM, AND WANT HIM TO DO WELL IN HIS CAREER, AND THEN GOES ON TO SAY IN A UK RADIO INTERVIEW THAT SHE MISSES HIM AND THERE ARE CONSTANT REMINDERS OF IT AT HOTELS, RESTARUANTS IN TRAVELING, SONGS THAT COME ON THE RADIO BY BOTH THERE FAVORITE ARTISTS AND HIS SONGS, SHE SURE AS HECK HAS A TRUTHFUL WAY OF SHOWING. AND THEN SAYING SHE NEVER HEARED CHANGED MAN.. SHE’S SLOWLY DESTROYING HER CAREER WITH THIS CRAP. JUST WATCH..

  50. KodieBlue January 5, 2010

    Yeah But @Raychel as a fan of Chris Brown’s music and personal life, and Rihanna’s music, but not her personal, were right. You DO do this All the time. Its non stop with you. SOme of the people on here might have had some disrespectful things to say about Riri, but your non stop with Chris..

  51. KodieBlue January 5, 2010

    You were definitely a vic of something that causes you to take out your anger and frustration on the one person who is actually LEARNING FROM HIS MISTAKE AND USING THAT GAINED KNOWLEGE TO HELP OTHERS.. DEFINITELY THE WRONG PLACE TO SPREAD YOUR HATE. GOING AGAINST THE WAVE AGAIN????

  52. Raychel January 5, 2010

    @kodieblue SHUT UP
    I already said I didnt hate chris brown, and like symone you wanna tell me how I feel and what I am. GIRL OR BOY PLEASE.
    and you can stop with that he was posing politly because one of the pics he was grabbing on a girls booty okay, and I didnt say anything was wrong with that but people wanna say something is wrong when rihannas man grabs her booty.
    get this through your head
    Im not facing ANYTHING with domestic violence
    I dont have any problems.
    I just said if there is a domestic violence topic, thats where I am because thats what I do, Im a DEBATOR.
    dont come at me with that crap. tell @king that crap about having problems. did you SEE her post?
    Did you see what I wrote about cb being talented??? NO. you just stuck on trying to be right.
    I SMH at you…
    and rihanna is trying to ruin HIS career? how is being with her man trying to ruin his career.
    whatever cb stan. here you are. on a rihanna post.
    GTH out of here with that mess. bye bye
    this is finished fanito

  53. cold case love January 5, 2010

    Raychel go back to RD stop wasting your time on these keyboard warriors.

  54. Diane January 5, 2010

    This appears staged. I love how he looks directly into the camera when he’s squeezing her buttocks.

  55. MS.CLAY January 5, 2010

    @Raychel….. It is mindblowing how you Rihanna stans always say oh it’s over between her and CB and things of that sort, however everytime someone says something negative about Rihanna here you stans go with the CB references! How is Rihanna related to CB?????? They are no longer together! So those people I mentioned are just as related to Rihanna as CB is now! The only reason there is a relation is because you stans mention him everytime something is said about Rihanna! And yeah you can say whatever you want, but so can I! So I say that people should leave CB out of this conversation becuz he wasn’t even in the post! Geeez!

  56. Raychel January 5, 2010

    @ms. clay
    she will ALWAYS be related to cb !!!
    and I dont always bring up cb in my posts.. you know what cold was right.
    im going back to rd bye bye

  57. Join HBQs for FREE! January 5, 2010

    Yep, they definitely seem staged. People can say she’sbeautiful, ‘talented’, lucky, etc, but she can still be unhappy. Just look at Britney. She was on top of the world, but unhappy behind closed doors. Even now, you can see her eyes are empty and lost. If Rihanna needs new boyfriends to be happy, she’s a desperate, young woman. She should’ve taken time out to be single, independent, and improve her low self esteem. Instead she jumps back on someone else not even half a year after being warned not to contact her abusive ex.

  58. King January 5, 2010

    @cold case love. did I hit a nerve?,,,lol, we not talking bout her last album,,so get with tthe program,r u mad that rihanna f****** somebody new.ur anger sounds very personal.
    and for the record, GGGB flopped the first time it was released, it did worse than RATED R on the first week, thats y they re released it,,,and when they add up the numbers on the first time it was released to the numbers on the second time, thats y it when platinum,
    thats y they plan to re released RATED R again…
    again I may not like rihanna non talent a**, bu before i comment bout her, I CHECK MY FACTS FIRST,
    unlike u stans who just make up s***, or bring up chris brown name to make rihanna look good

  59. KodieBlue January 5, 2010

    Thank You For Finally Leaving With Your Hate.. Every time that girl sees Rihanna or Chris’s name anywhere its Chris this Chris that… EVERYTIME!!!

  60. hihihihihi January 6, 2010


  61. Kongo January 6, 2010

    Hmmmm i dont lik eth elook of this guy why the f*** is he looking at the camera =/ rihanna needs to be carfull because this guy can end up being her k-ferdinad..!

  62. Kongo January 6, 2010

    *like the look

  63. Raychel January 6, 2010

    @kodieblue NO ITS NOT
    you are a liar because everytime I post on rihanna I dont include cb!!!!

  64. Erica January 6, 2010

    Rihanna, you know you my girl! But this….c’mon now..

    anyone with eyes can see this is just to make CB jealous. …or for or the other..but either way, your truly not ready for another relationship. If this is just for the “good s**” you said you wanted on hot 97 interview w/angie mar…then clearly this guy is just out for what he can get from you as well, and looks like he will give you exactly what you want, but YOU have to give him something in return…this makes everything you said on 20/20 look like a front. I NEVER want to see anyone fail, but girl, you better learn how to slow down, this ain’t a good look. Stan or shouldn’t want to see her doing this…it looks so TRASHY, AND DESPERATE.

    Dude looks like he only want s**, and publicity from this chick, I don’t see him wining and dining her AT ALL.. I feel soo sorry for her.

  65. Erica January 6, 2010

    oh and trust and believe..the CELEBS read these posts…ask me how I

  66. kalabook January 8, 2010

    hi: riri u r my superstar but at the same time i have to tell u the true.This guys doesn’t look right for u i think he like pubilcity . i know u want to have some fun dnt let that dude grabing ur ass like that. it’s alot a papparazzi washing u .come on do u want something serious i think u should take ur time all this guy wat p****. ”by the way wat ur big brother jazzy said about it? cuz u mention that if a guy need to talk u they need to ask ”J” dnt ”Jaz see how he disrecpect u

  67. netta January 8, 2010

    all this arguing and the girl really CANNOT sing AT AL!!!! its amazing to me that she even sold 400k eventhough i lsten to a couple of her songs its nothin about variety when the undisputable fact is that her god-given talent is beauty and not singing!!!her relationship is for publicity and nothin else!!!i mean klook at the guy! pics of her and chris in their two yr relationship rarely showed up but she now started one wit this guy and there are pics all over the net??it has nothin to do wit a girl bein able to do wat a guy does and vice versa wen the fact is jus that its publicity and attention to her stupid album that has only a few good songs thanks to production and good writers those half decent songs bein hard, wait your turn and te amo. trust its not hate if its an opinion and everyone is entitled to their own..singing isnt her talent and this relationship is a lame attempt of showin ppl how over chris she is…she’s always talkin about what happenede between her and chris but has never even told the entire story!!if you so over it stop talkin about him and makin comments to evoke pity and dont be takin so many naked pics or half naked pics cuz ppl will get tired of it, you leavin nothin to the imagination. i like her but this “relationship” with this guy is not gonna help your image wit the young female fans you said you care about it makes it look like you tryin to piece yourself back together, jus chill nobody cares who you been wit or will be wit jus dont derail yourself. i jus spoke the truth and i aint a hater. take into consideration that all of u have opinions kkk….

  68. netta January 8, 2010

    srry for all my spelling errors lol

  69. kalabook January 8, 2010

    I riri .” look so damm right now” I know you want to move on. but you should not showing of like that. cuz you make people think that you need help.pple dont want you to be fail nobody want to see you sit down and 20/20 talking about how that womanzier do you wrong.If you want christ B to get jealous dont do it like that right everybody know you still not over christ yet.By listen to the media do u wrong cuz wat now you make every body jumping to the conclusion like christ brown didnt do anything wrong to you .Get it right I know your. Mon not ganna like that picture.YOu SAId TO THE”GLAMOUR”MAGAZINE YOU REPRESENT A WORLD MODEL THAT’s WHAT YOU DOING NOW REMEMBER THAT . you have alot of young girls watching you, you inpress alot a people about hair style the fashion.If you let that dude get betwen your legs like that grabbing your butts people not ganna be interesting in you anymore GOOD LUCK get this through you heard? who ever agree with me plz reponse?

  70. KodieBlue January 10, 2010

    @Raychel, you use to, but maybe your letting go and moving on now? WHo knows, and who am I to Judge. But NOWHERE in my post did I say that Rihanna was using her fling with this guy to ruin Chris’s career? I said this kind of trashy statement purposely done is going to have an effect on her career. She’s suppose to be a LADIE like she always screams in her new songs, and CLASSY? NO WAY IS ANYONE BELIEVING OR BUYING THAT BULL.. And ONE OTHER THING, THERE IS A COMMENT YOU LEFT BLOGS AGO WHERE YOU CLAIMED YOU HATED HIM.. SO for you to say that you don’t now either means you’ve changed your stance, or just forgot you stated that.. My goal isn’t to discredit you at all. Its to keep people from dicrediting him for being a woman abuser likes he’s cerial with it or something? He’s learned alot and is trying to help but he’s young and still learning himself.. Trust me he’s paying for his mistakes in more than on way. But the Hate can’t go on forever. He’s Rehabilitating, growing intelligently as a person, and an artist, and it shows! WHich is FAR MORE THAN MOST PEOPLE CAN SAY ABOUT THERE REPETITIVE SHORTCOMINGS! One thing he has learned is how cruel and UNUSUAL this world TRULY is in the events that unfolded and he is definitely far more industry SAVVY than what he use to be judging by the mimimal amount of words he speaks about relationships as of late, and the choosing of his Single Material.. Crawl was a Good Way Of showing people that through your mistakes, You have to CRAWL back to Love, regardless of how you, they, or there and your mistakes took you away from it.. You have to Crawl back to it learning along the way.. People all over the industry are beginning to forgive this kid because they SEE A CHANGE! And thats what they were looking for!

  71. kalabook January 10, 2010

    I strongly agree wit u?

  72. kalabook January 10, 2010

    that girl rihanna dont know wat she want she really ganna regret post her picture wit that dedu

  73. netta January 11, 2010

    i agree…finally somebody that makes sense!!!!!!!

  74. mehrnaz July 4, 2010

    I think rihanna want anothere slap & smacker :)) =))

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